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We are a diverse, active, political debate server with the goal of discussing and debating politics in a civil manner! We have 3k+ members and growing.
We have self-assignable reaction roles for ideologies you endorse, exclusive ideology channels (i.e. Liberal only), and daily suggested debate topics.
We aim at having a civil server, so we try to keep the server as clean and professional as possible, without heavy uses of crude language, spam, and racist slurs.
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
This server offers:
❆ Roles for social, philosophical, economic, and political ideologies
❆ Private chats for political and social views
❆ Channels for sharing media, memes, and more
❆ An election system for moderators (no moderation cliques that plague other servers)
A server for pretty much everything (but mostly debate).
-politics talk/informal debate
-formal debate
-weapons talk
-active voice chat
-politics role play
Lax rules but strictly no pornographic or gory images. Free speech supported.
Welcome to Grand Politics, a Geopolitical and Realistic country-roleplay server focused on developing your country's economy, diplomacy, technology, capability and military.

• Realistic geopolitical role-play;
• Community-based events;
• Develop your country's economy, military, relations and technology;
• Establish your position as a superpower, fight against tyranny, or become a powerful economic powerhouse;
• Have fun!

If you want to experience any of these things, then Grand Politics is the perfect server for you!
The Kingdom of Étatsar is a Kingdom state part of the glorious Second Best Union, founded in 2020 in Missouri we have a king, jobs, an economy, and a bomb-ass flag. Join if you wish to be part of Étatsar and the Second Best Union.
Government type: Monarchy
Economic System: Capitalism
Motto: par garford nous gouvernons
New staff! We now offer actual political discussion!

A server for politics, with the goal to share ideas and viewpoints. When ideals clash, debate shall be allowed where the debating parties seek the agreement of ideas through thought experiments and credible studies divorced of personal identity or personal aliment of ideologies.

We're working to keep this server from devolving into a toxic and unhealthy community, please be respectful of others and our group.
Welcome to Leftist Hangout! We are a community dedicated to discussing political and social things! No worry rightists, you are also invited! (Excluding nazis). We also have participatory democracy for important decisions.
Here we accept everyone no matter what your background is!
We are sure you’ll find a place in our wonderful community!
Welcome to our server this is a server for like minded people wink to regather if someone get's disabled also If you were a member of wehrwolf join.
Hello! We are UKPS, and we seek to offer an extensive roleplay into life as a Westminster politician; serving your constituents and helping your party succeed at our consecutive general elections!

Are you the passionate, service-driven politician with a hunger to change the fate of the United Kingdom? Or are you a more lean politician, pleased with your successes behind you? Make bills, run campaigns, maintain party discipline and compete with whatever life throws at you. The choice is yours.

- Fully-functional, comprehensive and detailed government simulation!

- Elections held every month that take into account realism and a professional campaign!

- Propose bills, debate them in Parliament and let them become law under our new voting systems!

- Plethora of parties to choose from, allowing you to express your political views in the best way possible!

- A modern social media channel, putting your messages into tweet format instantly!

- Vote on polls!

And more!
The island of Il Mare.. An island nestled in between the southern coast of Velites and northern coast of Littorio. Both countries are economic and trading powerhouses who frequently do business with one another, and Il Mare is in the crossfires. Despite Littorio and Velites’ superior economic standing and sizes, Il Mare remains sovereign. It is a key component between the two, with the large canal that runs through the island being an amazing way to cut shipping time in half compared to the traditional route of going around the island. This leaves it as a very vulnerable, and very sought after partner from both countries. Off the coasts of Il Mare lie the mermaid tribes, resting unaware of the impending chaos from above that will soon disturb them, and the rising threat from a small band of humans.. What sort of trouble will these people get into in the future? Find out in.. Il Mare: Secrets of the Sea!

What we have:
💙Multiple races to choose from and an open environment to take over towns in, develop your own area, casually rp in, and more!
💙The option to do both casual and combat roleplay!
💙Plenty of fun opportunities for an open plot!
💙Literate roleplayers and plenty of lore to dig through!

All we need is you now! Come to our cozy little island, take a deep breath of fresh sea air, and browse through our little world! See you there!!

"Politiseum is a nice political server with a generally friendly atmosphere. The debates are of course quite competitive and can get a little heated. We have political parties, random activities (organized debates, manifesto challenges, etc.), memes, hot takes, and also we have people of every ideology on the compasd. There is something for everyone here so swing on by Politiseum."

We have introduced an experimental democratic system of server administration. Our merchandise of facilities:
- Self-assignable ideology roles
- Miscellaneous channels
- Non-linear polls & events
- Voice debates & discussions

Members must adhere to Discord's TOS.
This is a open and fair server to talk politics, our mods are not out of control like other servers. We’d love for you to join and share your opinion.
We are the Conservative Republic, This is a place for conservatives to be conservatives and have discussions and debate and just chill and chat. We strongly oppose Socialists, Democrats, Communists, Monarchists, Theocrats, Totalitarians, Fascists, Liberals, and Progressives. We are currently not accepting anyone from the Left. The Conservative Republic Includes Capitalists, Republicans, Conservatives, Traditionalists, and many more Right-wing ideologies. We have a large and strict rule system so make sure to follow it.
Also, we have a large hierarchy ranking system and you must Respect Administrators and Moderators and don't act like a total Dick. You must be at least 15 years old to be in the Conservative Republic and We strongly follow Discord's TOS. Make sure to read the rules and have fun :D
National Identity is a place where Right Wing Authoritarians, Traditionalists, and Nationalists come together to discuss various topics in a more serious manner than most servers.
Due to the lack of any centrist servers, we made one
Even if you aren't a centrist yourself, learning and debate does no one any harm (Except when it does)
>If you don't know what centrism is
>Only know centrism through (bad) memes
>Want to see some centrist memes
>Are a centrist yourself
>Want a debate
>Want a laugh
>Want to join, ping spam me and call me a negro
We have:
We're a starting up political discussion server for teens and young adults like myself. We accept all forms of political sides/beliefs; however if you argue conspiracy theories you will be given a tag.
The Right Furs is a Right Wing Furry server, where freedom of speech is encouraged!

-Relaxed Rules
-NSFW Channels
-Non-Furry Role (For those who aren't furries, but want a cool server to chill with)
-Sexuality Roles
-Gender Roles

Don't be shy! We're also open to non-conservatives, as we like to have a good debate sometimes!
A cool server where you can create a party and run for political office using currency
Build your way to top in a society game. Spread your views etc
Nations is a multiple nation political and military simulation. Players create or join nations and do their best to rise to the challenge, making their nations strong or pursuing personal power. There is an active player base and active admining staff that are available nearly 24/7. Join today if this sounds up your alley.
This server prides itself on being a debate server. Our debate channels are heavily moderated, and shitposters and adhomers are dealt with accordingly. We are a growing server, with dedicated staff and a respectable community. We are a political debate server.