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a great community with roblox shops (to buy weapons for any roblox game) and amazing giveaways so everyone is happy also a great place to chat and have games on the group to allow all to have an amazing time in Roblox Shop
The server was created and opened up to the public on Dec 4th.
The core aspect of the server is being free to say and have any opinion you want, without having to worry about any form of censorship from a biased moderator.

I know a lot of people only care about already thriving communities. I understand. But hopefully some of you are willing to spend a bit of your valuable time to help another community take root.
Thank you, and welcome to Shitpost Alley :)
this is a cute server just for everyone because everyone is cute ♥ if you love anime, anything japanese, anything kawaii, or just a place to find some gaming friends. come join cozy haven ♥
Wbij na nasz serwer! Wiele różnych, bardzo miłych i przyjacielskich członków, nad którymi pieczę sprawuje pomocna i koleżeńska administracja z chęcią z tobą popisze! Jest to też jeden z największych ŻYWYCH serwerów dsc w Polsce!
🔥┋Czemu my?┋🔥
🌹┋Posiadamy miłą i pomocną administrację
⭐┋Organizujemy konkursy PSC, z grami itp.
📶┋Posiadany atywną bazę użytkowników
😲┋Wysyłamy ok. 4.2 tys. wiadomości/dzień
😉┋Miła atmosfera jest u nas najważniejsza
💪┋Jest wiele rang do zdobycia
🏆┋Posiadamy system lvl
🛡┋Wprowadziliśmy system gildii serwerowych
💎┋Wprowadzamy częste aktualizacje
📱┋Posiadamy wiele różnych, fajnych kanałów
😉┋W razie pomocy możesz bez obaw zapytać

Wbij i przekonaj się jak fajny jest

The Multiverse! A DC/Marvel/Comic themed server. We welcome all, we are looking for more artists to hold an art contest. Custom colour roles, custom bots, looking for active members to become moderators.
hey you. join my server or i'll consume your first born child's soul with no mercy.
unless? :eyes:

haha yeah just kidding ! mak's hideout is a brand new server and we would love to have you. we are chill and accepting. here you can mess around with some of our bots, meet new people and make friends, and give yourself your own roles.

so, if you're looking for a fun and non-toxic server, then join mak's hideout. you won't regret it.
If you like tummies then you've found the right place!
If you are willing to verify that is <3
The tummies are locked behind a verification system in order to keep all the cuties here safe and making sure you are who you say you are and if you were to post.
Everyone is welcome here and we hope you all have a great time in here!
Hi this is a new server that I have made for people who just wanna make new friends.
We call a lot and keep the general going as much as possible me.
We have casino, pokecord and many others things.
Also self assignable roles!
Everyone is welcome.
Come join the Creative Corner!

We accept all forms of creativity here, some being:
-Dungeons and Dragons
-Baking and Cooking
-Knitting and Crocheting
-Photo Edits
-Paper Crafts

These are some of the roles for your creativity, and if you don't see one of your creative outlets, we are open to suggestions for more! We offer help and advice for your creations, and it's a great place to meet other creators! We will be hosting events for all creative types here, so come and join the fun!

We support many languages!
Supportiamo molte lingue!
¡Apoyamos muchos idiomas!
Wir unterstützen viele Sprachen!
Nous soutenons de nombreuses langues!
Based political discussion server. We allow everyone with different opinions to come in and chat with us!
Welcome to Political Chat!
Server focused on politics, and meeting people who agree with your views!
-People friendly
-Amazing tag system
-Great community
-NITRO giveaways
Heya! We're a private server temporarily opened to the public. Small and cozy community. If you want a combination of banter and wholesomeness, drop in and give it a try~ We're happy to talk to new people. <3
The Bee Hive is a community that supports many different kinds of voice chats and channels. We have a optional spelling competition that was made from inspiration by CallMeCarsons video "I rigged a discord spelling bee..." I couldn't have made this without my staff! We hope you join us!
Welcome to peepz zone! We've got loads in store for you, we're a friendly server and a growing one. We try to be as active, non-toxic, friendly and interesting as possible. We accept anyone with different backgrounds, believes, interests and e.c.t I hope you enjoy our small server!💖

★What we have in store for you! ★

🍒│ Many channels + with different genres

🥧│Nontoxic community, LGBT+ , Furry friendly and e.c.t

🍧│100+ So members


🍭│Fun events

🥀│Self-assigning roles!

💝│Much more!

* ★ . ⊹ ˚.
. ✦ ⊹ ˚. ✶ ◢

Welcome to Cat's meow.

Cat's meow is a bar-themed server with the goal of creating a friendly and safe atmosphere for a community to grow. A few things this server has to offer include self-roles, levels/ranking system, emotes, variety of interest channels, and a verified 18+ channel.

After our member count increases a bit, we hope to have an active vc and events such as karaoke and game night.

Hey, This is a great server for anyone and everyone. Don't judge us by our name. This is a friendly community. Our Server isn't bad. It's only bad if you make it bad, Whether you have suicidal thoughts or not it's still a great server to join. We have many bots including dank member, slotbot, all 3 rythms, boobot, and so so so much more. There are people here that will help you and will talk to you especially ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ ⓞⓕ ֆʊɨƈɨɖǟʟ ȶḧṏṳḠḧȶֆ. Remember that people do care about you. You are loved. And even when things look the worst. There's always a bright side. In this life you gotta stay strong and keep forward don't let problems destroy you, Let them build you back up. Please share our Server as much as possible. :) We're trying to grow into a bigger server so please support us and help us get there :D
Hello, this is a new server that is simply for people to meet and chat, we have many bots, and are always open to any suggestions that we are given, thank you for giving this server a try!
The Official Twine Cheeks Server
This is a Global Fortnite Trading Discord Server

★ Biggest Giveaways ★
⭐️1,600,000 Million Subscribers⭐️

We are a growing Save the World Trading community that do Daily Giveaways!! We welcome all people who enjoy trading and doing missions within Fortnite Save the World, we offer a variety of different services such as Trusted Middlemen, Taxis, Crafters etc.
꧁❤️️Yandere Project❤️️꧂

Hello and welcome dear reader, this server will become the pinnacle of yandere servers, me and the staff team have personally gone to almost every yandere server and picked out only the best aspects of them, putting them all together here in yandere project, now all that's missing is YOU the community.
We hope you come along and join something great!

➠「Active staff」
➠「React roles」
➠「Fun bots to interact with」
➠「Relationship guidance」
➠「Verification system」
➠「Custom emotes」
➠「Yandere related channels」
➠「Around the clock support」
➠「Community driven」
➠「Frequent server updates」

This will mark the end of the old school discord style of servers
Its time for something new!

This server is an amazing chatting server with channels from chatting to suggestions! Join now to start chatting.
RUST-EZE is by far the most standout Gaming communities among all the other messy but populated servers. Yes, it is just like other Rust servers but we just need players to start things off. We already planned events such as D-DAY, Medival battles. Why not do yourself a favour, come check us out! (Currently looking for a dev team)
If you are looking for a server that doesn't have a jumbled, LONG mess of channels, friendly users, friendly staff and has minimal, understandable rules where you can just casually chat and roleplay, then Chat, Meme, and Dream is the perfect place for you! Yes, the server has started out small, and the moderators and I are trying to keep the channel amount to a minimum. There are minimal roles, but that is the premise of the server.
List of things you can do
• Chat (NSFW or SFW)
• Roleplay (NSFW or SFW in REQUESTS for DM)
•Roleplay (Server-Wide NSFW or SFW)
• General Discussions about anything
• Meet new, friendly people and staff
List of things to consider
• The server was intentional created with minimalistic amounts of roles, channels, rules, bots etc so you can have free reign of most things.
• Even if there are minimal rules, you must respect them.
• The server may look bland at first, but once it begins to grow, it won't be as bland as it stands right now.
• The staff and I would really appreciate it if you joined the server and enjoy your stay at Chat, Meme, and Dream