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Welcome potential chad, if you like to play games and interact with people to chill. Then come on down to our kool kid server. We are small, but with you we could expand and be bigger chads. Join us in our cringy server 2 mad lads made.
Hello there! Join Immortal Dynasty and become immortal in any game! Our community is especially for gaming. We are highly moderated and is a cozy place to sit and chat with friends! We have VIP servers for roblox, realms for minecraft and codes for among us. We also host events, giveaways and tournaments. So what are you waiting for? Join now!
Welcome to DopeSquad!
We are a fun and chill server to hangout in! We do nitro drops and giveaways. We also do dank memer giveaways.

What we offer:
Self Roles
Events & Giveaways
Fun Bots and Channels
Partnerships and more!

Join DopeSquad today!
Server UFFICIALE della Community Italiana di Phasmophobia!
Potrai trovare nuovi colleghi Ghost Hunters per effettuare le tue sessioni di caccia ai fantasmi.

- Staff Sempre ATTIVO
- Notifiche sul gioco in tempo reale!
- Guide e supporto al gioco.
- Bot per la tua e la nostra sicurezza.
- Partnership con canali youtube/twitch, server Discord e altre piattaforme.

Buona caccia a Tutti.
Bienvenido a Optic Warriors, de la mano de jugadores veteranos de COD, hemos llegado a CODM,quieres ser parte de este gran proyecto? Encontrar mas facilmente un team para jugar MP y BR, o solo charlar sobre COD, esperamos que te nos unas pronto.
It seems like a normal, casual day for you. You open the cereal box and it spits out a silver ticket. You pick it up and you realize...
You've just won a trip to a 5-star resort in Inkopolis, and tickets to an Off The Hook concert!
You can bring along your friends, family, and however many people you want!
So step into the plane to Tentacool Resort, and have a Tentacular Vacation!~

We offer...

-Many roleplay channels!
-Rewards at certain levels!
-A lot of our canons are still open!
-We are very open to suggestions for channels too!
-Ocs are allowed and very encouraged!
-Enriching storyline!

We hope this was enough for you to choose Tentacool Resort as your next vacation place!
Hello! Joining this server will allow you to have a safe place to talk about your feeling without getting hurt
Somos un servidor dedicado a among us y más juegos también somos familia contamos con salas de charla y canales de música que esperas únetenos
Witaj na na serwerze Noobka! 🏆
Serwer jest początkujący, jednak mimo to bardzo szybko się rozwija! 🥰
Wchodząc na serwer masz dużą szansę pojawić się w odcinku Noobka,
który swoje filmy wrzuca regularnie na Youtube! ❤️
Nie czekaj i wejdź już teraz! 😍


the server is a friendly server of people who want to enjoy gaming with others.
we have some basic rules.
we do have a NSFW text chat.
we are open for suggestions.
we currently play the following games:
Among Us
Dead By Daylight
Fall Guys
Garry's Mod
JackBox Games
Killing Floor 2
Monster Hunter
Override Mech City Brawl
Rouge Company
Table Top
we are up for any other types of game as well. dont be afraid to suggest
•Server for Rocket League where you can find other players at your rank•
•pretty chill environment to chat as well•
•all skill levels are welcome•
•custom features•
•Team will be made soon•
•Montage being made now , anyone in the server can submit clips for free•
Welcome to the Toppat clan we have recently just got nuked so I would really appreciate if you joined we almost had 100 members but now look what happened so please if you can join
Hey guys! We're the Outcasts and we're looking for fellow gamers out there who want to just hang out and have fun with everyone else in here. Meet all sorts of personalities and game style in this server, and just.. PLAY!
ˋˏ-༻🎮Outer Heaven🎮༺-ˎˊ
Welcome To Outer Heaven🙂
We offer many different things such as...

⊱┊Playing video games with one another such as Fortnite, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Animal Crossing, Among Us, and we plan on adding much more later on.

⊱┊We help out new servers that feel they need help with things such as decorations, bots, roles anything of that matter.

⊱┊We have a nice community and nice mods and staff, we do not shame anyone for anything we all like to come together as one community.

⊱┊We also have simple roles to assign yourself and the server is fairly easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.🙂

◂-❚-⊱❤️ Hopefully We Can See Some New People In The Server❤️⊰-❚-▸
===================Eternal Dankers==============

♡║Premium Dank Memer based server

♡║Monthly Pepe Trophy giveaway! (30,000,000 value)

♡║Also with fortnightly Pepe medal, weekly Pepe coin, and daily Pepe

♡║1 Mil Weekly Heist

♡║Op Booster and Investor perks

♡║Friendly Staff to guide you around

♡║1 Mil worth of item scam insurance!


Welcome to The Lounge! We are an 18plus and all games community. Here at The Lounge you can make new friends, play games, and have tons of fun. We look forward for you to join our great server, see you soon!
* ┍━━━━━━━☟━━━━━━━┑
* ┕━━━━━━━☝︎━━━━━━━┙
* Where we might be a mess but we are hot..
* *With*..


So why wait? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BE HOT WITH US TODAY
■□■□■□■Invite link and banner□■□■□■□■

GANGBEAST Ini adalah Komunitas Gaming House, yang dimana menyediakan / mempertemukan kalian dengan teman baru juga. Dan tempat dimana main bareng sama orang-orang baru, Anggap GANGBEAST Adalah discord milik kalian / Rumah kalian, KEEP RESPECT Dengan sesama PLAYER
Ayeee you like games? You like memes? Lookin for a server that you can find a group to play with? well then join PBJ, because were the coolest kids on the block 😎
Aloha! Hope this message reaches you well! This is my own personal server for things relating to streaming and gaming or anything else of interest! Also for updates about me and my own twitch channel! Come hang out, meet new friends, and let’s have a good time 🤙🏽