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The Trademart is a CS:GO trading server with knowledgeable, active members and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
It's the perfect place to join if you're looking to find someone to trade with, price check, or get some tips on how to begin trading.

We also offer useful features, such as getting your screenshot by simply posting an inspect link in a channel.

High-value giveaways on a weekly basis, over $10,000 given away so far!

Community challenges! Draw, write poems and win prizes.
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ItsOxide ItsOxide
kind of pog
epic server but some guy named bup wont send me feet pix so I had to remove a star. also staff gets angy when post memes in general lol very fun. 10/10 might come again. I'm pretty sure I got rabies from this server but ok
72 giorni fa
EspionArts EspionArts
I am the best Negevator of trademart
this fact was true , i owned my Negev power on this server
Hope you will never play vs me on MM :>
119 giorni fa
hiNo hiNo
Best Discord Server Hands Down!
I won 400$ Deagle. Now I have 1000$ inventory thanks to Trademart, Esketit! Bababoey! It do be like dat sometimes doe ngl. b r u h !
128 giorni fa
Flex Seal Flex Seal
It is lovely
Well what can i say. After 1.5 years in the server, watching it grow from only a 100 members to 11509, have finally decided to give this review.
The server got a caring and nice community, that is active in all chats 24/7. And that is an amazing feeling. We have giveaways, price check channels, awesome bot systems where you can see your inventory value and easily convert currencies, we got everything you need.
Trade smart at TradeMart! Welcome!
128 giorni fa