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Hello Gamers this sever is about gaming, dating, and even make new friends and make sure to verify your self and read the rules simple I hope you enjoy your stay👍.
This Is a Gaming Chat Group, where you can find games you like and enter parties! And events,
Looking to join a brand new FiveM community? Look no further than New Hanover County RP! Based on New Hanover County, NC!

Applications are open in the following departments:
NHC Sheriff
Wilmington PD
NC Highway Patrol
Wilmington Fire Dept.
New Hanover Regional EMS
NHC 91 Communications
Civilian Operations

We are actively looking for staff and members for our development team! Join today and fill out an application!
Здравствуй! Ты нашел комьюнити сервер клана Force of Spirits! Будь вежлив не забудь прочитать правила в текстовом канале "#rules".

Тут ты сможешь найти новости и достижения нашей команды, пообщаться с нами и найти тиммейтов для игры вместе или же просто посидеть послушать музыку!
The Lahy Gang is a server where you can promote your stream or your videos. You can have a chat with people about anything you want.
GER: Ein sehr cooler und vor allem durchdachter Server. Er hat viele tolle Funktionen:) Leider sehr inaktive Member also ich hoffe ihr seid aktiv. Ich hoffe ich sehe dich.

ENG: A very cool and above all thoughtful server. He has a lot of great features:) Unfortunately very inactive members so I hope you are active. I hope I see you.
AmiciInGame è un server nato con l'intento di creare una community seppur piccola, ma con molti interessi in comune ...
... in cui tutti possono unirsi e divertirsi con gli amici e con altri che condividono la stessa passione, ossia quella per i videogiochi.
Questo Server discord è incentrato sul Gaming in generale, ma con una propensione per il mondo di Minecraft in generale dove, a tal proposito, abbiamo creato anche un server Minecraft dove possiamo giocare tutti insieme...

Il nostro è un server semplice, ma molto bene strutturato in cui il rispetto reciproco e la collaborazione regnano sovrani. Facciamo questo perché crediamo che mantenere un esperienza libera ed educata basata sul rispetto reciproco è alla base di una convivenza armoniosa e divertente (volgiamo che NESSUNO si senta escluso)

Una volta entrati, ognuno è libero di giocare, parlare e divertirsi come vuole, per far ciò, abbiamo creato diversi canali si testuali che audio, per farvi sentire come a casa!

Come vedi, il server ha tutte le carte in regola per essere un luogo di ritrovo per ogni tipo di giocatore che desidera passare del tempo in compagnia, per scambiare due chiacchiere o giocare un po il tutto immerso in un clima di relax e tranquillità...

Se ti ho incuriosito, ti invito a passare a trovarci... non te ne pentirai...


Celeste's Observatory is an active server that is a safe, friendly, and inclusive space for ACNH fans to talk, make friends, share art, and much more! The Observatory has giveaways everyday, shops opened by our own members, a custom bot, and a custom color and role for our boosters! If you are looking to trade and win giveaways while finding friends, this is the place to be!
Welcome to Cracktopia

We are a very new server,
We offer:

- An anime related channel!

- A general chat where we talk with each other about life, discord and much much more.

-An Gaming channel for all sorts of games like fall guys or Nintendo related stuf.
Polski serwer skupiający wielu graczy i zwykłych użytkowników w jedno miejsce do wspólnego spędzania czasu. Jesteśmy dla was ❤️
Imagine a server where the owner and the staff are all coool duuudes. At watchpoint, we accept everyone into the community. An active server with toooons of people!
Hello and welcome to our GTA Online Recovery Service community where i offer to help out the players who wants to get money drops, get recovery service to get rank up faster, get millions of money & unlock stats, trophies, snacks etc.
We provide:
- Free Money Drops every day
- Free Giveaways every week
- Free Invite Rewards
- Cheap Recovery Services
- Cheap GTA Modded Accounts
We are a small server about Animal Crossing! It is SFW, and there are many friendly members and trustworthy trades. Everyone is kind and we treat everyone with kindness and love. :)
🎮 Welcome to 'OwO', a (for now) small gaming community (since 19/06/2020). Feel free to join us to talk about all kinds of games and other things! The server might seem a bit dead now and then but that will change if we get more people. :D

🎮 We offer:
- Self assignable roles (for games, colours etc.)
- Custom emotes
- Text channels for different kind of games
- Music and nsfw bots

🎮 We are a new server so all tips to improve the server are welcome :)) (Dm the owner)
Welcome to Invalid

☆ Invalid Games is a growing YouTube channel with almost 2k subs to it. And this server is rapidly growing

☆ Join this active community ☆
⇒ Talk about anime
⇒ Actually join to chat about anything (as long as they follow the rules) Remember that it doesn’t have to always be about gaming.

☆ Games We Talk About
⇒ Naruto Online
⇒ 7 Deadly Sins
⇒ Among Us
⇒ And everyone is welcome to talk about any other games they wish to talk about
C'est un serveur chill juste pour s'amuser et pour que les gens puissent en profiter pour parler ou faire de nouvelles rencontres. Venez écouter de la musique, raconter des histoire ou juste se poser le soir en vocal avec nous ! Ici tu trouveras un serveur multigaming très actif avec un bon système de grade. Attention uniquement pour les actifs : DISCORD NITRO A GAGNER AU 250 MEMBRES
The only Nintendo India community there is.

We started the Smash scene in India and grew it to a big Esport scene, come join :')
We are a GIRLS ONLY server and a fresh new server. (Verification of gender isn’t required but would be nice) (lgbtq+) friendly
In this server our main goal is to help female gamers meet other female gamers. Which means by helping their stream, play games with them, become friends, all sorts of things! We have mods who do not abuse their power this is a fresh and new server so we’re look for at least 3 more mods that won’t abuse power. Don't be afraid to join at the moment the servers kind off in its rough patches but that doesn’t mean it that it’s a bad server. The chats pretty active from time to time and when it’s not it means we’re asleep or we’re fixing the server to make it 10x better. We're very friendly people as long as our rules are followed: the rules in the server are pretty self explanatory so if you join it shouldn’t be hard to follow them. We play all types of games, music, overall just chill. So come join us. You definitely won't regret it.
♥️Fun gaming server♥️
🎊😄Minecraft 🎊😄
🎊🎉GTA V♥️🎉
🎊🎉Grim soul ♥️🎉
🎊😄Last day on earth 🎉🎊
🎉♥️Many more! 🎊😄
🎊🎉All language is Welcome 🎉🎊
Join today and our server is different from other but see for yourself !

We answer our members and want for games to add to server we have over 300 gamers
A chill place where you can talk to a bunch of other people about video games, art, books, TV shows, and movies!