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McNugget Gaming
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McNugget Gaming

McNugget Gaming is a gaming/chat server for everyone! When you join, you will be introduced to many fun servers to chat in! Make sure to read the rules before you start chatting! This server is for all ages, but we recommend ages 10 and up. This server has endless possibility's and will not let you down! If you got unfairly banned or banned for no reason, DM me through discord and we can work it out together. Thank you!
💬Many fun chats to chat and speak in!
🤖 Fun and Music Bots! Any many more!
📈 Advertising!
🤝 Partnerships!
📷 Art and photo Posting!
🖱 React Roles!
👑 A semi-active staff team.
⬆ Leveling Up!
🔊Voice Channels (and music channel)!
🤲 Suggestions Channel to make the server better!
👍 Supporter roles and perks!
😃 friendly and nice community!
And More!
so what are you waiting for? Join McNugget Gaming today! (The server is still in beta and is supposed to be simple, its simple so its easier for everyone to navigate and use.)
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nickythewickee nickythewickee
This server is great!
This server is really good, and i know it says its the creator of the server...because it is...BUT it still is a good server and you should join!
59 dagen