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psychic」태그가 붙은 Discord 서버

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A minimalist spiritual server that welcomes believers of all faiths and schools of thought. Topics discussed include: conspiracy theories, consciousness expansion, cosmic origins. Share and you shall receive information. We are VC friendly. Disclaimer: This is not a safe space.
Hello all!

Do you love tarot as much as the rest of us? Want people to hang out with that love it as much as you?

Then come on down to the Tarot Tavern! We've got everyone from beginners to seasoned readers so everyone is welcome!
We're LGBT friendly and welcome people from all over!

Come hang out with us and be a part of a community that's both positive and growing!

There's always more room members to grow and learn! Join our SFW friendly, LGBT inclusive, 16+ server for all your tarot needs!
We are a discord family friendly server for all intrigued by the personal development on the path of spirituality and soul awakening awareness in the name of genuine friendship and love, light, positivity. Our Reddit can be found here:- www.reddit.com/r/SoulAwakening ~ Please come and join us so we can move forwards and reach out to many who are just starting their path and answering their call of working in the name of love to help other people on theirs. Be the light in someone else's reality.
This is the official server of Niteflirt's Cam Model, Princess Dark Muse. 18+ only and vertification is an must ( No racism or other ism allowed) This server is pay for play pay pigs,perverts, and sex fiends. Cater to findom, blackmail, BBC, Chastity, Ageplay, and sugar baby fetishes. 😈You can get custom femdom videos, lifetime kik, and lifetime snapchat for 50 dollars. My domina girlfriend experience start at 80 per week. Sugar Baby arrangements are 250 per week. Donation Bot available.
Do you need professional spiritual help?
We at Vee Psychic Services offer several psychic services and products to help, educate and guide you!

Some services and products we offer are:
- Ask a Question
- Dream Explanations
- PDF Tutorial: "How to Cleanse and Protect Yourself"
- PDF Tutorial: "How to achieve Astral Projection"
- Teaching/Guidance Sessions
- Reading Sessions
- Demon Inspections, Cleansings & Protections
- Mediumship Sessions

Not only you can make use of our services and products, you can read about shared experiences of other customers, share your experiences and make use of the free help-line!

Join and take a look for yourself!
A little hangout server for the anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K! We hope to form a little community and have little events and the like, and it's generally just a fun place to hang out!
Welcome to the FLOW^^
We have a lot of channels on chakras and how they can be used in various ways whether you're healing or for manifestation we got you.

Since the server is very community oriented we have grown on votes for other interests such as
Astral Projection
Energy Work
Psychic Abilities
Law of Attraction
Health and Nutrition.

We have many more roles and they can be mentioned in the general chat to discuss with other members having those roles.
Our server is participation based and unlocks some gifts for you at certain levels.

We try to maintain a cordial atmosphere with our members and we hope you will enjoy your time with us. Whether you're curious or just want a place to chill come flow with us.
An all-inclusive coven, catering to witchcraft, divination, and fortune-telling practices. Beginner to Expert welcome!

We cater to any mediums of divination, including:
- Clairvoyance
- Tarot
- Palmistry
- Writing
- Art

And much more!

NEW! Post your predictions and discuss with other members.
Hello there I created this space for those into Clairvoyance in any shape or form.
All the roles and experience level on the server is aimed towards this. My own journey with clairvoyance is forever expanding in the realm of visual art and remote viewing.
Everyone here who wants to join is welcomed to learn/share their experiences and discuss on the various aspects of it.
We also offer some readings, keep in mind though we're just learning and practicing.

We're pretty chilled but most of us work, so if no one answers straightaway and you're curious please be patient.
- 𝔸 𝕤 𝕔 𝕖 𝕟 𝕕 𝕖 𝕕 - ℝ 𝕖 𝕒 𝕝 𝕞 𝕤 -
This server is dedicated to self development, spirituality and esotericism. Allowing ourselves to become more aware of our shadow aspects

We discuss: self development, divination, shamanism, buddhism, energy-work, healing, philosophy, magic, alchemy & psionics. We are a chill community, it doesn't always have to be about something esoteric you can talk about your day. We seek to build a close family with people along all stages of life.

We are a close tightknit community, we offer
◇ Guidance
◇ Social Interaction
◇ Sharing Of Knowledge
◇ Group Meditations
◇ Memes
- (let's not take life too seriously :)

-If you do not want to be triggered or have your reality challenged. This is not the place for you. If you have the tendency to be offended easily, this is also not the place for you. Herd mentality is not present here, you will not find yes men for all of your ideas.

This is a place for those who wish to learn from one another, respectfully. Sharing ideas whilst not forcing opinions on anybody. Please keep an open mind and refrain from judging others too harshly without seeing their perspective fully.

We can help each other through the healing process, but never forget to help yourself as a vast infinite source of knowledge is within you.

-This is not a shitposting place, but meme's are allowed in specific channels
-petty drama is not tolerated
Vampire Common House is a discord community group focused on Real Vampires, Therian & Otherkin by providing useful information, and resources about the online & offline communities. Note that this group is not a role play group, therefore please have some respect for member's beliefs and current comprehension of the world around them. It is a new server and we are currently building up the population.
We are a brand new lucid dreaming server! Come along and share your lucid dreams, aswell as normal dreams! You can also come and learn how to lucid dream with our resource library.

Happy dreaming :)
This server is for anybody of any religion or spiritual practices who want to come and learn or share their knowledge. The only thing required is that you have an open mind and a kind soul. A lot of members are in the same time zone so if you join and nobody is on they will be in a short time after work/school so please be patient!
This an an age 16+ server for people who want to practice all types divination and fortune-telling such as tarot, runes, mediumship, and aura reading. No level of experience required to join!

☀️ Discussion boards for talking shop and sharing info.
☀️ Practice boards for exchanging and offering readings.
☀️ Chill environment to hang out with like-minded peeps ^-^
Hello everyone! Arcane Academia is a Discord server in which we have discussions about topics pertaining to spirit work, witchcraft, and anything in-between. Our server is open to anyone with any level of experience, as well as people who are interested and/or curious. If you are looking for advice or need some suggestions on what resources to read up on, our server can also provide in that area! Aside from the arcane, we also have channels for more general topics. The Arcane Academia is always open to branching out and looking for more members to join, so don’t be shy and pop in! We look forward to meeting you!
Skuldalið is the old Norse word for "family". Families come in all forms, and are not strictly formed by blood. Here we have Pokécord, spirituality, education and friends. Join us, we offer limited memes and /fringe/
This server is for all that find us. Membership is free for all. Everyone is psychic, we believe, but its up to you to choose to awaken your gifts and lead in your path, not follow someone else's path. Join us! We welcome all.
A Discord Server where you can come to get advice on almost anything, including the paranormal.

Do you need help? If so, come on in and check it out.
This server is a school and this server is a service platform. People that want to enchant their psychic abilities can come here and exchange reading with each other. Or if someone wants to buy your service, it can be done here. This server is designed to connect psychic to psychic or psychic to customer.
𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓼'𝓼 𝓣𝓪𝓻𝓸𝓽 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼
🔮For Those Who Have Unanswered Questions. For Those Looking To Share Their Talents. For Diviners And Truth Seekers Alike. This Server Is Here To Help You And Guide You On Your Path Through Life🔮
✨Just Starting This Server! Actively Looking For...
✨Tarot Readers
✨Anyone Who Wants To Use Their Abilities To Help Others!
Hi my fellow ascendants, This is my congratulations to you to come this far while facing a lot of harsh truths about our societies and families. You are the strongest and I deeply appreciate you from my heart space for the efforts that you have made and have been making to purge all those limiting beliefs that are weighing you down in lower frequencies.
I am here to present you with this brand new server which is created to bring together all those who are woke af.
If you cannot find someone like you in your closest proximity and feel lonely this is the perfect place to feel connected through these exciting yet turbulent times.
If u are at a point in your path where u cannot feel understood and relate with people around you this is the best place to be.
here you can share about ur ascension symptoms and the purging process
and get updates on current waves through our 5d news channel
we are here to support one another when surviving our dark nights of the soul.
here you can find people who are sensitive, heart-centered, caring and compassionate, and just as awake as you are.
And you can lean on those individuals. You can share your stories with each other. You can create networks, and certainly the possibility always exists for you to come together face to face.
I understand how challenging it is for many of us to connect with those who do not share in your knowing of who you really are. Therefore, we are here to look for another, to those who get you, those you can speak to about ascension symptoms, visitations from e.t.s, and so on.
This world will be better served by people such as ourselves coming together peacefully and loving each other and showing compassion for each other, and in so doing, you will inspire others to do the same. And when we unite with the intention for the greatest and highest good of all as our mission statement, think of what we all can accomplish while still being there in the fourth dimension.
New server for those interested in the philosophy of 9 numerology, art, and general metaphsics. Combining esoteric values, logic and creativity, as well as divine principles, we are dedicated to solving the mysteries of the number 9. 9 numerology stems from occultic background, and derives from greece, but like astrology has been polished through the centuries.

Numerology of the number nine combines abstract philosophy with logical reasoning and combines them into philosophical paradox.

It was the 9 from Ursa Major who inspired me to get this far towards my personal masterpiece.

Besides numerology and art, this discord is open to those who want to manifest, maintain, and or develop psychic abilities. People interested in the paranormal are welcome as well.

9 numerology is a pervasive tool to the human psyche, I would love to share my insight into the phenomenon. Customizable name colors and roles.