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(18+) Welcome to Roleplay Oasis!

We are a relaxed roleplaying community that features many roles, roleplay rooms, and friendly staff! We have a couple games to play in-server, and are constantly adding new features. Come relax with us in chat, or let out your deepest desires in roleplay. We hope you enjoy!
MATCH N' MEET est un serveur communautaire Français. 💕

Ici c'est principalement des rencontres amicales, amoureuses ou coquines, des animations, et une communauté dans laquelle tout le monde est la bienvenue !

A toute suite !
Welcome to the Town of nightingale! Where you have been sent to go fix up an abandoned town, and where monsters roam the area. Some are deadly, some are lewd, but you can only find that out by joining in!

-you must be 18 or older to join the server

============This server is new==========
Join Alexis Loveraz's STEM server! Known for his easy-to-learn approaches on TikTok. With over 700k Followers on TikTok, and features in ABC, CBS, NBC, Entertainment Tonight and other news outlets from around the world.

Join his server to get the help you need with students out all over the world in Math, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Languages to express your culture. Feel safe and comfortable to meet new people and ask questions, with daily puzzles and challenges to keep you on your toes.

This is an education server, so we made sure that there's no spam and malicious advertisement so you can focus on enriching your knowledge with others. Have fun!
Snek is a virtual hub that hosts a variety of friend groups with weekly events such as Movie-Night and Karaoke. We provide Active Voice Chats, Gambling bots, Among us, and Minecraft groups.
Welcome to Hanzel's Bowl!

This is a sugaring server focused on LGBT+ Community! We welcome you to help you find your right sugar partner. Wheter you're a sugar baby or a sugar parent you are welcomed to join us and spend a great time with our growing community.
A new and growing matchmaking server!
We need photo verification before you can enter the server
A nontoxic server where you fill out a form and we match you with someone who we think is compatible with you.
It won't kill you to try!
We don't judge, we just want to find that special someone!
This is a Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts discord server. It's a small community where we talk about KATAOW, other cartoons, etc. I hope you enjoy :)
Moin moin,
Wer interesse an Pen and Paper hat ist bei uns herzlich willkommen!

Ob Spielleiter oder Spieler von Neuling bis Profi kann sich jeder gerne in unserer Community beteiligen.

Aktuell Laufen zwei Community Projekte mit dem Setting Fantasy und Sci fi Fantasy. Jeder kann mitmachen. ;)

Hier findet man aber auch andere Settings und Gruppen, sowie andere Hobby's wie Zeichnen, Cosplay, Musik oder Larp Gruppen.

Neu: Wöchentlich Workshops für Spielleiter Einsteiger, sowie Tipps und Tricks zum Pen and Paper.

Mit frischem Gruß
Owner MtoTheO

Icons made by Freepik from Flaticon
恶梦 ┈ ukiyo ⸃⸃
៸៸ 𓄼 welcome to ukiyo, a non-toxic and inviting community where you can chill and meet new friends! Here we have :
៹ active chats
៹ friendly + amazing staff
៹ simple + edgy layout
៹ fun activities

𖥻 join us now!
Welcome to the Cult of Cults! This is a multi-fandom server with a relatively chill community. This is a mostly English speaking server, but we have a lot of people from around the world! I hope you have a great time here!! ^^
No minors allowed
Come join our rapidly growing community, we have a very active server considering our current size and we're looking to expand upon that and solidify ourselves as a stable political server.
- We're doing server events quite often both small and big
- We maintain activity through daily qotd/polls and discussion topics
- We have a host of emotes valuable for discussion
- Fair moderation and ownership to ensure quality leadership
𝔩𝔲𝔡𝔦𝔠 ++
▄▬▬ ▬ 𝔩𝔲𝔡𝔦𝔠 ++ ▬ ▬▬▄
What is the server all about?

𝔩𝔲𝔡𝔦𝔠 ++ is a very friendly, social and 13+ server with multiple purposes such as relaxing, socializing, playing games, and much more!

What do we have:
📣Social and friendly chat.
⏰Active members.
👮‍♂️Helpful and active staff.
🌟Self roles.
🎁Nitro booster rewards!
📳Several text channels.
👂We listen to all suggestions.
🤖Many fun bots.
📈 Quickly growing.
🤑Custom emote's.
🥳Fun events like movie nights.
just a group of friends who like to joke around and have fun. Lots of mobile gamers, bunch of bots. Chill environment.
↳ Lewd chats with naughty gamers
↳ Make new friends or find someone for you~
↳ Kink & LGBTQ+ friendly
↳ Porn, discord games & bots
↳ Looking for PMs & discord mods

↳Giving away 100 dollar gift card giveaway for most active member!
↳Giving away 100 dollar gift card giveaway for most active recruiter!
__Perkies__ is a community server created by Our Whole Admin/Mod Team. Server was made to have fun and Chill. We would really like for you to share the server link to your friends and help us grow.

☽ Giveaways include nitro [classic/discord]
☽ Movie Nights
☽ Game Nights

__Booster Perks__
☽ Special Giveaways
☽ Private Voice Chats
☽ Booster Role Is First In The Server
☽ Much More Coming 😉

__We have__
☽ 100+ emotes
☽ Self-Roles
☽ Color-Roles
☽ Valid Baddies In The Server
☽ Our Own Server bot.
☽ We also make Aesthetic profile pics for our members/boosters.
☽ We Also Hit Discord Boosts Lvl 2 before hitting 100 members
Welcome to K△MPAI, a small bar themed server hoping to grow its community.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Halo semua, selamat datang di KAPAL NABI NUH®, yang siap melayani sebuah perjalanan.

Kami adalah server komunitas yang mencoba mengajak kalian untuk masuk ke dalam sirkel kecil kami. Dengan skala member yang jumlahnya sedikit namun mencoba untuk aktif, tidak ada keterikatan aturan didalamnya. Kalian diberi kebebasan dengan kebiasaan layaknya bergabung pada sebuah server. Tapi ada yang berbeda disini... Silahkan tunggu apalagi, klik "Join this server" sekarang.

"sail to rescue"
©copyright 2020
Australia's premiere discord server, with quality users and quality chat. AusChat is an exclusive server featuring discussions both serious and light-hearted, about all things Australian, and everything beyond. Eccentric or creative people are very much encouraged to join.

Channels for Music, Books, Health, Film, Computing, Gaming, Sports, Politics, Game streaming, Audio chat.

Channels for every Australian capital city (and state), so get to know your neighbours.
└─Toca Cambirt’s 🧀─┐

Bom meus caros ratinhos, o Servidor é feito pra Ratos não Tóxicos. Para conversarem, interagirem, poder encontrar ratos novos de jeitos diferentes, pra fazer amigos ou algo do tipo..

__Nós somos__

↬ Uma comunidade organizada
↬ Com Staffs organizada
↬ Chats e calls pra seu entretenimento

↬ Chats 💬 e Calls 🔊
↬ Economia 💵
↬ Cafofo (Vip's) 🎳
↬ Sistema de Tribos 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
↬ Eventos e Sorteios 🎊
↬ Entretenimento 🎢
↬ Vagas abertas para novos Staffs

E ainda está no início.. qualquer sugestão ou ajuda pra melhorar é bem vindo..

Servidor link: