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A community built to enhance your Discord experience. Come hang out with us, play video games, watch anime, listen to music, share your artwork, and anything else your heart desires. SFW community, friendly to all ages and people.
Gemeinsam fiebern wir Animal Crossing: New Horizons entgegen und schwelgen in Erinnerungen zu Animal Crossing: New Leaf und seinen Vorgängern.

🏝 Finde Mitspieler für Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pocket Camp oder schon für New Horizons.
🏝 Suche & finde Items, die dir (noch) fehlen.
🏝 Sei über alle Neuigkeiten zu Animal Crossing informiert.
🏝 Tausche dich über alles rund um Animal Crossing und Nintendo aus.
🏝 Nehme an Aktionen in Verbindung mit unserem Forum teil. Trete gegen andere Mitglieder des Discords/Forums in unterschiedlichen Spielen an.

Unser Discord Server ist natürlich für alle Fans – und die, die es noch werden wollen – offen. Eine Anmeldung im Forum ist nicht notwendig.
Wir freuen uns über jedes neue Gesicht.

Nookville ist der Discord Server zum gleichnamigen, deutschsprachigen Animal Crossing Forum
Welcome to the RFA! Come join and RP as your oc or with other Mystic Messenger Characters. Spots for staff and characters are open!
Roleplay split between Discord and the forum website nationstates. Here's the link to the OOC and synopsis:

The Long Peace -- The period of time after the end of World War II, was defined by the nuclear age. The ability to completely obliterate the enemy, and in the process face certain retaliatory obliteration, locked the world into a state of non-confrontational diplomacy between the powers of the world. However, in recent years, this ideal has begun to be challenged by the shifting state of global politics; marking the world by fear in rapid social, political, and technological change. The gravity of power in the world is evidently shifting towards East Asia, as India and China are projected to be the new superpowers of the 21st century, but these powers have yet to find a way to replace the Western order. The nations of the west fervently battle this shift of change in an effort to hold onto power for a while longer. The power struggle ignited by crisis and spread by political goals is felt globally. The world is not the same as it once was, and it will never return to it's current state. The tipping point begins in 2024.
● Creatori de continut 🚂
● Pasionati Feroviari 🚆
● Sesiuni Open Rails Multiplayer 🚇
● Stiri de interes public 🚝
● Poze si videoclipuri din lumea feroviara 🚉
● Libertate deplina de a te exprima 🚊
● Content Freeware/Payware gratuit pentru Train Simulator 🚈
● Multa distractie pe canalele de voce 🚄
● Fara sugaci, adepti ai "drepturilor de autor", bisnitari etc. 🚅
💻 Singurul server de Train Simulator din Romania ✔
PTFS Roleplay Group

Owned by Spxitate, we do roleplays and competitions, complete with proper ATC communications and Ground Crew
We are a growing group of Aviation Enthusiasts. We fly Flight Sims and love to talk about aviation in the real world!

We also do regular group flights on the VATSIM network and we are overall a happy little flight community!

PS: if you join in our early stages of growth, and stay loyal to us, you may receive perks in the server for showing support :)
All hands man your battlestations!
Hey there, this Server is about simulating the controlled chaos that is happening onboard an aircraft carrier in Arma 3. We are simulating the VCW-11 which goes hand in hand with the amazing Super Hornet and Nimitz mods.
See you on the Battlefield !
We are new [PC] Community on DayZ Standalone and have 2 dedicated mod servers.

Become your own Legend in this immersive Chernarus map!

IAMLEGEND PvE | FRESH WIPE 27/03/2020 | PvP Zones | Mutant Zombies | Quarantine City | Modded Vehicles | BBP | Weed | C4 Raid+More

Come join us and see our Unique Stuff, so you and your friends can enjoy it while playing with us.
Bienvenue a Takumi, l'histoire commence avec l'évolution de la technologie, quia créé un monde où les robots androïdes sont partout. Ils parlent, se déplacent et se comportent comme des humains mais ils ne sont que des machines au service de ces derniers. Vous ètes dans la ville la plus futuriste du monde .Le destin de la ville est entre vos main .
A fun and friendly server dedicated to Animal Crossing! We're friendly, open, and growing! Please join us today as we are actively playing AC:NH!
Siyasi Roleplay Sunucusu

Diğer roleplay gibi görünen sohbet sunucularının aksine gerçek bir oyun sunucusudur.

• Siyasetçi olarak, siyaset arenasına dahil olabilirsiniz.
• Siyasi ortamla alakası olan asker, avukat, gazeteci, devlet memuru vb. pozisyonlarda görev alabilirsiniz.
MouroRP | Servidor NOVO | 150K iniciais | PSP | Militares | Tráfico | Gangues
Wir sind eine virtuelle Spedition die über SpedV fährt und immer neue Fahrer/Innen sucht.
Schaut einfach mal vorbei!
Bonjour ceci est un serveur RP sur fora horizon 4 mais pas que on propose aussi du démolition derby des balades et pleins d autres activités
Nous recherchons des joueurs actifs et respectueux des autres pour pouvoir jouer dans la bonne entente et l amusement
A très vite sur notre serveur !!
Welcome to The Land of the Lost!
We here are a dedicated team of gamers that have banned together to deliver The Isle player base a unique, stable, and fair game play experience. There are quite a few servers that have corrupt administration and rules that have proven to be ineffective and counter intuitive to The Isle game play. With experienced players, an interactive community, and a die hard admin team, We here at the Land of the Lost aim to fix those problems and create a gaming experience on The Isle like no other!
Join today and be one of the first to stake claim on the server and play the game you love, the way you love to play it.
Hey there! Are you looking to join one of the best flight simulator communities out there? Look no further because you have finally arrived! We support tons of VAs and promote aviation around the world. With active members and admin to ask questions to we are always open for business! Come on down and check us out!
Ever wanted to be an airline pilot? Now you can with 2 virtual airlines supported!
--United Planet airlines: This passenger airline (in co-op with pioneer freight ways) strives to get you from point a to point b as quickly and comfortably as possible.
--Pioneer Freight ways: Pioneer Freight ways is a small cargo virtual airline. We are active on FSX/P3D/x-plane 11. Our passenger service runs as United Planet airlines.
🎁Rare Giveaways
🐰Bunny Day Chats
💎Level 3 Boosted
🏝️New Horizons Chats
💖Active & Welcoming Community
✨Over 2,500 Members
🏳️‍🌈LGBT+ Friendly
🌱Turnip Exchange
🌠Stargazing Chats
🍋Fruit Trades
🎮Many Fun Bots
🤩Lots of exclusive AC themed emojis
🌳Founded 2018
ACNH Emoji Roost
A New Custom Animal Crossing Emoji Server!
We have emojis ranging from:
And much more on the way!
We have a suggestion channel so hopefully your
Favourite villager gets added!

So why not check it out?