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A fun Splatoon themed RP server! We're small and new but if you join you can make us bigger! We hope you join!
Hello and welcome to Inkcited Individuals! We're an 18+ server for the people who are extra pervy and looking for a place where they can just sit back, relax and have a fun time! Some of the rules can be found below;

1) Be respectful towards all other members. Don't be racist, sexist, etc. Keep conversations civil and in English only.
2) Try to post NSFW images in their appropriate channels; remember to avoid posting content that goes against Discord's terms, such as loli/cub.
3) As a rule of thumb, conversations should also be held in the proper channel depending on topic. For more info on said channels, #:question:》go-here-for-info-about-what-each-channel-does.
4) Do not spam.
5) Avoid topics centered on religion or politics.
6) Never advertise other servers/communities or nudes.
Something's we offer:
+free custom role
+FE Bot
+Role play
+And we take suggestions for more.

Hi Ink haven was made for anyone of any age to come and enjoy Just please be nice to everyone and respect each other. This is a new server so sorry if there arent many people we hope to bring this server to life and I hope you Join :)
Ink Wave Alternative is a Splatoon themed roleplay server, set in the time area of Splatoon 2. Here you can roleplay as a squid, octopus, crustacean . . . Anything, really! This server uses the Tupperbox bot, so don't be confused if you don't see any actual people roleplaying, but there's seemingly bots roleplaying. With that said, we hope you have fun in this server! Stay fresh!
Welcome to the Purple Dimension!
Here you can hang out with the dudes n gals where we all together play and have fun.

Main games we play are
Smash Bros
Mario Kart
And other online games like Cards against humanity, Town Of Salem etc.

Hope you enjoy your stay!
This is a server dedicated to 18+ players of Splatoon 2.

We are a new server, here to provide a chill and fun place to hangout with others and meet new friends. Once we get a decent amount of members, the server will provide:

• Contest
• Tournaments
• Team Tryouts
• Custom Splatfest
And much more!

So come chill with us and let's have fun splatting it up!
We are brand new server with a very friendly community, looking to bring together a wonderful little close-knit community! Our server includes the following:

⭐ Your standard community channels, including a general chat, memes, anime, bot commands channel, self-assign roles, etc.

⭐ We're home to a strong smash community! Includes a 'Smash Ping' so Smash players can easily gather for games.

⭐A self promotion channel where users can promote their own content with limited advertising (only limited by a 5 minute cool-down).

⭐ Lack of frivolous @everyone or @here pings. We do NOT ping. Also includes an anti-raid bot to protect the server from raids.

We have various channels for popular Nintendo games, and more! Come join our community, whatever your purpose may be!

We are currently looking for more players to join our currently running Smash tournament!
Hello, and welcome to our Splatoon Community server where you can talk with your fellow gamers, play fun games with your peers and the bots, listen to music, and share your awesome art! Don’t be shy, and come on in!
Welcome to a brand new server that takes the idea of Splatoon and takes it further! This is still in the Beta version and may have a few slip-ups here and there, but I and any future mods are dedicated to fixing them as soon as possible.

Lore: The malicious plans of Tar-Tar was managed to be halted by the genius plans of Off the Hook, but something went wrong. Due to mechanical ruin in the NILS Statue, the cannon continued anyway and instead fired into the sky, where it covered the entire planet's atmosphere in blended goo. The sun never shined to the city again. With no choice, Inkopolis and it's citizens had to learn how to adapt to their new environment: One where it stays dark, all day, every day!

-The server has many new locations, plus a huge load of the old ones. More locations will be added in the future!
-There will be an engaging plot eventually, once everything gets settled.
-Driven mods/admins are wanted!
-Sign up for a canon character or stick with an OC; your character could be as important as the others!
-Bendable 18+ rule. The entire server is not fully 18+, and that you must be given a role to obtain access to the more NSFW channels.
-A semi-literate to literate zone.
-Partnerships could be considered!

I hope you are able to try the server out, and stick with us for the long-haul <3! -KX, AKA Rumi.
Welcome to Inkopolis United! This is where we will be hosting monthly Splatoon 2 Splatfest events to keep the spirit of the Splatfest alive for as long as possible! We’ll also be hosting weekly game nights each weekend, where we play random Nintendo Switch games together! Talk with members, share memes, pics, and your very own artwork! See you around!
Looking for a chill nintendo server to play your favorite games in? Well you've found the right server!! We offer a kind and non-toxic community for nintendo gamers alike, don't be afraid to join in on the fun!
A Mario themed server but includes all kind of Nintendo related content! ☆

Our server includes all kinds of content relating to Nintendo. As of now, we are looking for admins. ☆

☆ Join and you'll get a special role with whatever character you want.

☆ NSFW, art (including crafts), and roleplaying channels!

☆ Question of the day, trivia nights, movie nights, and more fun things!

☆ Non-toxic server with no raids.

☆ Friendly people

☆ Friendly admins
You like Nintendo games, we'll like you (if you behave)! A big community of Nintendo gamers with fans of all series (even outside of Nintendo sometimes too), and a big variety of people as well. Splatoon players, Super Smash Bros. competitors, Twitch streamers, YouTube content creators, event hosts, and much more! We got it all! We also host occassional events and tournaments for certain games as well. All online, so everyone can join. Join Grizzco Industries TODAY.
A new, family friendly, non-toxic and drama free community with a focus on Nintendo games and general conversations. We are the best Nintendo-centered server on discord. Join if you have a Switch, or even if you don't!

Come play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Smash Ultimate with us! We are also a nitro boosted server with nearly 150 amazing emojis to enjoy! 😊

*We try to be a pretty mature server, though we welcome users of all ages (as long as they follow Discord’s TOS)*
The server is under construction, bare with us!

We currently offer

- Splatoon Matchmaking
- Splatoon Roleplay
- A music bot (if it works)
- Active Staff (including owners. Dont see that around much right?)
- An optional RPG-esque system for those tabletop-savvy people

Come on down and see whats in store!

Stay fresh yall!

- TetRic15
Join the Tea party! We have tons of friends to play games with and enjoy the tea while ur at it! We play tons of games like splatoon,smash, Minecraft and even more!
The Kensa Krew is a server made by a group of best friends looking for more people to hangout with and play Splatoon 2 with. We have many self assignable roles, like colors, timezones, splatfest, etc. If you’re looking for online friends to play splatoon with or just people to talk to, join this server!
Welcome to Splatfest Inkorporated!! This is where you can play Splatoon 2 battles with your buddies, and every month we even host a Splatfest!! So come on over, and start shooting that ink!
Welcome to our new Splatoon server, we are searching news persons to play at Splatoon and others games. We are going to make events to play together, we have also a musicbot channel to listen music with friends and we are talking a lot to each other so come with us and let's become friends!
Nintendo event oriented server! Weekly and monthly events! Fun, chill environment! Very large and active server with over 2800 members!
Hello! Welcome to my server! In this server you can voice chat,(including normal chat), post art and fan art,roleplay,and play games! I hope you enjoy your stay (^v^)
A casual/competitive open Splatoon server to chat, strategize, debate, theorize, roleplay or talk anything about either game in the series.
Welcome to the SuperJump Squad! A semi-competitive clan for Splatoon, Smash Bros, and Overwatch (specifically).

We also have speedrunning chats in case you want to discuss anything for speedruns.

Right now, we have just started, so please stop on by!