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Feethub is a community that caters to your foot fetish needs and is the only server out there that exclusively provides female feet content - we have models, producers and friendly users to interact with and whom share high quality content.
we accept anyone and we are trying to grow this server so we can be.. u know grown I guess.
We are still developing our server so somethings might be wonky and stuff but we'll take suggestions.
A lgbtq+ server for people who are in the lgbtq+ community! You can still join if you aren't in the lgbtq+ community though we accept everyone!
If any of you roleplay Danganronpa OCs, this is a server where people can do that freely and show off their characters to others. Even if you're new to roleplay or you'd prefer to just watch, feel free to join if you're interested! Everyone is welcome!
A note/warning: Some characters do have backstories with mentions of r/pe and similar disturbing topics, if this might bother you, please be mindful when joining.
Something (S)rp is a server for role-players or casual talkers, which ever you may be we are happy to have you. All that is asked of you is to follow the #rules🛂.
A long time ago there were 5 gods. These were the “The Main Gods” they formed a group called The 5 Rulers. Though the minor gods did not like that. They thought the main gods thought they were weak and extra’s. They didn’t like having that minor role so they turned into corrupt gods. They started to kill humans and this is what caused a war. It ended up with The 5 Rulers winning though one of them died. The god was called The God of Nature he died and was replaced with The God Of Culture. The 5 Rulers made a tree called The Tree Of Life that gave humans magic to defend themselves from the minor gods though the minor gods made a tree called The Tree Of Death. It made evil minions to attack humans and serve the minor gods. Both tree’s are now hidden and protected by the god of nature’s magic.
We're Deadite Streaming, we host tournaments and events in Esports with the goal of being able to give people a clear path from scrub to god. Well, right now, we're holding 3 free events with low-payouts to build trust, if we have enough teams, a minimum of 6, we will begin King of the Hill, which will feature a small pay-in but higher rewards. As we grow, we will add to our arsenal of events, allowing players to partake in leagues and tournaments that are actually done fairly that will build their reputation and with sponsors help, an income. I plan on getting a variety of esports. League of Legends, Street Fighter V, Hearthstone, CS:GO, COD, Overwatch, Battlerite, Shadowverse (don't have high hopes), DOTA 2 and Rainbow 6 Seige, and more!
A somewhat small server that used to be private, working on building a world for roleplay and we have a few gaming channels, will be open to suggestions on what to add or remove
Greetings applicant of Beacon! We are a growing RWBY roleplay community that is looking for new members to join in on our adventures. We host weekly events and have a dice system in place to have some extra fun with custom semblances! Join and see what it's like. Thanks and hope to see you soon!
Welcome to the world of Dragon Ball! Similar, but not the same as you know it, fill in your role as a warrior of justice or a bringer of chaos and evil! Saiyan's are planet destroying mercenaries ruled over by a fearsome space emperor who fears their potential, Namekians safe guard their planet and keep true to their customs and themselves, and Humans live in peace with other races inhabiting Planet Earth, a peace that is fragile, and can easily be broken by outside, and even inside threats. Will you join the RP as a Saiyan Warrior? A Namekian Villager? A Human Martial Artist? Or perhaps something different? Well come on in, and join! The Story of the 7 Magic Dragon Balls is yours to mold!
Alpha Vortex is a semi-literate/literate/heavy literate group, focusing on many different anime and Japanese media in general. We strive for quality, while not being overbearing with our post limits. However please come into the server aware we don't support one-lining/short posting.

As stated above, we focus on anime and Japanese media. We mainly focus on 'Shonen' or combat focused type of series. We support many series and are constantly adding! Here are a few examples of what series we support; Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Persona, Castlevania, and many more!

We have the very unique Kore System, allowing for your usually normal characters, to absorb a canon character's soul, and absorb their abilities, act like them, and become extremely powerful. In the lore; this has created a racist divide between the normal 'Koreless' people, and the new super-powered ones, dubbed 'Calamities'.

If any of that has interested you, please consider dropping by!
Yo! Come join us because you’re cool! We have lots of awesome things, but we’re new and need some help! Moderator spots are available!
Vespoia is the largest nation in a nation roleplay known as Aphelion. In Vespoia, the past and future collide as new mysteries are discovered and both new and familiar faces enter the scene. Create any type of character you'd like - we're lax on character customization and look to promote creativity. Then, shoot out into the stars and make your destiny - join the hub and create your own nation, travel the stars as a pacifistic merchant, make tons of cash as a mercenary or PMC, and more! The Omniverse is yours, friend.

Vespoia, and by extension, Aphelion, offer:

☉ Casual to serious roleplay to appeal to RPers new and experienced.
☽ Custom character, species, ship, etc submissions. Join the Formids, the ant-like native race of Vespoia who use concussive magic, or make your own custom species!
☿ Helpful links to the hub for the roleplay that hosts Vespoia, allowing you to create your own nation like it, set up your own business, and more.
⚳ A ton of channels for roleplaying, shitposting, gaming discussion, and even an in-roleplay TV network where your character can host their own show.
♃ RPers who are experienced with the roleplay willing to help you learn how the RP works and guide you through the process of whatever it is that you want to do.

We're looking forward to seeing you create your legend among the stars!
Veranien Roleplaying MMO server is a great community RP server made to be organized, fun, and in depth! We have lore to read, set races, classes, and areas for you to choose from and use! Don’t forget to read the rules, guidelines, and instructions if you are confused. Come join our roleplaying community and have fun with our theme!

Veranien is a fantasy based RP server with several races, classes, and more that you can use to customize your own character to your liking! Not all here is for the RP though, as we offer many bots and separate channels to your liking!

-> Friendly Community.
-> Bots.
-> Responsive mods and admins.
-> A variety of channels for those who do not RP or need a break.
-> More expansions to come with more races, classes, and regions.
-> Each race and class goes more in depth with Factions and Professions.
-> Join, create your character, and jump into RP in this MMO.
-> Organized OC creation system for easy use.
-> Do not forget to check-off the Rules and Guidelines after you read them. to get started on making your character!
-> Server partners wanted!
☆ This is a fantasy roleplay server set in medieval times in a fictional America. The world is corrupted by magic and greed. There are magical beasts that can be friend or foe and sometimes the innocent looking human isn't innocent at all.
☆ You be whatever you desire as a character. Want to be a necromancer?
Sure. Want to be a dragon? Sure. Let your imagination run wild! No gods, overpowered humans, futuristic beings, and demi gods though.
☆ We have fun bots to play around with outside of rp!
☆ We have dedicated staff and are looking for more moderators and admins!
☆ We will have server events (big and small) in and outside of RP! (Coming Soon)
☆ We welcome ALL sorts of rpers.. casual, paragraph, brand new and veteran RPers.
☆ We always welcome new suggestions to improve the server and expand the areas as we grow.
☆ This server is basically an open and vast world with so many decisions to choose from!
☆ We’d love to grow an amazing and fun community!

The Year is 1745. In the Fictional town of Linmont, witchcraft and dark magic was known for its extensive use from the townspeople themselves. It was dangerous and precarious to play with this art of magic, knowing the consequences are permanent..but this didn’t stop a small group of cultist. They wanted to try something bigger; something that would make the people around them jump out of their socks. The cultist wanted to summon a God of plague, Diederick, in an attempt to enslave him to do their bidding/immortality. After many years of research and deliberation, the cultist wanted this to happen sooner or later, knowing their greed will not stand in their way. When the god was summoned they demanded Diederick to give them want they want. He agreed to their wantings. What they didn't know was that he was also the god of trickery and sent a magical plague throughout the lands to punish the cult. The curse seemed to affect random individuals with no rhyme or reason. Diederick also used his scythe to rip the sky open to bringing magical creatures to the land, both good and evil. Afterwards, exhausting all of his strength and rage at the miserable humans that tried to enslave him, he went back to his otherworldly plane to rest.
♡ ℓυℓυ'ѕ α∂νєятιѕιиg ℓαи∂ ♡

We're a kawaii themed advertising server that's open for everyone! Want to grow your new server? Join us and start advertising. We're also open for partnering so what are you waiting for? Join now!
✿ fωιкυ кαωαιι ємσтєѕ( Alphabets ) ✿

We're a emote server filled with cute and color emotes for server decorating. YOU NEED TO HAVE NITRO TO USE THE EMOTES.

Feel free to join and check the emotes out
✿ fωιкυ кαωαιι ємσтєѕ ✿

We're a emote server filled with cute and color emotes for server decorating. YOU NEED TO HAVE NITRO TO USE THE EMOTES.

Feel free to join and check the emotes out
The Butter Crew discord! We are a friendly community server that offers a wide variety of activities-- post your art, writing, or music; play games with friends and mods; participate in polls, karaoke, and much more! Weekend events with server members and mods include games, regular voice chats, and more. Check us out!
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FOR 13-30+ AGE

This is the principal of the Minor Gods Campus..oh, we're live! Welcome, young demigod, to our school. Here, we celebrate the minor Greek gods and goddesses- all who are amazing- and teach classes, training sessions, and many other activities! But..how are the monsters getting here? (Don't worry there's not, like, a huge chance of death... ;)
Beach Paradise a Ocean themed hangout built for its members come on in an have a good time. The Beach is waiting for you.
Hey! You there! Do you like roleplaying? Do you like hanging out with a bunch of likeminded degenerates? Do ya like jazz? If you answered yes to any of these three, then head on over to our server! Currently at over 100 members, we're growing rapidly, so there's no shortage of new people to meet! All in all, come on in and hang out!

We cater to just about every kink with its own channel, along with a universal roleplay prompt chat for people to put out advertisements to prospective partners!