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Gavetas Gaming was founded as a Portuguese organization focused on the community aspect of mobile gaming. With our international expansion we want to be home for every mobile gamers all around the world, wether if they are causal or competitive players.
In our Discord server we keep in close contact with all the players in our clans, as well as with any outsiders just looking for playing mates, create relationships that become so strong they can be life changing.
We provide a safeguard environment, embedded in positivity and where toxicity is forbidden.
Join us and be part of the GG - Gavetas Gaming family.
Hey guys this is our discord server for TRSClan we post YouTube videos and play games and have fun and we have a pretty exciting server that you should join
We are a mobile eSports company that features the top trending games in our community. We have community and professional teams alike. We are very laid back and want everyone to have a great time and meet new friends.
Heya! Welcome to Warriors: The Dark Lake.

We are a LGBTQ+ friendly server!

There are 4 clans, HorizonClan, LakeClan, NightClan and FlameClan. A new threat called DeathClan is threatening the land and the clans (who once had conflict) have to work together to defeat the band of rogues.

We offer:
- Change your name to whatever you want
- Share your art
- Colour options
- High ranks
And more!

So come and check us out if you want, we'd love to have you!
. Les quartiers d'Arven | Fantasy RP

【📜】Nous sommes en 1857, dans la ville réunifiée de Arven. La ville regroupant ainsi les six factions et races de ce monde dans des quartiers, six au total, ainsi qu'un central, neutre. Six meurtres ont aussi étés commis, alors Machinations? Règlement de compte? Accident? Coïncidence? La cohabitation peut-être se faire et subsister dans cette ville si grande avec de telles tensions?

✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼

🔍 Plongez au cœur de l'enquête ou vivez votre simple existence de créature admisse inexplicablement - ou non - dans cette ville, le Choix vous appartient! 🔎

【🔥】 Une rôleplay à votre convenance, soit en suspens/enquête ou bien chill/romance

【💧】 Tous niveau de rp acceptés, sauf le fast-rp et des conseils pour vous améliorer dans vos écrits

【🌱】 Animations INRP et HRP - Giveaway - Bot - Etc...

【💨】 Venez incarner un Ange, un Démon, un Vampire, un Loup-Garou, un Humain ou un Elfe...

【⚡️】 Une ambiance sympathique, sans prise de tête.

✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼

💮 Les Quartiers d'Arven vous attendent! Prenez vos bagages, passez les portes et installez-vous... 💮

👇🏽Pour nous rejoindre, rien de plus simple, cliquez et laissez-vous guider...👇🏽
Howdy folks! My name is russian cowboy and id like for yall to join my server if youre interested. We play all kinds of games, and we are very friendly. But the most important thing to know is we are prone to dark humor, this includes all the touchy subjects and is a JOKE.
Are you looking for a Team to join? Well Team Reflect is now recruiting! We offer an active community and a non toxic fan base! We have 1.2k+ Followers on Instagram! Join our discord server for more information!
▼ Dedicated Channels! ▼

▷PC 💽 & Console 🎮

▷Mobile 📱
✔Battle Bay
**Game Bots! Music! Memes!**

*Pokemon Gyms and Badges!*

▼**Join us Here!**▼

《 》


《 <> 》
《 <> 》
《 <> 》

Hello we are LUST we have a non toxic community we do movie nights on every Friday we have music/giveaways/self promote/and more
╭ ─ ─ ── ──── アニメ王国 〻🌸‹‹
╰─►Welcome to Anime Kingdom! ˘͈ᵕ˘͈
✼ •• ┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨˚୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈ •• ✼

『✨』Our primary selling points are events and active chatting.
『✨』Lots of bots are ready to have fun with others.
『✨』 A kind and chill community.
『✨』 Join a guild, we call them houses and fight for it!
『✨』Level system awaits!
『✨』Personal bot and economic development are planned and will make it a next-level unique experience.

✼ •• ┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨˚୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈ •• ✼

We have a master plan and are going to advance only further, there's no way back.

Join now:
⚠️ Ce serveur n'a rien à voir avec les serveurs RP habituel ⚠️
C'est un jeu de rôles, et pas un jeu vidéo

Bienvenue sur les Terres Eternelles

Terres d'abondance, dont les peuples autrefois œuvraient ensemble vers une paix plus parfaite....

Jusqu'à ce qu'une erreur impardonnable soit commise...
Au fil de six générations, les conflits se sont étendus, et une grande guerre a définitivement séparé tous les clans.....
Vous êtes à présent membre de l'un deux.
Mage/Pyrogénie, Ondin/Sirène, Elfe/Fée, Démoniste/Nécromancienne, Sorcier/Enchanteresse ou Devin/Prophétesse,

Votre but est simple:
connaître toute l'histoire (en premier).
Pour cela, faites vous apprécier, remplissez vos objectifs personnels, gagnez des points, faites des prières.... et rapprochez vous de la vérité.
Patientez jusqu'à ce soir pour acquérir votre alter égo, et maitrisez le sur le bout des doigts car.... Lorsque les soixante personnes auront leur rôle, l'histoire pourra commencer.......
A vous de jouer!

Dépéchez vous de passer la porte interdimensionelle avant que 60 personnes soient rentrées!
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Info:Skies city used to be a beautiful town filled with thousands of people, holding only the best schools in the state. But when a disease or virus started spreading everyone infected started to become violent and crazy. The city shut down allowing no exit or enter. Can you survive?
Welcome to the Clans Unraveled!
These 5 clans will be the future…
🌹Roseclan, the kindest of the clans. They are welcoming to all cats, the most likely to take in kittypets from the nearby Twolegplace
🔥Flameclan, a clan as fierce as the flames it was named after. They are loyal above all things, to their clan and to the code.
☁️Mistclan, an air of elegance and grace to each one of its members. They seem to appear out of nowhere, stalking in as quietly as the mist.
🌲Treeclan, are the proudest of the clans, and the loudest to boot. They are strong willed and hard headed, never backing down from a challenge.
💨Breezeclan, the quickest of the clans. They live on the rolling hills, and are as mysterious as they are witty.

These clans make up the future of the warrior cats, they must deal with illness, wars, wild animals, and much more. But with pain comes happiness, kits, love, and joy. Come help us create the future in Clans Unraveled!
~Welcoming community~
~Friendly and helpful staff~
~LGBT+ friendly~
~Looking for partners~
Come and join us on your adventures!
Owner: Krrng Krrb#3562

Welcome to "A Branches Shadow!" We hope you have a wonderful time here! We are currently waiting on more people to join as we are just starting out, but we will be happy to have you in our server if you join! Our Clans are PoppyClan, FrostClan, ReedClan, and BreezeClan (Learn more about them in the server!) And soon enough I will be opening up staff applications, so stay tuned for that!

Welcome to Galactic Rust, Join our discord : For special Kits and Server Updates :) Thank You for joining, Rules - Spam is not allowed - Respect ALL players equally. No being racist or homophobic - Advertising any content not related to this server is not allowed and will result in discord & server ban - No inappropriate content - No cheating - No bugs or glitches - Respect the team limit [6] - You can't team with people outside your clan/team - DO NOT gve away bases of others or your own You can't cycle, rotate, switch or trade team members - You can't switch clans (A couple times is acceptable) - Behave respectfully to staff & players - In text & voice channels behave with maturity and respect - Breaking a rule will result in a punishment on admin's discretion. Which can include mute, kick, temporary or permanent ban - Use common sense & have fun! - No tagging Admins if your issue is not extremely urgent - Impersonating Admins or any server staff will result in ban.
Four Clans, one home. BlazeClan, fierce and intelligent. GladeClan, free-spirited and wise. CreekClan, fun-loving and supportive. RidgeClan, honorable and kind. What conflicts might they face? What adventures might they go on? What are the secrets of their past?
Join us in the Forgotten Lands for a great roleplaying experience! We are not traditional Clans, we don't play by the rules. Explore the lore and drama and emotion that this roleplay can offer.

(This server is based on the Warriors books!)
Welcome to AlterEgo Punk Gaming, we are a Call of Duty Mobile clan that is new and expanding.

Within this discord you can find many other clans in the call of duty community as well be able to apply for AEP.

⊱ Fünf Clans, ein Territorium, ein Schicksal ⊰

⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰

Willkommen mutiger Krieger! ❦
⋄ Du befindest dich auf dem Territorium der fünf Clans. Trete einem dieser bei und trete dein Schicksal als Clankatze an.
⋄ Triff deine eigenen Entscheidungen und durchlebe das Leben einer Clankatze. Oder ist es dir lieber als Streuner oder gar Feind durch die Wälder zu streifen?
Alle diese Möglichkeiten liegen allein in deinen Pfoten!

⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰

➵ MondClan
➵ DämmerClan
➵ WeidenClan
➵ KrallenClan
➵ BaumClan

⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰

Wir erwarten deine Ankunft! ❦
Hello! Welcome to Warrior Cats - Lost in Shadows

You're probably wondering why you would want to join our server but trust me I'll tell you all about it!

We have fun bots, all five clans, friendly staff and a laid back atmosphere.

We've also made sure that we have all of the right channels to guarantee that you have great experience but also have a suggestions channel,

And our story will progress even more than it already has! We always have some sort of plot going!

Come on and join the fun!
Welcome to Starlit Skies! A mythical roleplay server where you can make friends!
✧What we offer!|
★ A patient, loving staff team.
★ An accepting community.
★ Bots like Rythm, Carl, and Tacoshack.
★ 2 Clans, Sunstrike and Moonfall.
★ Self Roles, like Pronouns, Pings, ect.
★ Many open character slots.
★ 6 character limit.
When joining, please read the welcome message so you know how to get started. Please don't be afraid to ask questions or recommend something. We hope you have a great time here!