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《Etrian Odyssey: World Serpent》

《Etrian Odyssey: World Serpent》

《Etrian Odyssey: World Serpent》
Etrian Odyssey: World Serpent is a Dungeon Crawler based RP centered around the EO Series. We are based in our own universe with our own separate storyline to allow custom freedom. In this server, you can create any character of your liking and customize their skill set, class, and weaponry as long as it fits the requirements of that class.

Many Humans, Faes, and other races settled in Etria many years ago after a great Miasma Storm, a large barrage of natural disasters caused by a Miasma influx. This large continent was home to the great Yggdrasil(Life Tree), which consumed deadly Miasma that affected half the population and instead turned it into purified energy. Settlements began, particularly the three Major Kingdoms we see today. Ester is the Kingdom for Humanity which was populated by the majority of humans. Arcadia is the Kingdom of Knowledge, home to many Faes and Elves. Finally, there was the Kingdom of Tharsis, a previous settlement destroyed by various monsters and then replaced by the Kingdom of Lemuria, the Kingdom of Faith.

Slowly, as monsters began developing from the Trees, adventures took up the call and began to investigate the tree itself. They are known as Heroes, those who spend their lives vanquishing monsters to their realms and protecting Etria as a whole. Thus, they formed the Baldur Guild in secret. However, about twenty years ago, the Yggdrasil had fallen “ill” and many Heroes began to disappear. Because of this, the remaining heroes banded together and went to investigate the disappearance of their Guild Members.

You have decided to move to Ambrosia, a neutral town on the edge of Ester near the Yggdrasil tree, for whatever reason. Maybe you are an adventurer looking to make a living or you are a merchant looking to profit on selling merch. Whatever it may be, the future is yours to shape.
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