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Looking for a ctf group? you can find it here. Need help? we got you. Studying security and need advice? no problem. Any kind of hacker is welcome here, just don't do illegal stuff.

also: no skids please, no one gonna install loic for you or give you roblox money
We are Servmor Security. A cyber security platform with a sole purpose of teaching individuals how to hack. Come and join us as we develop our server!
Laptop Hacking Coffee is one of the largest information security communities. Staff and Trusted members are highly knowledgeable and many members are experts in their field.

We are a professional community focused on helping others learn and improve. We have a Wiki, website, and CTF challenges to help users hone their skills.

Feel free to stop by!
TWC is a community for Cyber Security enthusiasts and professionals created by thewhiteh4t.
You can discuss anything related to Cyber Security, share your knowledge with others and get help when you need it.
But we are not limited, we also love Gaming, Music, CTF.
People of all skill levels and skill set are welcome! is a free, safe and legal training ground for hackers to test and expand their ethical hacking skills with challenges, CTFs, and more. Active since 2003, we are more than just another hacker wargames site. We are a living, breathing community devoted to learning and sharing ethical hacking knowledge, technical hobbies, programming expertise, with many active projects in development. Join our IRC, Discord, and our forums where users can discuss hacking, network security, and more. Tune in to the hacker underground and get involved with the project!
We are a friendly community of coders, gamers, and Stem helpers who can help you with most coding-related questions, and also STEM doubts you can have. We also often host engaging events like The Codin' Games in which you can make your own project and compete against others, the user with the best project is the winner. We have not only coding, but also tech, hacking, ctf, music, and game nights for fun! If you have any trouble while coding, come join us and our community will soon help you. Also we have gaming channels for coders, who love playing games, and also gamers too, Plus we help people with STEM subjects who need it, in any levels, doesnt matter if you are in school, or college. Anyone is always welcome to join, and be sure to Enjoy your stay!
Evilicious Family is a group of hacking and coding enthusiasts. People of any skillgroup are welcome.

In our server you will find like minded people for whom coding and hacking is their passion.
Our server is full of either experienced people or people who know the essence of learning.
From beginners to expert programmers/hackers, everyone is going to find what they have been looking for.
Find answers to your questions, or help others with your knowledge.

Bonus:- People in here are not sadistic coder or hackers. They are chill and will talk about anything related to tech.
Ps:-Everyone loves to game in here and some might be otakus

->[For both]You will get free resources to learn coding as well as hacking(They are beginner friendly).
->[For coders]People in here know almost all the languages or atleast have some idea of almost all the languages.
->[For hackers]We wont ask why you wanna do something. Tho you are free to tell us if you feel like it. Everyone needs
privacy and we respect that
->[For coders]We organize friendly competitions for you to participate and in turn learn something from the experience*

* This is solely based on the number of participants interested in participating.

Bonus Feature:-
->[For both]You will get updates when any major game is free on any distribution service(steam, uplay, epic games store, etc.)
We're community of white-hat hackers, we can explain you if you will need, we can help you do certain things, also, if you will need any accounts you can request. No illegal activity is allowed on our server! First read rules!
Also, we play CTFs and you can ask about it!
We provide VPN for free when access is requested.

We are currently looking for people good with:
And we will look for others down the line as well.
Communauté Ethical Hacking & Développeur Français
( Discuter , Présenter vos projet , Apprenez ou partager )
➥ Des Documentations/Vidéos pour apprendre à développer
➥ Des Documentations/Tutoriels pour apprendre le hacking
✯ Des animations CTF avec des lots à gagner
Disclaimer : Notre serveur est Éthique et en total accord avec le règlement de Discord, tous actes de votre part basée sur les connaissances acquises sur notre serveur pour un acte malveillant n'est en aucun cas tenus responsables par Hackademia.
The Official discord of Hackers Arcade . An online platform for practicing and enhancing skills in Reverse Engineering amd Pwn.
we are anonymous
we are legion
we do not forget
we do not forgive
expect us
Active admin

we are all friendly hackers/activist

Darkweb include
no rules respect the internet and the internet respect you you can get everything what you want so feel your free to join us 👋
This is a place for cybersecurity and infosec discussion, though other topics are welcome! Everyone is welcome here, regardless of experience or beliefs. We participate in CTFs and other various IT competitions.

We also host our own Minecraft server and like to share memes :)
Beyond Root Sec is a small community of people who are interested in technology, security, and more.
The server is open for all hackers, phreaks and ghouls!
Well hello there!

Are you a cool dude/dudette who is interested in Cyber Security and wants to hang out with cool people and do some amazing stuff?
Well then you are in the right place!

We are a community of like minded people who enjoy learning Cyber Security and do all stuff related to it!
Like some of the cool stuff that we do: HTB boxes together (we join vc and do them together), THM boxes (also on vc), a lot of hanging out and sharing resources and knowledge about things.

And if you are new, no worries!
Even if you don't know anything and want to learn, don't hesitate to join!
We will be more than happy to teach you!

Cheers, and we'll see you in the server! :wink:
We're very happy to have you here with us on dominating our game modes.

Mineark proudly host * BedWars * Survival Games * Arcade * SkyBlock * CTF * SkyWars* Warzone*

Mineark is not released to the public
We're going to release one game mode at a time as a soft launch.
You may join in on the fun only if you're preapproved.

We will publish one game mode at a time to eliminate all bugs. Plus, any suggestions will much be appreciated and might end up in the game mode.

Alpha Tester Application:

After all game modes have been tested we will have our real soft launch of the full server open. The actual opening of the server will consist of popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers!

Stay tuned for updates as we will be rolling out fast and heavy!
Trinity is a hacking server wanting to help with peoples Privacy on the web, aswell as spread Info to our members such as books, CTF Websites, etc.

Here you may also share your code, get help with programming from other members, participate in server-wide events. As well as sharing tips on Cyber-Security

We also have:
• Memes
• NSFW 18+
HAC-Security, a non-profit community where we try to share our knowledge with the people and also increase their skills by conducting CTF Events, Podcasts, Webinars, and Conference
Estas à procura de uma comunidade de ethical hacking e não consegues encontrar? Estás farto de fazer CTF’s sozinho? Junta-te a nós!

Portugal4Hacking é uma comunidade ativa de ethical hacking cujo objetivo é juntar todos os hackers portugueses num lugar só.

Este servidor é dedicado para quem está disposto a aprender mais sobre determinados temas de hacking, junta-te para saberes mais!

O. goal is to gather like minded people all in one place this is a very elite server upon joining you will be given a chance to prove your skills
Errormsg, A CTF LFG(Looking For Group), and discussion 13+ Discord server for people who are experienced in or learning security. Can't find anyone who wants to do CTFs with you? well even if you join this server there is no one in it anyways so you still won't be able to find a group lmao. You're very much welcome to join us if you:
1. Aren't a skid and genuinely are trying to learn security(we won't accept anyone asking us to 'hack' Facebook or free Robux)
2. Seeking advice and ways to develop and improve your security game)
3. Are looking for people to play CTFs with.