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=======Site [REDACTED]=======

<Starting Audio Log>

Hello, this is Dr. [REDACTED] of Site [REDACTED]. If you are hearing this then you have been especially handpicked to become of of our many personelle here. It also means that you know what you'll be doing here with us. Whether it's research, mopping floors, keeping security, tending to wounded personelle or having the privelidge of becoming one of our elite MTF units, I'm certain you'll Excel at it. As you know, this Site is stationed in the harsh and frigid Canadian Yukon, high in the mountains which is only accessible by vehicles equipped for heavy snow, and Helicopter. We will provide heating and proper clothing. We do have a few rules for employees when they work here.
1: Keep your work strictly to yourself. We are an organization that is invisible to the public.
2: Use common sense and don't do anything that will require your mind to be wiped or for your termination.
3: Stay only in the areas your keycard allows you to go. Anywhere else is off limits.
We have more rules for you regarding the event of a containment breach but rest assured we will give them out upon your arrival. Having said that, welcome to the family.

<End Audio Log>
We Are A Advanced Roleplaying server.
Our SCPF is mixed with a Zombie outbreak
We have Great roles.