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We are a Strucid competitive clan. We need quality players, what we mean here are people that have good skills. Stats don't matter, what matters are your skills. Join today to make be undefeatable, and be in the top 1s!
My name is Angel I am currently a B.O.D in this server, So this server has over 100+ servers and currently the number 2 best clan in strucid!!!!!

We will be happy if u would like to be part of it
Hi, Join team Nyxoy


C Team
Must have over 1.3 kdr
Must be over level 40
Must have over 1000 kills

B Team
Must have over 1.45 kdr
Must be over level 60
Must have over 2500 kills

A Team
Must have over 1.6 kdr
Must be over level 100
Must have over 5000 kills

Elite Team
Must have over 1.75 kdr
Must be over level 130
Must have over 8000 kills

Tryout Host
Must have over 1.8 kdr
Must be over level 145
Must have over 10000 kills

Tryouter for tryout host must be approved by another tryout host
_Strucid Team

Strucid Elite Team

Must have atleast 150 levels. (Can be discussed)

20Kills, 2.50 KDR. (Can be discussed)

Have amazing Aim, Editing, Building.

Have amazing Scrims experience.

Strucid Main Team

Must have 100 levels.

9k kills, Have 1.5 KDR. (Can be discussed)

Have good Aim, Building, Editing.

Have good Scrims experience.

Island Royale Team

Elite team

Must have 50 Levels.

10k kills, 1.25 KDR.

Have amazing Aim, Building, Editing.

Have amazing Zone wars experience.

Main Team

Must have 25 levels

5K kills, 1KDR.

Have good Aim, Building, Editing.

Have okay Zone wars experience.
Hi we are team Clap6 come down and join us

Looking for: Gfx designers, tryout hosts (with vip servers), staff members
Welcome to Team FaTe, this is like Team Fear. Introducing players and if you dont have a good pc to record videos, thats all good we can always recruit you! This team is like as team fear! Come join! glhf!
Hello, welcome to Team Hex! We're going for the #1 spot for the Strucid Leaderboards!

What we offer:
Clan Wars
and much more! Join today for a chance to tryout for our team!
We are the new Clan we have categories Strucid we hope for a quick solution
Welcome to Team Typhon!
Typhon is a competitive Strucid clan with a nice community.
Strucid Clan!
Level Requirement - 60+
KDR Requirement - ANY KDR!
Welcome to Encrypt! This is a competetive strucid clan. We are a new clan, looking for any new members to join us. Tryout requirements are relatively low, and we do clan wars a lot! Come join to chat or tryout!
We do clan training and minigames every week, looking for good Strucid Players. Feel free to say anything we will listen to your suggestions and answer your questions. We want to make sure your time here is good and we want people to see us as a good, hardworking and welcoming clan.