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Erectopia is a NSFW Narrated ERP server that is ever growing with new lore, story, and features discovered and sometimes, even MADE by YOU and many other creative minds like yourself!

What is it we have in store? Well, let us tell you.

= Simplified Character Creation =
We have a Simplified Character Creation, even if your character is disapproved for our Narrated RP's it doesn't mean that your character will be disapproved for Freeroam RP's..! Unless it's a rule breaker or a really bad character that doesn't belong here.

= Custom Races, Classes, Combat, and more =
We have races and classes to choose from, it's small right now but there's bound to be more! There is 10 Elements, Plenty of Weapon Types, A LOT of spells and equipment to use all together! There's so many things that we use here and made by us, we customize things with the mindset of allowing creativity to be possible, some classes and races are even custom.

= Many ways to get stronger =
In Erectopia, there is two major factors that plays to gain power, fight... Or fuck, you heard correctly! You can fight to gain power by fucking or fighting, training or breeding but that's not all, every weapon can have runes attached to give them magical properties, and runed weapons are common, they give either raw strength, magical spells, and more, it just depend on the rune and it's element on what it gives.

= Don't fear death =
Your characters can die in a story narrated RP but this doesn't mean that you should fear death itself, death never stays long in Erectopia, you can ALWAYS come back from the grave a day later like as if you never died in the first place.

= Empires of Erectopia =
You can lead your own Empires as it's rulers, people will come and leave, some will stay but war will be waged, start a total domination, protect Erectopia, change it to a better realm, or whatever it is that is your goal, you are the ruler of your Empire, and to rule, you need plenty of power.

= Ever Expanding Lore =
In some Narrated RP's, you can progress the lore of the server! Heading to a new story and changing the world that is Erectopia! Sometimes, a step so large that a new age will begin, where new characters arrive, starting the new age of Erectopia!
This is an erp server where you can be literally any video game character you want OR make an OC!
This is MY harem! Only females are welcomed. This is an 18+ server only.

The harem is seeking for Little subs, Pets and pure slaves.

Each cast will have their rooms and everyone will have to obey to The Daddy Dom/Master.

Multiple servers:
Pet play
And more!
Danganronpa: XXX is an 18+ Danganronpa Server, filled with ERP between all of your favourite Ultimates. Join us for both fun and naughty filled times, as even though we are small, we are steadily growing into a close-knit family.

Things this server has to offer:
• A drama-free server with a wonderful community.
• Discussion and opinion sharing about the Danganronpa series, as well as steamy ERP.
• Multiple bots to use for your entertainment. We have Mudae, Pokecord, OwO as well as many other fun bots.
• And much, much more!
Suddenly pulled through dimensions, before you lies a set of islands... A siren's call luring you through time and space, to this place. Welcome to Hermfuta Triangle! We are a group of futa/dickgirl fans that have decided to start our own themed ERP server! Attempt to appease the Goddess of Fertility Estara while also engaging in your own lewd fun, and perhaps she will greatly reward you... Our server boasts the following features:

-Veteran staff, in both ERP and non ERP communities
-A tropical themed paradise, complete with server events
-Themed roleplay channels, from a futa amazonian jungle to mysterious and forbidden forests
-LFR and porn channels to suit all your roleplay and smut needs
-A fun, welcoming and safe environment to fulfill your desires
-Level rewards at 50 and 100 respectively, at 100 create your very own roleplay channel on the server!

If you're into futa/dickgirls, ERP or themed roleplay, you may find a suitable home in Hermfuta Triangle! We hope to see more visitors soon... Must be 18+ to enter~
Welcome to HYPERION HQ

〚 a pro-ship 18+ Borderlands server! 〛

We offer:
:star2: ⫸ SFW roleplay and ERP
:star2: ⫸ Collaboration and brainstorming of private roleplays
:star2: ⫸ Kink Meme
:star2: ⫸ Dankass memes :fire:
:star2: ⫸ Self-Roles
:star2: ⫸ Positive, LGBT-friendly, discourse-free environment
:star2: ⫸Friendly staff!

Know what we don't have yet? Your FINE ass! Come on in, ya vault huntin' sluts.

:no_entry: MUST be 18+ to join. :no_entry:
This is The scaly Fur! A NSFW furry server that houses all your furry or scalie needs.
We have LOTS of yiff channels, a custom economy bot, and friendly people heading it all!

Before you go in, there is a gate so that you can show if you are over 18. After that, we will hope you enjoy being with us!
💓Hi Darling,💓
Welcome to ~Mommy's Room~

🤫What is this place you ask?

💗This is a community dedicated to subs coming together and loving on each other as they let their Mommy take care of them~

💗 We have plenty of self-roles to choose from, and you can better connect to your fellow subs and such through them~

💗 We have a roleplay channel dedicated for both sfw and NSFW making sure you don't get barraged by lewdies (but I'm sure you want that, hmm?)

💗 We have a user generated hentai, yiff, and porn channels to make sure when you can't find someone you can always let loose for Mommy~

👄 I hope to see you soon, baby~

Mommy loves you forever~

Looking for a long term rp/erp partner. We can come up with ideas also together.
Welcome to Willow Bend, a small, unincorporated town on the west coast of Oregon, founded in 1745 by Darkwood Industries, LLC. Located in scenic Lincoln county, Willow Bend isn't your average town. With a population of 814, you'd be surprised to learn that a large number of the population are not human! In fact, the town prides itself on being the first official safe haven for the supernatural - with several species holding important offices.

Darkwood Industries, LLC. Owned and operated since the 1600s by the Deluca family. The head of the Deluca family [INFORMATION REDACTED - HIGHER CLEARANCE REQUIRED]. Not much is known about the family - they're never seen, except at political functions, and never for longer than necessary. Nobody knows exactly what Darkwood Industries does, but there's one thing for sure - they're in every facet of the town, and they're [REDACTED].
Willow Bend is [REDACTED]; safety of the citizens is the top priority, after all. Or is it?

This is an 18+ RP/ERP server. We have an ID based verification system in place. Modern fantasy, detailed character bio template, fun bots, private channels available by participating in the RP, RP based economy. Staff positions possible for the dedicated person. Chill and be chill.
This server is open to all kinds of fantasy no matter the time frame. Whether it’s medieval or modern, it’s got what you want, pirates, dragons, demons, you name it we got it!
There are multiple places to rp, including: Kuvira City, Gahenna, The Land Of Living Ash, Black Reach, and and ocean for aquatic rp!!
(This is an Nsfw server where people ERP in open channels. There is no hentai or porn section)

New and a bit of a stretch in terms of concept. Think of a mashup of all genres of fantasy worlds and role-play. Modern, medieval, a little bit sci-fi as well. Please join and have fun rping!
There are multiple realms and lands for many types of rp and a place to fit your character’s setting! Theres more than enough room for all who like and have fun doing things in a made up world of wonder!

The world was once all new and shiny. A world full of magic and wonder beyond measure. A world where any race you can think of existed and still do. A world filled with gods and monsters once existed but that was a hell of a long time ago. The world grew up as time went on and the world became a more advanced world. The world is still just as if not even more magical. Technology advanced along side more magical methods. Races of all kinds smashed together and formed kingdoms which turned into cities. Modern day cities with a splash of magic make for interesting new jobs and opportunities. A new world where things take a more modern approach and now it’s even a bit futuristic in some regards. There is a world out there that’s primed and ready for any adventure you can think of, magical or otherwise.

(If it isn’t magic then it’s tech and vise versa. The server is just a little bit futuristic and a lot of fantasy and modern. Have fun and enjoy being any race you can think of..... within reason of course...
A quality RP server that is fresh and just starting.

We are looking for people who like length roleplays and no one-liners. To join the server in creating the world of Bahamut. A planet full of people called Arckin. Durable semi humans that fight to survive on the continents that are full of unforgiving creatures. The world is high fantasy and has some Sci-fi technology. There are three continents to explore, all have their dangerous and benefits.
This is a server focused mainly on Breeding and Impregnation, with a bit of a side-focus on master/slave relationships. Feel free to join, chat a bit, maybe check out some lewds or pics from other members and then find someone to RP with!
Hello this is a message from all who want to join ,we appreciate newcomers who love to and writing as well as a genuinely peaceful server dedicated to what most roleplayers would wan, our server is currently small and new but with your assistance you can help us grow in a strong community^^

We are a fairly small server filled with expectations, we have limits and are open for your critique as long as it's in our suggestion channels. If it's something more then tell us in DM.

Writing and story telling

We tend to express our creativity throught our words and thoughts. Here we try our hardest to convince Roleplayers to write and practice their Literature through heavy plots and story telling. You should try it
It'll be very interesting~

Role-playing. New to rp but willing to test many forms if to whether if it's action, romantic, or daily life depending on the scenario. We're would love to be inspired and welcome different forms of rp

Organized? Why of course sure we have some flaws we need to work out but we made sure channels, roles. And Moderation bots are used for the proper task.

Thanks for reading and I hope you come and check our server out
See ya^^

Welcome to Sensual Fantasia! We're a mixture of hentai, gaming and bullying the server owner. If you're into perverted socializing and making the staff members your slaves, this is the place for you.

Now seriously: Sensual Fantasia is a 18+ ERP/Hentai/Porn Server. We don't have a specific focus but we're friends who play games together, send nudes and voice-chat.
This server is just DnD it's text based but i can interact with most people, mods, co-owners amd admins help to interact with the enviroment, PvP is between the two players, role the dice and see who wins, lets see how far you get, good luck.
-- This is an 18+ public ERP server --

Fort Astrapi is a D&D 5e West Marches style game. You take the role of a mercenary recruited into the Astrapi mercenary company. We welcome all players, regardless of experience level.

If you're not interested in playing D&D, we also offer more freeform RP! You can create an NPC character that works within the fort, whether that be a grumpy blacksmith dwarf, a coy seamstress, or a valiant guard!

Some more information:

- ERP can be done in public or in PM, it's up to the people who are doing it.
- Anyone can be a DM and run a SFW or NSFW quest.
- We do allow homebrew! There's a review process, of course, but as long as it's properly balanced, it should be okay.
- You start at level 3 - no waiting for your subclass!

Come in and make sure to read the rules! We hope you enjoy your stay in Fort Astrapi!
꧁ The Lewd Tavern ꧂

✿ What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of role-play channels and categories such as the tavern, the outside, hotsprings and rooms.
[We accept all levels of literary!]

We also offer many OOC (Out Of Character) Chat rooms which are all used daily.

Furthermore, we offer various emotes [Non-Animated, Animated, lewd and sfw emotes!] We plan on adding more and if you have a favourite emote you can suggest it.


✿ Why dedicate your time to us?

I believe we have a very unique server. We have a staff team of 8 total and each one has lots of experience moderating and are trusted by our members. Secondly we have a 5 star rating with 5 different reviews which contain comments such as "Just enough locations so you aren't overwhelmed, but still have variety." And " The friendly staff and welcoming roleplay aspect is quite the lovely experience!!"


I hope you decide to join us!
Note: we are outgrowing our eRP origins and moving into fulfilling RP, in a sexy world. There are no restrictions on eRP if that's what you want.

🔥 Modern-fantasy town RP server for adults. There's a complex *lewd* school system (looking for more teachers), themed districts, adventuring channels...

🧭 Different guilds: villager, teacher... all the way down to villain.

🔔 Group RP notifications so you can assist our lewd classes, go raiding, or whatever you can think of. As well as our events.

🤖 Our bot allows everyone to own a channel in any RP category, it's part of the theme of the server. You help develop the town! It also does automatic character sheet saving and sharing, so you don't have to search yourself, and channel suggestions.

🍆 Our *other* bot has 80 gif reactions, half of them nsfw.

💯 Lots of themed and original bot assisted channels to RP freely. Guaranteed that you've never seen anything like our camsite studio, worms on a string channel, puppets or fantasy weather predictions.

🔮 Strong vision from the staff to keep everything enjoyable. Actually insanely nice mods. Emphasis on looking good and organized. Everyone shows a lot with their nicknames alone. Very detailed info channels.

🌳 Whitelisted Minecraft server! Java, latest stable version.

😎 A ridiculous amount of our own original emojis!

📚 Extensive reactroles profile management, with over 90 kinks alone.
☆ Welcome to Centauri Station. We are a STRICTLY 18+ Science-Fiction C/E/RP Server. ☆

Created from a passion for the genre and from exhaustion of the fantasy, school, supernatural and mansion roleplay settings, we proudly present our hours of work to the world.

Our features include:

☆ Deep, handmade lore that includes Races, Planets, and Factions; we also encourage people to craft their own and submit them for approval to be added to the canon of our universe.
☆ An easy-to-learn setting aboard the crime-ridden planet of Proxima Centauri-b.
☆ A custom in-server tabletop built from the ground up, which makes use of the in-server currency and items. This feature is still in development, but is being worked on actively.
☆ A plethora of Community and Hentai/Porn-related channels for your enjoyment. This includes memes, art channels, and more.
☆ A special VIP Deck for Verified users, including Selfies and Nudes.
☆ Specially-categorized E/RP Request Boards.
☆ “Custom Rooms” which allow you to RP in areas outside of our pre-made assortments.

It is the year 3020 and for one reason or another you have ventured to the planet of Proxima Centauri-b, famous for its two massive cities “El Dia” and “La Noche”. Sadly life is never as pretty as the advertisements and quickly you realize that you’ve dove head-first into a cutthroat, crime-ridden world. Become a Freelance Operative, a Corporate Bloodhound, or whatever it takes to survive in the seductively cruel world of neon lights.

☆ See you there, Space-Farer! ☆
A mysterious mansion deep in the woods, filled with people of all shapes, sizes, and species. The friendly staff will see that you enjoy your time, maybe more-so than you realized.

---ERP Server---
---Friendly staff and guests!---
---bots designated to specific channels, to avoid clutter---
---Access granted by roles and activity!---
---All RP Literacy welcome!---
Welcome to the Legend of Zelda: The Lewd Dimension! This is an 18+ server focused around RP/eRP encompassing the many Legend of Zelda games! We have some bots to help with RPing, friendly staff, and a laid back atmosphere! Come play as a canon character or make your own! Will you come help us grow?~
In the beginning, there were three species living together: humans, Demi gods, and demons. They lived in harmony with each other, until one day, for unknown reasons, the demons attacked the humans and Demi gods. The demons were winning until the families of each Demi god banded together and rose up, driving the demons back. The four main and strongest families were the Heart family, now lead by the young Wolf Heart (ares family), Zeus family, Poseidon family and hades family. Them and the other families, with the help of the humans, defeated the demons. After 300 years, no words were spoken from or of the families, just large family manors for each family. The four strongest, having bigger manors being built about 200 years ago and a church of war being built by the heart family but this is new times new leaders new stories anything can happen what’s your story?
This is a WORK IN PROGRESS server which means its still being made which also means if you chose to be a demi god or someone who can change the lore you can (after being approved)
Want a place to chat and hangout? Maybe you wanna just relax? Or maybe you want some roleplay?
Whatever you want, we should have it.
We are a fun, relaxed, and inviting server with activities such as music, roleplay, Uno, range of nsfw content, and more.