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RECRUITING COMP PLAYERS! . Hi, we are Clan Cion we want to be one of the top clan in Strucid! We have been raided twice but our owner is still going and doing this.making the server more typical and fun! Over the past couple weeks we have met some goals
We have rc Submissions so if ur a youtuber u can join and submit an Rc!

Pls.we really need you!!! We need people to join

-get above 50 members

-partner with other clans

-and get noticed

-also do some clan wars

Join for
- vip servers
- clan wars
- meetings from YouTubers
- giveaways EVERYDAY (dank Memer coins) (gfx) (
- and trainers
-a free thumbnail everyday (VFX or gfx)
We have giveaways and clan wars everyday!

We would love if you could join we have giveaways prizes and invite rewards! We would love if you join bc we want to be a very goated clan. We already have very goated players! So pls join it would help a lot and we have lots to offer for you! SO JOIN! If u want to he apart of Clan Cion!
We're also very active so u will always of someone to talk too when u join. The server
Roblox Group:!/about
Welcome to skeleton clan this is my first clan new and fresh ! pls join.
pro clan, join if you think you. have a chance to join SKELETON CLAN !
Goodluck !!
Nouveau !
Hey!, welcome to 1%.
1% is a Team Created on 7/2/2020, looking to be one of the best
teams in strucid. We are gonna host daily scrims to find new players for our team. We have 3 types of rosters, KOS Roster - Creative Roster - Boxfight Roster. We are active and trying to recruit goated players, we try to keep the community not toxic because toxicity leads to chaos.

Team Ivy Trying to blow up, Join the clan for a great experience, cuz theres no toxicity and our members have a great sence of humor so you wont be bored at anytime. We do clan wars and wagers too!! :) And plssss be active
Welcome to ZT - Zero Tolerance.
We are like most clans wanting to get on top,
tho we are not exactly the same cause We Will Get On TOP.
also when you join please verify with owner to get perms and see all channels you will also have to try out to be a member of ZT.
We are a strucid clan and we have some of the most goated players and we also have a few clouted players. We have won all of our clan wars so far. To tryout you will have to wait for someone to host tryouts so make sure you have your notifications on for that specific channel and we are also very active hosting events and tryouts. Have a great time in our clan.
Introducing Team SeaR

Come join the pro team with goated players and consitant youtube uploads.
- You will get free video/montage editing
- Free Gfx's ( Unless really complex. )
- And Soon to come tournies
- And a lot of advantages.
This is a strucid clan trying to become huge! It was formed by me/ robloxsment.
This is a CLAN server, Team Godly! We have alot of stuff like tryouts, best staff,
rc's, looking for 1v1's and many more!
Hi we are Team XtincT we are a strucid CLAN we are GRINDING to become a HUGE clan/server we Hope you join and become part of our community thx for joining
Created-Loh Floh-D4RK-Creepy
Hey Guys! Welcome to Mythic Clan, My name is Mythic-Frizix and I am the owner of this clan, so this clan is a Strucid clan and what my clan has is a category called socials and that will have like the general chat, a meme room, self promotion and etc. Then I will also have a category called voice chats and game chats, there will also be a music room. Lastly tryouts, I do not have a vip server and it will be first to 3 but if you get 2 kills on me you are in the clan clan but if you get all 3 kills before me you are a Elite Player. And we aren't that competitive. So I hope you enjoy my server and have fun!
Recruting players.

Join this for goated players and really good offers.

- Constent uploads on Desired YT channel

- Robux giveaways

- Nitro Giveaways

- CW Record: 30-1

- Kind community

We have been raided a couple of times so please stay and invite people.
We are a new competitive team looking for new members!
we do:
🎁| Giveaways
💣|Clan wars
,And we need more members
aye there! Team Mystic is a Strucid Clan made like a year ago. we do tournament's, giveaway's and more! make sure to join and rate our server! ask our tryout host or do an rc but rc is most helpful for our tryout host xd jk alr have fun being in team mystic! -Firm
Hello! Welcome to Synth~Clan! |WE ARE A RC ONLY CLAN|
This is a Strucid Server that has Professional Players from all around the globe. We not only want to Grow as a clan, but grow as a Community and people having fun!
- Main Team
- Active Partners!
- Players are Welcome!
- Clanwars
- Synth Recruiting (Use #SynthRC)
- Special Events (Including Giveaways!!)
- Team Rosters
(Kos Roster)
(BoxFight Roster)
(Scrims Roster)
(Mobile Roster)
(NA-East Roster)
(Na-West Roster)
(OCE Roster)
We are a Roblox Strucid clan!

Join today for
-VIP Servers
-Battle Royale
-And much more! Join today to have a great time while playing Roblox!
Nouveau !
🤖We Play Strucid Mostly We Are A Gaming Discord Server🤖
👾We Try To Be As Active As Possible We Do👾
💣|Clan wars
And We Are Desperate. 🔰We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay🔰