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。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆  。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆

Hello, and welcome to Princeton Academy!

Princeton Academy was first established in the 1990s by a rich family who wanted to make a change. The founder of the Academy, Christopher Princeton, had a vision for the making of the Academy. He wanted it to be special for people across the welcoming community. Soon enough, the Academy was a hit and everybody loved it! But, as all lives begin, all lives end. Sadly, Princeton passed away. Some say due to his old age he peacefully passed away in his sleep but no one was for certain that was the actual cause.

It is now 2020 and the Academy is still quite popular. Known for the welcoming community which allows all cultures, sexualities, identities, and economic finances. People all across the country have transferred to Princeton Academy because of the academics they provide. It is one of the top-paying universities in the world, being the most recommended academy for students.

Princeton Academy is truly like a home away from home.

。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆  。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆

Please note that we are a brand new server and are still working out the fine lines. If you join now, you will help us increase the growth of the server! <3

We do not accept one liners! We try to have this server semi-literate so the reply options are endless. If you're a one liner and don't think you're capable of writing 4-5 rp lines, this server isn't for you!

Things we offer;

· Simple lore that's easy to follow along.
· LGBT+ friendly.
· Fun bots.
· Voice chat.
· Easy rules to follow.
· Semi-literature rp lines.
· Many different rp channels to choose from.
· Partnerships! (DM the owner if interested).
· An active, friendly staff team that will answer any questions you may have.

𝒾𝓃𝓋𝒾𝓉𝑒 𝓁𝒾𝓃𝓀:

˚꒰ Created 2/14/2020 ˚ˑ ͎·˚
Four petals on a bloodstained flower.
Three generals will be as firm as rock.
A War of Two is approaching.
And only one blossom will rise above the ashes.


WWI has ended, and the clans have now adapted themselves to live amidst the rubble and debris littered throughout the forest. LilyClan, SakuraClan, LaurelClan and RoseClan are the four that reign, defending their territories and adopting the ways of the two-legs. Rather than apprentices and warriors, they take pride in being known as cadets and soldiers, under the rule of the general and their commander.

But... all is not yet done. Another war is looming, a bigger and bloodier one. The clans will unknowingly be thrust into more chaos. They will have to encounter two-legs and much more.

The question is... will they overcome?


Welcome to Fall of the Clans! This is a server that takes place in Europe during World War II, exploring how it affected the wildlife and land on the battlefields. Fall of the Clans Features...

• Open Staff positions!
• Open High-Rank cats!
• StarClan, Rogue, Kittypet, and Loner characters!
• LGBT+ friendly character creation!
• Unique and compelling plot!
• A store with items to benefit roleplay!
• Semi-literate, grammatically-correct roleplay!
• A spectator role for those of you who just want to hang out.

We hope to see you there. Feel free to drop in and say hello!
In this universe the characters from the anime and manga don't exist, You are entering a new world with new villains, new heroes, (possibly) new quirks but the same old UA. We will be starting off with Entrance exams for those in the Class 1 age range(15-16) and as for Class 2(16-17) and Class 3(17-18), there’s no need to worry as there will be side events being done for you as well.
Short Synopsis:

◂ ❚ ⊱ꕥ⊰ ❚ ▸ After the sharp increase in the population of ability users, many people took it upon themselves to teach the newer generation in order to keep peace. As abnormal creatures came about, some were made to fight them and keep the unaware normal humans safe. Others fought within themselves to prevent those who used their powers for evil. Even more decided to keep on living a normal life, hiding their powers. All amongst these generations is a proud school in upstate New York that still stands today.

The long history of the school leaves many mysteries left to be solved. But do you have what it takes to get accepted?

*Character Ranks are still open!!
Welcome to Heavenward Island, home of high tech Heavenward City, and a home to hundreds of different species and races, from your typical humans, to elves, dwarves, lizardmen, vampires, demons and even spirits. Essentially it is an island city for every fantasy species, but takes place in a modern setting. Magic and technology live side by side, so if you don’t care or like magic you can use tech or vice versa. This server is for casual RP with some combat on the side lines, so magic isn’t meant to be super destructive. Politics and intrigue will be a thing here. As races that historically, or canonly, do not like each other suddenly finding themselves living side by side. While some groups could conspire to take control over this island and of its high tech and powerful magic. However, there is more to Heavenward that meets the eye. For within the shadows evil forces are moving that would like to see the island, and with it the world, conquered by the Dark Ones.
So, come and join Heavenward! We have something for everyone here!

What we offer:
-You can create whatever type of race you want as long as it falls on the fantasy race.
-Not interested in using an established fantasy race? We have a template so you can create your own custom race!
-Absolutely no character limits. You want 1 character or 7 be my guest.
-High standards. We want characters that are of high standards.
-A story that will slowly develop and affect the entire server as it grows
-We offer you the chance to either just do casual RP or join a bigger, ongoing plot.
-Detailed and literate RP
Nouveau !
A wof inspired server!
Change rages beneath the sands of Danaus. Political tensions run wild, dragons turn on each other and the continent’s great hunters wish to make the world their playground. It is 3000 years after Pantala has been discovered, 3000 years since Darkstalker was defeated, and all that remains of the past are legends and scrolls, and Pyrrhia’s dragons began to wonder if another continent could exist. Danaus has been discovered, an animus tunnel has been made, but the dragons of Danaus are much different to the other continents, and the hunters begin to get through. If they are to save their world from the effects of Danaus’s great hunters, the tribes must work together to stop them. How will you rebel against or submit to these merciless hunters wishes to flood the world with death and desolation?
Welcome to Irion Hall, a Fantasy RP server.

Our core premise is surrounded by our Guild Hall, Original Lore and RP events. We are a newly established server who’s goal is to provide a safe place to RP, build friendships, and write!

We provide:
🌱 A 18+ server environment, for both group and 1 on 1 Rp
🌱 Open communication with Admins for race and world adjustments
🌱 The chance to run your own quest / group RP
🌱 A growing and evolving community, open to feedback, as not everything stays the same ☺️

Come check us out!
Only 20 moons ago, only one clan was among the forest, Forestclan. ForestClan was writhing in happiness, it had seemed like nothing was wrong and everyone was happy. This angered a dark forest and split the clan in four. WindClan, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan, are now the clans of surviving cats. These four clans are struggling to rise for power. As they climb up the mountain of strength, the darkness from before rises above them to see which clan they flick off the mountain. Will all clans survive? Or will one of them fall apart due to the shadows rising within? Join us now and maybe you will have the fate of the clans in your paw.

Welcome to Join the Wild!! We are a Warrior Cats server based off the popular series “Warrior Cats” written by Erin Hunter. Interested on joining us?

{|.. Here on some details on what our server is about .. |}

!/ ROLEPLAY !/ Focusing on our lore and prophecy is roleplay! We will allow lots of activities, games, and events within each clan or together to allow us to get to know each other better and allow us to experience life as a warrior cat.
// 1 | This a semi-lit RP Server! Meaning we accept mainly 4-8(+)) sentences PREFERRED though NOT required. We allow descriptive roleplays to add onto the plots and make things more interesting.
// 2 | To add onto the experience of hunting, we add dies to any roleplay than involves hunting and herbal-finding. This information is held within our own roleplaying guide that will be fair to all members. Secondly, using bots, we have created a shop that uses digital currency and allows you to buy Ranks and herbs as a medicine cat.
// 4 | Monthly Gatherings and Med. Cat Meetings.
// 3 | You can choose your Clan, age, and rank within our roleplays after signing up and passing a simple verification with Staff.
// 4 | Though we have canon-based Clans, each have their own territory, shown by real-life pictures to represent each territory. Our own map and icon made by (@Sparrowminder on Tumblr and Discord User @Jake from Statefarm.)), custom weather system.

\!/ COMMUNITY \!/ We are a growing and active Discord Server that allows members to post art, meet friends, chat in voice calls, and vent to members and staff if comfortable, and more within a welcoming environment. Rules are always being upheld and enforced by Staff.
// 1 | Everyday active Staff and Members that interact with each and support each other (LGBTQ+ friendly)). Some Clans will host games such as Minecraft, Kahoot, and Feel free to relax!
// 2 | Lots of different bots that allow you to listen to music (Rhythm & Groovy), have your own kits and apprentice to take of (oorp, Littlebot), and compete with other players in a list of games (UnbelievaBoat/Bot).
// 3 | We will be hosting Clan-festivals soon where you can earn rewards.

\!/ What's coming? 👀
— Clan Festivals
— Gathering/Med. Cat Gathering (Monthly, and more to follow!)
— Adoptable Kits/Kits
— Kahoot Games/Other Games, once we find or think of them
— Etc... (We love suggestions if you have ideas!)

Shat // Rosacease

STAFF TEAM (+)): Accepting more people!
Adapt or Adaptacy // Admin
Starling or EslipsedStarling // Admin Lost // Admin

~ Verification required.
~ LGBTQ+ friendly.

A different universe from the main cannon that still follows most of its rules. In this timeline a great disaster nearly devoured the world all in the sake of proving a point. So a man with the Hogyoku used its power send it into the depths of the Dangai. I’m doing so he released enough power to change the world. Now people are gaining spiritual power and going out to accomplish their goals. You are one of the newly empowered entities.

We offer a good stat system and a lot more loose setting where you can really feel like your in the anime world of bleach.

This project has been in the works for some time. We hope you enjoy
Welcome to Fallen World {1910}! Join in our Nation Role play as we Give you a full map to claim land on! Don’t forget to have fun and read the rules as we have a variety of things you can do here! We are all here to expand, Conquer and just Go with it. We are still A Work in progress but we have all the main components just be ready if the server goes under changes over time. Anyways come and hang with us on this brand new nation Role play Server like never before!
|-| Are you interested in the TV show Supernatural? |-|

Well, here is your opportunity to join the hunt.

Immerse yourself in a world full of hunters, shapeshifters, vampires, demons, angels, and more. There's really no telling what the future holds or what path you choose to take.

➺ Friendly community
➺Strict roleplay guidelines
➺Semi literate
➺Fairly active staff
➺Open to all ages

|Disclaimer |
We are a brand new server, which means we're still growing, developing and have a lot of trial and error ahead of us. Our activity may fluctuate, as well as our amount of members. However, we're trying our absolute best to bring only the best experiences to any and all newcomers.
Welcome to Karsia: Beginning, a semi-lit to advanced lit role-playing group set in a post-apocalyptic future with cyberpunk and science fiction themes! After a catastrophic outbreak of a virus originally created to be a cure for mental illness, the remaining governments joined forces worldwide and formed the Anarchy Prevention Organization (APO), using soldiers in supersuits to keep the peace. But the government is much more corrupt than they let on, and the rich are living lavish lives while the poor are merely hanging by a thread.

In this cruel world full of mutants, poverty, and violence, you are an employee for the APO, stationed in North America. Will you be a scientist, working towards a cure for the Virus before humanity is lost to the hands of the Infected? Or will you be a soldier, assigned to hunt mutants and keep anarchy from parading the streets? Your fate- and the world's- is in your hands.

((We're brand new and looking to grow, as well as looking for staff!))

This server has:
🔹️a detailed plot as well as plenty available roles
🔹️countless roleplaying channels
🔹️a friendly and non-toxic environment
🔹️out of character channels for bots and chitchat
🐾 Crumbling numbers 🐾

Crumbling numbers is a semi-literate tiger roleplaying server, although we do allow non-roleplayers. We are a laid back server, here to make friends, talk, and roleplay. We are also very welcoming and accepting, so we do not allow any bullying, drama, or hating in this server! We do allow cursing, but we do **not** allow any NSFW pictures, videos & such, so please keep that to yourself!

🐾 Tribes 🐾
We have five tribes that your character can live in, and each tribe is different, so pick wisely. Your character is allowed to be a loner/rogue, though.

:cloud:- Tribe of the delicate clouds.
:sunny:- Tribe of the golden sun.
:full_moon:- Tribe of the silver moon.
:leaves:- Tribe of the peaceful winds.
:ocean:- Tribe of the powerful waves.

🐾 Current Plot 🐾

For many moons, two-legs have been taking the land that once belonged to the tigers and destroying them. They've even killed plenty of tigers and took their prey, which caused the tribes to grow weaker. The five tribes have been trying their best to work together, but it's been difficult since they've been running out of land and prey. But one night, the gods and goddesses will send them a sign to where their new home will be. . . But will the tribes make it?
Welcome to Frozen Heart!
A multi-species city in the heart of a frozen wasteland where you can be anyone struggling to survive in the midst of this post-apocalyptic Earth!

DISCLAIMER: This is a semi-literate server so we will need proof your writing is legible in order to let you in, sorry.

No one truly knew the cause of the robot uprising, some say it was a virus, that pushed back the old world military and civilians to the edges of the smog filled world they now inhabit. The robots captured main spots of the world, oil fields, coal mines, and now infertile land, and there they still remain, fighting among each other for reasons unknown. In the middle of all of this lies a small wall-bound city, sheltering the last remains of a crippled government and its scattered people: Frozen Heart.

Now what can you find in Frozen Heart?
-Fluffy and friendly admins and moderators at your beck and call~
-We have over 30 channels that represent every place in the city! From the government stronghold in the inner walls, to the civilian district and slums near the city entrance. Each character can also request their own house in the city.
- We got channels to simulate radio calls and transmissions during roleplay! Didn't know that was a thing? Now you do!
- You can get a role for your character's job.
- Each character has their own channel sorted out in alphabetic order with a template already provided for you to fill in!
- As stated earlier, each area of the city has its own independent channel.
- To avoid too much confusion, there's a time and weather system to give you, the roleplayers, some orientation.
- Once a month, to celebrate the arrival of new members, there will be giveaways with multiple winners for custom roles or even custom-er colors! So if ya like fancy and cool cosmetics, don't miss them!
✩ Welcome to Mythical World RP ✩
This server was made by a couple of good friends in the simple name of having a good time. We all hope you enjoy being in this server, and we encourage you to make new friends and exciting adventures for yourself! The staff here tries to be friendly and supportive, so don't be afraid to interact with us just because we have a fancy role. We'd love to hear your opinions on the server and learn about your characters!
(NOTE: This is a LORE BASED RP. If you do not wish for a lore based rp, then this is not a server for you.)
It is with a great honor that I, Crimson Dragon, owner of the server, announce this server has officially become 1 year old! One year old and still going strong!

An AU RP that takes place within the Fairy Tail universe but without canon characters or guild. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, here you have the ability to not only create your own characters but also work on custom magic as well. You can create and direct missions with friends or other RP partners! See your character grown, develop, fight and experience hardships so they can become stronger and maybe even reach S-class! Come and have fun in our main story or join a mini arc!

What we offer:
-The ability to create as many characters as you want. No character limit!
-You can create custom magic
-Don't want to play as human or any canon race? Create your own!
-Join or a create a mission and do it with people so your characters can grow and develop.
-Many friendly members
-Detailed and literate RP and RPers
-A dedicated, caring and competent staff
The Despair Plague was one of the most deadliest viruses known to all of mankind, and it was what almost brought end to the world and life as we know it. Some say it was manmade--others say it was Mother Nature’s way of ensuring that humans--the pests that were her lice--were gotten rid of and cleanse the world of their impurity. The effects were different for many different people. They caused ultimate, unbearable Despair that could kill someone. Anxiety, worry, personality splits--everything was a symptom of this disease. It was so horrific--so terrible--so full of despair--that most people would rather have killed themselves than suffer. It was contagious--from body fluids such as spit or blood or urine to sexual intercourse, it was one of the most contagious outbreaks ever. Crime rates went up, and robbery, arson, murder, were all common.

Patients were immediately rushed to the Hope Hospital, to ensure that these Despair victims get treated. Patients were never heard from again. They went through many surgeries and treatments--they even went far back in olden times and succumbed to the old ways of bloodletting. There was just simply no cure. Eventually, the supplies in the hospital were rapidly used, and there were barely any left. The economy and stock markets were falling and falling, and there were a lot of doctors and nurses who lost their jobs and/or quit.

The Ultimates were given a chance--to aid the cause of finding some type of cure, because the Ultimates were their only hope. The Ultimates were so talented, so unique, so special, that they were capable of doing something like that! No matter the variety, no matter what their talent, they were simply so talented that they could help scientists and doctors try to find a cure or a vaccine.

They refused.

* * *
You wake up in a musty, crusty bed. The scent in the air was familiar, yet it wasn’t at all common to you. It smelled like whenever you’ve been to the dentist or the doctor’s. You slowly open your eyes to discover a dark room with white, painted walls which looked grey in the poor lighting. The paint was chipped, but also somewhat stained by an unknown substance. The air was humid and musky, and the floor beneath you was some type of dark hardwood. There were various tools on the counter, tools that you’d find in a hospital or at the doctor’s--such as a heartrate monitor. But the monitor’s screen was broken…

Where am I?
Nouveau !
Welcome to Hogwarts! We’re a Harry Potter RP set in the current day of 2020. We are semi-lit to literate, and only accept OCs. No canon characters allowed in this server. We’re brand new and just getting started, but have a lot in store for you. So join us today! You won’t regret it.
A new and upcoming Roleplay server set in the world of persona 5 with a custom story and custom characters. We do offer a canon character to try out for and that’s Igor. Our story is meant to step out of persona 5’s shadow but not be something completely different where it isn’t even persona anymore. All persona fans should give us a try.

We also offer a in depth RP/Battle system that is meant to invoke the same feeling when battling or hanging out with your confidants. No more rolling for every attack or relying on a bot for everything as everything here is thought out and expertly crafted.
Longing for a pack? A family? Or just a place to stay?

Well then, wouldn't you like to know of a place where all are welcome. Especially those of more supernatural descent...Well, there is a place called Wolfen Creek. A town drenched in rich history and supernatural sightings that even those in the dark don't believe. Mainly that of the Lycanthropes...

Where does your future lie? Are you one to join the pack? Be a rogue and pursue ones own desires? Be a human and attempt a normal life? A hunter looking for the next big game?

What we offer?

-A place for people to roleplay, and have fun in.

-Bots to pass time when you're bored.

-Anti-raid methods to keep people in check

-Frendly and helpful staff

-Openings in the ranks

-Staff team openings
Tired of joining a Naruto server, create a character for your favorite village, only to find out that village isn’t active?

Welcome to Hikarigakure! The Village Hidden in the Light. This village was founded by all of the five Great Nations to allow shinobi of all villages to live within one set of walls. People form the Leaf, Mist, Cloud, Stone and Sand all live together, their children train and practice together, and the shinobi fight together. This is an experiment to allow you to interact with ninjas from other villages! Come and create your own ninja, choose which of the five district and have to freedom to interact with any character from any village! Don’t worry, the old canon clans are still here. And if you want to you can create your own clans and your own jutsu!

What we offer:
-A friendly server with people knowledgeable about the world we are in.
-The ability to create as many characters as you want. No character limit!
-The ability to create your own clan!
-You can create your own jutsu
-Become part of either an established team, the village's Police Form, or play a solitary ninja if you wish you.
-Pokecord, cause why not?
Longing for the warmth of a Family?
Or a place to rest your paws?

Well nestled deep in the south of Louisiana in New Orleans lies a district of wolves working in 3 different packs…

The Crescent Pack...

The Guerrera Pack...

And the Bayou Pack…

Where does your fate lay with...the wolves or the humans come and find out in Crescent Creek, where you decide the fate of your OC’s, will they follow pack laws or will they roam around as rogues. Or perhaps they are a human trying to live normal lives.

What do we offer?

-LGBTQ Friendly
-Open and Welcoming, if you find yourself struggling to get involved the community enjoys helping!
-Safe verification methods to keep our server safe
-16+ members
-The option of NSFW content
-Friendly and helpful staff
-The option to help in planning events and possible movement up into staff
Following a fatal attack on Cerberus, the guard dog of the Underworld, another attack on the Underworld has left Lord Hades weak and disempowered, and as a result, Queen Persephone has returned to rule as goddess of the Underworld until a way to fix Hades is found.
Because of the deal Demeter struck with Hades and Zeus eons ago governing Persephone's time in the Underworld, while Persephone is serving as goddess of the Underworld, Demeter will be refusing to do her duties. As such, the world is plunged into an everlasting winter. Chaos and confusion breaks out in the mortal world as the warm spring air goes icy, flowers begin to wilt, and snow coats the dying grass.
The children of Hades discover that their Underworld powers have weakened drastically, while the children of Persephone find that their Underworld powers have strengthened, though their nature powers have declined as a result. The Olympians have all joined to try and figure out the cause of Persephone returning to the Underworld, but they're left with little answers. All entrances to the Underworld have closed except for the main one in Los Angeles, meaning no one can enter, even by shadow travel, unless they take Charon's ferry and join the dead.
Chiron provides the campers with the minimal information that he knows, but even he is left confused by the situation. So, he sends out a quest consisting of three demigods to go to the Underworld to seek answers and end this eternal winter.

✯¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ✿•*`¨*`•.¸✯ ✯¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ✿•*`¨*`•.¸✯ ✯¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ✿•*`¨*`•.¸✯

Hello and welcome to Camp Half-Blood! We're currently a small, growing community, having just started advertising again, and hope to see some new faces around and overall just have a great time talking and RPing! We're semi-literate to literate to give writers of all skill levels a chance to RP, but there's all kinds of different writers to RP with if you have a personal preference. This RP takes place in present-day but set a significant time after The Blood of Olympus. Here's what our server offers to you!

✿ A big server plot that's currently taking place - the lore is listed above!
✿ Friendly admins!
✿ Quests for characters to go on!
✿ Events like Capture the Flag!
✿ Head Counselors!
✿ Many fun channels! (art, memes, animals, quotes, etc)

We hope to see you there!
Nouveau !
★☆ᗷᒪIᑎᗪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᖇIᑕᕼ★☆

Ever wanted to live like your favourite rapper, artist, youtuber, social media influencer, movie star, or actor? Then here’s your opportunity to live the rich life they show! Alive or Dead to this day, that doesn’t matter here. Gaining thousands to millions of dollars a week and influencing a world wide nation of fans. You can be whoever and whatever that’s famous! Live a high life in the hills and be a part of the amazing opportunities life offers to these people with millions of fans watching every single step or live an ordinary citizen life! Think you can handle the life of a star? Or will you go by an ordinary simple citizen lifesytle?

Well here you go! This a Semi-Literate to a Advanced Roleplay server that focuses on a slice of life genre and lets you create the story and events around your chosen person! This is a fairly new server that has potential to grow. So come and join and like have fun :D When you enter you'll be redirected to a navigation room which is the "table of contents" and shows you everywhere you need to go to get yourself settled! Until then... I await for your arrival!

{{Currently Taking Admin Positions!!!}}

Roleplay things we offer ! :
✓ Many roles/templates/famous people to be and play around with!
✓ Unlimited characters!
✓ Plenty of RP Chats!
✓ A easy, realistic, modernized life system!
✓ Semi-Literate to Advanced Ropeplay!

Server things we offer ! :
✓ Easy to navigate!
✓ Easy Verification!
✓ Many Roles and Emojis!
✓ Chill Aesthetic!
✓ Chill Owner!
✓ Just fun overall, trust me!

Note: This is a NSFW server but there's no actual erp. Just the topics that may be sensitive to some people are/will be used since this is... a real life based server. Thank you.