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🦌 👑 GoT: A Stags Glory 👑 🦌

Set 45 years after Season 8 Westeros remains under the control of House Baratheon and has continued from Princess Myrcella who is now Dowager Queen with her Baratheon son on the throne. House Baratheon rules the Iron Throne and Daenerys’s death has led to drastic changes in the political situation of the Seven Kingdoms with new rivalries!

With late Queen Daenerys' descendants lurking in Dorne! As another a new Ruler besides the Targaryens in Dorne that ascends the Iron Throne restoring House Targaryen of Kings Landing, however she has Baratheon heirs which are deemed as a threat to Targaryen's on the throne!

🦌 Major Events so far 👑

King Robert is named King after the death of Queen Alysanne and House Baratheon of King's Landing is restored. This is because of a Small Council meeting with a successful vote to abstain Queen Alysanne’s declaration restoring the Baratheon line and saving it from extinction.

The new King Robert II Baratheon marries his sister Alyssa and she becomes the Queen.

Myrcella Baratheon died of old age at the age of 84, surpassing the age of any monarch that's ever been King/Queen of the Iron Throne.

With the reestablishment of House Baratheon of King's Landing, the House Targaryen of King's Landing once more falls into extinction.

King Robert’s regent was Queen Myrcella for a while however afterwards Myrcella had died about 4 years into his reign and Lord Hand Gregor Baelish came into stand as Lord Regent of the Seven Kingdoms.

The Small Council remained as it was for Queen Alysanne with their same positions all loyal to the new Baratheon King.


✅ Lore updated everyday for people to see!

✅ Many vacant roles and positions up for grabs!

✅ Highly active and disciplined staff members who are skilled!

✅ Helpful staff that will do their best and dedicate themselves to making you feel comfortable!

✅ Westeros only! No Essos!

✅ Literate! No one lining!

✅ Content and lore is GoT-relevant!

✅ 20+ Members!

✅ No tolerance of illiterate roleplayers!

✅ No meta-gaming/FRping - can result in a ban!

✅ LGBT Friendly 🌈

✅ No tolerance of bullying or discrimination

✅ Friendly community

✅ Server boosted


Join us today and see what you can do in this customised era! Will you become King or Queen? 👑

What could you achieve? ⭐️

Will you become very powerful and defeat those in your way? 🔥

Will you be the one to change Westeros forever and do nothing nobody else could? 💫


Join today to find out what you can achieve!

👑 GoT: A Stags Glory! 🦌


👑 Owner: M҉e҉l҉k҉o҉r҉#1994
🖤Co-Owner: ♕ zain ♕#0574

📌 Head Staff Members: Vanessy#5706
The Kaiser returned to Germany in 1925 after the French occupation of the Rhine. While Germany and other heavy handed nations rose, many of the democracies stand divided in many cases violently. Only time will tell which idealology will reign supreme.

This is set long before the ‘Doom of Valyria’, the event which wiped out all the Valyrian natives causing the Targaryens to flee 13 years before.

In this lore, Valyria has recently released itself from the grips of absolutism. The former Emperor Aemon of Valyria was the very last Emperor of Valyria to reign and had been deposed with the Imperial Family for corruption as many of his predecessors had also done, starving the country and putting the Valyrians on the brink of extinction. He was later executed in the ‘New Valyrian Revolution’, a group of revolutionaries which had been responsible for the downfall of the monarchy in Valyria. However, some royals still exist today as the royal family was not killed although many royals were killed beforehand. The remaining royals such as grandchildren and children at the time were kept alive and shown mercy however they lived under specific conditions.

Afterwards, a member of the revolution created a new form of government, a democractic one and became the first ‘President of Valyria’, this man was President Aegon Bluefyre, a reign of temporary presidency and this system would last for centuries till the present day. The Revolution changed many things in Valyria such as the government and creation of the Senate, the ‘Old Revolution’ failed at first hand but their descendants never forgot about them and succeeded in what they failed to do.

The consequences of the New Valyrian Revolution drastically changed over time, such as the creation of the Religious Police Enforcers to enforce the rules and abiding of the Valyrian faith, a new land was taken as well and the Senate expanded there and settled there as well causing an expansion in Valyrian settlements. Another drastic change is that the Senate decided to ensure that each household had only one dragon to decrease the chances of internal warfare.

Set 600 years after the birth of the Valyrian Republic, the former president has passed away so who will be the new President elected by the Senate? Could you rise to prominence? Could you be elected as the President of Valyria?

So join us today! Find out today! see what you can do today, what path will you choose? What choices can you make in Valyria?

Come join us in my alternate ww2 rp. This is my very first server owning so this is a learning experience for me. We allow freedom and custom nations, weapons, vehicles, etc.
Go back in time to when no civilization was around. You'd be one of the first civilizations to take root in the vast world, and as years go by, slowly, the world will become more modern, more advanced.
In 1939 the invasion of Poland started WW2. The Polish were taken out swiftly, then Hitler set his eyes on the west. He had been waiting for an attack by the French but one had not come. He decided to Invade Norway and Denmark because of Problems up north. A year went by and the Germans decided it was time to strike. The invasion of the Netherlands, Belgium, and France began. Just as the Germans thought they had an easy victory, the Allies dug in. They did as well. Soon, WW2 turned into a WW1 kind of war. Now, the West is stuck in a stalemate, both sides trying to breakthrough.

Join our server as we start our own adventure. Remember, anything can happen!
With the Great War just ending and new countries in Europe, most people have been benefited from the war, but some have their countries destroyed. Join our server as we venture through the century, changing history and rebuilding our wonderful nations.
What we Offer:
-A Simple, yet affective War rules
-Nice Staff
-Realistic Server so not a lot of weird thing can happen
-Much Much more!
March of the Eagle was founded on the principles of Realistic and Engaging Alternate-History Nation Roleplay, and we uphold these principles ever since the in Sim foundation year of 1780. Every player is a nation, and our nation control system is easy to learn. Join us today, and join our community!
The History Of Kingdom Alter
The kingdom of alter was a world left cold..left dead. Until a certain day, the year being maybe X792 when a portal opened connecting the two worlds. Earth and 'Alter' it was soon after that the supernatural things in earth leaked into 'Alter' soon making a world uninhabitable no matter the protection a human entered in it seemed that their 'soul' just left their body. Soon after this was made public all kinds of accusations began to circle this unknown desolate land. From the 'breach' you can see a kingdom in the distance sitting on a desolate land. You will be able to find out what lies behind this portal linking Earth and 'Alter'
-Join Now!
A Supernatural universe set in a universe lacking the Winchesters. Many events will happen similar to the show itself, but with new characters and, possibly, new solutions. The character limits are just about limitless, and the style in which you roleplay is entirely up to you.
𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐢 𝐑𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠

[Yoo! The names Zed, im the owner of 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐢 𝐑𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠, and here we are a friendly, as well as positive community of RPers and naruto lovers! We all value respect here, and we like to have fun!]

Here Are Some Examples of what we offer!

- #1, We offer a balanced community with positive people!
- #2, We offer a place for you to have fun and talk with your friends!
- #3, We offer a semi-literate as well as literate place to rp in!
- #4, We offer a fun unique server
- #5, We offer an amazing as well as crazy amount of roles!
- #6, We offer a Amazing as well as crazy amount of channels!
- #7, We offer many paths for your character to choose!
- #8, We offer commited as well as friendly, kind staff!
A nice, calm server that you have too join! We have all kinds of activities here, hanging out, memeing, everything! Join and please invite others.
𝔀𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓼 𝓪 𝓭 𝓽 𝓾 𝓷 𝓮 𝓼!
Here you can share all of your favourite things such as aesthetics from an anime or from a k-pop MV.
Everyone is welcome here, from people who like Billie Eilish to many other fandoms.
But if you go against one of the rules, you shall be banned, kicked or be given a warning.
Welcome to the War.

This is a roleplay server that takes place in the year 1939, just before the beginning of one of the greatest wars in history, World War Two. Everything up to the starting point has been historical, meaning the future of the war and any future events is in the hands of the players, though it will be a bit restricted to stop laser weapons and such. In this roleplay server, you may play as a german civilian, trying to create a successful business, or a soldier on the front, fighting for his country, an officer leading a regiment or an entire division into war, or even as a leader of a country, or entire faction such as the French Army. Most countries in europe are playable and have each have their own major cities to play in, however some other european countries such as America are also playable.

Some of the server features:

- Choose who you are, a german soldier, a president, a dictator, or a lowly civilian.

- Near unrestricted possibilities.

- A alternate future world, molded by the actions of the players.

While the server is new and currently small, we are looking to expand and find more players to help build this into a growing successful community.
Hello! Welcome to JJBA: Heart's salvation. This is a nice friendly server where people can come and rp as ocs they make. Within this server there is no canon characters due to this being in a different timeline. Be free to make a stand for your character but make sure it's not close to anyone stand that's already made.

There may not be much members yet, but I'm sure that if everyone pitches in and invites people, this server will be full in no time. There will be a main rp but that will be when the server has enough people. Again, be sure to invite all of the JJBA fans that you know so this server can grow!
An unknown event has destroyed 3 of the largest US cities, knocked out electricity nationwide and plunged the once most powerful nation in the world into chaos. The President hasn’t been seen or heard from for over 3 years, and the United States is collapsing. After millions of Americans fled to Mexico and Canada, the military and national guard tightened the grip on the nation, overriding the constitution, shooting anybody who enters and leaves, and declaring martial law while fighting separatists and protecting the nations darkest secrets. You live in the small town of Jonestown, Alabama which threatens to plunge into absolute chaos, and anything can cause the worst. Welcome to the new age.
It is February 15th, 1947
After the failed attack on Deathshead's compound, the allies were now weak without most of their airforce. A lot of lives were lost in that battle, and in short, a lot of manpower. The nazis creep closer on the Afrikan and Western front. With Russia gone, the allies have lost most of their power. With new robots and other freaks being pumped out of deathshead's compound, the allies stand no chance in this war. All they can think of now is a miracle. A miracle that the war will end with ultimate peace. With BJ Blazkowicz gone, the allies have a small chance of winning.
A work in progress, I could use a few helping hands with the store. I could also use some help with the rp story.
It's a privilege to go to the most prestigious high school in Japan but once you reach the school, you fainted and you find yourself inside a school, hopes peak? No, your in the killing game on the moon with the other ultimate students with , GALAXYKUMA! Danganronpa to the stars!

A role-playing server where you make an OC and experience the killing game with your character, will you survive? Or will you die trying?
The year is 2282, one year after Mr. House forced all NCR troops out of the Mojave. After one year of hard travels, they finally have entered Seattle. Of course they’re only one of the many factions of Seattle, these include...
-The AFT

Our lore docs are still in development so please bear with us.

We have over 40+ channels for rp, so enjoy it.

We are currently looking for a “radio operator” (admin who plays music in vc.) if you think you have what it takes, just apply in our special admin application channel.