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Bienvenue, Shinobi!
Project Naruto: Road to Nincraft est un serveur minecraft FullRP francophone se basant sur l'univers de Naruto.
Vous pourrez rejoindre les plus puissants villages shinobi, devenir Otsutsuki, ou même trahir vos amis et rejoindre les rangs d'Akatsuki.
Serveur avec mod, jutsu et worldmap unique
Nous espérons vivement te voir combattre à nos côter!
This server is to help players that play Shinobi Life 2
We help players that are trying to get tailed beasts, scrolls, weapons.
we also help people grind levels!
All the Private Servers and all the Spin codes are here to!
- Free private servers
- Grinding
- 10 tail grinds
- Community helpers
- Exams
+ More
Welcome to Noragakure, a city shielded from the outside world by two great walls, built to protect its citizens from the demonic creatures outside. You are a shinobi; a warrior, an explorer and peacekeeper, shouldering the eternal task of driving humanity forward.

🩸 A Naruto AU created to give fans of the series a new, exciting experience, without losing its accessibility and familiar themes.

🧬 A world made to be advanced forward through the actions (and inactions) of every player.
⚒️ Countless secrets to be discovered. The Horrors have been the apex predators of the world since the beginning of history, but what are they and where did they come from?
💣 Easy-to-use stat system to ensure everything runs smoothy, without bogging down the roleplay with countless numbers and graphs.
📀 The ability for every player to create not only custom techniques, but weapons and even entire cities.

🧭 Prior knowledge of the Naruto universe is not required. We are always here to help newcomers.

The shinobi academy of Noragakure eagerly awaits your application — Godspeed! 🏔️
Faça parte da αkαтsυkı.
Precisamos de reforços!

᠉ Bate-papo

᠉ Memes

᠉ Calls

᠉ Roleplay [+16]

᠉ Mini-Games

᠉ Música

᠉ E mais!

Junte-se a nós!
We are looking for new people to join to have fun and chat with us. We have people to help you hop.We can also grind together!
Somos una comunidad de rol descriptivo dónde podrás disfrutar de aventuras y épicos combates con un sistema de rol narrativo nuevo y refrescante enfocado en una evaluación objetiva.

Aquí tu eres el protagonista de tu propia historia! Crea a tu personaje ideal y juntos volvamos a restablecer el mundo shinobi a lo que solía ser!

Backstory: 7 meses después de la primera gran guerra ninja y, gracias al sacrificio de los cinco kages, el mundo shinobi sobrevivió al atentado de la organización criminal Burakkusan. Tras este suceso las aldeas ocultas quedaron en ruinas y en un aparente estado de anarquía.

Tres meses después del incidente, un grupo de sobrevivientes se esmera en revivir el legado de sus antepasados y reconstruir las cinco grandes naciones ninja.

Você esta sendo convidado(a) para participar do ꧁ AKATSUKI ꧂

◈ ━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━ ◈

❱「📰」↝ Todos os membros tem direito aos seguintes itens do servidor, e MUITO mais:

❱「💬」↬ Chats exclusivos e call's como nenhum outro
❱「🎤」↬ Bots de musicas;
❱「😉」↝ Canal com memes;
❱「😂」↝ Memes e Mídia
❱「🎮」↬ Mine games e jogos
❱「🎶」↝ Música
❱「👍」↝ Bots configurados e organizados para sua diversão
❱「😀」↝ Staff completa para o serviço
❱「😮」↝ Sorteios, e enquetes
❱「👑」parcerias abertas e cargo especial para parceiros
◈ ━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━ ◈
Voici un RP Naruto qui viens d'ouvrir toute chose vont se passez venez nous rejoindre pour luter contre le retour de l'akatsuki et peut-être même Kaguya
Un staff a l'écoute
Des events
Des giveaway
et un rp actif

On vous attend
●──***Naruto RolePlay Tr***──●

KATEGORİ! 3 Seviye boost!
*Kendinizi geliştirip Hashirama gibi Hokage olmanız için bir şans! Sakın kaçırmayın.*

*Yüksek emek verilmiş türkiyenin en büyük nrp serveri. Kendi özel sistemimizin yanında onlarca alabileceğiniz clan bulunmakta ve hergün yenileri eklenmekte. Emeğin kazandığı bir server kısacası...*

*Yeni İnsanlarla Tanışın ve Naruto dünyasında eğlenin.*

*Hadi ne duru yorsun? Sende katıl bu Maceraya.*

*Aktif ve güzel rp yaparsanız Uchiha veya hyuuga clanına sahip olabilirsiniz.

*Geç kaldıysanız üzülmeyin. çok kısa sürede gelişip diğerlerine yetişebilirsiniz bu sistemle.

*Yapılacak Eventlerden Hediyeler kazanabilirsiniz! Her hafta düzenli eksiksiz Eventler ve sınavlar hoşunuza gideceğine eminim.

*Market ve içindeki birsürü eşya!

*Gelişmek için bir sürü şans!

*Öğrenebileceğin binlerce teknik!

*Sohbet, Galeri, Video chat ve bir sürü sesli odaları!

*Gelişmeye çok açık bir sistem!

*Yüzlerce oda roleplay yapabileceğiniz ve hepsi göze güzel görünsün diye süslü!!!!!

Hadi sende gelsene!!!!!!
Salut je viens d’ouvrir un serveur Naruto RP avec un map plutôt grande

: Nous sommes un peu avant que la Quatrième Grande Guerre Ninja débute et chaque village ninja est à la fois un ennemi ou un allié potentiel et L’akatsuki est toujours à la recherche des 9 démons à queues pour leur projet. Devenez ninja ou académicien et défendez votre village ou Kage et être les ailes qui permettront de d’accroître la renommée de votre village

Si des gens sont intéressés pour rejoindre je vous met le lien du serveur ci dessous
WELCOME To the first ever Hidden Sand Village created for Shinobi Life 2. Here you can find people to grind with, have fun with etc. When you first join you will be greeted and ask what items you dont have so we can help you get it ASAP. We also do fun events every now and then so why not drop by and explore the Hidden Sand!
Naruto: Reborn

Welcome to Naruto: Reborn!

➤ Here we are an original character Naruto role-play, currently, we are on the Third Shinobi War era! Our roleplay consists of dynamic events, highly creative OCs of various backgrounds and a consistent level of semi-high literacy in the server!

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐞 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫 𝐚𝐭 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐠𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞: ☆

✎ A very active, tightly-knit community (We'd love to have more banter!)
✎ A full list of clans and villages tailored to every OC and background
✎ Custom shinobi groups.
✎ A fleshed-out custom village. (Soon!)
✎ Custom clans and Jutsu!
✎ A simple but effective progression system which relies more on literacy and dedication.
✎ An original storyline using the source material as guidance.
✎ A fun and engaging way to earn money with an in-depth bounty system and bingo book for criminal OCs.
✎ An art channel to encourage artists to unleash their creativity and show their OCs!
✎ A safe space for all! √


╔═══════════════════≪ °☯° ≫═══════════════════╗
╚═══════════════════≪ °☯° ≫═══════════════════╝
Shinobi life 2 has been shut down, but we are still talking about news and pretty soon, it will come back. It is temporarily closed but you can still join to talk and wait for our beloved game to come back!

``Naruto RP ``



- Seja muito bem-vindo ao nosso servidor de RP!


- Leia as regras do servidor para evitar punições...



- Temos uma staff ativa e respeitosa!


E muito mais

- Nós muitas coisas para lhe oferecer! Ex: Sistemas, uma experiência única, sorteios, etc!

Shinobi Life 2 now know as Shindo Life is coming back soon. So we will be dropping scrolls as soon as the game comes back.

We help members get items in-game.

We give the server code to EVERYONE we do not keep it to ourselves or pick other people. Anybody can get it. If you would like to know how to reserve something. Read down below.

We give the codes to everyone but in some cases we let people reserve jinns, weapons, etc. Only requirement is 1 invite. ( Join the discord to acquire more information. )
An AU Naruto RP Server set just after the Third Great Shinobi War.
With no canon characters our lore and plots are entirely OC driven, created by players and staff alike to give the most creative and interactive roleplay possible. The server and its systems are constantly being updated and adjusted by the Team with community feedback in mind.

What we offer:
- Active and Cooperative Staff Team
- Community-focused Storytelling
- Established server lore from the end of the War until now, based on OC decisions.
- Banned & Restricted Content to keep things balanced
- Regulated Content to ensure quality RP (Tailed Beasts, High Chakra Clans, etc)
- A broad and balanced selection of items and weapons
- Custom jutsu, clans, kekkei genkais, summons, etc.
- Monthly Chūnin Exams and themed events
- Sophisticated 3d6 Dice Combat System that focuses on strategy over luck.
- Accessible Progression System that starts everyone as a genin, rewarding those that put effort into their OC.
- Tatsumaki, Groovy, Ticket Tool, Unbelievaboat bots all in the server for convenient use
- Village specific missions and groups (Puppet Brigade, Barrier Corps, etc)
- Career options, such as, Kage Advisor, Clan Head, Ambassador.
- Over 200 roleplay channels across all 5 Great Nations and Minor Nations
- Endless possibilities for literate writers
- Encouragement and help for those hoping to improve their prose
- Friendly & Active Voice Chat and OOC channels
- Level 2 Discord Boost, Naruto themed emotes and other mememotes.
Welcome to 忍び Shinobi: Age of Deception!
We are a semi literate - literate roleplay server and we’d love to have you!

What we offer:
We offer a unique role play experience that focuses on storytelling and character development! No things are forced on your character. The plot is almost complete controlled by the actions of characters irp, quite literally anything could happen!
We also offer over 182 roleplay channels for you to tell you story!

So what are you waiting for? Join 忍び Shinobi: Age of Deception today!
Project Mikoto 2
We Have Open Roles
A Nice Community
(Has been revived)
Project Mikoto is where we have a good map and We Are Also Active so you can look Forward to that when you join.We Do Daily events/Pds so you can also look forward for that too.we have occasional Giveaways like Nitro.To Get Roles you Dm @Mika Uchiha [1st Hokage] or any of the co founders And you do a app for it if its good you get accepted.We Have Developers that are working on the game constantly If you need help Dm Any of the Mods Or Just ask in chat.We have a Fun community That will make your Stay Here Better.We Have a Open Map so you can explore to your hearts content,You should Also try to be active because The Kages Will Probaly Pick you for a jinchuriki.We Have a Custom Lore and Its Going Great! Please Join Project: Mikoto 2.

We are a small community looking to grow. We offer giveaways, village codes, looking for a squad, and we help people grind daily. We are active everyday all day the staff are online most of the day! We also hunt for every single Jin in the game! We also need staff members!
This server is safe place, like a café, where you can go to talk about your favorite manga/anime. It allows you to meet people who have similar interest as yourself, and maybe you can find a new manga/anime you didn't know about before! There are channels for multiple fandoms and we are hoping to just grow the amount we are able cover in the future.