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Hello and welcome!!!
We are a chill, friendly clan!
we have:
<3 Verification
<3 Reaction Roles
<3 Try Outs
<3 re trys
<3 and nice people
We hope you join!
➡️ Active admins and staff

➡️ A good community with 2000 and counting members

➡️ Lots of good bots

➡️ A good partnership system

➡️ A youtuber advertisement system

➡️ Admin applications that are reviewed constantly

➡️ Giveaways and tournaments

➡️ Trading for Roblox JoJo games

➡️ At least 1 admin is on most of the time

Have a nice time!
We are a casual Valorant server but are looking to become a competitive team. You can join just to chill or join for the adrenaline of that competitive feeling. Just join and see if you like it and maybe you can become part of the Vibe Valorant team.

●The server Ultimate Light 2.0 is a gaming server addressed for specific games like the Super Smash Brothers series and more this server is primarily supported by the smash series, This means that the Fortnite & Animal Crossing are Secondary games for the server this server will be mostly focused on Smash, that is to say we will have interesting events for Animal Crossing and Fortnite.

●This server can also be a chill and chat server we encourage members to chat with fellow users here and create bonds that will make your experience better with our server and discord in general, we try our best to make a Healthy/Strong Community here with that being said please follow Rules.

A free to join server, with shit tons of gaming channels. Come join in on the fun. lots of bots for your needs. we accept anyone come on down to
"THE GAMING ZONE". declaimer:(WIP)

- We have our own Power Ranking for members in the server! Take 1st to win Discord Nitro!

-Our community is a fun and degenerate family!
- 300+ members!
- Movie nights!
- Tournaments every week!
- Matchmaking for all games in the series!
- Content for other games in the FGC, like Rivals of Aether and PM/P+

❤️ We’re a loving and active community, so come join and make some new friends! ❤️
Hey there! You should join if you like Smash.

We're a welcoming community always looking for new people to talk to and be friends with.

We have matchmaking channels for Smash, Mario Kart, Pokémon, and even Among Us!

And lastly, we just started hosting weekly tournaments, so if ya wanna support us consider joining! :)
Welcome to my server this is a Fortnite clan we do tournaments every Saturday and Sunday if our server gets big we will do vbucks giveaways every Friday
We are a team called team viper if u like strucid and u think ur cracked pls make a rc or sumthing so we can check u out :)
We have a friendly community where you can practice and get better at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! We also have chats for other games besides Smash! We love all feedback, so feel free to join! Monthly tourneys, the first Saturday of each month!
Welcome to Team Reflect! We are a gaming server that mostly plays games like Fortnite. You can join our team and clan battles!
Welcome to Minecraft Dungeons! Though it isn’t the official Minecraft Dungeons server we try our best to make the server a great place, feel free to join, it’d be very appreciated! And even though this is primarily a Minecraft Dungeons server, we also have roles for other games here!
Lieber User😁dieser Server orientiert sich an dem Fortnite Clan, namens „FLiT eSports“. Dieser Clan bittet viele verschiedene Dinge, wie zum Beispiel Coaches, Designer und vieles mehr. Damit wünschen wir euch viel Spaß auf dem Server👋

Mit freundlichen Grüßen😊
Welcome to the STW TradingCommunity everyone here is a legit trader and people can help each other with missions and stuff like that. We have a shop and make sure to follow the rules.
Hey, this server is dedicated to our brawl stars club ( Rj Rockers) //except there are still peeps tht don't play.. Or left it

this server is all about friends, fun, and a chill environment and making teams for the game and just Everything like anime, music, and stuff

we respect LGBT community as well,
everyone is treated equally!!

we'll make sure you have a fun time in the server!
Oh and make sure to make some real life friends! ^_^
I do streans on twitch and this is my server for people to join chill and chatwith people. i mainly just play fortnite and among us
Come join us in a fun aut server! Trade, chat, and create funny memes! Here, we follow the rules of the game A Universal Time. Please have fun!
This is a server for finding others to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS (As well as Melee, 64, Brawl, and PM). You can also find many other things that might interest you, such as music, art, tech, and more. We have tournaments every 2 weeks. You can also come just to hang out. We hope you enjoy!
yo ich werd bald n ark server (crystal island) machen
und das mit 2er teams :D
also wer lust hat kann gern mitmachen

wer fragen hat, einfach bei mir oder lena.#5852 melden.
— L2 is a Fortnite clan for all to join! You don’t have to join the clan, you can always stick around and talk with the community and chill with our fun bots! We also have an area where you can promote and maybe even grow your server.
Welcome to Team Arctik. We are a Fortnite clan. We have a casual and a pro team and are interested in finding more talented players, which could be any of you people!

We need:
•Pro Fortnite players
•Creative warriors
• GFX Editors
•VFX editors

We can offer:
•Active and talkative members
•Shout-outs on Instagram and Youtube
•We can help you get better so you can get earnings
•300+ discord members
•46-0 in clan wars!!!
•Free VFX and GFX
•A very welcoming and nice community

Despite our low member count, we are a good team, and we need some good players! Salaries are soon to come.
You can join the clan on any platform and on NAE, EU, and NAW.
Looking forward, for you to join and maybe any of you people can join the clan!