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[The Five Kingdoms is currently undergoing some construction— A reboot is in progress, ensuring a fresh start for new members who would like a shot at kingship, lordship, and an overall grasp of the current situation!]

The Five Kingdoms is a High Fantasy roleplay server set within the mythical lands of [Insert]. The world is split into three continents: [TBD!]

♛ Vast lands for exploration
♛ In-depth and customizable individual lore
♛ Dozens of roles to identify your character with
♛ Be a king, sellsword, bard, nomad, mage or hobgoblin
♛ Several races of unique creatures to choose from
♛ Extensive military system
♛ Comprehensive magic system
♛ Dozens of active players to plot with
♛ Anti-raid parameters, etc

But what makes us unique to the hundreds of other fantasy servers out there?
In the Kingdoms, we do our best to ensure fairness and realism is reached even in a fantasy setting. From large scale battles of thousands to a simple duel, each interaction will affect the world in some way or another.

Owner: ChrCer (Danner)#6843
Invite Link:
Map (Made using Inkarnate): [Insert Discord PNG]
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Bartender John Bartender John
Great but Quiet
I've been here over many times on many different accounts over the last few years (2) and i've seen slowly the server rise and gone through hard times and moments of bliss.But recently i've sadly been hit with the fact the server is slowly becoming more and more quiet.
198 dagen
Cowboy Cowboy
Great server so far
I joined a month or two ago and I haven’t personally seen anything done wrong so it’s got my vote
374 dagen
1 1
StevetheradRoach StevetheradRoach
I've been here since the beginning
Of the server and you know it's the pretty fun it was really well put together and everything the communities is okay staff. are decent
521 dagen
6 2
Anloman Anloman
Good server, not so good staff and players.
The server is fun and has a cool idea behind it. Some of the players are chill and fun to hang out with others not so much.
595 dagen