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Hello and welcome to the monster with 21 faces. If you do not know what that is I advise that you read up on it. This server is made for the people who want to come together and create a gaming community although this group will be made with the intent of Red Dead Redemption we will not hope to,but we will branch out into other games to make sure that we are not just focused on one game. My plan is to come together with a group I can see a future with and will strive to do great things.
Hope to see you come visit the family pack that is the F.A.C, or "Furry Art Club" if you prefer. We are a small-ish community server dedicated to the furry fandom and art with some extra focus on having an open and warm community spirit!
We have a very welcoming staff team from around the world and 300+ members. We strive our hardest to provide as good of a small server experience as is possible. To achieve this we are dedicated and open-eared to our community and their wishes.
Below are some highlights of what we have available here at the F.A.C!
- We have a number of dedicated discussion channels dedicated to various topics such as pop culture, politics, cute stuffs and more!
- A good all-round general chat operating at a solid tempo, neither too quick or too slow.
- NSFW channels for you lewd boyos owo.
- Arts of all sorts, ranging from music to drawing and all the way to game development!

(please remember to @ the welcome role so you can get verified and given the appropriate roles)

Here we can talk about subjects and share memes, anime, video games, history, mythology, food, art, share pictures of your pets, promote your discord, Snapchat, and instagram. We also accept people who speaks different languages. If your interested in joining great, but if not I completely understand
Hello! This we are the Kool Kids.
Here, we provide fun at all times.
Making new friends.
Having fun playing games most of the time.
And we have bots to mess around with as well, such as, Pokécord, Pokéverse, OwO, Tacoshack, and Yggdrasil (A.K.A. URSS Phone).
If you would like to reccomend any other bots, let us know and we will consider it.
Here, we Occasionly play Smash but if you would like to play other games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart, or Rocket league, Etc. We can.
Hopefully you enjoy your stay!
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PGC, Providence Group Chapel, a community with the desire to grow and a family friendly server to meet new people! Discuss anything from video games, what you created whether it be art or music! If life hits you hard, we also have a Faith section that you can send prayer requests, be apart of our bible study and share your testimonials!
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This is the 3 AM discord gang, we have many channels for whatever you wanna talk about.

You can talk about video games, memes, anime, and more!
A Sonic-themed server based on Sonic Heroes. Socialize, share your art, and have fun!
Brawlhalla central is a brawlhalla server that hosts tournaments, gives prizes of all sorts, and has major fun events! tournaments usually consist to 20-40 players on average and usually last 5-9 hours long. We also stream all events and even have fun "featured player" streams where anyone can fight you on stream! so what are you waiting for? join Brawlhalla Central!
Fandom. It's stands for "Fanatic Domain." Which is exactly what this server is about!

𝔽𝕒𝕟𝕕〄𝕞 ℙ𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕚𝕦𝕞 is a server with:
• 30+ fandom Channels
• 10+ genre channels
• A music channel
• An art channel
• A category for literature which include a poetry channel and a short-story channel
• A roleplaying category
• 10+ bots

Fandom Pandemonium is a server for all sorts of fandoms, ranging from book fandoms such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Maze Runner and Percy Jackson, to show fandoms such as Doctor Who, Good Omens, Sherlock, and Supernatural. We also have channels for comic-book-movies fans such as the Marvel and the DC channels. There are even channels for anime, sitcoms, and also for cartoons.

We are a growing community of fun people, and most of us are pretty friendly! Please join to help us broaden our community!

Thanks! :)

{DISCLAIMER: This server is somewhere between PG13-NC16 so be warned XD. All ages are welcome as long as you're mature enough.}
Hey, welcome to Star Wars United! This server is a place where all Star Wars fans can discuss their opinions on Star Wars freely! We also have fun server events, great staff, and are open to server suggestions. We are also open to partnerships with other servers with minimum requirements! Join now!
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🌼Welcome to the Garden🌼
-This server contains-
-Video Games
-Minecraft and more
if you enjoy anthing i put on this list plz join this server.

you can meet and chat with others about shows, games, movies, books, and more! our mission is to unite people of every fandom and have fun together! we do our best to maintain a positive and toxic-free server. all of us here are respectful and supportive, and we hope you can trust us to become a safe space for you and your troubles.

our server has various chats for specific fandoms, such as star wars, harry potter, marvel, miraculous ladybug, anime, minecraft, and so much more!

some of the bots we include in our server are: mudae/mudamaid, rythm, rythm 2, yagpdb, color-chan, birthday bot, world time, and more will come soon!

don’t miss out on the fun! we have a ranking system for those who level up! more exciting events are coming soon!

our server is almost at level 3! whether you're a fan or not, we are open to making new friends! if you decide to be apart of it, please enjoy yourself! this is a safe environment, there are people that would love to welcome you to our server!

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A chill voice chatting server with people that like to play video games and talk about whatever.
Welcome to DayZ N’ Chill. The newest and fastest growing Server known to DayZ. Our focus is on having fun, that’s it!
We currently have over 600 members, spanning all over the world and hope that one day we can be one of the largest Day Z communities there is :earth_americas:


All servers are 50 Slot and Full all the time. Filled with a super fun community that enjoy chaos-fueled PvP, silly adventures, and generally *CHILL* atmosphere.

🌏 50 Slot [HIGH/NYC] - **Page 1**
🔥 PvP / RP / Basebuilding
🌱 Organic PvP with no forced events.
🧝‍♀️ Encouraged Role Playing, Base Building & Trading.
🌖 Longer Days.
⏲ Server resets every 6 hours.

**Discord Information:**
✅ Discord Link:
🗣 Language: English :speaking_head:
🇺🇸 PlayerBase: Majority USA & UK 🇬🇧
⏱ Hours of Operation: 24/7
📋 Challenges, Bounties, Killfeeds + more!
💰 Rewards, Rankings and Full Economy
🐦 Live Feed from DayZ Twitter, Reddit and YouTube
🗺 Dedicated Rooms for help learning (Tips & Tricks, iZurvive, Videos etc)

**and much more!!**
Me and my friends started it just to meet nee people and make more friends! Its a friendly environments welcoming to everyone at least 15 and up! It's LGBTQ+ Safe, we welcome fellow artists, hold some game nights, planning a D&D campaign, and we have our own minecraft realm server welcome to those who are in the server :)
💦This is a server for all you sweaty weebs out there! This server is fairly new and needs some members to help it grow! Fun server to talk about just about anything you're interested in! 15+ is the preferred age.💦
A whore house and a place to play video games.
We have Self Roles and NSFW channels
Over 100 emojis
A new verified system
Come and stay for awhile
Looking for a org that you'd like?
Well TGU has got that!
We have:
-TGU is a a fun and friendly group where members interact with each other
-Opportunity to make new friends
- Family Friendly
We need:
- Comp Players
- Content Creators
Welcome to "Kegawa no ie (Fur House)": This is a starting server for everyone fur or non-fur to socialize and be their true self.
We have:
Custom Roles
Venting Room
Meme Room
Art Category
Rp Channels
and a Media Room.
The server may be small right now but I have a feeling it will blossom into something very amazing.
Hope to see ya here in Fur House a.k.a. Kegawa no ie
We are a growing server dedicated to Hollow knight! Join to chat, share your work, or even just post memes. Help spread the love of an amazing indie game! We now have a roleplay channel and events to showcase your skills.
A friendly community in which you can find new friends to compete and grow with in all sorts of video games, share art, and loads more! While we're mainly a Splatoon 2 server, there are many other categories and games that we play! We're all friends here, so everyone is welcome!
The only requirement is that you be at least 15 years old!
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Welcome to the Fandom Hotel.

We are a welcoming server to fandoms of all kind & here is what we offer:

• Welcoming staff and members
• Safe space to talk about what you love
• Chats to match each fandoms type
• Cool daily questions & polls