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UlfViKings UlfViKings
Its interesting interacting with all varying types of conservatism at once here. Nice people and some clever ones in one place!
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Gouda Gouda
Great Group of Folks
I love this place! The staff are great, the conversations are thoughtful, they have roles to help others know your position on a lot of issues and spark conversation, daily polls on current events, and much more!
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TommyJ TommyJ
Account Too New
Account has to be 10 days or older to join. This isn't listed anywhere so I wasted my time reading rules and assigning roles.
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The 40th The 40th
Amazing Server
This server has an outstanding staff and a very welcoming community. Zero tolerance of the farthest political leanings. But also it's not an echo-chamber. There are plenty of moderates and some Centre-left members that you can interact with. Along with a diverse population of Right-wingers, it's the place to be if you want to chat about random topics, discuss economics, or debate. Couldn't ask for a better server than this.
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joe333 joe333
good server
good server, really good people, not many fuckboy lefties, and its an all around good place for conversation and all that shit you feel me?

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Mr. Piecraft Mr. Piecraft
One of the better Conservative servers on Discord
I've been to many political discord servers and especially those that cater to the Right and Conservatives. This one has a nice variety of characters and friendly atmosphere The people are educated and have a good grasp on current politics, as well as a clear understanding of the Right-Wing and Western Conservatism which other servers don't. You won't find AltRight/Fash or Far-Left/Socialist degens here.
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Rocket Rocket
It's actually a great place to be in.
Unlike what those idiots Lewis and Geo said, we are not Nazis and many of the server's members are rather indifferent when it comes to Israel. In fact, Nazism is outright prohibited on this server as is antisemitism. With that cleared up, the people here are friendly and definitely more tolerant than leftist servers provided you actually follow the rules and respect their values. The mods however aren't perfect, me being an example of that, but they do a really good job at maintaining Conservative Republic.
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Oracle Oracle
This server is not what it used to be
It's mostly the same few members, and people are leaving faster than they are joining. The owners have become Tyrants that can't be reasoned with. Even some of the staff are getting fed up.
Dramski Dramski
Great server.
This server is pretty good, especially personal freedom, this is not a totalitarian server, like most of em. they have a pretty good justice system also.
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Pinche Pinche
Very good and lenient sever and moderators
I am a global theocrat that promoted global theocracy on a daily basis, and I admit I was pretty obnoxious. The mods will leave you alone unless your being an ass, which is why this server is my favorite amongst the right wing. Highly recommend
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Ɩɛῳıʂ ☦ Ɩɛῳıʂ ☦
No Free Speech
The Admins are Neo-Conservatives and they DO NOT tolerate dissent from anyone to the right of Ben Shapiro, they will mute you for being against Immigration or Israel.
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Attourney at Law Attourney at Law
One of the best political servers out there
This is one of the best servers out there. Almost everyone here is respected, as long as you too are respectful. Daily polls, debates, and a very active user population. if you like to debate, I suggest you go here.
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Geo Geo
0 star
very bad server i do not enjoy it mod acts like a nazi and i do not like that so i am rating it 1 star
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Joel Valdaski Joel Valdaski
My experience with it...
I have been a member of the Conservative Republic since May 2019. The reason why I joined this Discord server is that I felt tired of constant pointless debates in most other political servers where people were either too toxic to have a civilized debate or it was just full of trolls. This server's community has some very active and very welcoming members and staff are online at almost all times! I very much recommend this server to mainly people who are Conservative politically.
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𝙃𝙤𝙥𝙥𝙚 𝙃𝙤𝙥𝙥𝙚
More Details on Server
This is just to give you a more in depth review of the server. We have intense debates, history discussions, cultural discussion, ideology roles, scheduled debates, and much more! However, we are not just politics. You can come and just make new friends. I hope to see you in Conservative Republic!