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This an an age 16+ server for people who want to practice all types divination and fortune-telling such as tarot, runes, mediumship, and aura reading. No level of experience required to join!

☀️ Discussion boards for talking shop and sharing info.
☀️ Practice boards for exchanging and offering readings.
☀️ Chill environment to hang out with like-minded peeps ^-^
Welcome to MAGICKIANS, the Official Discord Server for the Magickians YouTube Channel!

We are a community of witches, occultists, and mages focused on the study and understanding of magick and spirituality. Our aim is to share experiences, create lasting friendships, and provide witchy resources in a safe and fun environment. Whether you are an LHP practitioner, a traditional Wiccan, or just someone who is interested in the occult, Magickians is open to practitioners from all walks of life. We hope you'll join us on a new magickal adventure!

-LGBT+ Friendly!

-All-Ages Welcome!

-Active Occult Community

-Magickal Resource Library
Creekwater Coven is a laid-back occult server created on the premise of a relaxing, drama-free environment. This is a melting pot of different practices and beliefs, welcoming to the LGBT community, left-handed path practitioners, and all other open-minded individuals.

We offer:
- Helios, everyone's favorite magical cat occult bot!
- PluralKit & SystemTime! for systems and channelers!
- A plethora of vanity roles for your categorizing pleasure
- Adult-only channels for the more NSFW aspects of the occult
- Seven separate chat folders for all your magical conversations
- An easy vetting process to protect the community from trolls
- Our lovable mascot, Sneakers the mouth-faced cryptid!
❤️Welcome to the server Midnight!❤️ This is a server full of witches from all different backgrounds and a good server if you’re just looking! We have everything from self assignable roles to multiple kinds of chats ranging from normal conversations to understanding the basics of divination and deities! So come on and join us, we are looking forward to meeting new people!
The Witches Corner is a server used to connect to those who are like minded within the Craft or are wanting to learn about it. We have so much to offer and we are willing to work with you anytime. You make friends and maybe even family here. We are open to everyone.
~Welcome to Pagan's Pentagram!~
We're a fun and friendly server for satanists, wiccans, and witches alike! We welcome everyone who is part of one of those religions or wants to learn more! Here at Pagan's Pentagram we hope to design a large community for satanists and wiccans to feel comfortable, and a community for new people to learn.
Nobody is discriminated against here, not for their race, their sexuality, their gender, their religion, or anything else. We take all the steps needed to be a safe place for everyone.
Here are some things you'll experience at Pagan's Pentagram
- Friendly staff
- Self-assignable roles
- A wonderful community of people just like you
- Acceptance
Please consider joining, we'd love to meet you!
Dreadful Lotus

We're an 18+ server that's open to people of any spiritual path experience level. It's a laid back environment with an emphasis on experimentation and teaching practical skills. We offer classes on certain subjects based on recommendations and our staff are up for doing live rituals and distance training when available.
》We want to welcome you to our little corner of the internet! We believe that everyone is always growing, like flowers in a garden. The Witches Garden wants to help witches and spiritual people grow in their practice! We hope to have a loving community in our server.
We have:
《Self assignable roles
《Support channels for the LGBTQ+ community, Mental Health, and a section for adults
《Current and Future Events, Giveaways, and Server Games
《Bots will be added for fun and accessibility when asked

》If you join, we hope you have a fun learning experience and time! If not, don't stop growing.
There is no reason to think anymore. We figured out everything on this server. Come and see.

We are one of the few servers that allows free-speech debate about politics.

Welcome to the Hall of Twilight, all are welcomed to join! Our server is for building lasting friendships and learning about the Norse Gods, while working to build an active community! Seeking knowledge together and exploring the beliefs of our not so distant ancestors lived. All while carving out our own ways to honor the Gods and the world around us.
+13!!! No one under 13 is allowed.

Hi there, and welcome to The Ember Circle!!

We're glad to have you here, whether you're a wise witch (all genders) or a witchling-to-be! In this community it is so very vast and popular, you can find so many things here! There are also sections and tools in the sidebar to find whatever you need or want! The public chatrooms are a super rad way to meet like-minded people as well!

If you have any questions, you can ask any of the leaders and curators, and we will try our best to help! You can find the leaders, curators, welcomers, and of course members on the left! We'll all be happy to answer any questions you may have, or even just to talk. <3

If you're completely new to Discord, it can get SUPER overwhelming so we are here for you. This app, I think, is the best location to find all the resources that a Pagan, or Witch may need. Even more, if you are secular.

If you're a baby witchling, and not sure where to start out in discovering your path, you are for sure not alone. You could ask in the channel Ask A Witch!
Lastly, but definitely not least, please be sure to check out the rules as well! They're key to a great experience here. : )
We're so happy you decided to join us! Have fun, merry meet, and of course Love and Light!
Welcome to Moonseekers' Nexus! We are an 18+ community for witches and pagans run by a dedicated Council of individuals determined to give you a safe space to learn and grow!

Some of our features:
🌓 15+ channels dedicated to witchcraft and religions!
🌓 Self-assignable roles!
🌓 A staff code of conduct, to hold the Council as accountable as the members when it comes to forming a safe space!
🌓 A participation based ranking system based on the major arcana!
🌓 Pingable roles to describe your practice and ask other practitioners about theirs!
🌓 An lgbtq+ chat for the community and those questioning!
🌓 A chat especially for otherkin/therian/starseeds!
🌓 A channel to ask questions, offer suggestions, and send feedback to the Council!
🌓 A new server with plenty of room for growth! We have plans for a book club, monthly meditations, new staff positions, and more!

We hope you'll join us!
The purpose of the server is to be an online communications and advertising tool for small businesses that are Pagan based.

We do not mind allowing other types of businesses here but we request they respect the other shop channels and not cause issues.

Current shops are offering Pagan supplies Tarot and Oracle reads (some of those are donation and some of those are for payment) jewelry handcrafted tarot bags and mats.

We are also looking to expand our shops. If you have a small business we might be what you are needing to boost sales!

Blessed Be
We are a server for people who follow the old ways of the Norse Gods. Anyone who is interested in learning about the path my also join.
Welcome and Merry Meet! This is our official discord for witches, wiccans, and pagans alike. This is a SERIOUS community for SERIOUS witches, not a roleplay or gag community. We are here to provide a safe community for any and all types of witches looking for a group of people to grow with! We hope to see you in our community! Blessed Be!
🌚The Salem Witch Coven🌚
A witch coven is a community of witches that learn and grow together in their craft.🧙🏼‍♀️

🕯Witchcraft is one of the world’s oldest practices and thanks to technology the number of practitioners has been rising greatly!🌞

🕯The practice does not honor satan and is greatly misunderstood. Everyone uses witchcraft by manipulating energies.🐈

🕯When jumping into witchcraft it’s very overwhelming and confusing. There are so many different topics and things to learn and people never seem to know everything even after years of practice!🥀

🕯Named after the infamous Salem Witch Trials where people were hung for being supposed witches, our server is a safe place for learning magick!🔮

🕯We have clubs and over 60 topics. With special events, books, holiday festivals, sparring, classes, group discussions, readings, newsletter, team events, healers, testing our skills, team challenges, we have it all!🌻

🕯Baby witches, non-witches, experienced witches, LGBTQ+, and people of all colors and beliefs are very welcome into our family!🦋

-You just must be at least 13 years old

Limenitis Arthemis is a friendly server inviting anybody interested in the occult. This includes witchcraft, wiccan, pagan, and everything in between. We view our members like family and friends. You are safe here. We look forward to seeing you:)

-Must be 15+ to join
-Has a library for occult books
-Artist booths for selling and trading
-A Supportive Community
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
This Server Is All About Spiritual Stuff, Tulpas, Undertale Themed, And A Fun Little Community!
Welcome to Bamboo Teagardens, come sit and tell us a story.

We're a new all inclusive witchcraft server, currently quite small but hoping to soon have a thriving community! We have:

🌺 A Calming Aesthetic 🌺
🌺 Self Assignable Roles 🌺
🌺 A venting Channel 🌺
🌺 Private Channels For Spoonie and LGBTQ+ Witches 🌺
🌺Advanced Witches 🌺
🌺 And a growing staff team! 🌺

Come on inside!
Join Pagans Posting today!!

-Free ranks

-Awesome community

-LGBTQ welcome!!

-New or old to witchcraft can join!!!

-interested in learning or teaching others

-lots of fun!!!!
I get bored of simple servers so... This server is everything all in one! Want fandom, religion, lgbtq+ content, pet pictures... We have it all. If you don't see something but want it please suggest it. We have a variety of self roles and leveling up roles as you interact in the server. There are some bots for a variety of occasions and uses.
Cult of the Windward Star is a Left Hand Path focused Occult and Traditional Witchcraft server for intermediate - advanced practitioners [18+ only].
We are specific to no path, though many of us come from a mixed background within Hermetics, Alchemy, Thelema, Satanism, Chaos Magick, Jungian psychological approach and more.

We offer:
- An active book club with weekly scheduled discussions;
- Knowledgeable, experienced core members;
- Learning-friendly environment for the ambitious and curious minds who are open to being intellectually challenged;
- Divination: Occasional free readings and pro tips from experienced readers of various divination methods ranging from dreamwork to tarot;
- Top quality off topic conversations - art, science, metaphysics, NSFW, general musings. Good memes too.

Our ideal candidate needs to be 18+, open-minded, thick-skinned, curious, active, willing to read and challenge their views.

Come and join us!
A coven for pagans/witches ages 13-17!
you will have to send me an application within a week of joining or you will be kicked. you will not have any privilages unless your application is accepted by the coven
Server for talking about all things Gaul and Gaulish Polytheism.

-Space for both academics and newbies
-LGBT+ friendly
-Open to both existing Gaulish Polytheists and those interested.
- Anti-Nazi/Folkist leanings
-Guided Discussions
-Hub for Gaulish Polytheist organization "Toutâ Galation"