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⊱✿ Deutsche Anime und Gaming Community (1400+ Member).

Was wir dir bei uns bieten:

⊱✿ Einen aktiven Support und eine freundliche Community.
⊱✿ Server-Events (Movie Nights, Pen & Paper und mehr!)
⊱✿ Regelmäßige Gewinnspiele.
⊱✿ Rollen- und Levelsystem.
⊱✿ Musik- und Funbots.
⊱✿ Süße Emotes.

Wir freuen uns auf dich! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚
The Multiverse has fallen stale before Zeno. Within his time of boredom, the Grand Priest came up with the Idea of creating another set of universes, one with more freedom and unplanned timelines, only to throw millions of sentient beings into it before letting them run free.

The knowledge, like the other universes remain the same, yet many things were different. The mingling of races were more prominent, and space travel was available right off the bat. The question after all of this is what does Zeno expect to come out of this? And will he make any more changes, or will the story you build interest him enough to grant you favors?

This server is:

🔺 Roleplay Literate
🔺 Pretty New
🔺 Has Friendly Staff
🔺 A Growing community
🔺 Power Scaling Friendly
🔺 Player Event friendly
🔹 All around friendly

Why don't you stop by and check stuff out? 🌺 Maybe make a character or two?
Hey you :exclamation:
Stop right there :exclamation:

Anime Fandom welcomes you and any of your friends to come join our server :exclamation: :exclamation:

This is a new server, but there's lots to do here :exclamation:
☞ Memes
☞ Roleplay
☞ Anime art
☞ Pokémon
☞ Cool Bots
☞ Music
☞ Anime Suggestions
☞ Emojis are going to be added frequently
!And so much more!

This is a casual server and we're all really nice! There is absolutely no judging allowed in this server so feel free to be you!
Like I said we're small, but we're growing and we would love for you to come be a part of our family!

:heartpulse: :heart: Join us! We'll be pleased to have you! SO PLEASE JOIN!! :heart: :heartpulse:



Hi! This is an active Ouran High School Host Club server!! You can fan about the show and even talk to hosts, even in voice chat!! Our hosts know how to voice act their characters well and if you think you got what it takes you can apply for a Host spot too! We have fun and meme around as well so be sure to let loose and be yourself! ^_^
welcome to DOWNTOWN! a friendly server to make friends, meet future lovers and to hang out with people of the same interests!
here, we offer an lgbt+ friendly community, anime lovers and gamers! here's what he have to offer!

☼ friendly owner and staff, always there to answer questions to fulfill your requests!

☼ users 15 and above, meaning you are going to be accepted if you are below the age of 15!

☼ giveaways and contests! from artwork to poems to even random drawings! prizes may vary!

☼ organized channels to fulfill your every need!
Hello! This is a brand new yandere server for everyone who identifies as yandere! Polygamous yanderes allowed! Male/Non binary yanderes allowed! No non-yanderes allowed!
Hello, all! This is Age of Shinobi

We are a brand new Naruto roleplay server with many opportunities for you!

You can be a Shinobi in the hidden mist or leaf!
In the Naruto world, you can do anything you want as long as it is within reason!
We offer earned unique things, so you don't have to worry about favoritism.
We have a very unique tier leveling system that allows you to spec into what type of shinobi you want to be. Last of all, your character will be in your hands. You can make all the choices and possibly be the next great God of Shinobi!
Hentai Casino

the place for all your hentai
join us and know why you need to join us
Furry paradise is the Furry sever you wanna join
it have :
100+ real members and is still growing
dont be fooled that it only show 2 members
☕ Cafe Le Bliss ☕

- We are merely a community to strive and create diversity, whether it be talking, sharing interests, hobbies or professionals. We want to make you feel as home as possible. All topics range from Anime, Gaming, NSFW and all other sorts of stuff people might appreciate. Lay back, chill and even find your second family, so please enjoy your stay and simply follow the few and fair discord rules so everyone could enjoy the server equally!

More in depth:
- Active and fair staff
- Friendly community and extremely diverse. (America, Europe, Asia etc)
- Variety of channels and topics (even a games section)
- Get notified about free stuff and server giveaways
- Self-Assignable, seasonal and purchasable roles (via in-server coffee system not irl money)
- Optional: Should you feel generous, donating to our paypal grants you irresistible perks! (one time or monthly)
- NSFW content in dedicated channels

We are currently at 2.3k+ members and growing!

Você é um gamer pervertido que adora se masturbar? Nós também! Junte-se a nós para uma diversão desobediente~ Conheça todos os tipos de jogadores excitados que se masturbam ...

⭐Servidor novinho
⭐Muita putaria
⭐Salas tematicas
⭐Esperamos por você
⭐Membros ativos ganharam cargos exclusivos !!!
Animu Kinkdom is a cozy little corner of the internet where you can chat about anime, hentai, video games, music and much more with awesome people from all over the world. Come and join the ever expanding community!
Hello there! I see you have stumbled across this sever. So you might as well join.
Note: this sever is not complete.
We have:
⌲ ♡friendly staff♡
⌲ ♡Active community♡
⌲ ♡5 gyms♡
⌲ ♡weekly giveaways♡
⌲ ♡invite rewards♡
⌲ ♡looking for partners♡
⌲ ♡anti raid system♡
⌲ ♡private channels♡
⌲ ♡many bots♡
⌲ ♡no snipe (to keep things fair)♡
⌲ ♡pokécord♡
⌲ ♡roblox♡
⌲ ♡unbelievaboat♡
⌲ ♡roles/permission♡
⌲ ♡private channels♡
⌲ ♡pokécord♡
⌲ ♡Pokedex♡
⌲ ♡unbelievaboat♡
⌲ ♡Tatsumaki♡
⌲ ♡ReactionRole♡
⌲ ♡nadeko♡
⌲ ♡dyno♡
⌲ ♡GiveawayBot♡
⌲ ♡InviteManager♡
⌲ ♡Disboard♡
⌲ ♡Aki♡
⌲ ♡DankMemer♡
⌲ ♡Z-Bot♡
▽Plz join and make ur self at home▽
A very small server looking to grow a bit.
We enjoy discussing:
♡ traps
♡ Nekos
♡and also were all depressed

We have
☆voice channels
☆nsfw channels

Were all here to make friends. ~
The community server of Brago D. Ace, a One Piece based YouTuber. This is the most active server within the One Piece community.
Welcome to Stardust home of the kindest, loving anime community. Our goal is to make a friendly environment for all kinds of people, not just anime lovers. So feel free to chat and join our discord we always welcome new people!
Weeb Unity!
Is a server that's dedicated to people who are into Anime, JRPG'S, other Japanese games in general, that is the theme we are aiming for. This server is for conversations about all those topics and people who have the same interest to meet and communicate with each other.
Our goal is to create a nice Friendly environment full of Anime Lovers~
➤Chill Active Staff Members.
➤The Best Bots.
➤Level Roles and Active Roles.
➤Anime Night / Games Night.
➤Heaps of Channel to share your interests in.
We're an Anime/Manga/Visual Novel community with occasional giveaways, game nights and group watches!

Some Anime/Visual Novels we like to focus on are:
Umineko & 07th Expansion works
Steins;Gate & SciADV
& JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Also featuring:
Bot role assignment!
Art & Meme channels!
Several bots including Pokecord, AcePictureBot, & our own hosted version of Nadeko!

✿ Cute and friendly community
✿ Relaxed environment
✿ Level, Self and Color Roles
✿ Role-locked NSFW channels for lewdie members
✿ Custom Server Bots, Events
✿ Partnerships
✿ And more, so come join us now!~

Miruki Way is a new server that aims to be filled with a welcoming community where anyone and everyone can join to meet people, make friends or just chat casually to wind down after a long day! Our goal is to create a nice and comfy environment for all our members~
A complex JoJo themed server with a little something for everyone.

Come join a community of individuals who all have at least one thing in common: A love for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.