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Chapitre 1 les premiers enfants Hakai :
Pendant une Guerre des enfants sont nées en plein milieu du champs de Bataille ses enfants étaient extrêmement puissant. Ils doivent maintenant avoir entre 10 et 15ans on ne connait pas forcément cette race, il était précisément deux enfant de cette race. Cette race est nommée les "HAKAI" ce qui signifie Destruction. Ces enfants vont être utilisées pour conquérir le monde. Cette première guerre avec l'apparition des "Hakai" s'appelle "La guerre des enfants du Soleil et de la Lune"

Chapitre 2 le Hakai le plus puissant :
Mais pendant une seconde guerre un 3ème enfant est apparue sa puissance était plus que Incroyable il était plus fort que les 2 précédents il est apparu précisément 3 ans après les 2 premier "HAKAI". Cette guerre a été appelée "La guerre de L'utime Soleil et de L'utime Lune"

Chapitre 3 La fin de la guerre :
après 3 ans après l'apparition du dernier Hakai la guerre fus soudainement gagné par les humains qui l'ont joué stratégique. Ils sont venus faire les ramasses miette en tuant les autres races pour gagner. Les autres Race non pas accepté cette victoire et donc continue cette guerre et surtout la recherche de ses 3 enfants de la Race des "HAKAI"

Chapitre 4 L'invocation:
Pendant que la guerre était censée être fini les anges fit une Invocation d'un monstre extrêmement puissant quasiment aussi puissant que les "HAKAI". On ne sait pas trop ce que le monstre fait, mais s'il s'entraîne il sera sûrement plus fort que les "HAKAI"

BUT DU RP : trouvé les enfants de la race des Hakai pour arrêté un monstre encore inconnu

Nos qualités et défaut :

Modo et staff à l'écoute si vous avez des question aller dans la catégorie "arrivée départ et aide" et aller dans question et poser vos questions on sera toujours là (si on est connecté)

Et notre défaut, c'est qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de monde, mais on espère y remédier.

Bonne continuation et on espère vous voir ^^
Warning: This is an 18+ extreme-kink focused server purely consisting of homosexual male characters. If you wish to play a female or hetero/bisexual character, please realize that the lore has made such things impossible and accommodations will not be made. If you are sensitive to graphic or grody imagery and literature, or if you are more on the vanilla side, you may not enjoy being in this server.

A simplified yet brutal M x M-exclusive fantasy roleplay server built off of an RPG-style experience. Religious tensions, the threat of apocalypse, false prophets and their brutal reign, a conflict between races both prehistoric and modern, and varying technological levels.

This is not your grandmother's medieval-ERP-storyline.

While magic is allowed, it's actively being countered and prevented.

You can be multiple things here. A furry with a gun? A lord of a tiny plot of land in the greater human kingdom? A reclusive mage hidden in the few places on the planet where the arcane is free and bountiful? A martyr for the true creator, now dead? A worshiper of the false despots claiming divine ability? A sickening creature from beyond the safe-haven continent? A warrior for the mongol-like Tuurbet Horde?

Point being, in this sad and broken world-- so many opportunities lie in wait for you.

Because this roleplay is one meant for a single group going on adventures, the conditions will be fast-paced and chaotic. Your character will be put through trial and tribulation and could seize bounty and fame. This is one of the few places where **your** character has the potential to change the story- for better or worse outcome.

What does our server have?

- A massive collection of channels perfect for any setting the group might encounter
- Varied levels of technology depending on race. Ancient Scifi? Medieval? Ask the creator for information on the races that bear these things.
- Furries are welcome, even if the server is geared towards humans!
- A detailed lore book with sections covering the imperatives like the story to minuscule tidbits of information like what type of plants there are.
- An entry application process consisting of a RP test.
- Literacy standards
- A friendly network of administrators who all know each other from somewhere in the past.
- An openminded community actually interested in what they play
- A couple of NSFW channels for gay fixings
- Various OOC channels for various purposes
- An active discussion system where you, the player, can suggest changes to the lore, or additions/updates to the story.
- A constantly fluid story potential
- Various nations, from the mormons to the mongols-- all with a unique twist on them to make them one of a kind.
- Bounties for money or exclusive gear for an individual or small group basis if you don't feel committed enough to join the current mission
- Communication!

Come join us and help this server blossom into a place for the people!
New Dawn is a very social and inclusive server. Primarily focused to role play purpose but with friendly OOC chat and plenty of friendly folks to meet and laugh with. The setting is medieval fantasy, with a catering to both combat and more social style RP. We have active staff that ensures every character is well balanced and every person is respectful. We keep a tight hold on negative and offensive content so for the most part, you will only find what you want in New Dawn.
Something is wrong. Merchants, children, and villagers of kingdoms are disappearing along the borders. Something dark lurks among these kingdoms. something dangerous, something more powerful than anything any man has encountered. Villages are in uproar and all the folk are terrified. This force could be anything, it must be stopped. The Kings and Queens that live amongst these lands have trained and sent out groups of volunteers to fight and end whatever this danger may be. Sadly, these groups have also begun to disappear
Wir schreiben das ja 1100 und befinden uns im Dunklen Zeitalter.
Vor Äonen brachte eine Kollision mit einer anderen Welt die Magie auf unsere Erde, doch nur wenige Begabte können sie nutzen.
Drei große Rassen - Menschen, Elfen und Zwerge - lebten friedlich zusammen, aber in den letzten Jahren nahmen die Unruhen zu.
Es entstanden kleinere Konflikte zwischen Menschen und Nicht-Menschen.
Auf welche Seite stellst du dich und stehst du für den Frieden oder möchtest du die anderen Reiche für dein eigenes Volk einnehmen, um es so zum vorherrschenden Volk aufsteigen zu lassen? Bist du vielleicht sogar einer der wenigen Begabten, die die Magie beherrschen können? Wie werden deine Freunde und Familie darauf reagieren und wenn erste jemand anderes herausfindet, dass du Magie beherrscht, wie sicher wird dein Leben dann noch sein?
Schreib deine eigene Geschichte in diesem Fantasy-Setting und bestimme dein Schicksal selbst!
𝕮𝖆𝖒𝖕 𝕳𝖆𝖑𝖋 𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉
※ 𝕎elcome 𝕋o ℂamp ℍalf 𝔹lood!✨
※ 𝕋his 𝕊erver 𝕀s 𝔹ased 𝕆ff 𝕆f 𝕋he ℙercy 𝕁ackson 𝔹ook 𝕊eries.✨
※ 𝕎e 𝔸re 𝔸 𝔽un, 𝔽riendly, 𝔸nd 𝕎elcoming ℝoleplay 𝕊erver.✨

𝕿𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖘𝖊𝖗𝖛𝖊𝖗 𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖑𝖚𝖉𝖊𝖘:
✨Staff applications
✨Semi-literate roleplays
✨Lots of rp channels
✨Fun polls and events
✨And lots more!

𝕊𝕠 𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕛𝕠𝕚𝕟 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕤𝕖𝕖 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗!
The "New Chance, a Serene Mind" Programme made by Eden Corp. is a newly released gadget to be implanted inside the heads of teens who are either at risk or show signs of serious mental illnesses or are just incapable of functioning in normal society.
The lands of Serenity are a medieval fantasy world full of adventures. Corrupt Monarchs, Scary Monsters, Wide Gorgeous fields and the most beautiful of magics.
All this is supposed to help the Applicants of the programme help with their issues and hopefully end the crisis that's on the horizon threatening the future of the world...
Welcome to Orbis!
This planet is inhabited by various kinds of bipedal humanoid creatures, all intelligent life forms as you humans believe yourself to be.
While it may seem like quite a dull planet, at first sight, you are bound to be witness to multiple interesting o̶r̶ ̶d̶i̶s̶t̶u̶r̶b̶i̶n̶g̶ events during your time here.
Thought you should watch out not to make yourself too big of a target especially in a certain one of the three districts it has to offer.
The law will s̶o̶m̶e̶t̶i̶m̶e̶s̶ always be on your side, as long as you follow its rules.
Alone for seeing the magic unfold that is the special powers that 99% of our inhabitants inhabit a space trip to Orbis is definitely worth it.
If you wish for a dull and boring day you are definitely in the wrong place here.
We recommend a stay in the fabulous and quite humongous Hotel that lies right in the heart of Orbis, a stay doesn't come quite cheap but is worth every penny.
For our residents, we have an extensive and very secure Educational System with various branches of education available at the cost of b̶a̶s̶i̶c̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶ ̶s̶a̶v̶i̶n̶g̶s̶ a minuscule monthly payment from each taxpayer.
We would also love for you to visit the beautiful luscious greens it had has to offer.
If you are lucky you may be capable of finding yourself face to face with one of the many deities o̶r̶ ̶d̶e̶m̶o̶n̶s̶ of Orbitian legend, though fear not as all of them s̶e̶e̶m̶ are harmless.
Upon your arrival at Orbis, we will safely show you around before you can go on your merry way to have a fantastic vacation and try not to get killed enjoy yourself
Orbis is not at fault for any of the following:
-Loss of limbs
-Loss of Brain function
The definitive server dedicated to the massive engaging franchise of Warcraft! All fans, new and old, are welcome! It has been crafted - get it? - with lots of love. and with the hopes of bringing together the fandom in one big, happy place!
It started with a town simple right? Juno a haven for all types of creatures from all walks of life. It blossomed into an ideology a way of thinking much different from the rest of Gemora. It spread like fire across the land igniting a change in the world that would cast its inhabitants into a new era.

It wasn't the technology that changed but the people, wars that raged for decades seemingly ended in a blink of an eye. A God was born that day one that would bring forth change his name spoken threw out the land as a hero among men. Te'deo lord of destruction king of the shadows. A name that struck fear in the hearts that thought to destroy them.

Now is clam before the storm, if he wakes again... No when he wakes he will seek to destroy whats left... Or maybe he shall glimpse at the world he birthed and see what has occurred in his wake? A new Gemora... A better world? That is for you to decide...

🤗 Friendly staff
✨Unlike any other fantasy server
🎒 Explore the world
▶ Play in you own time or join events
🤖 Different bots even economy ones
🔆 Victorian Steampunk not 100% medieval
This is a continuation on the Juno server but with a few things settled and easier to understand.

Also note to see full server you must agree to rules and have an oc.
𝔻𝕦𝕤𝕜 𝕚𝕟 𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕒𝕙𝕞 (18+)
Welcome to Talahm, a modern day city, and haven, for those of more... ancient origins. In this metropolis, the supernatural reigns, both day, night, and dusk. Though there are tense relations, terf wars, and fighting amongst the inhabitants of this city, there's a place for each and every one of them.
• Perhaps you're like the Trodaí, soaring through the sky on beautiful wings, keeping the peace for those below.
• Or, maybe you feel closer to the Dwarves and Dark Elves, who reside underneath the city.
• The Marh are Death's scythe, deadly warriors when needed, but peaceful when not.
• Gorgons roam the city, though unlike their matron, Medusa, their eyes do not turn others to stone.
• Join the Sirens and Water Nymphs in the Bay, where terf wars are common.
• Play with lovable and sly Kitsune, but watch out for their bit.
• Lurk in alleys and thrive at night, when you can attack those who are least expecting it, stealing their looks as a Skinwalker.
• Rest in the Rooftop Gardens as a fae, enjoying the sweet smell of flowers and flourishing in the sunlight.
• Work with Light elves in the city, or reject modernism entirely in the Great Forest.
• Sulking and sex are the trades of teiflings, or become a fallen Trodaí as a Droch, joining the Empousa and Teiflings in their sinful existence.
• Or, maybe you've washed up on the beaches of the Bay, a human, confused, lost, and bewildered, starting to find your footing in a city unfavorable to those who aren't special.
Dusk in Talahm offers over 150 channels, both for RP, chatting, character creation, and much more. With fun self roles, a relaxed community, and more to offer, why not join? Even if you don't stay for long, we're still glad to have you.
This is a server for 13+, The lore for the server is monsters and humans but if you are a monster you can either be rebellious or hide. Most choose to hide, the rebellious monsters are pushed away. Tho some humans are accepting, and even some creature offspring with them. But you have to be careful if your caught you will both be lynched. This is a darker themed roleplay so beware, you have been warned

This Server Includes!
☆- Friendly Staff, Me the Owner :)
☆- Lots of RP Channels
☆- Friendly Members
☆- Disboard
☆- Newly Expanded Character Creation
☆- Staff Are Soon To Be Elected
☆- Most Members Are On To Rp
☆- Some ERP
☆- Were a very friendly & Supportive community :)
☆- We Do Serious Roleplay
Arbidias is a medieval fantasy roleplay server centered around a kingdom called Arbidias, a kingdom that was founded by refugees as a way to escape a war bred from a collapsing empire. It has been four hundred years since the kingdom's founding and two hundred years since the War of the White King, when the Lord of Summer came to rescue the kingdom from the White King's undead armies and the Northlands were frozen over.

The children of Gren took control of the desert land of Al'ardyn a century ago, and now tensions are strong between them and the people of Arbidias. Will war eventually break out? Only time will tell.

-A staff team that is friendly but won't stand for toxicity.

-This is a literate server with a character minimum of 400 characters (about a paragraph).

-Hidden NSFW. To protect those who should not witness such things, all NSFW content is locked behind a special role only those of age are allowed to take.

-A decent-sized lore (20+ pages) to help you get your footing in the world and a custom bio template. The lore updates as needed.

-Self-assignable roles that allow you to get pings for certain things such as roleplay requests, mark your post length, etc. with more to be added as needed.

-30+ separate channels to roleplay in with more to be added in the future as needed, including the Northlands, Arbidias itself, and the desert kingdom of Al'ardyn. You can even roleplay in the Under Realm (underworld)!

-T-1 (writing-based) combat style. No luck-based rolling to fear!

-Server events that you can participate in with others, such as mysteries, demon attacks, and other exciting things!
This Roleplay is based in a school in the middle of nowhere, but this school, is not just any ole’ school, Ridgeview is a school full of the mysterious and peculiar things that maybe we’d like to hide away. Different, strange and even sometimes dangerous, the kids at Ridgeview are meant to be hidden away from the world. The thing is... they don’t wanna be hidden, they don’t wanna be seen as different and dangerous... what do you think? Should we hide the secrets of the world away to forever remain unseen?
Welcome to the world of Dilancia! This world takes place in a fantasy world set in modern times. The people here are just like any other, except they have a passion for adventure and dueling. Most people in this world are born with elements that take the form of unique skills and abilities. There are many types of abilities and elements, each with their own strength and weaknesses. Some of the most common are water, fire, grass, wind and earth. Some people are born with two elements, and are especially strong. Sometimes, people can gain a secondary element if they use a certain weapon or spell. On extremely rare cases, some people are born without elements and are referred to as nulls. They can gain an element the way some can gain secondary elements as well, but can't gain a second. There are many different places in the world to visit and explore. The currency in this world is called Rin and can be spent in shops for armor, potions, weapons, and tech. Rin can be earned by winning battles or completing quests and missions.



-Open/Private RP

-Combat RP

-Limitless Ideas


-And much more!

[DISCLAIMER] The lore is not complete yet. Please be patient as we're doing our best to create an immersive experience.
Have you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a colony in an alternate world set in 1945, (with early 1900’s styling) on a large and mostly unexplored jungle covered island filled with monsters, tribes, and other things? Lorora is the place for you. It’s an island in the middle of nowhere, and it also happens to be the home to a rare material called Cavorite which has an anti gravity effect. So it is always being contested by countries who want this resource. Long story short. Chaos happens a lot on this island. Welcome to the jungle, and welcome to hell.

Our server is new and features

Plenty of bots
Pretty lenient general chat
You can get away with a lot of things in the jungle such as murder, theft, and etc.
A Plot
Technology is also something that varies, we’ll have stuff from the forties as long as it’s not too OP.
Want an steampunk style airship? They’re allowed here too!

This is the world of Ghibli as you know it, the whole world… or well, the whole universe. Our server takes place in the country of Ingary while bringing in aspects such as floating islands, towns with a view, a hidden spirit world, and so much more.

Within our group, we offer:

* An 18+ environment
* LGBTQ friendly
* Self Assignable Roles
* A variety of RP locations
* A literate RP experience
* A comprehensive application process
* Customization of your own business and housing
* Interactive Bots
* A close-knit community of your peers
* And much more!

Furthermore, our plot is as follows:

The war in Ingary has been over for decades, Laputa has been saved, No Face's reign of terror is long passed, and Tomonoura has remained unflooded for years. And yet, the world has kept on spinning, bringing with it new faces and various challenges. The world is in a time of peace. Witches and Wizards go about their daily lives without fear of losing their magic. Spirits and Demons wander in the twilight, celebrating with a soak whenever they deem fit. But now is a new age. New problems are once again beginning to arise in this world of ours. And while they may seem minuscule right now, there is a chance they won't always be. No one wants to repeat the past.

And so it is up to you all to keep the peace and protect what it is we love about the world. Are you up for the challenge?

Join us as we explore this fantastical world of Ghibli and make it truly our own. Whatever happens in this world will be completely determined by you!
Un serveur pour tout les fans de jdr et fantaisie, si vous êtes intéressées, ce serveur vous ait dédiés !

Le continent est ancien, très ancien même, c'est sans doute pour ça que les gens le nomment le continent ancien. Bien sûr, c'est une terre de magie, une terre de conflit aussi, de complots et manipulations, mais tous ces problèmes et ces leçons d'histoire, ça n'intéresse que les pédants. Et notre histoire d'ailleurs, est douloureuse, car depuis longtemps, l'âge sombre à commencé, et peut-être que demain, je ne serai plus là. Mais vous, vous êtes brave ! Intelligent, je l'ignore, mais c'est sûr, vous avez aucune peur face aux dangers que ce monde a à offrir ! Qui que vous soyez, ou quoi que fassiez, que la chance, et l'esprit de l'aventure vous accompagnent.
L'âge sombre du continent (ou simplement Le Continent Ancien) est un jeu de rôle se déroulant dans un univers fantasy original et très éloigné des clichés du genre. Il propose un système de jeu simple mais rigoureux. Merci de votre attention, nous attendons avec impatience les nouveaux joueurs !

Note : Nous organisons des séances en vocal le weekend d'environ deux heures.
Magi: Magoi Unleashed

We're still a work in progress but we've
worked so hard on the server.

What we provide.

- An amazing role play experience

- Open lore positions

- An accurate lore to to the anime and manga.

- Exhilarating moments.

- Staff Positions.

Magi: Magoi Unleashed - With the world created by means of a god, the world started with tribes. Being imperfect reflections to their creator they separated from each other making names for themselves. This formed Clans, which brought beliefs, cultures, language, and other practices. In due time the people of the world lacked guidance and control over their own selves, that is when 3 figures appeared before the people. They called themselves Magi and taught the people of the power in building a lively hood in reflection to their beliefs. Constructing what would be called village, empire, or kingdom. These magi brought and taught magic to the ones, explaining the properties of the force that moved life, and where it came from. This brought about the races of the world, as Magicians were those who can converse with and give rukh special orders allowing them to reproduce natrual phenomena.
With the establishing teaching passed down from the Magi's, those especially close to them were called the Kings. The one favored by the Magi, and lead their empire or kingdom into a society. These started lines of family that were valued to their designated lands due to being apart of the lineage of the original chosen kings. These were later called nobles, and royals of Kingdoms and Empires.
Overtime, the Magi purpose were set and they left their people. But the records of them remained in history. The people forgot the Magi and assumed the power of their royals were from there own feats. Thus began the 4 Ruling Empires and Kingdoms called, Kou, Reim, Balbadd, and Magnostadt.
Now the 4 ruling kingdoms settled on expansions of power. These plans for expansion led to disagreements, conflicts, and needless bloodshed. As such events transpired, an era of territory dominance rosed throughout the 4 ruling kingdoms. Kou Empire became a high militarized country, having people of many skills, and techniques. Reim Empire specialized in brute warriors called gladiators, and had a new weapon they enslaved. Bringing the means of slavery upon these times, people called Fanalis from the Dark Continent were absorbed by the Reim Empire and used for war. Balbadd was one of the smallest Kingdoms, but still participated in these battles strategically. Their main issue was Kou Empire, that currently advanced their land putting Balbadd in a corner. But Kou was countered by the magicians of Magnostadt, as this Kingdom was compromised of only magicians. These war times were stated to lead most of the smaller villages, and clans to be abolished or mascaraed if not taken upon arms.
The war ended as Reim and Balbadd lost both their leading Kings in the wars. Kou Empire, and Magnostadt refrained from further battles leaving the expansion results in Kou's favor. But this was due to Kou empire holding a trump card within their grasp. A Magi was within their Kingdom, the ones that were said to provide great wisdom and victory for it's people. But after the settling battles the Magi was said to pass away.
With the current state of the Empires and Kingdoms, 3 mysterious figures appeared through the lands. Bringing forth something of mysteries. These mysteries would soon unfold as the Magi's now appear to reselect their King for the fallen Empires and Kingdoms. Who will gain the favor within these mysterious people that bring forth victory, and what power of the king will those find?

Vous êtes à la recherche d'un RP avec des dragons ou même des humains ? Plus la peine de chercher, vous êtes tombé sur le bon serveur ! Ici, tu trouveras diverses intrigues variées qui plaira à plusieurs personnes.


L'histoire se déroule à Tanganyka, un monde peuplé principalement de dragons, mais également d'humains qui se sont incruster dans ce monde splendide et accrochant. Ce dernier est divisé en cinq continents, mais à l'heure actuelle, nous n'en connaissons que trois. Ainsi, un jour, nous ferons la découverte des deux autres, qui sera époustouflante.

Actuellement, un continent nommé Zondua, est confronter à une réalité. En effet, la zizanie plane au niveau de celui-ci, entre mensonges, rancunes, tensions, amitiés fragiles et toutes alliances. Ça, rassemblés, créer un chao irréprochable. Pour être plus précis, une reine va connaître ses vrais origines, elle effectuera donc rapidement des recherches plus poussées pour en connaître plus. Seulement, sans le savoir, elle pourrait très bien tomber sur des informations choquantes et révélatrices, qui nuira à la survie de nombreuses tribus...

Outre cela, on a la possibilité de suivre la survie d'humains, qui ont résister à l'affrontement contre les dragons du continent de Rangano. Grace à eux, ont pourraient connaître le passé de ce fameux monde, qui sait ? De plus, on pourra suivre la vie d'un grand nombre de dragons, mélanger dans diverses histoires palpitantes.

PS : Je ne peux pas révéler plus, malheureusement. Pour cela, va falloir se propager sur le serveur pour en connaître davantage.



- Ne faite point attention au nombre de membres, il n'y a pas besoin d'en avoir peur. De ce grand nombre, pas un grand nombre excessif est réellement actif. Ainsi, il y a besoin de nouvelle recrue ^^

- Le serveur est complet et un second serveur est en train de ce créer pour servir de WIKI. Comme cela, plusieurs informations actuellement sur le serveur original, seront transversées sur le serveur annexe, ainsi que des nouvelles en supplément.

- Ce serveur a fêté ses 9 mois, le 1er Janvier 2020. Vous pouvez donc en conclure que c'est un serveur sérieux et non réalisé vite fait.

- L'ambiance est parfaite ! Personne ne se crie dans tout les sens, l'air est vraiment potable, au milieu de divers sujets, comme des délires pas possible ^^ Effectivement, le serveur contient une atmosphère sérieuse en RP, ainsi que HRP, mais on ne renie pas l'humour, loin de là ! x)

- De plus, quand je dis plusieurs histoires différentes encrées dans le RP, il y en a pour plusieurs goûts différents, personne ne sera déçues, vraiment.

- Le serveur accepte tout niveau de RP, débutant, amateur et expert. D'ailleurs, durant l'évolution du serveur, ça a permit d'observer l'évolution des réponses RP de certains. J'aime beaucoup aidé, que parfois je suis nommé, le meilleur fondateur de serveur RP français ! xD

- Un staff actif et à l'écoute pour des membres aimables, ainsi qu'un staff agréable. Tout le monde s'apprécie tout de même. Les choses sont réalisées assez vite.

- Si vous venez, vous avez même la possibilité de partager vos idées, je suis à toute écoute.

- Vous pouvez très facilement intégré le serveur, car moi, le fondateur, fait tout pour que les nouveaux venus se sentent agréables dès le début ! ^^

- Enfin, ce que vous verrez sur le serveur va changer, c'est en projet et reconstruction. L'heure de la révolution du serveur à sonnée ! xD


Je remercie toutes personnes ayant pris soient de lire cette publicité, espérant que ça vous plairas ^^ Je comptes sur vous ! x)
This fantasy roleplaying Discord server is based on my story When Universe Collide. I suggest you read the story to fully understand the lore! In here you can have fun adventures in the world of Belvenia!
The war had ended, the magical creatures had been reduced to cores and the Mythica’s were gone. In an effort to preserve their races, one being from each race founded the school, and the children, the new generation were welcomed into it. Everyone believes the war is over. But the prophets say it isn’t.

‘The war has ended
Yet another will arise
One drenched with slaughter
And the innocent's cries.

It will come in a sorrowful
Midst of disgraces
After the assembly
Of eleven races.

Blood shall be lost
Just as it was
But from the ashes of the dead
Will come the Mythicas

They shall fight for what's right
And prevail in good faith
Until a fine moment
Where traitors they will make

When the grips of the universe
Release they will come
Dark as night from the shadows
Bright as day from the sun

When all seems to be well
Like there's no need to run
One must watch their back
For this means it has begun’

The Fantasy Creature Roleplay-FCR for short has everything you may want from friendly staff to a different and interactive role play experience.
Dive into the world of Mythical creatures and magic and roleplay as your own OC where you can go to the famous Ithuriel Academy or you can explore and travel the lands of Sylvaren.

We offer

|-> Friendly staff and community
|-> An economy system
|-> A school system
|-> Roleplaying in the world of Sylvaren and in the kingdoms
|-> Interactive bots to play with
|-> New and active events and ideas
|-> A music bot!
|-> And much more!

We listen to *your* ideas!
This is all *your* choice!
*You* choose what happens to *you!*

What are you waiting for? Come in and join us in the lands of Sylvaren!
An end, and the beginning to come.

Oubliette was not as it is today. Shining cities are decimated. Civilization has fallen away. Lands are mutated, blackened. The world was changed forever.

The change. The plains falling silent, the land darkening. Is that change revocable? Can the world truly be saved? The answer…

No. This world is beyond saving. Without the anchor of a kingdom or civilization, comes anarchy. You have the power to kill. To bring an end. To be brought yours.

To bring an end is a powerful thing. For your end, you may never stop searching, or you may find your end in but a day's time. Oubliette is a dangerous world. Here, one is pitted against another. Bring and be brought an end.

What We Offer
⚔️ High Stakes PVP Setting - Bring and be brought an end!
👁️ "Hardcore" Post-apocalyptic environment
🗺️ A safe spot for those who aren't into PVP
🔮 Events
🎩 Balanced and Optional Combat System
🥊 Character Stats and Progression - Become a veteran of the shattered world!
Love semi-realistic Fantasy RPs but with a little twist? Do you want to have A LOT of fun writing with awesome people?!

Welcome to ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔡 𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔡𝔬𝔪: Lands Divided! 。・::・゚♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ 。・::・゚☆

The Kingdom of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, & Clubs have often prided themselves in their distinctive attributes and traits: Love, Wealth, Power, and Fortune.

Members of these kingdoms no longer age once hitting maturity. However, there was sudden calamity as a citizen was discovered to be different compared to the rest. Over time, these citizens were quarantined and then banished, branded by all as “vampires”. Abandoned and left to fester in their anger, the so called vampires rose up, collecting and using resources over time before establishing a kingdom of their own: ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴋɪɴɢᴅᴏᴍ.

Each kingdom has a King, Queen, and Jack.

A king comes into power by obtaining the ace.
If the Queen dies, so does the King.
The Jack may sacrifice him or herself to save either royal.

Will you join to save mankind and become a member of one of the four kingdoms? Or will you be a "vampire" of the dark kingdom who plans their retribution to get back at the 4?

This is a new human RP server with a medieval setting. We are semi-lit/literate.
- You can play as a "vampire" or a human.
- Fun/safe environment!
- A detailed plot that is inclusive of all characters!
- Many in-depth channels available to RP in!
- Friendly staff members who are always ready to help!
- Higher ranks available!
- And much more~!

We look forward to seeing you. C: