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A place we’re all people can chill and play video games and make new friends we have fortnite call of duty and anime and more I hope you check us out.
👑 Kadeh-i Kafes👑
Sunucumuz yeni açılmıştır bu yüzden pek fazla aktifliğimiz yoktur, admin yani yetkili alımlarımız mevcuttur gelip başvurabilirsiniz!
Sunucumuzda ;
◽ Argo , saygısızlık kesinlikle yasaktır!
◽ Günlük burç yorumlarını paylaşıyoruz,
◽ Günlük Covid-19 (Koronavirüs) tablosu paylaşıyoruz,
◽ Kendinize oyun arkadaşı bulabilir ve oyunlarda yardımlaşabilirsiniz.
◽ İçeriğimiz : Oyunlar, sohbet, eğlence, yamalar, modlar vb.
Fun Community
╭╮ Infoꜜ
❀﹕Owner is: Koaany
。˚﹕Serwer created: 03.12.2020 9.00
❀﹕ Serwer opened: 04.12.2020 12.00
◦ Most Important: A LOT of FUN!
◦ Good administration
◦ Lot of channels
◦ Much bots/bots functions
◦ Much more... And a lot of fun!
┍━━━━━━⌜ 莲 死 ⌟━━━━━━┑

ロ ・low mod ・

ー ・ non toxic ・

タ ・minimalistic ・

ス ・aesthetic ・

┗━━━━━━⌜ 愛する ⌟━━━━━━┛
The Morning Cafe is a completely friendly server built to jusr CHAT. No specific purpose. Just Chat Chat Chat. With small giveaways and big ones too, watch shows together with us, trade, fun discord bots, and much much more! Join Today.
:☁️: . . . ˗ˏˋ 𝘈𝘳𝘮𝘺 𝘏𝘰𝘮𝘦 ࿐

˚₊·: : We are a newly created server for 𝐀𝐑𝐌𝐘𝐬 who want to hangout in a place to talk, game, listen to music, etc. with other 𝐀𝐑𝐌𝐘𝐬 ꒰ 💜 ꒱ؘ

˚₊·: : Here we talk about, k-dramas, anime, video games, stream shows, movies, and host all kinds of game nights!

˚₊·: : We welcome and will respect everyone from all kinds of fandoms!

˚₊·: : We hope to see you soon! ꒰ 💜 ꒱ؘ
Hiya!~ Welcome to the Roach Family!
We're here if you ever need support, someone to talk to!
I also tell stories from time to time, we have little challenges, and have fun!
Come down to Hell
New severe, chill nd have fun
get to meet new ppl
We all sinners bby ♡
(Aimed at LGBTQ+ people but allies are welcome!)

Hey, you! Yeah, you, the spectacular person scrolling through Disboard right now! Are you looking for an LGBTQ+ community? Do you want to find friends somewhere that's not just an average, basic Discord server? Do you need somewhere welcoming and positive to vent or just chill? Somewhere you'll be included? Well, look no further, Peripeteia is here for you. We may look like a big server, but don't let anxiety say no because of that- we aren't all that active, but we look to include everyone!
We have bots, plenty of emojis, chill owners, memes, places to vent, and more! To order your free sample of Peri, send MEPLS to 42069! Don't hesitate, text now!
* Bepic theme plays *

If you join, please stick around, it's may seem big but we will include you, I promise. Hope to see you here! <3
Fun and Friendly Community
Great Invite Rewards And Booster Perks
Daily giveaways!!
Join Now!!!
We are currently switching over to a more gaming server. We have scheduled Game and Movie Nights, our own Minecraft survival server, and lots of giveaways and competitions! We're a super friendly server and we're just looking for more pals to game with! ♥
Insert best description (IDK) We have cake 🎂 & the meats 🍖

We are a chill ❄️ & wholesome ✝️ community.
we have a naughty 😏 section filled with hentai 🍥, porn 🔞 and self nude channels 😩.
So become part of our community.

Floral is an soft-aesthtic based emoji server. We are looking for partnerships. With multiple channels to communicate in, it's overall a great place to meet new friends. We have multiple uploaders and a section for girl,boy and more profile pictures! We also are hiring staff! Why don't you come join us? :)
A place for religious people of all persuasions, Theologycord is the premier server for philosophical and religious discussion.

🔸 🗣️ Frequent debate
🔸 🌎 Diverse membership
🔸 📖 Scripture discussion
🔸 ❓ Helpful community eager to convert you
🔸 🗳️ Member representation
🔸 🗞️ Politics
🔸 📚 Literature
🔸 🎮 Gaming with the bros
🔸 💬 Active voicechat
A furry erp/rp server with a lore and universe that the community can help grow here is a bit of the lore

Origin of antispasmodic people

So a long time ago a guy with the name Gabriel Slodim found a race of anthropomorphic creatures he studied name and looked after them then decided to keep them safe by making a few areas of the six continents for them and them only and then started the GAPS Gobal Anthropomorphic Protection Services which life cars is to protect the anti from other creatures some of these places are still populated with antispasmodic people however he bought four Islands and shipped some of them there to start their own societies giving them the resources to do so he doesn't know if they care about him or just think he's another human trying to capitalise off them but truly deep down he really cares about them and once a year a visit the islands to see what's going on and see if he can help in any way shape or form
Sur 𝑃𝑙𝑎𝑖𝑠𝑖𝑟 𝐶𝑜𝑢𝑝𝑎𝑏𝑙𝑒, vous pourrez aborder le thème du BDSM et ses pratiques, au sein d'une communauté conviviale. Si vous avez plus de 18 ans et que ce monde vous intéresse, soyez libres de nous rejoindre. Nous serons ravis de vous accueillir, que vous soyez curieux, débutants ou expérimentés.
Entre discussions, débats, questionnements, humour, partages d'image et jeux ponctuels, chacun d'entre vous pourra y trouver son compte.
A très vite !
This is a place where you could just do whatever you'd like or just vibe I guess.
__**\:beer: Welcome to Drunk Dankers!\:beer:**__
We offer a friendly community based on Dank Memer and some other bots!

__**WE PROVIDE:**__
🕊️│ **SFW** SERVER
This is a friendly community.. A gaming hub with various game will be a great place for gamers.. Also a great place for people who dont play games as an friendly environment..
✦  ˚ ˚   ˚ ✦  ˚ 
a cute lil aesthetic server with low mod <3

・giveaways !
・clean & organised!
・welcoming community
・cute emotes !

✦ 🏁 ˚ ˚ 🎀  ˚ ✦ 🦇 ˚ ˚
🍏 Welcome to INSY! a brand new sfw aesthetic server

We offer:
🍊Lots of self/colour roles to choose from, as well as a leveled roles~
🍋 Many bots and channels you can interact with
🍒 Wellness category for you to vent and get some positivity!

Looking for:
🍑 More active members
🍇 Partnerships and Pms!
🥥 Suggestions of what **you** want

Hope to see you here :)) 🍏