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Hello there, You want to go and interact with other artists? Then come join our community. I promise you a Toxic free family.

And ofcourse i dont want to limit this server to just artists, Musicians are very welcome since i consider it as an art-form(dontjudgeme)

Also, after a loooong day of drawing and finding good reference, wanna play among us? Ofcourse you do. Join now to be part of the family

Welcome to Art City

Art is contagious, and we as a server try to bring about a safe and friendly environment for all people! with fun events, friendly staff and a toxic free community! we have several channels for expressing your creativity and helping you improve your art! Join the server and become a Citizen now!!


Some of our features include
◆ Hall of Fame
◆ Sensei System
◆ Monthly Events
◆ Cool Self Roles

What's that? you don't know what some of those are? Well join! and find out!

˗Welcome to Divine

⋮ This server includes=꒷꒦
╭➤୨ **Custom roles, and chats just for you!
╭➤Kind Members and Staff!
╭➤An original ocean cloud theme
╭➤Tons of cute roles for you and level up roles
╭➤Always want to help servers grow and affiliate/partner
╭➤Come to the cloud9
╰─We're always hiring
Welcome to the LTD server!

We're a small not very professional server, and we have a more hands-on approach to our process. Come to us to brainstorm on what you want with your art, or what you think is wrong with your art, and we can figure it out.

We've also an active NSFW community, with channels for your art, and to discuss your art. Gore is allowed, but not encouraged.

Among that, we also have other services such as:
♥ Drawpiles;
♥ Levels (with yet to do anything);
♥ Prompts w/ contests;
♥ And a logo contest that changes whenever YOU want it to change! (details in the server).
★Ⓐⓡⓣⓨ Ⓢⓟⓐⓒⓔ★

〔Are you looking for a place to post and share your art?〕
〉Yes? then you have found the right place to join!!
〔Do you want to conversate with other people other than yourself???〕
〉Then, you should come and join us!
〔Want to help people improve in their hobbies?〕
〉Bruh, It's obvious.. Just join already lol.
〔Are you looking for a server that (mostly) has really nice people?〕
〉Dude, just join, lmao.

『»Aside from all that, you really should join this art community and share your precious artwork! Just in case you didn't understand the message in the answer, I'll say it one more time: Join us, it'll be fun, and we won't disappoint!! We will be waiting for you!!« 』
P.S: We are also a hangout server!
Hello there!!!
This server is for artists,non-artists,anime/manga lover,or people who just want friends. We also do events,art competitions and gaming.

(We also need experienced mods because the owner doesn’t know how to manage the server T^T).

Please join we need more members
Howdy! 🤠
🌸MCM stands for Mediocre Content Monday and was initially a joke between a few friends but now I want to share it with you :)
🌸This is a safe space for all artists alike. This is not a space for non-artists, please keep that in mind :)
🌸We are LGBT+ friendly and open to all sorts and shapes of people
🌸Feel free to grab any roles that you’d like here, they're all self assignable and have cute colours
🌸We regularly VC and have a variety of channels all the adventures we can think of
🌸We also have game night and karaoke nights^^
A supportive and wholesome place for artists of all skill level to join in on weekly challenges, get critiques, and have daily drawing exercises! All forms of artists welcome!
Hello this is a new server (boosted lvl1) that I made to meet artists from all over the world! It would be fun to gather some artists and by supporting each other we can continue to work on our goal! Feel free to join us :)
♡Welcome to Goat Art!♡

☆What we have to offer:☆

- A chill place for artists of all kinds to hangout
- Friendly staff
- LGBTQ+ friendly and SFW
- Shops
- Events
- Cool roles
- And MORE!

๑What we stride for:๑

- Traditional Artists
- Digital Artists
- Animators
- Painters
- Pixel Artists
- Writers
- And basically ANYTHING that is art!

ェInformation about the owner:ェ

Hello, it’s me Kopii! I love art although I do suck at it. I have been in another art server for quite a while and I absolutely LOVE IT! I want to spread happiness with art. My goal with this server is to make a healthy, peaceful paradise for artists from ALL OVER to hangout and do fun stuff with each other. So if you join I want you to have fun and not stress out
Welcome to your discord art school! :) With our climb to 200 members, we'd love you to be one of them! We feature:

-10+ classes for you to join with 5 different difficulty levels!

-Teachers looking forward to helping you improve!

-Frequent events!

-Roles and well-organized channels that represent all kinds of artists including (but not limited to) painters, musicians, sculptors, cosplayers, photographers, and so much more!

-A welcoming and rapidly growing community and friendly, quick-to-reply staff members!

Don't see a class you'd like? Apply to be one of our teachers! Have a suggestion for the server? Drop it in the suggestions chat!

If you have any other questions please contact an owner.

We hope to see you soon!! -Raven
Welcome dear artists to Art corner
˗ˏˋ.˚₊ ✧ ∙(🎨)∙ ✧₊˚.ˊˎ˗
Do you like creating ART, FAN ART, ANIMATIONS? Then we’re the perfect family friendly and kind community for you! Our goal is to make this server a lovely, safe haven community for everyone :D

Feel free to post your ARTWORK and ANIMATIONS here, or chat with others about art or anything in general. We literally accept all kinds of art and respect everyone. We offer:

▻ 👩🏻‍🎨 Server mascot and custom emotes
We have our own mascot, EMMI, complete with custom emotes based on her!

▻ 🤖 Custom bot
We are also home to our CUSTOM BOT, the mascot, Emmi!

▻ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Friendly community
A bunch of AMAZING ARTISTS who are friendly and can get hilariously chaotic

▻ 📔 Art posting
We have many channels ranging from DIGITAL to TRADITIONAL art as well as a place to post 3D MODELS, CRAFTS, PHOTOS, EDITS, WRITING and even MUSIC!

▻ 📓 Art program reaction roles
Let us know what ART PROGRAM you use if you do digital art

▻ 🗃 Reaction colour roles
Get STYLISH with many COLOUR ROLES! There’s even more you can get at the shop when you reach level 5

▻ ⬆️ Atlas bot levelling system
Gain new REWARDS when you level up!

▻ 🤩 Tons of emotes
We have a SURPLUS OF EPIC EMOTES for everyone to use

Hope to see you soon and support us! ♥︎ˎˊ˗
A creative arts server where you can get feedback and share your works of whatever fine art you want to express and share. A great community all around for everything art, be it traditional, digital, musical, or literature.
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
come hangout post and talk about art and stuffs
~weekly challenges
~monthly shared canvas
The Art Cove is a place for everyone to hang out, get along, and, of course, buy commissions!! We are a growing community, and as we grow, so does our art. Even though commissions are a main part of this server, it's not the only thing we do. We also gather around to play games together from time to time, chat in vcs, and more!!
The staff give you a warm welcome and hope you enjoy being here in The Art Cove ♡
Art Sellers Compendium is a server for sharing various places you may sell your art in! This server is focused on connecting artists to clients so they can sell their work. We specialize in featured servers which help content creators in starting out online commissions.

✦ A wide variety of art, graphic design, and game development servers you may sell in
✦ Share your art in our dedicated art channels
✦ A SFW-only environment
✦ Get feedback and advice on selling content online and how to set up your commission business
✦ Software events
Stop Scrolling!
Need critique, Advise or just want to start learning? Do you want to chill out with small creators ? Then you've come to the right place! -
With lots of varied references, from character creations to animals!
But- what else do we have apart from references and advise?

- Fan-rage channel (Fan of something that no one talks about? A series end? Did it suck at the end but the rest of the series was great?)

-music channel (who said that music wasn't art!)

-pictures (for photography and your beautiful face)

(have nsfw art, we have a channel for that too!)

For now we are a small community with an empty server, I need your help to make is more popular!
Bonjour !
Draw_Lands (comme le nom du serveur l'indique) est un serveur majoritairement de dessin ! Cependant il est ouvert à tous, que vous soyez artiste professionnel, débutant ou même quelqu'un qui ne dessine pas, vous êtes le bienvenue !
Vous pouvez même partager vos animes préférés ou encore musiques.
Nous sommes ouvert à tout, le serveur est encore très jeune et nous avons besoin de vous pour le développer, vous pouvez même y déposer vos suggestions pour crée de nouveaux salons ou encore émotes !
Vous avez aussi accès à des rôles personnalisées, comme choisir votre propre couleur par exemple !
Nous serons ravis de vous accueillir !
Amusez vous bien sur Draw_Lands !
An art server dedicated to helping others grow and learn. We want to help others build up their skills and create a fun community along the way.

Beginners and Pros alike can join!
| We Offer |
- Art Raffles
- Art contests
- Challenges
- study sessions (vc-chat group drawing) along with fun group activities like Drawpile.
- Critique

We also offer:
Role Choices
Leveling systems
Fun bots
Kind staff
Nsfw chats (must be 18+)
-NOTE: Figures studies do not count as nsfw, you can rest easy.
When joining please be mindful about others and read the rules!
This is a 13+ server, please be mature or else we will have to bump up the age limit.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you join!
Fellow hentai artists! Looking for a server to chill with other hentai artists while drawing? Look no further!

No memes, porn dumping, or frivolous bots in here. Just making art with the bois. Regular art streams and drawpiles in the voice channels!

This server requires verification. Your work should demonstrate a strong grasp of art fundamentals to be admitted. Also, you must be 18 or older to join.
"There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents."
A casual art community purely based on growth, improvement, and communication! Receive critique for your work, request help, and hang out in a positive environment, with friendly moderators.
The Workshop was created as a community for all kinds of different artists to share their work, and meet other artists. This includes the ability to enter contests, show their own work, spread their portfolio and commission their art, and so much more.