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Discord's original and most active 🎓 education server.

・We focus on creating a positive and safe environment that celebrates self improvement and critical thought. 🏆

・Join our community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge! 💡

🔔 Find out more! ▶️
Welcome to Debate Central! Our server is focused on debating topics such as religion, politics, philosophy, or any other topic you can think of.
At Debate Central, people of all backgrounds and ideologies are welcome as long as they follow the server rules. There are 200+ roles to choose from, including political and religious roles. There are also levels, level rewards, Server Boosting rewards, and more!
In the server we have:
•>Friendly community
•>Responsible and amiable admins
•>Interesting daily topics
Home to the best discussions and debates on discord, Practical Stoics is the premier philosophy community for free and open conversations. We offer:

🔸 🏛️ Open and free discourse!

🔸 💰 Bot leveling system and redeemable coins.

🔸 💬 Multiple get togethers, scheduled events, and clubs.

🔸 🚪A unique and accepting community.

🔸 ❔Discussions on big questions with weekly debates.

You will not find another community like ours!
Atheism, Politics, Philosophy and religion discussions. Plus Darth Dawkins Live
Daily Debates, 1 to 1 Male To Female Ratio, XXX Graphic NSFW Channels, Lenient Moderation, No Bans Policy
We are a political discussion server that aims to promote the exploration of political, religious, and other debate topics in a manner that is civil and in-line with Discord TOS. We would encourage anyone of any political ideology to join because more variety often leads to more interesting debates.

Here are some things, things we offer:
- Weekly VC's with moderation.
- Daily activity and polls, which can start interesting dialogue.
- Friendly staff, who enforce rules with impartiality.
- Welcoming community.
- LGBT+ friendly conversations.
- Partnership channel, with a range of enticing servers.
This is a server of intellect made for those who enjoy indulging in a complex, yet broad area of various sciences and humanities such as Mathematics, General Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Typology, Linguistics and more. Don't hesitate to also delve into the fun aspects of CT such as politics, gaming, nsfw, and debates. Come engage in thoughtful and mind-stimulating discussions or hangout and chat!
We're a small, heavily curated political server that aims at both educating users and having civil debate and conversation.

- Self assignable roles

- Academic resources

- A friendly community

- Less of a "bloodsports" atmosphere than most political servers

We're currently a small community looking to keep some amount of exclusivity, but feel free to come chat. Aside from abiding discord TOS, we don't tolerate spreading misinformation and frown upon conspiracy.
Reading theory, bashing fash, having gay sex and being degenerates are the things we do. If it's up your alley join and have some fun.
Welcome to AL, the community that focuses on advanced spiritual practices in an academic setting with alchemists and journeymen starting in 2015. Our goal is to help members become independent, stronger and wiser in all spiritual topics while also enjoying a group with social equal exchange.
We're a chill community, that's trying to get some new members! We mostly talk about anything and everything there is to it. We get deep and philosophical times, and we get back to being all cuddly and memey at other times.

The server is purely SFW and is for only 17+ people. Most of the people in the server are above 18 years of age. We have bots and leveling system too!

We only ask that whoever joins be above 17 years of age and be a person that's anti-drama!
This is a vegan discord server, but everyone is welcome as long as you act in good faith. We have resources to help people go vegan and a friendly community to interact with. :)
Everyone is welcome here. This is a community where you can be yourself and talk about anything under the sun.

Are you looking to talk about art, religion, philosophy, psychology or politics? Do you want to share your favorite TV show, get music recommendations, or know what people in the gaming community are up to? Then you've come to the right place.
The House of Free Thought

We are a community discord channel which focuses on limited free speech, intellectual honesty and growth, self-improvement, and fun. We focus on sharing and gaining knowledge, being intellectually active, and free thinkers.
Invite your friends, and tell them to stay and post what ever is on their mind.

We feature:
🗣Debates - We hold debates featuring "Question of the Day"

🍺 Chill - You could talk about anything with everyone as long as you follow the rules!

🔫 History - Gain knowledge on different timespans ranging from the Antiquity up to the Modern Era.

🧠 Philosophy - Share your knowledge on Philosophers like Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus, and etc.

🌐 Politics - Talk about your stance! Monarchist? Anarchist? Libertarian? Join the Fun!

💩 Memes - Share Political, Historical, or any fun and based memes.

♟ Chess - We are adhering in learning chess, one of the oldest mind boggling games existed on earth!

And much more!

We to being respectful, humble, fun, and free (with certain limitations). We accept all forms of life, even retards and autists, but don't target anyone.
Identity manipulation is the process of teaching your brain to identify itself as more than one person, allowing some of your thoughts to feel like they are coming from another identity.

Have you ever heard of an author whose characters seem to act on their own? Have you ever noticed how you behave differently when surrounded by different groups of friends? These are common examples of the foundation of identity manipulation. By encouraging situations like these to occur, you can train your mind to habitually speak in another voice and with another personality, and you can create the impression that those thoughts are not your own.
The Empire aspires to be a semi-political server open for respectful discourse between people with widely differing points of view; we will not ban you for making controversial statements about race or for advocating anarcho-syndicalism with anti-natalist characteristics.

Beyond politics, we seek to be a forum for discussing the hard and soft sciences, philosophy, and more light-hearted topics like the arts.

Free speech discussing organized religion, babylon mystery schools, genuine conspiracies, and them who proclaim to be the sons of light.

All races, nationalities, religions, and ethnicities are welcome to express their opinions without being subject to discipline.
Welcome to Psychology Redefined.

We are a growing and enthusiastic community that focuses on the topics of science, psychology, psychiatry, criminology, philosophy, typology, neuroscience, sociology, darwinism and more.

Our members are very involved with understanding your thoughts, experiences, feelings and behavior.

We advocate for free expression of opinions and want this to be a place where our members can participate without fear of reprisal or breaking unnecessary rules.

In our server we have many perks; such as special roles for those who are active, active voice channels, and various self assignable roles:

Welcome to the Anti-Centrist Republic! Don't worry, the name is just a joke, centrists are welcome here too. ACR is a community primarily centered around education and discourse about politics, philosophy and other academic topics, but you're free to talk about whatever you want here, as long as you aren't toxic and you follow our server rules - we even have a few channels dedicated to special interests, such as STEM, gaming, art, music, and anime/manga. We also hold educational events from time to time such as seminars, formal debates and AMAs with public figures. Hope to see you there!
Nouveau !
Welcome to the Temple of Iron!

Be you a Chad or Dyel, all the boys are welcome here. This is a general self-improvement server aimed at men, with an emphasis on working out and building muscle. We offer workout advice and motivation, nutritional advice, fashion tips and showcasing, literature sharing and philosophical discussion. Of course, the occasional shitposting too. Easy to follow rules and a simple layout make this server a tress-free environment where the boys can chill and improve alongside eachother.
Welcome to the Teenage Debating Discord! We offer a community for teenagers who want to discuss topics about anything related to politics, history, philosophy and more. We also have areas for memes, casual discussion and music.
We're a civil discourse based server with an active community. We engage with each other on numerous topics including politics, economics, and religion. We offer many events as well. If you're looking for a debate, you've come to the right place. We offer a variety of events including:
-Debate Nights
-Make your own idealogy
-Socratic Seminar
-Middle ground
We're open to anyone who wishes to have their minds change, engage in civil discourse, or just looking to have a fun time.
Ordo ab chao is a latin phrase which roughly translates to order out of chaos or from chaos, order. As the world around us grows ever more chaotic, we gather to witness the past, present, and future of human civilization.

This server is a news feed and discussion ground for topics such as climate change, futurology, deep adaptation, self-sufficiency, collapseology, social structures, politics, etc. It is intended to be used for knowledge gathering and as an open area for people to debate their ideas civilly. As you spend time within the server, the social off-topic channels will also become available offering game bots, music bots and less serious chats with like minded people.
A server dedicated mostly to healthy, civil discussions about a vast variety of topics. Topics such as politics, society, morality, philosophy, religion, books, literature, science, anything worth debating.