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At Sigma Signals, we are a distinguished trading community focused on stocks/options/futures and education.

Member benefits include
-Free live zoom sessions.
-Free live day trading/scalping.
-Free option alerts.
-Free levels.
-Free buy/sell signals.
-Free charting tools.
-Live streaming FlowAlgo
-One on One advice.
-Educational content.
-Sigma Academy.
And much more!.

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The internet is filled with a massive amount of knowledge, however it is often scattered and unorganized. It is hard to find those willing to be transparent and help, especially when it comes to trading.

Eagle Investors is a distinguished trading community for Stocks, Options, and Futures.

Our server and diverse array of chatrooms are monitored and curated by our esteemed team of moderators. Our verified traders give you the real strategies that have a proven track record of success.

We provide high-quality alerts with an impeccable track record. The best plays in stocks, options, and crypto are alerted live by our experienced and vetted team.

Daily Watchlists
Our professional traders curate of hot tickers to watch throughout the day
Post-Market and Pre-Market Watchlists now included!

Direct mentorship from experienced traders and a team of moderators with proven track records of success.

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Like Warren Buffett donated a Bloomberg Terminal.

#1 in making new users rich.
Advanced Custom Bots ~ Charts, TA, 50+ indicators
Live Stream Flows during market hours ~ Dark pool prints, Big Money Orders!
Active Notification Squad Sign up for alerts on Plays and Live News Streams
Private Channels for appropriate ranks based off portfolio value to group like individuals together!
Challenge Accounts ~ to win prizes
And Much More!
𝕋𝕖𝕖𝕟 𝕀𝕟𝕧𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘

The first & biggest server for teenagers interested in the world of investing!

All skill levels are welcome! Come join us as we discuss stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, options, and strategies to go along with them!

--Great Discussions
--Growing Community
--Community Watchlist
--Book & Video Recommendations
Join Our Free Server! We’re looking to make this a great trading community for beginners/experienced traders, we want everyone to be able to chat about the market and learn and grow from one another!
Welcome to BullPrint! An active and engaging discord group revolved around trading securities within the Stock Market! This group is for traders of all experience levels!

- 90% + consistent plays given DAILY!
- Education through Live Charting Sessions at least 3 times/week!

Stop making deposits and start making withdrawals TODAY!
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Active traders focused on technical analysis and algo trading. Stocks, options, futures, Forex and cryptocurrency, we look at them all. We are a team of analysts and developers working in collaboration to do one thing, make money! 💰💰💰
The #1 Trading Chat on Discord!
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We send alerts of when to enter trades in the stock market for options, stocks, crypto. We have free educational tools, AI Alerts, and Option flow. We are a very active community trade group across a variety of platforms.
If you join The Stock Vault TODAY, you will receive:
-FREE expert alerts
-FREE mini courses
-FREE advice/help
-FREE 100+ charting tools/features
-FREE daily mental advice

Hello! Feel free to join our active and growing server, The Stock Vault! With a team of experts with 10+ years experience that share their exact stocks/options trades, you will be sure to profit and learn new things. Although we have many experienced traders, we are also "beginner friendly" and will help answer any one on one questions you may have. Join us, we would love to have you!

---Happy Trading, The Stock Vault---
Hi, we're a fairly new discord but have experienced members that will do Technical Analysis on stocks basically this is the smarter "Wall Street Bets". We welcome new and experienced to join the family. Check us out if you are looking to make some gas money! See you guys on the other side.
(4k Members) [Stocks, Options, Crypto, Forex]
We have experts ranging from graduates of Ivy League Universities to analysts who have tripled a 10 million portfolio in under two months.

We go live on Discord every trading day and give advice to our members. In addition, you can ask for free advice from our credible experts and get daily trade alerts. We are dedicated to members gaining massive amounts from the market. Join the community, join the investing professionals, and join Shadow Trade today. We offer knowledge of a proprietary investing algorithm as well as Dark Pool watchlists that are called 24 hours in advance to when millions of dollars are buying the shares.
💸Let's make some money💸
-Trillionaire Society is a discord server where we give out free alerts + watchlists, and help new traders learn how to trade stocks profitably.
-We upload content on Instagram and YouTube!
-Get in now! First 200 members will have a lifetime access to our subscription service once that rolls out.
-Reserve your spot for a tutorship!
We are a new community based investing server with three very experienced traders with years of experience. If you are looking for another source of income or an easy way to obtain money, this is the place for you. My team and I provide education about the stock market as well as our own plays that you can profit off of. Join the team and come make some money with us!
Want to talk Money! Join this server, we post stock gains Financial decisions and great Resources to get the Money Mindset. Stocks, Drop shipping, Option trading, Real estate We Have Experienced Mentors in all of these Categories. Feel free to stop by. Thanks and Good luck.
--------------------------📈ADAPTIVE TRADING📈--------------------------
📊Options and Stocks
💵Consistent Strategical Profit
💭Chatrooms and Alerts
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What We Offer?
- Daily Trade Alerts (Scalps, Swings, Longs & Lottos)
- In Depth Charting Analysis!
- Options Flow Technology (sweeps, blocks, UOA)
- 1 On 1 Mentoring Sessions Available!
- Educational Resources (Website coming soon)

For only $25/month you can gain access to all of the above and start learning and earning today! Join a team of experienced traders that consistently profit!
Active community of over 900 members!
📚Trading Education and Alerts Community
📈20+ Experienced Market Analysts
🙋‍♂️4500+ Active Members
😋100% Free

What are you waiting for?
Nouveau !
Investment talks is a place where you can discuss any sort of investment, you can also discuss stocks, forex, crypto, and much more!
Recently awarded "Community Server" by Discord 🏅

Truth is 👇

If you're trading without a plan - you're going to lose money. Let us help you learn how to make money and keep it.

We don't post bulsht "watchlists" that are vague and we don't forward news to you and call them alerts.

We provide Entry, Sell Targets, and Analysis on every single play.

We also provide comprehensive trading education included for FREE with premium membership.

Most of our members started with $300 - $500 accounts. To date, 81% of them have increased their portfolio to over $750.

It doesn't matter if you don't have $25k, we alert profitable swing trades (overnight holds) AND day trades.

Track Record from April → Current = 163% net gain
- includes stock & option alerts
School of Intellectual Learning Mechanisms (ILM) ILM means "Knowledge" in Arabic. ILM Traders Facebook Group and Discord server is a Financial Instruments Trading community that focuses primarily on trading Stocks/OPTIONS and Foreign Exchange (FX) on the New York Stock Exchange, CBOE and other regulated exchanges.
ILM has decided it would be more intrinsically rewarding to start a service to help people to understand technical analysis, fundamentals and remove emotional barriers from trading. Even the most experienced traders admit that "emotion" plays the biggest role in their trading activities. It is widely accepted that capital is highly valued in society, therefore money at "risk" definitely susceptible to overreacting and making poor decisions. The most important aspect of trading with our community is having knowledgeable traders to guide and answer any questions for meaningful insights in a unique profit-driven atmosphere.
What separates ILM from other similar services is that we came from the ground up and appreciate giving back to the community. We don't flaunt our monetary success but we do stand solid behind our success. We will guide you through the intense journey of learning; boost the ability to confidently and consistently make money in the markets.
24/7 our Technical Analysts devote countless hours on market analysis, fundamentals and trading strategy to formulate key set-ups to prevent RISK and identify High-Probability trades in this ever-changing market.
Come join us for 7 days RISK FREE TRIAL:
For more info, please visit:
Email us at: [email protected]
Welcome to my server! I am a 20 year old college student sharing my successful and consistent gains through this discord server. Free to join!
We are a group of veteran traders who have been in the markets trading various products and instruments for 5+ years. We have a genuine passion & interest in the financial markets which allows us to come up with the best profit and alpha creating strategies along with risk management techniques to get ahead of the crowd. Trading a variety of things such as Stocks, Options, and FX with our skills in both quantitative trading and software development gives a huge edge in the vast ocean that is the stock and forex market. We hope you can join us in loving our work while also making profits with us and advancing together step by step.
Live Stock Market Trading Discord and Options trading community and chatrooms on Discord.
We have chatrooms for everything from Options, Pennystocks, Blue Chip, Crypto, Forex
Algo bots with option flow, etfs flow, sweeps, pennystock breakouts and more
All Levels are welcome to Join Free
Our team is committed to teach you how to trade on your own. We give out plays for you to follow. Well valued education, and can answer any questions you may have. Join our growing team today and learn how to trade on your own like a pro! Reach the pinnacle of your trading journey with PINNACLE TRADES!
Trade Options Like A Pro
-Live easy to follow alerts from 6 analysts!
-Support 24/7
-Daily and weekly watch list
-Introduction to stocks, options, and spreads