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Corona World's Giveaways®
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Corona World's Giveaways®

Daddy's World is a terrific server with a lovely community and well built staff team. You can come chill in text or voice channels, play games with fellow members or join our weekly giveaways in a chance of winning a game! Our server also has a relationship side to find your true minecraft gf or bf! Come join us and our community.
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13 recensies
Alestorm Alestorm
Awesome server
If you like free games join this server for a chance to win some every week, and also enjoy the awesome community of friendly people!!
DalY DalY
The best social server
I like this server very much, cause it is really organized, it has funny and respectful members, and i am really enjoying to be a part of Daddy's World community! :D
st_juk st_juk
Awsome server
This server is pretty awsome it has great giveaways. The owner constantly gives away top tier games out of his own pocket. The owner is a really down to earth friendly guy and the staff are great as well. You should all check it out!
Meneer de Burgemeester Meneer de Burgemeester
super great
when i first joined the server i thought it was fake but when i won a giveaway i axtually got the price. this is the best server ever!!