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(we have a survival minecraft server)
we just added custom roles!
A very active community art server! we are a mainly vc centred cult- I - I mean server!
our vc is VERY active and we're all very welcome to new artists and artists of ANY kind.
• 17+
• Intermediate artists with knowledge of fundamentals
• No 3D / heavy photo manipulation
• Upon joining you'll be asked to post a few art samples to get full access

We're a group of 2D art students (illustration, concept art, fine art), some former members of the late, trying to improve by offering experience, feedback, and critique to each other. If you want to refine your skills or are looking for new and interesting art buddies, this server might be for you!
Get together and draw with other people! Show us your finished masterpieces! The websites and are used for co-op drawings. Hope to draw with you soon :D
We only collect Animators, Editors, Artists and Background designers.

If you are anime fan...

You are at the right place boy :3
An Artist Community for all Beginners and Pros, Professionals and Hobbyist.

🌸 What this server is about? 🌸
⇝ A community that strives for artist interactions and art improvements. Upon joining, Kindly read the Rules and proceed to the Introduction to make yourself known to the fellow artists in the server.

🌸 What do we offer? 🌸
✦ Friendly and chill community
✦ You can chill and chat with fellow artists
✦ You can advertise your social media (Only Art Pages & Platforms)
✦ Place for you can share:
❖ Recent Artworks and WIPs
❖ Commission & Information Sheet
❖ Art Trades
❖Requests and Collaborations

And many other more!
🎨This Server Was Made To Replace The App Sony Sketch. Sketch Was Taken Down In 2018.🎨
heyy! we are all about art and travel , we dont wanna give a BIG BORING DESCRIPTION, so why dont you join us and see for yourself! you can share your art work here it maybe a painting, sketching, or anything (but related) ,if you are looking for art related server join us now!
(Read below before joining)

The Art Club is a gathering founded by @miel on We Heart It.

The idea behind the club was to gather people that share the same sense of interests in a certain place and to give them content they can truly enjoy.

This is a special server made for artists and art lovers. You are welcomed if you consider yourself one of these.

We will attend contests, games, poetry and singing nights, film festivals, critisize and support each others artworks and such. We are also going to post art related content on we heart it, and you can be a team member or a guest on one of our articles, too.

Before joining, we are going to verify you on a voice-chat room, and you can't see inside the server unless you pass the verification. It's pretty easy and quick, though, don't worry.

Since our server is just a baby, we'd appreciate every one of you who decide to join the server. I hope this will be a great chance to have fun and meet fellow artists. ♥
This is an art server where people can review art, make art, and so much more! This server is great for people who have a passion for art but needs judgement so they can improve! We hope to see you there ^^
coffee️Welcome to our art café!coffee️
Reasons you should join:
•find new friends with similar interests as you.

•We have many different channels for all types of different forms of art!

• Have something to distract you in these hard times.

•Weekly Challenges at 100 members !!


We hope you enjoy your stay!
Hello and welcome to Y3GER handmade Artwork. I take pride in my work and try to hold a really high standard in the work I do.
Everything I make is made by hand on an iPad in Sketchbook & Procreate.
If you would like to see my previous projects take a look at my Instagram page @Y3GER#6327 or the #finished_projects channel.
A group for fellow art lovers to share their artworks and ideas. All art welcome. We are a brand new group so please patient.
A server to get better in your art skills, get inspired, get advice, and become a teacher and share your skills with other artists.
our Official Instagram: @artworkhelpcenter
Casual discord server for people of all creative talents! Illustration, 3D!
Pretty much all ages are welcome to join
Would be lovely to meet new people :)
this is a art, drawing and even a writing community which has come together to share ideas and inpiration while showcasing our artworks and abilities
This is a Discord server created by the artist "Bun Boi", he's hoping to not only have an open accessible community but to have a place where people can play Dungeons and dragons, game and chat!
A fun and cute server run by Fionabunnies on insta and Twitter! It’s where artists connect and people who love art connect!
This is an Art Server were you get to share your talents, such as singing, dancing, and drawing / sketching. We recommend you join if you also need help drawing / singing / or dancing (ect). Join now, and be apart of our community! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
A place where comically minded individuals can discuss their passion, share ideas/insight, network, and even collaborate on projects.
[Hi Y'all!]
----------WELCOME TO THE FANART SERVER---------------
This server is all about sharing your fanarts to others!
IF you are an ARMY, an EXO-L, a ONCE, or any kind of K-POP lover that loves to draw their biases too, then this is the server for you!
NOTICE: I'm not a good artist, and chances are you're not an expert too. No one will say anything bad about your art (if that happens let me know I will instantly ban that person), and our community is all about your creativity and fun.
--------------------ENJOY YOUR TIME!---------------------
P.S: this is a 12+ community!
P.P.S: Everyone is welcome😍
P.P.P.S: This is like my FIRST server so help me..😭❤️

18+ Art Community

I'm primarily looking for people to draw and share art with and also people who want or would be willing to provide constructive critique. Both SFW and NSFW art is welcome.

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, I hope you'll join the server.