We are the Conservative Republic! This is a place for conservatives to be conservatives, have discussions, debates and just chill and chat. We currently allow anyone over 16 years old, but a certain amount of maturity is to be presented since this isn't a server for joking around.

We strongly oppose socialists, democrats, communists, absolute monarchists, theocrats, totalitarians, fascists, liberals and progressives. We are currently not accepting any person of these ideologies, with no exceptions made.

The Conservative Republic includes capitalists, libertarians, paleolibertarians, republicans, conservatives, traditionalists and many other ideologies of the right-wing. We have a large and strict verification and rule system, so please make sure to follow it.

Let alone the hierarchical ranking system, we also demand especially the staff members be respected, as well as any other member. We emphasize the following of discord's ToS. Make sure to read the rules thoroughly and have fun!