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New World (MCRP) is a story-driven Minecraft roleplaying Discord Server! The gimick here is that, instead of roleplaying in an actual Minecraft server, it's all done in Discord. This not only allows for more interesting and complex story mechanics, but also allows for a greater flexibility for our writers. Not only that, but it allows for us to build a community in our non-RP channels and to discuss both real life and Minecraft the game!

Though we currently are small, the Admin Team has big plans for the future of the server and the storyline it follows. If you'd think this sounds interesting, feel free to join and check us out! There's no obligation to stay and, if you feel that the server isn't a fit for you, it is completely understandable!
Raven's Gate is a open world D&D 5th Edition based RPG, created by a group of friends just looking for a fun place to hang out, quest, and RP together!

You can expect everything from a in depth crafting system, all the way to a system for rouges to *actually* be rouges!

Like being a "evil" character? We have a Criminal Underground ready for you to explore!

How about a snotty noble watching over the poor urchins? The upper levels of Raven's Valley is rearing and ready!

With an active, and experienced staff team, not even the stars above can stop us!
Welcome one and all to the first official Pokemon 5e Open world server! A mysterious Legendary Pokemon almost ended the world! With the regions being rebuilt, Johto stands ready for the world to travel. Make a trainer, choose your starter, and join the new order of trainers! Battle Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and become the Champion! Can you become strong enough to help prevent future disasters like the one that fell on the world around us?

This is an open world server and friendly community based on the D&D Pokemon 5e system by JoeTheDM. You create a character and load the Pokemon sheets into the Avrae bot. You start in the tutorial area, and then get your trainer license and head out into the world. So come and have fun with all of us and catch some Pokemon!!
Welcome to the world of Ezili! A medieval Fantasy world full of kingdoms and lore. Gods grant their followers amazing powers making everyone unique and powerful in their own ways. Live a life that you choose! Build a Kingdom. Make a Harem. Become Rich. Adventure!!

It's up to you to choose your story. With limited rules and vast content to explore there's fun to be had anywhere and everywhere!
Hello there, this is a small roleplay server based on the books and universe I'm currently working on, in short it's a semi sci fi rp server set in the Seattle area in 2069. Cybernetics and augmentations have become common sight. We have: Plenty of locations to explore Character species: Human, cyborg, android, neko, and more will be added as updates happen. Factions, you can join one or make your own. There's also a main story that goes along with the server to keep the world dynamic. This is my first server so there's bound to be minor oversights, hope to see you around. We're looking for people who will be semi active to active, don't waste time joining and saying nothing. We're welcoming to all, so if your new to roleplay this will be a good place to start and learn the ropes. If you don't roleplay we still have chats you may be interested in such as art, memes, and I'm also open for partnerships.

The server currently has:
•Lots of channels and areas to explore.
•A handful of species to rp as: Human, cyborg, android, neko. (More will be added with future updates).
•A chance for you to tell a good storyline.
•An owner who is constantly looking to improve the server for its' users.
•It's basically an OC playground.
•Many channels for chatting and making friends.
150 word minimum posts. age restricted 16+.
canine & feline. join a tribe or stay independent.
open world!

The sacred land of Nevriande was empty until generations ago a land bridge from a distant land opened up in a drought, allowing a large group of canines and felines to pass into it's untouched lands. Now, a coalition of tribes is nestled into the area dispersed from their original pack, Skyheimr. Each tribe represents a spirit or deity of Nevriande, and vows to respect and protect them from troublesome waysiders.

Play as a tribe member, traveling merchant, criminal or voyager within our server, a world so vast that anything can be found before your eyes. We allow most canine and most feline species tolerant of a northern climate. Have any questions or want to know more? Just hop in and ask us anything, judgment free!

NSFW-optional channels
OOC Community, IC Community
Detailed lore, but a variety of tribes with differing levels of complexity to fit your needs!
150 - 200 word minimum required.

creation began december 3rd, 2019.
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A magical world
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Order of Magic is a large roleplay with an evergrowing world, a vast but fast to learn and still mostly freeform progression system - including various classes and magic - great characters and players, and the potential to grow even bigger!

The setting has a lot of fantasy with a diverse world where some countries are in an industrial age, others are in the renaissance or even still medieval. Each continent is different and has a high number of countries - and there is still a lot to explore, be it as part of faction or free spirit. Anyone can join storylines and make an impact and you do not have to grow uber-powerful to change something. Feel free to RP at your own pace!
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>> Make use of a progression system that enables you to earn points, use them to rank up magic Disciplines and reach new heights of power, either starting as a novice, an experienced wizard or someone that starts with a class and no magic. However, you can learn everything with time, both magic and non-magic abilities.
>> Go on quests and explore dungeons to experience all different kinds of adventures! Or make your own ones and GM them to get rewarded.
>> Join a mage guild or an army or be a mercenary, explorer, a pirate, champion of evil, a holy warrior, a mafioso, a seeker of knowledge or just stay independent
>> A big world that allows players to customise much about appearance and lore, such as races, NPCs, and even whole countries
>> An optional housing, gathering, and crafting system! Learn a skill, get the right materials and engage in trade with other characters to create ultimate items or just the best house around.
>> Join an optional side-storyline that is about players building up their own city/colony in a yet unexplored ocean!
عِش كمحارب مجنح في وسط حرب هائلة في عالم أيون، أيون لعبة اجتماعية مثيرة للدهشة من نوع MMORPG , حيث ستخوض فيها مغامرات مثيرة ومهام ملحمية جماعية فريدة من نوعها، تحدي السراديب، و حملات الشعوب الضخمة ستصقل مهاراتك القتالية بينما تصعد إلى آفاق جديدة في عالم ايون العربية.
Nouveau !
The Adventurers guild is a brand new roleplay server I made out of boredom, there are five different guilds and four different cities and there are still more to come. If you do manage to read this description, then I'm truly grateful that you found a time to read it. We are a fun, loving community that accepts everyone.

The server consists off:
-Fun bots
-Multiple rp channels
-Loving community
-Self roles

I hope you have fun in the server, I'll see you soon adventurer.
Welcome to the realm of the Vale, where just about any creature you can imagine may possibly cross your path on your grand adventure. Here in the Vale, we like to keep the creativity open for players, so there are very few character restrictions.
Want to be an anime character? By all means! Would rather be a talking animal? Go for it! Have no idea what you are but still think its fun to shoot fire from your mouth? NO PROBLEM!

The Vale is still a brand new group, so we have no current activity, but that only means people who join have a better chance of becoming a Realm Guardian, and to help run the group by keeping our players happy with NPC activity.

As this is a roleplay group, we allow people to use any images from all sources, so long as they don't claim credit for something they may not actually own. This includes ourselves of course, as not all of us are brilliant artists. But that doesn't mean you cant showcase your own creation skills, as all art is 100% welcomed and supported here!

So join us in the Vale, and begin your epic adventure today!
[Main lore]
There's been an enormous zombie outbreak caused by a bio weapon, which has spiraled out of control, at the same time nuclear war commenced with the OPFOR powers and NATO forces, during this all of the AI went rogue to attack any living life form it saw and Earth also became the target of a multidimensional portal attack, simultaneously forces from other dimensions entered opportunistically as the dimensional fabric of Earth was destabilized, whilst this happened the tectonic plates shifted and the atmosphere began heating up as the climate changed and for further unknown reasons fossils have began regenerating and emerging dinosaurs back from extinction. This was the Cataclysm.

It's been about a year, things are a bit more stable now, but hardly anyone is left alive to appreciate that.

There are countless factions patrolling the wastes of the old world, from the relatively benign to the absolutely hostile and from human to things that were never meant to exist in this world. You can see the different factions in the faction channels.
Hello! This is Divided By Nature

Divided by Nature is a Sci-Fi/fantasy roleplay server. The setting is within the walls of a city known as Donum, far away from human civilization. Within it's walls are a subspecies of humans known as Kinetics, humans with telekinetic powers that range from telekinesis to spatial manipulation. In this world, you either live life normally, or fight for your freedom peacefully, or with violence. Choose your side and forge your path.

We welcome other species as well, whether they are human hybrids or from another world entirely. Anyone can join in. We are a respectful and welcoming.

We also include:
•Art sharing/learning/help
•Character creation/help
•Voice Chatting
•Nsfw (Private/ask)
•Other RPs
•Suggestions and Critiques
•Ideas for improvement

We have a story in this roleplay that allows you to make different types of Characters, plot lines, etc. And all in all its an Open world with multiple possibilities to pick and choose from.

We are a server that has it's ups and it's downs, because we are struggling a bit, sometimes we cannot help it if we get emotional or even a little cynical. It's in our nature even though it does not happen very often, we ask that if you join. To do 3 things for us.

1. Be willing to adjust, and take criticism when it comes to Character making.

2. Do try to be nice to everyone, admins will call out those who become out of line.

3. We are human. We would appreciate it if you would understand that not everything is always 100% A ok. We all have our own problems. We are just here for a good time with friends.

That's all that is required to join, read what we have to offer and meet a few new people, of course have some fun. If you don't feel like this is the type of server for you, you can leave, its all fine. But do take the time to read the story and don't get discouraged if no one is speaking, people have jobs, school, and family out side of the server. Thank you.
Hope to see y'all there.
The Reighlan Myth - Kingdoms

The year is 1404 AC (After the Creation), an age before gunpowder but filled with magic and imagination. Join us for an interactive storyline-based system, where you make your own story as you go! Houses to choose from, places to go to, things to do, the choices are practically limitless! We feature:

A multitude of locations to RP in, with reference pictures and medieval themes.

Programmed bots and reaction roles to make the experience easier for all!

An RPing system based on Storyline, not stats or levels.

We are currently looking for Active Roleplayers, Friendly members and exciting ideas. We hope to see you there!

Karulian for 'World', this server hosts a wide variety of genres to choose from.

⚔️ Action 🍓 Slice of Life 📜 Adventure 🔱 PowerPlaying 💞 Romance 🔪 Suspense ❓ ...and more to come!

There is no end to how you can write here! We offer openness to RP of all kinds, be it the familiar, exciting, action-focused one-liners and script-writers [📝], all the way to the more refined and artful, descriptive, paragraph-driven bookworms [🖋️], and everyone in between [🖊️]! With 199 races and 500+ subraces to choose from!

║ Take part in a world of rivalry
║ between the tech-heavy hu-
║ mans and the magically-
║ endowed elves with nearly
║ everything else in between!
║ What's your story in all this madness?

DEDAMITSA HOSTS A FREE WORLD! There is nearly endless ways to roleplay by how this server is designed. The lore contained in our masterlists is so broadly made that we've provided you with neverending combinations of ways to play!

This server is SECURED. YOU CANNOT JOIN WITHOUT BEING VERIFIED BY OUR HIGHEST-LEVEL STAFF, especially if you haven't a verified Discord account.

Come write with us!
Hey! This is a modern RP based in modern china. We're all super chill and pretty active, so if you wanna join us come on in we can always use new members!

-Create your own company or business
-LGBTQ+ Safe place
-Isolated ERP
-Friendly and active members
-Time skips to let Ocs grow and develop
-Open world aspect
It has been 10 years since the dragons had disappeared into the Hidden World. With the dragons gone for so long, the hunters slowly vanished as their main source of income was gone now.

A new Alpha has risen up in the ranks, a new species of dragon. Slowly this alpha has been sending out scouts to see if the world above is safe now. Now the dragons have slowly started returning. It seems like peace between dragons and vikings may be possible now, but only time will tell.

On New Berk Hiccup is still chief, watching and waiting for the dragons to return. His children Nuffink and Zephr are now young teenagers and learning to follow in there father's footsteps.

Meanwhile, even though the hunters are gone, a new cult of dragon hunters has risen up. Waiting for the right moment to strike. Calling themselves the Rouge Trappers.

HTTYD: Rise of a New Age is an open-world roleplay server where you can play as either a dragon or a human. We have a large roleplay zone which members can add onto with custom islands as well as custom dragons. Unlike other servers we are less restrictive on dragon species, allowing members to rp as their favorite dtagons. We also have chat areas for franchise as well as gaming channels.

We hope you will join us and help us as we grow in size.

•Custom and Hybrid Dragons!!!
•Large selection of dragons to choose from.
•Canon Characters, both dragon and human
•Custom Islands
•HTTYD gaming chats
Millenium Dawn is a never before seen Sci-Fi server with an in-depth ship construction system and completely open galaxy. Want to be a businessperson making tons of money? Do you want to explore the galaxy and learn about the alien races? Or do you want to make a new discovery that will shape the galaxy? It is truly up to you to decide what you will do with your character!

We have:
-Open world
-In-depth and simulated parts of the entire galaxy, decisions will affect the world realistically
-Alien races to learn about and explore
-Virtually infinite RP possibilities
-Great staff
-In-depth and original lore(edited)
In the worlds of Ephemeral Rifts, the multiverse is an expansive collection of various realms which all find their place through space and time, alternative dimensions which occur simultaneously and among each other.

While initially seperate, an innate ability developed within people from all walks of life among the multiverse brought its way into existence. The ability to traverse between these worlds by the use of Rifts, disguised as a method of transport within each world, only activatable by those wielding the gift.

Your character has lived in one of these settings for their youth, without knowledge of other worlds, until their gift was awakened, as they were plucked from their home, and brought to the mundane normal world, as they slowly discover the extend of their power, finding their feet in the new world, and learning to explore others.

As you acclimatize to the mundane world, or explore new ones, the fun and whimsical nature of this travel fills you with wonder, as possibilities are endless!
This is a server that offers many social possibilities, not just in roleplay, mind you, as may be perceived at first glance. To be clear, roleplay is NOT the main focus of this server, but rather the opportunity to socialize in any of several ways, such as, of course, roleplay as an example. However, there's significantly more to it than that, as can be seen with the list below.

Options include, but are not limited to:
-Server Crossovers
-Custom-Color Event Roles
-Art (Doesn't even have to be your own, though credit is encouraged)
-NSFW (Channel exclusive)
-Custom Channels
-Bot Interaction (Such as Nadeko, Tatsumaki, and Rhythm)
-Voice/Music Chat
-Social Events (May be requested)
-Social Roles
-Tutoring and Commissions (Optional)
-Open to Server Partnership (See owner for details)
-Open to suggestions!

No matter what social premise you have in mind, chances are, this server may very well have it. People can be here from a variety of time zones and nationalities, but please note that activity has a tendency to follow the US Central timezone and generally uses English as the primary language. And don't worry, we also come with an anti-discrimination policy, so don't worry about difference in views or preferences.
Join Borderlands 3 Discord.

The first Borderlands 3 server in Discord.
We are enthusiastic players and share this Discord game server with you.
Tell us your platform and your favorite character in the game to join us.
Note our server rules and let's play, have fun together.

Supported Games:
Borderlands 3
The world is in a good old fashion infantry war over resources and the hole of Europe is at each-others necks. with up to 7 classes to choose from and with over 8 playable factions (UK, America, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Turkey and Lithuania.) and growing. you must choose a faction and fight along allied troops in both land and air combat, to victory in Europe.
The glamour and fame that comes with being a superhero is often followed up with a hefty price tag. It's everyone's dream to become a famous cape-wearing shmuck with celebrity endorsements being thrown at them left and right, and a shit-eating grin and a spandex suit that screams "I saved a train from falling off the rails—no biggie," right? Not when it turns into a toxic tar pit where genuine and altruistic folks with a dream to help people find themselves juggling fire.

Welcome to Capes, a superhuman world where superheroes are the new movie stars. Do you have a strong jaw and a cleft chin? How about that and the ability to lift two cars with your legs? Maybe you want to break the mold and help those in need like a Robin Hood on steroids. At the end of it all, the entire world needs help and they're willing to shower you with all the love you want so long as you prove yourself useful.

Travel around the world and put a stop to dastardly foes hellbent on disassembling the world for personal gain. Fight and develop complex theatrical relationships with your rivals.

From folks with sonic screams to alligator-skinned human tanks, explore a roleplay drawing inspiration from favorite franchises like the X-Men, Marvel, Worm and Ward, and more.

Our server offers:
❯ A 16+ environment.
❯ Quality paragraph/multi-paragraph roleplay.
❯ An open-world experience with expansive lore.
❯ The ability to participate in organized events that cater to you as a player.
❯ A welcoming and constructive writing community!
Nouveau !
A small little server with a love of roleplaying. All levels of roleplay are welcome. We are open to any genre as long as it's PG-13. (Except in respective channels.) We want to grow this little server into a server full of friendly roleplayers.
We are Mirrors of Anime!
From anime and manga, enter the world of anime where you put yourself into various animes and roleplay with other people with the same interest. We have Naruto, Boku no Hero Academia, Fairy Tail and Open World roleplays where you are able to bring yourself and your original characters to interact with others.