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For centuries the races of Human and Vampire have fought. Both wanting to overtake the other and rule as the dominant race. In the town of Daiso this war has seemingly gone quiet, however what used to lurk in the shadows now roam in the light. Humans have seemingly taken over the town but Vampires have learned how to adapt and live among the weak. Those who couldn’t being made into slaves for the rich. This race could never roll over and die easily though. Those born into bodies that make blood could face the light. Helping the others take out those who trickle from the weak and leaving a message to remind the world they still exist. They will be the superior race. They will have their revenge.

Disclaimer: Since this is a server about war there’s things that come with that as well as adult topics is why it’s labeled NSFW.
Welcome to Vampires! The Dark alleyway! This is just a gateway drug, we are not going to lie. We are getting this community up off the ground. It's just a baby door to a much bigger community, designed so you won't be overwhelmed, a place to chill and a safe haven to write, explore your creativity. Set in modern-day, and sometimes not modern-day.
Feel free to explore our gardens, join us in the bar, make new friends, hang out with them, or get daring and see what's behind the red curtain. 18+ only.
Come and play with us, and get lost in the lore that you help create.

What we offer.
* In game help and guidance (It’s a simple game)
* dedicated staff
* nsfw
* friendly people.
* LGBT Friendly
* many other races to choose from than just vampires.
* access to a long time community looking to have a lot of fun!
For many years now, the people of Reaverville have lived in the shadow of Lord Reaver von Malgath, who rules over the town from Castle Morgrave. Lord Malgath rules from their old residence with an iron fist and a cold heart. His elite, nameless Shadow Council control the city below- under their watchful eye, the villagers live in relative comfort, but their happiness is no more than a mask. Still, people stay, as the outskirts of town hold the Cragglethorn Forest and Leviathan Lake, both home to dangerous creatures that lurk in the night. Within the city, the Church of the Blazing Sun does their best to lift the spirits of citizens and protect them from evil with the help of the Holy Flame, while knights and guards patrol the cobblestone walls to fight back the monsters that threaten life within the city.

With the town on the brink of war, neighboring countries have sent in knights of their own in order to aid Reaverville, resulting in even more tension than usual. For now, things are calm. But, like most things in Reaverville, the peace that still stands is only an illusion, and soon, the true darkness that lurks in the shadows will be revealed.

Reaverville is a 18+, Gothic inspired, LGBTQ+ friendly rp with a helpful staff and an immersive story. Play as a Vampire, Witch, Warlock or Human villager, and work as a nun, deacon, or a slayer in the Blazing Sun church, a knight within Reaverdale or from another kingdom, a member of the Silver Star Coven, or as one of the dozens of professions available within the kingdom. With the ability to play up to three characters, there are plenty of interesting options for character creation that will allow you to explore a variety of main and subplots within the city. We hope to see you soon, and remember- all hail the Dark Lord.
Currently the world is ruled by vampires, a natural phenomenon broke out have a millennia ago; it was the birth of vampires. These creatures have extraordinary abilities that far surpass humans, this led to humans being put under their thumb. The lesser race. And a food source. Will you be the predator? Or the prey? With the time set in 2642, but not having the future technology and with weapons being from the olden days while vampires have a unique take in this rp, there will be at least something someone can enjoy in this server.

With a helpful staff team, and wonderful members to help out people, and the ability to be a vampire or a human, lots of things can happen in the world. We hope you enjoy the server!
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In a world filled with magical beings and creatures alike; there lies a place where everyone lived in peace. This place was called the "Other Realm" or the "O.R." for short.
On the anniversary of the 2,400th year of peace, all hell broke loose.

In this realm, there are different worlds filled with creatures like werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters and many more. Though one of the Queen's generals didn't believe that peace was an option. He had been plotting behind the Queen's back to take the throne of the O.R for himself.

This General became the leader of what are now called "The Outsiders."

A week after he had overthrown the Kingdom of Realms, The General had been Killed by a group of surviving Royal Knights. Though that didn't stop the Outsiders, as the General had a son named Valentine.

Valentine had been away studying magic in order help his father take the throne, and when he found out that his father was killed... Valentine went into a blind rage, stripping everyone of their memories before sending every survivor of the massacre into a dimension without magic.

The world the survivors ended up on was a place called "Earth."

Only the few surviving Royal Knights ended up remembering what had happened. On earth, the Royal Knights had woken up from something called a "coma," in bodies of what humans called "teenagers."

The Knights became leaders of the Rebel Alliance and took place deep within Pisgah National forest in North Carolina.

Will you join the rebels in trying to take back their home, or will you succumb to the wrath of Valentine and Outsiders?
In this server we have:

~ Fun and active people to talk to
~ Different roles to choose from
~ Many different species to be
We have 3 different "Races" Demons. Vampires. And Humans. Demons take the forms of weapons that are used by Humans. Vampires have normal weapons but gain a Special Power that aids them in combat. Humans are trained with demons and wield them to fend off the vampires. join us if you want.
In the days of old, before Eden.
There was God, he created the earth.

But Lucifer, he created hell.
He had three sons, these are the first Demon, Warlock, and Vampire.
Their mission was to destroy earth, by creating unstoppable armies.

But the Warlocks and Vampires quite liked the humans,
So they turned against the Demons.
This is their war,
This is their story.
Vampirism is a community for fans of vampire fiction. We discuss anything from vampire movies, TV series, games, books and music to art, fanfiction and RP.

We host a number of weekly activities including a movie night and a "question of the week", which is a vampire-related open-ended question to get some discussion started.

Please keep in mind that we do not identify as vampires, nor do we believe they exist in real life. We simply enjoy all types of vampire fiction!

When you first join, you will have to answer a few questions in the introductions channel before the other channels open up. These are fairly simple questions such as your age, location, and what sort of vampire fiction you are into. We've done this to keep out trolls, raiders and the like so that the server remains pleasant and positive for all.
We are a pleasant and loving group and we accept all people. The topic of this server is to be able to talk together. We help, talk, listen, and laugh as a community should. Don’t wait for life to come to you, you have to take it.

- Friendly group
- Dedicated staff
- LGBT friendly
- Roles
- Character creation
- Roleplay
- And MUCH More!
A supernatural roleplay with original lore. The server features organized roles, ooc chats for art, music and more, as well as fun bots! If you're into supernatural themes, this might be the server for you.
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*I once taught magic, to young children who were lost in the world with no place to go. Little did I know those little monsters would be my biggest mistake.*

*There was two girls in particular Belladonna and Bellatrix but everyone called her Bea. Bellatrix had an evil in her from a young age, she would tear dolls apart in front of other children and then threaten to due the same to them. But nothing more than this ever happened for a long time, until the day she stabbed another student 77 times in the chest. We couldn’t have the press find out about this, so I hid the body and beat Bellatrix to a bloody pulp. After that things just got worse until she completely snapped. She first killed all of the students except Belladonna and a few others managed to escape and then burned the school to the ground. She then hung the bodies of the other students on poles in front of the charred remains of the building, and then grew a forest over it to cover her crimes and killed herself forever cursing the area...*

*Belladonna ran for years until she finally reached Camsier City. where she became one of the most powerful witches in history, before her death in 1980. ever since then she’s been lying in her tomb her soul living in a dead body.*
Hello all!
This is an 18+ server.
Welcome to Home For The Supernatural.
Are you a Vampire? wanna be a part of a Vampire Community? Then come join us!
Are you a Witch,Pagan, Warlock? wanna be a part of a community? JOIN!
Are you even maybe a hive mind? come join us!
Home for the supernatural is a safe place for all supernatural creatures who are in hiding or who are afraid to come out of hiding in fear of being made fun of.
We are all different and we will support everyone.
*NOTE: THIS IS NOT A ROLEPLAYING SERVER. NOT A ROLE PLAY SERVER. This is for people who are and believe in the supernatural.
*note 2: this is a brand new server. so we are looking for people who are serious and not trolls. we are very nice and friendly and would love for you to join if you're just like us.
*note 3: We are a 18+ server only. 18 and above only. This is an ADULTS ONLY server. (this is for the safety of everyone)
Welcome to our safehaven dedicated for mythical races situated in the small town of Forks, Washington.

Based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer, our server is dedicated to STRICTLY LITERATE ROLEPLAYS including vampires, werewolves, humans, and hybrids. OCs ONLY. With quality bots, a variety of channels and a great community, there's no reason not to join our home. Don't want to roleplay? No problem! You're always free to stay in our server without claiming a character. Our staff is always here to hear your questions, suggestions and concerns. We hope to see you in our haven!
Humans and vampires had lived in utter harmony, separated, yet simultaneously united in a relationship that was a little bumpy at times. Yeah, the bloodsuckers would pick off a sheep or child here and there, but humans would kill a few of the fanged as well. It was an alliance rooted in mutualism.

Until Peter McNally was elected into leadership.

The killing spree began, shattering the unity between man and beast. It is up to your character to stop it.
This is a world between humans and vampires, the vampires are upperclassmen and the humans are normal people despite the fights they have. Reyna is in control of everyone, the most powerful vampire on the planet. But she isn't the perfect mayor as she seems. There are also the group called the "vanquish vamps" a small group against Reyna's rule as a vampire. There are blood factories for vampires to quench their thirst. Is it humane enough despite it being voluntary? Is Orilon a utopia or a dystopia? Start roleplaying to find out.

We have pluralkit, tupperbox, dank memer, music bots and more!
Welcome to Blackwater, a place filled with strange happenings.

Here there are vampires and werewolves. Both factions who hate each other.

Roleplay as a Vampire, Human, or Wrerewolf and have fun!
You just arrived to Knight Academy! Welcome, I am your senior guide! Here's the story Kid.

Long ago when the Middle Ages began there was an academy started by an association of knights. The academy grew and the four knights split into four dorms or groups. The groups always want to win with the most points at the end of the year. Whoever wins gets to go on a trip during the summer. The four groups are named, The Royal Fang Crew, The Unseen, The Anonymous, and last but not least the Empty Eyes.

There tends to be a feud between the dorms. The reason why is because they are all different races. In the 1900’s they hated each other so much they sabotaged each others activities. The feud died down when the royal family actually said something about this making a rule.

The Royal Family is basically just the royals of the kingdom and watch over the academy. In the Middle Ages the queen and king of the time approved of starting the academy so the king and queen now pick of who the headmaster is and such.

The Royal Fang Crew is the dorm of vampires. Yes, vampires live and can walk in sunlight. The Royal Fang Crew has one the trip for the past five years. The Royal Fang Crew has members of the dorm who still sabotage the other dorms. Vampires and werewolves do have a feud do something that happened during the 1500’s. This dorm is very cleaned up and professional, they love to throw parties here and there but they are usually planning their next secret sabotage.

The Unseen is the dorm of the werewolves. The werewolves must change at the full moon. The Unseen dorm of werewolves was stereotyped by the vampires that they were suck-ups. The Unseen werewolves are very honest and loyal. They have only one once. This dorm is very out-there and creative. The werewolves express their feelings so they can better can control their werewolf senses. The Unseen tend to only hang out with themselves but attend the Anonymous’ parties. The Unseen like sticking together because they think of themselves like a pack since they are all werewolves.
The Anonymous is the dorm of the witches, they do not care about this trip, so they usually have low points. Your character can want to win but usually the majority of the time they don’t want to win. They just want to get the school year done with and go hang out with their friends over the summer. The Anonymous dorm is filled with witches who are funky and spontaneous. The witches always throw parties inviting the other dorms because the witches of the anonymous do not care about the rivalry going on. They just like to party.

The Empty Eyes is the dorm of the humans. This dorm who doesn’t care about anyone else here. The humans usually keep to themselves and usually stay in the dorm. The Empty Eyes want to win but they don’t try too hard. The Empty Eyes basically hate the other races because they are human and they think are better and that the others are freaks. This dorm has never won.


Richard- Vampire and founded Royal Fang Crew (Missing/Alive)
Nathan- Werewolf and founded Unseen (dead)
Lillian- Witch and founded Anonymous (Missing/Alive)
Aiden- Human and founded Empty Eyes (Dead)

That's basically our school Kiddo! There's fun drama here too if you want to get involved.
For players 18+. Welcome to Divide - A Modern Vampire Story. We're based in a quiet, remote North American town completely cut off from the rest of society. In this alternate universe, Vampires have managed to dwell and thrive in this relative peace - arriving and populating the majority of the town, pushing the human population down to around 50%. Here, you'll pick whether you live as a human or a vampire. It's 2019, after all, and people tend not to discriminate. But, despite the harmony, there are always people on both sides that are born with natural contempt for their opposites. Will you survive in this peculiar little place? Make your character and find out.
This a role play server in the same universe as twilight you may not be overpowered and only staff may be vaultorie but we will have a lot of fun here we need more ppl to start rp
This server is based off a small story idea i've had for a while. In a world where vampires, hunters, and werewolves exist. What would happen if the prodigy hunter disappeared?? Will the balance of power stay the same? or will it shift to a mysterious new faction.
Welcome to the Universe of Vampires and Werewolves. This is a full town of Vampires and of course Werewolves. The vampires and werewolves have been at war for eons but it has mostly settled down. Mostly. This is not a erp server but you can people fall in love if you want. We hope you enjoy the fun friend.
An AU universe

The blood beads have run dry, with no other choice the revenants make a stand against Silva and the government. Freeing the humans they allow them to rebuild their world, the Successor Of The Blood and his royal attendant standing in for the dying Queen. The revenants have become feared among the human race as the centuries drift by, rebranding them, vampires. They hunt as they used to before the government snatched every remaining human.

The humans survive the lost with their own weaponry and training regimes, these fighters are known as Covenants, holy men who use special weapons to destroy the hearts of the lost and vampires alike. The original revenants who thought they could befriend humanity realize their mistake too late as humans now threaten the survival of vampirekind...

A new but open and friendly community!

Mudae, kawaii bot and Kashima!

Activites and events!

Introducing a new element! Vampire hunting! Just as the revenants head into the areas where the lost are, masks on, covenants can enter The Kingdom Of Blood, the home of The Successor Of The Blood and the Royal Vampire Family. Face off against numerous revenants all powered by their blood codes!
We're a chill, mature community of fans of the Vampire Chronicles server.
We have
-Roleplay channels
-Tags to show off your dedication to the series
-Artists for the fandom, and channels to show off your original artwork or fanart
-A fun, chill, and mature community
Taking place in 2026, New Orleans,
New Orleans has evolved into Supernatural's form humans mistakes, they must all face challenges as Humans burn any Witch, Werewolf, and Vampire at the stake. Behind New Orleans hides the supernatural's and dirty secrets they carry. All supernatural must hide out and protect their secrets from Mortals, If they were to find out of Witchcraft they'd all be burned at the stake. Supernaturals must learn to thrive and face challenges as they mustn't expose their secret. Evergreen has many challenges to come, the last time the Supernaturals were faced with something Malivore rose. The eater of all Human-Supernaturals. Supernaturals must also learn to live while fighting all sorts of demons, as they try exposing the secrets that lay beneath New Orleans. The Humans must be on a lookout as Supernatural's are right under their nose. They will face many challenges as Hell's general comes to New Orleans to have them all supernatural burned at the stake, they must all band together and split apart to keep their secrets hidden.