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S.i.K eSports [SiK]
Region: All
Platform: All
Rank: Bronze - GrandChampion
About: We are a group of players dedicated to the game. We are modelled as a mini organization meaning we do everything we can to make our players better. Currently have teams from platinum up. We have lots of free tools to help you improve your game. Currently accepting all players! Message me if you have questions or are interested.
Únete para pasar un buen rato y platicar con nosotros. Ya sea que te guste capturar pokemon, coleccionar waifus, escuchar música, buscar gente para jugar, o simplemente hablar y hacer nuevas amistades, este es el server para ti.
Tenemos bots para todo tipo de entretenimiento: bongo, mewbot, pollux, pancake, rythm, groovy, tatsu.
Organizamos eventos periódicos: torneos, juegos del hambre, y más.
Y mediante nuestro twitch disfrutarás de divertidos gameplays cada semana. Qué esperas? Únete!!!
New clan looking for Cold War🔵 - MW⚫️ - R6⚪️ - FH4🔴 Players to create teams for each game, Always Active ! ✔️ Community Clan for gaming of all skill levels. Simple and easy! Currently playing Cold War Zombies!

Na naszym serwerze:🔻
🔹 Znajdziesz ludzi do grania w Fall Guys zarówno na PC jak i na PS4!
🔹 Będziesz na bieżąco z newsami ze świata gry!
🔹 Możesz stworzyć własny, prywatny kanał głosowy!
🔹 Zdobędziesz rangi wynagradzające twoją aktywność, oraz poziom karnetu w grze!
🔹 I wiele więcej!
Majestix MtX est un serveur destiné à la rencontre de la communauté critical ops, au sein de notre serveur se trouve notre team c-ops ainsi que toutes ses info . Des event sont organisé régulièrement, le serveur est actif et la communauté emplie de gentillesse .pas toxicité toléré ^^
Приветствуем Вас, дорогие друзья.

Мы игровое сообщество Z.1.D. У Нас вы можете найти новых друзей по таким играм как: Counter-Strike, Minecraft, Ark, Atlas, Conan, Rust, и прочее. К тому же, у нас есть свои сервера. Но мы не против проводить посиделки в шумных или не шумных компаниях, для каждой под-группы есть свои возможности. Администрация всегда активна, настроена позитивна и готова помочь. :)

Так что ждём Вас! :)
G'day, I'm here to tell you about House of Gamers What's this you might say? Well we are a Gaming/Community server where you can enjoy yourself! here's why you should join HOG

Gaming Channels & VC's!
Advertise your Servers & Social Media!
Weekly Giveaways!
A place to chillax with other users!
Music VC's! [Rythm & MEE6]
Friendly Staff
And more!

We're also looking for Staff!

Interested in joining now? GREAT! Head over to House of Gamers to enjoy the listed above!
Vanguard Gaming Mobile is a up and coming Esports organization within the mobile community of gaming. With such games being codm, FNm, and more!! Vanguard Gaming Mobile is activity recruiting for players to join a team!
If you wanna watch my YouTube videos and hang out with fun people feel free and join us :)
アニメ、日本文化、ゲームをベースにしたサーバー。 さまざまなボットだけでなく、エキサイティングでアクティブなパブリックチャットもあります。暇なときに楽しむのに最適です。

Sebuah server yang berbasis anime,jepang,gaming serta berbagai bot yang tidak kalah serunya dan publik chat yang aktif.Cocok untuk membagi waktu anda supaya bersenang senang
Hey i'm a gaming Youtuber with low subscribers, i hope to big one day. Not be a really famous but just big. If you give my content a chance i think you will enjoy it. If not then you can leave it. I mostly play roblox Murder Mystery 2 and Geometry. There is still mistakes but im trying to fix it. Anyways thank you for reading this!
🎮A great interactive gaming server
🖥️Home of the gaming page @gamertexts
Join us if you're a true gamer!
Astral Gamers es un servidor gamer y social, en este servidor los amantes de los videojuegos socializan, hay mucha variedad tanto de mini juegos como canales de texto y voz, así puedes pasar el tiempo y sentirte a gusto! créeme no te vas a arrepentir! 🌠Astral Gamers🌠
Сервер ютубера Erby. Данный сервер посещен игре от Supersell, Brawl Stars. Роли по кубкам, роли за достижения и многое другой можно получить просто зайдя на наш сервер. Мы всем рады!
Hello!~ We're Nintendocord! This server has 270+ members and proud of it! We focus on All of the most popular Nintendo games!

~Active Staff!
~Active Members!
~Music Voice Calls!
~SMM2 Channels!
~Animal Crossing New Horizons!
~Daily/Weekly Events and Competitions!
~Nintendo Related Giveaways!
~And So Much More!
We hope you enjoy your stay here! And on behalf of all the staff, we thank you for joining!
*·˚whoah! a wild community appeared!*·˚
‧₊˚ **sanrio central** ‧₊˚
《🌸》an athstetically pleasing community
《🐸》giveaways to win tons of acnh goodies!
《🌸》many fun bots to mess around with!
《🌿》a sfw server!
《🌸》partnerships accepted!
𓇬𓇬 Welcome to the fray 𓇬𓇬

A super new server where we are all chill and very laid back! Come join up and grow with us! This is an all female gaming server where you are free to be you and free to be who you are without fret! A safe space to get to know other women with common interests! We're here to socialize but mostly game! Game on~
++Game of Thornes themed though it has little to do with what we have going on!++

▶▶Leave the cringe at the door◀◀
♕ • Voice verification required.
♔ • 19+ server.
♕ • WLW only.
♔ • No men.
♕ • Game nights!
♔ • Movie nights!
♕ • Various gaming channels!
♔ • Artist/commission Corner!
♕ • Streamer Corner!
♔ • Music and chill!
♕ • NSFW channel~

Hope to see you there~ Game on!
╭──。𐂴 ·˚ ༘
│ ˗ˏˋ ..⃗. ★ eostre ★
╰-❛ ˙ᵕ˙ ──

Do you play games daily and have no one to play with (loser) WELL YOU'RE IN LUCK ! :D JOIN EOSTRE FOR DAILY GAMING WITH US !

╭── .୨୧ .── .୨୧ .── .୨୧ .──╮
What we offer:
- Welcoming community !
- Many fun events such as movie night or karaoke night !
- Variety of games !
- Self-roles and many color roles to choose from !
- Active VCS !
- Chill Staff !
- Anime !
- Kpop !
- Socially active channels ! (sometimes LMFAO)
╰── .୨୧ .── .୨୧ .── .୨୧ .──╯

☆꧁✬◦°˚°◦. .◦°˚°◦✬꧂☆
now join or perish <3
Welcome to The Society, a relaxed community where you can meet new people and make new friends.

We are currently streaming The Mandalorian S2 weekly!

We have some pretty cool bots and a laid back community. The rules are really relaxed and you can feel free to come into chat and just mess around with other members.
This is a new server that hopes to blossom one day. If you join you will be given a nugget. We have everyone's favorite bot: Dank Memer. We also have two smaller bots that need more love: Uno and Mafia.
We have the games Minecraft and Apex Legends. We are open to suggestions on different games.
This is a friendly server, we aspect everyone.