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Welcome to the most anti-left discord server in the world! Join us and together we will destroy leftism! We welcome all ideologies but especially conservatives and libertarians. Based!
This server serves you with two purposes which is to discuss over sikh history and sikhism..for example
you can talk about gurbani and secondly on panthic issues,you can talk about panthic issues that sikh community has been going through and still going through so if anyone's interested can join our server anytime
We're an active political server, with the goal of providing a space for left wingers to discuss and share opinions.

We offer:
-Political discourse channels!
-Weekly debate topics!
-An active community!
-Multiple Off-Topic channels for non-political discussion!
-Obtainable staff positions for well behaved members!
-Multiple meme channels!
-A short and easy vetting process!
-Self-assignable roles!

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, give it a shot and visit us!
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Welcome to History Twice; or, you're not there yet. Anyways, History Twice is where you can roleplay as a historical figurine(Washington, FDR, Etc.) and change the history of the USA! we're small, and are looking for new helpers if you have any suggestions.
Welcome to The Republic Of The World Union in this server we help each other and talk about politics, religion, science, memes, history and listen to some music. On this server we give everyone the opportunity to express themselves and to give their opinions.Basically on this server there are people from all ideologies. And we give them the right to express their opinion in any way they just want We hope to see you in our community In fact, the origin of the name World Union Republic comes from the idea of uniting all ideologies in one place. That's why it's called that because here we combine liberals, Fascists, conservatives, communists, anarchists (all kinds of anarchists), Bluepilled Normies, Redpilled People, and there are many other types of people in our server. We give our Members the option to be in two clubs on the server we have created. The First Club is called the Lomek Club. This club has all the fascist and the conservative people And also there is the mahtel club in this club there are all the liberal and the LGBT people
It is also important to note when you Join to the server. You will need to read all the rules and verify yourself. You have to read everything everything. And only after you read everything you should confirm is that you have read this. And only then you will be able Gain access to the server We. just want. to be sure that whoever joins the server. This is a person who agrees with the terms and rules of the server We want you to be sure that you know the rules and the terms and that you also agree to them before you choose to join
So we hope is that you will join and enjoy in our community! :D
We're a new server about geopolitics, and we hope to build a constructive non-toxic community!
A straightforward name for this server, we intend to hold discussions and to speak about the happenings in the world and their geopolitical implications.
This is a Discord server that facilitates:

1. One-on-One Conversations / Dialogues

It can cover practically any topic you can think of, ranging from politics, philosophy, science, religion, to even day-to-day topics like whether coffee is good for you. We have a dedicated channel where you can propose your own topic, and if another member finds it interesting, they will initiate a dialogue with you (either text or voice). Or you can respond to topics proposed by other members. These dialogues are designed to be one-on-one without interruption from non-participating members.

2. Formal Timed Debates

You can take part in solo and team debates if you are interested in developing your debating skills (doing research on a topic, preparing a speech, delivering a public monologue, recognizing fallacies and rebutting fallacious arguments etc). We have a dedicated debate bot that will give you a timer, and warn you when your time is about to run out. We frequently hold debates on world events, politics, ethics, as well as motions suggested by members. We also have preparation rooms where you can practice your speech with a timer, request feedback from other debaters, save your references for easy access, and discuss debate strategies with your teammates.

3. Group Chats

When you are not engaging in a one-on-one dialogue or a formal debate, you can hang out in the group chat channels. We usually talk about things like philosophy and ethics, but have our fun moments too.

4. Recreational Activities

You can chill-out in the music channel and listen to some relaxing tunes, or pump your blood with some heavy metal before a debate. You can even challenge your fellow server-mates to play a game of chess.

Before you join: Although a debating server, this is not a place for meme wars or shouting over each other. You will always have to be respectful towards other members (even in disagreements), and be open to examine your own beliefs. If you think this requirement is bad for your adrenaline, then this server is probably not for you.
This server is a free platform for all viewpoints. Nothing is off limits. Everything can be discussed.
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Gamers, Bossnians, countrymen, lend me your ears. The Bossnian Empire is a most exclusive server open only to the most high quality specimens of the human race. If you believe you are worthy, go ahead, enter...
We offer:
Lots of roles to decorate your account.

Minimal rules and moderation, as everyone knows, Bossnian beasts cannot be controlled.

The finest emoticons to express yourself with.

Fellow Herculean demigods to converse with.
This server is the literal embodiment of autism, you can post whatever the fuck you want as long as it follows Discord TOS.
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Welcome to The House of Kurds Discord server!

(HoK for short)

Here we welcome everyone, Kurds and non-Kurds, to chat, discuss, and debate about anything! We are one of the fastest growing Kurdish Discord servers!

We have a variety of reaction roles that you can pick for yourself, daily news about Kurdistan and the world, what are you waiting for! Come join and experience it for yourself!

House of Kurds is:

• Diverse & Active

• Engaging and friendly

• Well Moderated and secure

• Protected and safe

We offer you:

24/7 moderation and unbiased Staff

An active and engaging community

Dank memes

Regular debates & discussion

Come - experience it for yourself •

The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
We are an active and continuously growing community of people from around the world. Join us in our intellectual discussions about geopolitics, history, anthropology, linguistics, culture, ethnicity, military and maps!
On top of regular debates and informative conversations, we also host a variety of weekly and daily events with specific subjects in mind to help expand our knowledge while having fun!
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Join us at Pnyx U, a community structured within a university setting, to expand your mind, socialize, and enjoy sport.

The meaning of the word Pnyx is roughly “Place where the People stand cheek by jowel”, insofar so that it had a capacity to hold almost 10.000 Athenian Men who together made up the Ekklesia, which was Athens Parliament.

Therefore, it could be called the cradle of the Athenian Democracy and the heart of Athenian politics for almost 300 years. The list of speakers who addressed the citizens of Athens included names as Kleisthenes, Aristides, Perikles, Demosthenes and Themistokles who gave legendary speeches that are stables in Rhetorics classes until this very day. Now here in our server and community we want to offer you a place to learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences. Give lectures and speeches to your peers and enjoy the courses we will offer to you or you can just take part in our socials and sports events and divisions. So have a look around, enjoy your time and let us use this place to learn and widen our horizons.
The Imperial Diet is a history & politics community with a Meiji / Taisho era theme!

We offer historical and political discussions and even fruitful debates on our server. Even then, we also discuss current political, economical and social affairs within the world today, history games and more!

We have a tight knit welcoming community and we look forward to seeing new faces around!

The Empire aspires to be a semi-political server open for respectful discourse between people with widely differing points of view; we will not ban you for making controversial statements about race or for advocating anarcho-syndicalism with anti-natalist characteristics.

Beyond politics, we seek to be a forum for discussing the hard and soft sciences, philosophy, and more light-hearted topics like the arts.

New staff! We now offer actual political discussion!

A server for politics, with the goal to share ideas and viewpoints. When ideals clash, debate shall be allowed where the debating parties seek the agreement of ideas through thought experiments and credible studies divorced of personal identity or personal aliment of ideologies.

We're working to keep this server from devolving into a toxic and unhealthy community, please be respectful of others and our group.
Eagle Politics is a new political server, with experienced staff in moderation. The server focuses primarily on American politics, but all are welcome. We have many roles for lots of ideologies, and all ideological beliefs are welcome. We're a chill community, so there are also channels and often discussion outside of politics. This is also the home of YouTuber Red Eagle!
well then

`The USD works the exact same way as the real United States`

We have private business, multiple political parties.
We have debates
We have court trials with the SURPREME COURT
Senate and House of Representatives
Presidential Elections

**Join the GOP or the DNC**

`If you wish to join remember to go to immigration, then you will be given a state.
Since we are a small server now you can freely join to become a governor or a member of senate and receive money! 💰 💵😄
But come soon because after a while these roles will fill up
Don’t worry every four weeks we have a election
So debate or run for president in the United States of Discord!