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Chronicle of Drase
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Chronicle of Drase

Welcome to Drase! A roleplay server for those looking for a fun, fair PVE CRP experience with progression! Set in an expansive medieval fantasy with low power, magic is prevalent, but not world-destroying. We are a semi-literate to literate roleplay server that offers a hand-crafted PVE-oriented combat experience. We have well-defined character progression, fun, grid-based quests, balanced combat based on smart tactical decision rather than cheesy abilities.
And we are not a cliquey community either! We do our best to include everyone in our community, and teach them about our system instead of leaving you hanging. Don't want to fight and quest all the time? Slice of life roleplay that can offer rich character development and interactions is always an option!

What we offer:
TTPRG Inspired Character Building:
📜=> DnD-like perks allow you to customize and grow your character’s power with time.
🏹=> Unique Build System - Be a fighter, a tank, a battlemage, an archmage or anything in between - all supported by our system!
🏹=> Custom abilities and perks are allowed as well, as long as they remain reasonable within the world's power level.

A friendly, inclusive community!:
💗=> Professional staff & a non-toxic environment
✍=> Casual literate - No RP samples required!

A thoughtful, expansive world:
🐍=> Handcrafted, detailed, balanced races!
📚=> A world full of believable, varied nations inspired by real-world cultures

A comprehensive roleplay experience:
🏹=> Turn-based, detailed, semi-realistic diceless combat with magic!
🏹=> PVE Focus, immerse yourself in events crafted by GMs without worrying about PVP (optional)!

What are you waiting for? Join us today! We guarantee a unique experience!

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Jackal Jackal
Drase has always been a mixed bag for me. While the server is definitely a unique take on medieval fantasy combat, its focus has always been very skewed.

Drase's greatest appeal for myself and most of the active members (which are- contrary to the server's member count, 10-20 daily active users on average) is how diverse character building is. A lot of work has been put on balancing an expansive list of playable races, spells and perks. While they might seem daunting for new members, character building allows for near-limitless customization without locking you into classes like most RPGs do. Progression feels very meaningful and satisfying as your watch your character develop and leaves you wanting more every time.

Combat and questing are also one of the best features Drase has to offer. While activity might flactuate, experienced GMs are able to offer immersive missions for you and your group to play in similar to popular TTRPGs. Unlike most TTRPGs however, your performance on said mission doesn't rely on the whims of luck in your dicerolls, but player skill alone. Combat is purely freeform, and is up to the player to make the most of what their build and character is capable of. If a fair and fun medieval combat experience that combines realism with magic is what you're after, this is the server for you.

With such a large focus on combat and character building, however, Drase takes away from several other features medieval fantasy has to offer. The server's worldbuilding, while passable, is very shallow. The world feels bland and static, lacking an active plot of conflict or intrigue. Your character's origin hardly ever seems to matter, and the vast majority of active OCs on the server are simply homeless mercenaries by the end of the day... simply because there is nothing better to do.

Another issue I've personally found frustrating is how adamant the server and staff can be about rules and conventions set in place. Custom designs, abilities and builds that deviate from pre-existing ones, while possible, are often met with a level of scrutiny and abrasiveness that it's more trouble than it's worth.The balancing philosophy Drase goes by is very restrictive towards divergent concepts, and one I could never agree with, even as a former staff member.

Lastly, the focus on combat and builds while keeping everything else on a bland, surface level is mirrored on the community as well. Most of the ooc chatter is either small talk or constant theorycrafting over the most recent balance changes. While the community is by no means toxic or unfriendly- and staff members make sure no disputes go over the line, it can still feel very cliquey for new members who would be excluded by topics they're unfamiliar with.

Tl;dr: If you're looking for a decently active RP server with unique, handcrafted combat systems which reward player skill above all else and meaningful progression, Drase is the place for you.
If you're looking for a rich experience in terms of OOC community or world-changing plots, you're better off looking elsewhere.
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Britz-san🐺(青 狼) Britz-san🐺(青 狼)
Re-review of Drase
I already wrote a review, but it needed update after about a year.

Drase is a pretty chill and fun place, the number of people has surely grown since last I was active. Rp is great (Depending on the person rping with) and though quests aren't hot right now, they are fun two.

Last I complained about the lack of creatures, though it can still be worked on, I am happy to see it had some work done.

Generally the biggest complained I sorta still have is the character creation, though it has been updated and looks a bit better, it's still sort of a headache going through all the necessary documents (and sometimes even finding them/ finding them again takes a while).
The spells, perks and stuff is quite interesting (and game breaking if you choose right) all be it long and allot. The documents can use some touch ups, but they are functional. If you're new to rp (or may just not understand the documents), our staff is moderately friendly and helpful... most of the time anyway.

The rp? Well that depends heavily on who you rp with. But other then that, there is allot if rp channels to use even if some are useless (but one man's trash is another's treasure).

I am however glad to say the limited staff are quite busy when it comes to making the server better. We do need a few extra GMs though, but other then that, it doesn't take to long for a chara to get approved.

Still keeping the 3 start though, because I aint simping... I just want the people that read this review to actually know mostly what their getting into so no time is wasted.
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Cid Rod Cid Rod
Great Server
So I write this well into two years of being in the server, and about 5-ish months as a Staff member, mostly because I didn't realize how long it had been.

This is my main RP server because I have never been fond of dice-rolls, and I prefer Freeform rp over it. I've always been more of a Slice of Life rp'er, and Chronicle of Drase is about 50% SoL, 50% Questing. When I feel like roleplaying a character it just feels more rewarding than most servers.

And even if I don't want to roleplay, I can sit, chill, and chat. What more could someone ask of an RP Community? I sure can't ask for more, myself.

Probably, the *only* thing I don't like is I feel like I'm making a D&D Character even if I only plan a character to be Slice of Life rping. But that's also kinda cool at the same time? Eeh, prolly more of a gripe than an issue to me.
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FrankenStein FrankenStein
Not my cup of tea anymore
This review is simply my take on the server, and the rating doesn't necessarily mean it will be bad for you.

So the first thing I wish to point out is that a majority of the reviews here at the time of me posting this are from staff within the server. That isn't to say they are biased or unbiased. I simply wish to point out to those that look at the more positive reviews to realize where they are coming from.

I too was a staff, but after some unfortunate events had been removed. So despite my efforts to give an objective view on the faults of the server, I feel it is only fair that you know where I am coming from as well.

Now that is out of the way, I will now delve into my criticisms of the server.

Seeing this is disboard and being an avid user myself, I suspect many of you were attracted to looking into Drase due to the high member count. However, that member count isn't representative of how active the community actually is. That might actually suit those interested in smaller active communities as at its best there are only 20 or so active members. But at the time of posting this, there is no more than 10 active with a majority of them being staff. So I hope this helps clear up the misconception as I was thrown off by how the member count didn't actually reflect the activity when I first joined.

However, this brings up the second concern I have had with the server, with myself guilty of it as well, but the staff is a bit of a clique despite what the ad says. It isn't uncommon for there to be gossiping in the staff chat about members they find less than pleasant. There is also the fact that the strongest characters within the server are for the most part staff characters as well. It was an issue the server has been trying to resolve, but as of currently it still remains an issue.

Another gripe I have with the server is its focus on realism and is a reflection of why I do not enjoy it as much anymore. When I first joined this server several months ago I was attracted to the flexibility of the system. The current system, while they allow custom abilities and spells, they more or less refer you to base your abilities to their already made system.

It has also become very rule-heavy with several pages of progression which isn't my cup of tea. To the server's credit, it does offer alternative less extensive templates. However, the core focus on realism is still less than appealing to me. That being said, this high detail realism focused RP might appeal to others.

Another issue with the server in my view is that it comes off as a little bit pretentious. They have guidelines on how to 'effectively' combat RP, their staff application is filled with a handful of loaded questions. Also when I was part of staff there was boasting of message count and member retention. There was also no shame in boasting about the server's 'superiority' to other similar RP servers. Things might have changed since then, and my view might very well be skewed, but I can only offer a review on what I myself have experienced so take it as you will.

Despite my less than pleasant remarks about the server, the server isn't all bad. While its ad is semi-false with the lack of DM's causing a lack of quests, and the DnD-like perks is a misnomer, the rest of it more or less true. It does a good job of preventing toxic discussions from starting or spreading. It can also pride itself on having one of the most extensive progression systems I have seen for an RP server. Discussion about actual RP is very limited as of late. However, those that enjoy building character will have a swell time discussing those ideas with other members in the server.

Overall I hope my review has helped you decide if Drase is a good fit for you.
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