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Across the hills and valleys and near the mysterious sea lies a city that stands proudly in the sky. It is a glimmering symbol of power a riches with machines and dragons soaring across the sky. However, not everything is what it seems. With poverty striking the majority of the population and a king who could care less about those without the coin, whispers mention a revolution that could be brewing among the ones suffering under the tyrannical rule. Whether this be true or not, is something only you can find out.

Egostin is a steampunk inspired, 18+, LGBTQ+ friendly community with helpful staff and an immersive story. You can play as a human within three separate tiers (ground, mid, sky) and choose among our extensive list of roles and jobs. With our heavy lore and large community, you will have no issue immersing yourself into the story and digging into the mystery that is Egostin. Hope to see you here and remember -- Long Live the King!