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We Are Voxel Void, a growing Community Discord Server with a fantastic staff team, friendly members, and so much more! We are currently developing a Java Edition Minecraft Earth Server the likes of which have never been seen before. If you're interested, come check us out!
Join the Holy Church of Club Penguin. We are a cult looking for devoted followers. We have some pretty fun stuff in our server tbh thoooooo..... so join up boi
Gaming Universe
☞ Großer Deutscher Gaming Server
☞ Games jeder Art
☞ Eine Fortnite Ecke
☞ Giveaways (auch Niro)
☞ Eigene Bots
☞ EIn Fähiges Leiter Team
Wir bieten dir:
🔹Ein Rangsystem
🔹Viele verschiedene Bots
🔹Ein Freundliches Serverteam
🔹Ein übersichtlichen Server
Tu veux te divertir ?
J’ai la solution pour toi
Dans ce serveur il y a :
- 🎮 Des gamers de tout jeux (minecraft,fortnite,fall guys,rocket league...)
- 🔒Du staff actif et talentueux et a l’ecoute
- 👫🏼Des membres a l’ecoute egalement
- Un service de support pour le site cjs-esport mais aussi pour des questions
Voici ton invitation tu es la bienvenue 😁:

Join this server

we will provide

colour roles

spam channel

friendly moderaters

15 bots for your fun

everyne and here tag for server promtion
on weekends

What we need

Active chat 24/7


Giveaway hosters

Gfx desiner

Мы рады всем и каждому, кто забрёл сюда. На сервере мы общаемся, играем, просто тусуемся и наслаждаемся обществом. Если вы одинокий, то вполне можете найти тут друзей и просто хорошую компанию.

Что ж, думаю, что для начала необходимо ознакомиться с правилами. Они находятся в ⋮✨⋮rules. Заранее говорю, не пугайтесь такого большого кол-ва пунктов, если вы адекватный человек, то не нарушите их. А если всё же нарушите, то это явно не будет что-то серьёзное.

На нашем сервере есть несколько каналов для общения и сейчас мы обсудим текстовые:

⋮☀️⋮chat— грубо говоря, это лицо сервера. Здесь люди могут общаться, не опасаясь "неприличного" контента, вы можете кидать гифки.
⋮📃⋮roles—отличный канал, ведь он создан что бы познакомиться с ролями.
⋮💥⋮конкурсы—на этом канале устраиваются конкурсы в которых вы можете участвовать.
⋮⚡⋮memes—в этом канале вы можете кидать только мемы.

На сервере вы можете найти разные категории игр, например: among us, garry's mod, CS:GO, green hell, minecraft, fortnite.

Специальные голосовые чаты по категориям.

Здесь мы не описывали некоторые моменты и для полной картины вам стоит заглянуть на сам сервер. Надеемся, что вам тут понравится, и что вы найдёте здесь ту компанию, которую хотели.
This is a community server, work up your way to stronger and more powerful ranks.
All people (except furries and weirdos) are welcomed.
Annoy us and you are forever a slave unless you decide to leave GLORY GREATEST.
Do not disobey us or we will deport you elsewhere.
Memes welcome.
Gore and NSFW is forbidden.
Spamming, disobeying the rules and outright refusing to follow them will cause us to take lawful action.
If we accept you, WELCOME TO GLORY GREATEST!!!
✯ Welcome to Fight! A Instagram, Xbox & PlayStation Community ✯

✯☽ ~ Active Chat
✯☽ ~ Fun bots
✯☽ ~ Semi-toxic
✯☽ ~ Giveaways
✯☽ ~ VC Packing
✯☽ ~ Clean Server Layout
Hello, welcome to our server. Its pretty new and we dont have many people but still feel free to join!!! We play a bunch of games but we mainly just chill and play league! Were looking for anyone who is chill and wants to talk! we are usually on everyday but just ping us if you wanna talk! *also we are looking for low league levels.
Hey und herzlich willkommen auf unserem **Gαмıиg Lσυпɢε Server**.
Wir sind ein netter, übersichtlicher Community-Server, der sich darauf spezialisiert hat Menschen zusammenzuführen, egal ob ihr gleichgesinnte zum quatschen sucht oder jemanden zum zocken, hier ist für jeden etwas dabei.

Bei uns kann sich jeder selbst mit einbringen, wenn ihr Vorschläge, Verbesserungen oder Wünsche habt, nennt sie uns und wir tun unser möglichstes, sie zu erfüllen.

Was wir dir bieten:
➥ viele Selfroles für alle Bedürfnisse
➥ Channel wo ihr Mitspieler für euer Lieblingsspiel suchen könnt
➥ unsere Musikbots welche eure Ohren mit wunderschönen Melodien verwöhnen
➥ verschiedene Discordgames
➥ ein Level-System
➥ ein Cash-System
➥ wir halten dich immer über die neusten Vorkommnisse auf dem laufendem
➥ du kannst dir eigene Channel erstellen und diese selbst verwalten
➥ unser Team wird dir bei jeglichen Problemen zur Seite stehen und versuchen sie so schmell wie möglich zu lösen
➥ wir nehmen gern Partnerschaften mit anderen Servern an

Falls wir dich mit unserer kleinen Beschreibung überzeugt haben, würden wir und freuen, wenn du uns mal einen Besuch abstattest.
If you feel imitated playing with guys or just want to play along side people just like you join this server! Its a safe place to talk, chill, laugh, and play among us! *mic is needed to play certain games*
I'm a streamer and this is my discord server. Just because I'm a streamer doesn't mean I don't interact with my server. I'm pretty much always active and so are our mods. Make some new friends, talk with people, do events, etc. Can't wait to see you with us!
A 15+ server for the purposes to talk about siege, chat with new people and just vibe. We accommodate to all platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC
A chill, openminded server for gamers to come and hang out. Come and make some new friends as well as find people to play with on the games you love. We are only accepting people of the ages 16 and older. Movie nights, chill VC hangouts and more! We look forward to meeting you!
We are a small community looking to grow as one, We have a great staff team and an active player base. We believe in everybody getting a slice of the pie, whether you're a professional gamer or just a casual gamer, or maybe you're a well known streamer or just starting out, this community is here to help you grow. We want to be known for more than just one of those "personal gaming" discords we want to be known as a socializing-gaming community. Please feel free to give us a try. I promise you won't be disappointed.
We are a chill place, for about anything. If you play pokemon go we have stuff for the community. 100iv cords, and maps to see what is spawning around you. We also enjoy all other types of games Call of Duty, Fall Guys, Among Us and more. Come chill with the most fire discord family.
Aqui encontraran amigos y podran compartir todo tipos de games, unite!!!

Entra y presentate, no seas timido!!! Te esperamos!!!
Please Read

1. No Spamming (Except in #deleted-channel .)

2. Don't start drama.

3. No inappropriate profile pictures.

4. Use channels as intended. (don't start random conversations in #high-kill-games and so on.)

5. Don't put any type of porn anywhere in the server.

6. No abusing perms.

7. If you need help please contact @fruit or @caz-chan in DM's.

8. Don't unnecessarily swear.

9. Don't be racist. (unless it's clearly a joke.)

10. Don't be toxic. (Some saltiness or complaining is okay but don't constantly rage.)

11. No furries under punishment by death.

12. Don't spam mention people.

13. No Fortnite lol. (i'm serious)

If you want to organize something in a private server or something like that DM and ill try to set it up for you.

If you want perms DM @caz-chan about it.

@everyone if you have any trouble add me caz-chan#8446
Tu as envie de te faire offrir gratuitement des jeux vidéo ? Notre discord est fait pour cela ! Il annonce les jeux vidéo qui sont offerts par les éditeurs et que tu peux ajouter à vie dans ta bibliothèque ! N'importe laquelle, Epic Games, Steam, Gog, Uplay, Origins et même des jeux mobiles. Il y a de quoi bien remplir tes bibliothèques de jeux et si tu ne rates aucune offre, c'est 5000€ de jeux qui sont offerts par an. Et cela depuis 2 ans :)

On vous annonce aussi les offres spéciales ou les jeux qui sont testables gratuitement pendant un week-end comme The Division 2, Rainbow Six, Overwatch, Star citizen, World war Z et bien d'autres.

Nous possédons un staff amical et toujours présent (enfin si ces faignants ne dorment pas... ou geek encore sur les jeux qu'on leur a offerts)

Aller rejoint nous et économise tes sous pour acheter des skins plutôt que des jeux :D