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《Global Advertise™》
‣ Welcome to Global Advertise™
‣ 10+ channels to advertise in with only 1 hr cooldowns

‣ Unlimited Advertising channel with only a 5 minute
‣ affordable payment advertising
‣ Channels to discuss
‣ Find Members to partner with!
‣ Collaborate with other servers!
‣ Giveaways
‣ Game bots to play games in the server.
‣ Events on random times.
‣ Socialize with others in our Chats
‣ Friendly and Helpful staff

[What are you waiting for? Join the server to be part of the advertising community !]
✧ Advertise and sell your wholesome pamphlets
✧ Your old ad posts are sent to the depths of hell
✧ Unholy and uncensored ads and media allowed
✧ Advertise bibles, Sunday schools, and services
✧ Automated reminders to attend every Sunday
✧ Free toilet paper, holy water, and sh#tty wine
✧ Platinum listed, more wholesome churchgoers
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🌠Advertise more than a 1700 users🌠
📌 Easily gain members/followers
🔸Discord server advertising
🔹(Nitro) Giveaways
🔸A ton of Nitro emojis!
🔹Social-Media advertising (Fiverr, YouTube, Ebay, Amazon, Websites)
🔸More than 30 different bots
🔹Need staff channels
🔸Ebay, Fiverr & Amazon advertising
🔹Bot advertising
🔸We accept partnerships (100+)
🔹Much more to come!

how to get many discord members?
how to grow discord server?
discord server
★ 『 YouTube Community 』★

Looking for a discord that can help your channel and discord grow fast and then we’ve got you covered cause we offer and join today

-🎊 giveaways with Channel growing prizes
-🏆 events with channel growing prizes too
-🧾 applications do /apply in our server to apply
-⚠️ no NSFW
-🤖 fun bots and gambling
-🎉 boosting perks
-🤝 any partnership dm Partnership Manager role on our server
-💵 paying in robux my roblox ign Ryan_zhx
-🎈Advertising for promotion
┏ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┓
∴Oasis Advertising∴
┗ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┛
Looking for somewhere to advertise easily at no cost? Oasis is just right for you! We’re a large advertising community welcoming all that join. We offer everything below, including nitro giveaways every month!

🗞│30+ Places to Advertise

🤝│Alliances and Partnerships

📨│Organized for Easy Access

🐸│Channels and Bots for Entertainment

📮│Many Custom Roles

🔮│Our Own Bot

🎉│Frequent Giveaways

⭐│Come Help Oasis Grow

Joining is just as easy as one click! Join now!
✩❀ - A new Growing community focused on helping you grow you server FAST.

~ Our Benefits
✧ Active Staff,
✧ A place to advertise
✧ Many category's to find your server
✧ A friendly community,
✧ Everyone is welcome,
✧ 50 Fun Emotes,

:・✧Do you want members NOW?✧・:
=> **Chloe's Partnerships** <=

✨ Looking for partnerships? Well, you have come to the right place!
Whether is struggling to find partners and want a place dedicated to finding partners.
Come join, where you can find many servers to partner with. (Hub for partnerships) ✅

Partner Hub- for Partner Managers!
Ranging from less than 100 members to 5000+ servers.

Or in general, if looking to join new servers, feel free to join and check out a range of servers to choose from.
Secrets Advertising Discord

The advertising server brought to you by the Secrets Discord chain.

Join today to advertise for free your server and make sure to read the advertising rules.

Giveaways, and fun ideas to grow your server

Also please make sure to go to #our-servers to join Incognito, and Secrets!

New server launching soon
𝕵𝖔𝖎𝖓 ✨Japanime! ✨!
▂▂▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂

➶ | active staff and chat 👥

➶ | self-promotion 🔥

➶ | anime and memes 🌸

➶ | partnership friendly 🤝

➶ | everyone is welcome 🏳️‍🌈

➶ | events 🎁

▂▂▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂

Join us today! We're new but you wont regret it! :handshake:
**Are you a dumb idiot?**
__Well we are too!__
🤗 Here at the retar-I mean obama's warehouse we care that you are taken very serious... __Screw that__, here at this **Chinese knockoff** for a server, we dont care if you are funny or not. We need you in this server ASAP. If you do not join you forgot the funny.
😂 We didn't forget the funny unlike uncle Billy over there
🐸 Dedicated meme channels (dont you dare talk about why the emoji is a FROG)
📊 Self promotion channels because we need this to grow :dab-emoji-that-doesn't-work:
🧠 We have big brains (And big pp's :wink:)
🔪 Join pls
😞 We are mentally unstable just like you!
Join today at 911-youForgotTheFunny-42069! That's 911-youForgotTheFunny-42069.
Or just by clicking this link to get your order of funny FOR FREE! THATS RIGHT **FREE**
Scam link:
Virus download:
Elements Advertising

What can we offer?
20+ Free Advertising Channels

Find Staff, Work & Partners.

Advertise social platforms.

Market Place Category.

Open to Alliances & Partnerships.

Looking for Staff!

Advertise every 2 hours & up to 4 different servers.

Come and join us at Element Advertising!
Want to promote your own Discord server or social media to over 4,000 members?

If you do, then you are invited to join Advertising Frenzy!

Advertising Frenzy is a server where people can grow their own discord servers and social media. What we bring to the table is a variety of goodies, such as giveaways, partnerships, events, and much more.

In our server, we have:

📈 Advertise to over 3,500 members! 📈
🗂 40+ channels for you to advertise your own server and to talk and chat! 🗂
🎉 Giveaways! 🎉
🗓️ Events! 🗓️
📽 Advertise your social media! (Youtube, Twitch, etc) 📽
🤝 Partnerships! 🤝
💸 Cheap, affordable Paid Advertising! 💸

And much more to come!

Currently looking for staff, such as Moderators and Partnership Managers! DM @some random casual#3232 or <@204746143719096320> if you would like to apply!

So what are you waiting for? Come join Advertising Frenzy today to gain members for free!

𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤:
Pepe's Giveaways & Promotions

Join us today! We offer things like:

- Free Advertising for Discord servers & Social Media.
- Free Weekly Giveaways (Nitro/Games).
- Paid Giveaways / Paid Ads
- Server Economy! (UnbelievaBoat)
- Partnerships!
- Tons of Pepe Emotes!
- Open for staff recruitment (Moderators, Partnership Managers & Helpers).
👋 Hello! Have you heard of United Rebels Advertising? We are a growing advertising, gaming, sharing, & social community!

Here is some information about our server!
🌎 - Over 1700 members all over the world!
📄 - Free advertising of bassically anything that abides by discord & server rules!
💎 - Server of the month channel at the top of the server! New server of the month is chosen on the 1st of each month!
💼 - Business category with channels for all types of business!
✅ - Self assignable roles!
🏆 - Server achievement roles!
📌 - Extended server advertising category!
🤝 - Partnerships with servers with 75 to 10000 members!
💙 - Creative advertising category for music, art, writing, & more!
💻 - Social media advertising category for advertising stuff like youtube, twitch, instagram & much more!
🔷 - Server map channel to navigate around the server easy, meme channel to share your dankest memes, social channels & more!

💯 Come join our chill advertising community and grow your discord servers & social medias! Get your art, music, writing, & more creative content seen! Advertise your business & merchandise! Find partners, earn server achievement roles, socialize, share memes, & much more!
Advertise for everything | Publicize your project - Be know ! 🔗 Advertise anything !

📌 Easily gain members/followers
Your project is taking off very quickly with us !

👑 Hope to see you soon !
What we have to offer:
1. Advertising servers!
2. Having fun!
3. Chatting!

What is happening:
This group is in its early stage!
And we are hiring admins, mods, support, advertising managers, and lead mods!
Hey all!
Welcome to a server where you can:

• Win PayPal money, nitro, etc.

• Advertise your server in mine for a cheap price with incentives (offer a nitro giveaway where they have to join your server to enter!

• Make friends! Multiple channels where you can chat, talk, and send pictures amongst the community and make friends!

Welcome to Pikachu's Cottage! We are a social community with tons of Pokemon emotes and channels for advertising, join 4 join, partnerships, bot games, and more! Our members are friendly and love playing Nintendo games like Smash, Mario Kart, Splatoon and more! Come join to chat and have fun or even just to promote yourself!

We used to be a giveaway server but that's in the past. We still do nitro giveaways, but much less often.
This server is packed full of game content for, Garry's mod, Terraria and Minecraft

There is talk, text, chat, voice chat, self promotions and allot of other fun stuff to do with your friends.

I'am also accepting commissions for PAC3 :)
Advertise for everything | Publicize your project - Be know ! 🔗 Advertise anything !

📌 Easily gain members/followers
Your project is taking off very quickly with us !

👑 Hope to see you soon !
Oh hey, thanks for reading (I guess??). This server is a safe place where you have permission to advertise:

Discord Servers
Youtube Channels
Instagram Accounts
And basically anything

for free.

If you're not interested in advertising, we have music, art, gaming, and more channels to hangout.

This isn't really a strict Discord server I guess, but please, read the community guidelines and actually FOLLOW them (and the Discord TOS, of course)

Also, this is still a pretty small server so I'm expecting this place to "grow" after some time

Keep in mind that this server is still a WIP and I recommend turning notifications off for now.
Introducing ◆
Lordreid's Advertise Cafe

[ What is this server for ]
This Server Is Mainly For Posting Ads, Finding Partnerships
And Enjoying Yourself With Your
Preferred Drink & Snacks :hamburger:

[ Can i advertise on this server ]
Yes You Can Advertise Your Youtube, Twitch, Discord Servers,
Social Media, And Many More :computer:

◆ Features Include ◆
• 15 Discord Catergories
• 8 Social Media/Video Platform Catergories
• Post Meme's And/Or Funny Images
• Find Partnerships On Our "Find A Partner" Channel
• 10 Colorful Self-Assignable Roles

I Hope Enjoy Your Stay Here (If Decide To Join)