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Welcome to Eternal Duelists, a clan for both new and experienced duelists. The leader is Yasuo who's a skilled duelist with Necro as co leader who's also skilled and has a lot of experience. In this clan we aim to help newer duelists and experienced duelists improve and give them a place to duel each other and to test their decks. Hope you enjoy your stay!
We are Dark City, a small server of anime fans and yugioh players, made to have fun.

We host events for the community and dont spam you with pings. We are a nexus-based server, but are not limited to only nexus. There are currently open positions so if you climb the ladder you can eventually become a mod. Fully open to improvements and suggestions.

• Expert Deckbuilders
• General Anime/Manga Discussions
• Small Tournaments
• Server Rankings
• Pokécord (Pokémon catching server bot)
• Various Duel Related Bots
Der offizielle Community Server von YGOInsider. Tausche dich zu unserem Kanal und dem Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG allgemein aus, nimm an unserer Online Liga teil, stelle deine Regelfragen und Sammle Punkte um schon bald zu Obelisk Blue zu gehören.
~×♔ Yu-Gi-Oh! Wesport Circuit♔ ×~

Owner: @Veiss Althen#8677

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Wesport Circuit!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Westport Circuit is a role-playing server based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game that follows themes and principles from the canon series and incorporates them into an original settings with a detached story from the canon. We are also a deck-building server that put a lot of focus on character development in tandem with one's own deck as they progress both in strength and as a person. Duels are simulated via Dueling Nexus, Dueling Book, and YGOPro Percy with a preference towards the former thanks to its accessibility and a tertiary preference towards the latter thanks to its automation and lack of bugs.

↶ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs ↷
『✿』Deck-building (meaning you start with one of six starter decks and work your way up).

『✿』Academy setting with (optional) periodic classes, clubs, and school events!

『✿』Non-META decks and format (most characters following themed and fun decks).

『✿』Custom TCG banlist.

『✿』A separate universe from the canon and the real world.

『✿』Custom card sharing and contests (but not usage within the role-play).

『✿』Bi-weekly deck-building challenges.


If you're interested in joining, we'd love to have you around. If not to stay, then at least to take a look and see if it's to your liking.
With the revolutionary advances in Cardfight! Vanguard, the promotion association has introduced a new concept know as G Units. G Units represent our future, and it's endless possibilities of what is yet to come. Vanguard Fighters have gathered all around to be apart of this amazing opportunity as they Liberate the Generation Zone. Make your own character, claim your deck, and be apart of the next exciting new world of Vanguard. This is your story, and your chance to stand up, the Vanguard!!!
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A Yugioh server for fans of all series. Everyone, whether they be casual or competitive is welcome. We play duel links, discuss decks, shitpost and we are currently livestreaming the new episodes of the latest spin-off: Yugioh Sevens!

Come join us!
Server to hangout in! Make some friends and play some cool games with others!
We're a duel links sever. We're small right now but we would love to build a community. We have memes, announcements when new stuff happens in the game and in the server and we have a really nice staff! Come hang out!!
Welcome to the Gemini Gale, the fastest and most advanced wind-rider that any Duelist of any kind has ever seen! Here on the Gemini Gale, we pride ourselves in one thing: Bringing joy and wonder to duelists of all sorts.

Founded in the late 2050’s, the Gemini Gale was created for not only recreation, but for a way Duelists can travel all over the world and see all new places while living through all new experiences. Able to travel at a top speed of 500 Knots, the Gemini Gale can bounce from one end of the earth to the other in a matter of only two days! As our founder, Phineas Trumbly, always used to say: “They used to tell me the sky's the limit! Well, on the Gemini Gale, you can push that limit even FARTHER!”

The Gemini Gale is an airship devoted to transporting and housing legendary Duelists from across the globe!

Hoping to attract the widest talent pool of Duelists, the Gemini Gale stops off at a wide variety of different countries and continents- opening it’s doors to all who take intrest!
Fun pokemon server for everyone, Shellos bay has really nice people that are always there to help.
🌕Umbran Duelist is a Yu-Gi-Oh server for players old and new. We are slowly growing and are always willing to expand our numbers. We got a variety to appeal to many duelists. Fun games modes and chat rooms such as
* Daily Special Themed Duels.
* Deck Creation Challenges for custom card players.
* Duel links chat rooms.
* Bandit Keith’s den for 18+ players.
* Pokécord
And much much more!!🌖

🌗You could find yourself in a constructive conversation, giving or receiving advice on deck building and the or sharing your opinion about the Anime!!
Put your deck and skills to the test and duel against fellow members or enter in server tournaments to get a chance to receive exclusive roles!🌘

🌑So join quickly and receive the limited role “The 100 Emperors” for the first 100 members to join!!🌒
We are a Yu-Gi-Oh clan were competitive and casual duelists can come hang out and hone their skills, we have special tourneys hosted weekly to bi-weekly, Pokecord, full economy and tourneys hosted by members.
This server is an academy where Duelist from all over the globe battle each other competitively or for fun and games. You can win points which is used to add cards to your deck and improve it! Don't worry though! Everyones deck starts off weak and goes through vigorous work to become a strong deck! Gambling is also a thing here but is optional really! We have NPCs, and so much more to explore in the wonderful academy! We hope you enjoy your stay and become the best Duelist!
Welcome to Pokemon TCG/TCGO Server! This server is based on trading, battling, giveaways, tcg, pokecord, memes, tournaments, and specially having fun! It is a new server, so please share the server so we could be more people 😄
Servidor de yu gi-oh! en español intentando ser los mas activos posibles ya que no hay muchos servers activos que hablen este idioma, damos roles separados por ganar torneos y demas <3 <3
Small EDH oriented MTG server for players to discuss brewing, mtgfinance, and just what kind of a day they're having.
Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Alternative Link Vrains!
This is a server made by the union of various servers. It's about Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime/Manga Characters, you pick a character and play their deck following our various rules, to show your skills in our tournaments and to present what your favourite character can do!
Additionally, we have a roleplay section on this server as well! Explore the AR technology in Aeon City created by ART, a newer but yet more than a famous company, that rose up out of nowhere!
Welcome to Yugioh Competitive Community a place for duelists of all skill levels to hangout and broaden their horizons about the #1 Trading Card game in the world, Yugioh. I am DZ, the owner and founder of this community and I want to welcome you to YCC. Here the members and myself hangout, chat daily about YGO, post deck profiles for critiques, duel each other across all the major platforms, and partake in weekly locals open gaming as well as organized tournaments; some with cash prizes! The goal of this server is to promote competitive gameplay and to help you improve your skills as a player. I can’t promise you’ll be topping YCS’s left and right but I can promise that if you’re receptive to this community and come in with an open mind, we can help you win more games and play smarter. When you’re a member here expect friendly Yugioh players, competitive duels, fun tournaments, cash prizes (on select tournaments), video/voice duels, and being around some very amazing people. I hope to see you here :)
Welcome to Legendary Hunters! We are yugioh enthusiasts and experts.
Feel free to join to be part of our community we hold tournaments monthly and if you require assistance in deck building we are your go to group! (Have a nice day)
A duel links community designed to help people reach kog/ advance in ranks. Helpful tips and friendly server. Will do Giveaways in cash for every 50 follower on my twitch stream.