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🌑 We are a Theistic Satanist friendly server. We want to teach the world about our beliefs! We also welcome anyone who is willing to learn no matter what your current religion may be.

🌕 What we offer:

🌙┊ Lots of LHP resources
🌙┊ Channels for entities
🌙┊ Fun channels
🌙┊ Future classes
🌙┊ Server Library
🌙┊ LGBTQIA+ friendly

⛔ What we do NOT accept in this server:

✧・ Transphobia
✧・ Homophobia
✧・ Racism
✧・ Sexist people
✧・ Bullying
✧・ Any racial slurs
✧・ Toxicity

😈 We hope to meet you soon!
A friendly and inclusive Left Hand Path / Satanism focused server that is welcome to all, regardless of ethnicity/race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious practice, etc. and does not tolerate discrimination, bigotry, or harassment.
The Raven's Flight is a new non-denominational, all inclusive community that provides channels for both a friendly atmosphere for chatting and general hangout as well as serious and friendly occult discussions. We offer a variety of different custom roles, and channels for various topics along with plenty of resources for practices, beliefs, theologies, mythologies, an extensive library, and much more!
Welcome to AL, the community that focuses on advanced spiritual practices in an academic setting with alchemists and journeymen starting in 2015. Our goal is to help members become independent, stronger and wiser in all spiritual topics while also enjoying a group with social equal exchange.
An open, welcoming server for all paths and all levels of experience! Many roles and channels to choose from, an education/personal growth focused environment with warm, friendly atmosphere.
-LHP and Right Hand Friendly
-"School" category where you can advertise for students or for someone to teach you
-Mental health channel for venting, ranting, support, have someone listen to you infodump or to gush about something that makes you happy!
-Critical thinking channel with problems posted regularly for discussion
-Member and Staff discipline procedures clearly laid out in rules channel (LOOKING FOR STAFF)
Nouveau !
Welcome to Rising Dawn!
We are an all ages Left Hand Path community, dedicated to educate and to create a space for LHP practitioners of all
experiences! No clue what LHP means? Join us! We’ll give you a warm welcome as well as answer any questions your heart desires!
We are a growing server that offers:
> A large selection of resources as well as a request system in the library so you can get as much information as you desire!
>> Current Resource count 70+<<
> Self selectable roles (more get added upon request!)
> A lot of bots!
> Community nights in which we socialize and network!

˙.•₊°‧✶ Welcome to Wandering Eye! ✶‧°₊•.˙

Our goal as a community is to unify Kemetics, raise awareness, and share our practices and knowledge so we can all be knowledgeable going forward with Kemetism!

We offer a place with:

˙.•₊°‧✶ Colorful roles

˙.•₊°‧✶ Roles to share what gods you work with

˙.•₊°‧✶ Chat with other Kemetics (whether it'd be in general or about Kemetism!)

˙.•₊°‧✶ Share your practice and knowledge

˙.•₊°‧✶ Find some resources

˙.•₊°‧✶ Explore other's beliefs and practices

We hope you enjoy your stay and we'd love to hear your feedback!

⛧ Ave Satanas ⛧
Regular Among Us Game Nights!

Super relaxed rules, allowing for debate on any topic! Highly active daily users! Multiple servers into one big community! Self-selected roles unlock different sections of the server!

Current sections include:

💬General Chat
👹Church of Satan
🎮Gaming e.g Among Us, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Valorant etc

...more are coming!

Join now, connect with members and bring your friends along!
The Woods of Whimsy

"Down on these hills, and in these dark valleys, lies a place that stands unknown.."

------------- ・°☆°・ -------------

What we offer:

-A friendly LGBTQA+ witchcraft, Pagan, and Occult community

-Multiple channels with resources for beginner witches, seasoned witches, and just on Witchcraft in general!

-A seasonal forest aesthetic, the server's theme changes based on the IRL seasons.

-Open to parterning.

-Daily events, QoTD, Karaoke Nights, Movie Nights.

And lots more!
Howdy creepers, crawlers, and everything on between! Welcome to Witches Mire, a server dedicated to bringing witches together and helping each other progress in their path while also appreciating the coziness of swamps and toads :D

We are overflowing with love, support, and care here in this witchy bog of friends! If you're looking for a supportive, helpful, and non-judgemental family, we're perfect for you!

All religions and practitioners ages 13+ are welcome here! We have tons of channels dedicated to many different topics including types of divination, black magic, familiars, and more! We even have a category just for relaxing and chatting with fellow witches over things like memes and selfies!

We know host study sessions each week with cool lo-fi beats to vibe to, group guided meditations, and weekly server tasks to help you along your witchy research!
Orbis Terrae Luciferi, The world of Lucifer. Our agenda is Lucifer's message to fill the world with his Elites.
Through witchcraft and Enlightenment, acceptance and honesty within yourself you shall rise in his Elites.
We have a lot to offer, teachings in the rite of Lucifer. Demonolatry rites and holidays. These are the current classes we have to offer.

-Lesson: Demonolatry and Demon Magic, When: Tuesday/wednesday

-Lesson: Energy Work, When: Wednesday/Sunday

-Lesson: Necromancy, When: Thursday/Friday

-Lesson: Herbology/Botany, When: Wednesday/Thursday

Demonolatry is the main practice but all sorts of witchcraft and practices are welcome.
We prefer to have member that take their craft's and arts seriously.
Anyone is welcome to this community as long as they do not have any biased, racist views they preach
We are very friendly people and easy to talk to, So let's learn from each other and expand our capabilities !

Note: You must post an introduction following a quick interview when joining the server to get full access (to keep away trolls etc)
welcome lost one. On your path to enlightenment you have fallen, stumble into an endless maze.
Be it tomes you seek or the friends you make along the way, sit by the fire and rest awhile, all are welcome, escaping is the hard part.
(A witchy eclectic occult server, nazis and intolerants will be banned, all paths welcome)
enjoy your time in
🌻🌟 Greetings, and welcome to the Secret Coven! 🌟🌻

🌞🌝 We're currently hosting Octcove, our very own 'Inktober'! 🌞🌝

🌙 We are a witch community solely focused on witchcraft and making this a place for beginners, as well as experienced witches to learn! Those interested in witchcraft are more than welcome!

🌟 Here you'll find:

🌙 over 150+ sorted and hidden channels and categories!
🌟 experienced Witches willing to give advice and lessons!
🌙 self-assignable roles, including colour roles. Different roles will unlock different channels and categories!
🌟 game events such as CAH, Among Us and nights! (Movie Nights coming soon.)
🌙 in-server mini games!
🌟 a safe space for LGBTQ members, BIPoC members and others!
🌙 super friendly mod team!
🌟 a chance to become a mod through mod applications!
🌙 interactable server activities such as daily questions and polls!
🌟 crystals, herbs, Tarot and runes of the day!
🌙 a Death Card role which hides all social channels in case you're here to only learn and not chat!
🌟 a social category dedicated to chatting!
🌙 our own server mascot! And yes, his name is Duke Banner.

🌻 "We strive to only provide the most relatable of moods here in the secret coven." - draconxas.

🌙 Enjoy your stay, and may guidance and clarity find you!
Hello and welcome. Here we discuss, learn and expand our knowledge in relation to Demonolatry, Theistic Satanism, Ceremonial Magick, Thelema & The Left Hand Path.

We have a wealth of channel specific learning materials for you to access, we also provide classes, Q&A sessions and more to come.

••••18+ ONLY••••
Server dedicated to the Faith Blind Council podcast. Episode and practice discussion, paradigm study groups and research, magickal experiments, contests, and more.
The Nightshade & Pestle Society is a Traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, and Occult focused community for the intermediate and advanced Witch. [18+ Only]

There is an interview process to access this server.

Our society is a community focused on growing together through common craft, regardless of the origins of your path. It is a space designed to help you become familiar with the parts of the craft you may not yet know, through the mutual discussion of many experienced core members with diverse backgrounds.

We feature many active clubs and activities designed to help you on your journey, including an active book and movie club, as well as organized debates and blog/content creator review sessions.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* What do we have to offer? *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

➳ LGBTQ+ friendly and 13+ only
➳ Daily tarot readings
➳ Many fun witchy chats
➳ Self assigned roles
➳ Movie nights + more weekly activities coming soon
➳ Health reminders
➳ Friendly staff
➳ New practitioners welcome!
➳ Meditation sessions
➳ Currently looking for diviners that wish to sell their services within the server!

Those who are not practitioners but are interested in the craft are more than welcome as well! We hope to see you soon! Blessed be<3
We're a NEW low moderation server

focused on -
various conspiracies
astrology information & how-to guides
various occult info

numerous general chats for all topics

come learn w us (:
🌒Welcome to The Selenite Towers!🌘

Here at The Selenite Towers, we strive to secure the safety of all our Cottage Dwellers. We focus on *Cottage witchcraft and Kitchen Witchcraft*, but also include the study and discussion of Witchcraft, Paganism, Wicca and the Occult. We take pride in creating a friendly, approachable and safe environment for all members, no matter what their background may be. This includes all the non-witch folk who are also more than welcome to join us if you're curious and witches of ALL experience levels!

🌒What do we Offer?🌘

🍁 ❃ A safe, friendly and cozy environment for people to relax, learn or discuss their witchy interests.

🌛 ❃ We are 110% welcoming of any LGBTQ+, Plural members and all ethnicities.

🌺 ❃ Fun bots to play around with in your spare time.

🔮 ❃ A Sorting system (much like Harry Potter) to arrange our Cottage Dwellers (you) into three managable groups for safety and for server activities.

🍀 ❃ Easy-To-Navigate channels covering most topics - and a suggestion box chat for you to request new channels to be put in place.

🦋 ❃ Categories dedicated to research (books, websites, etc), Spell and Ritual Work, Pantheons, Herbology, Hobbies and more.

🌼 ❃ A ranting and venting channel for
whenever you feel the need to talk to someone. On top of this, very friendly staff who will do their very best to ensure you feel safe and secure inside our server.

🌻 ❃ A large custome role scheme that allows members to select their own roles upon arrival and introduction.

🌙 ❃ Amazing events such as group meditations and astral journeys lead by admins, as well as other fun things

Thank you for checking us out! Enjoy your time here 💕
Welcome to UMBRA MORTIS!

We are a Left Hand Path oriented server where we focus on improving our practice and building a friendly, occult interested community. We are a place where rituals and spirituality come first.

⛧Focused on practice
⛧Special interest channels
⛧In depth occult discussions
⛧Weekly topic
⛧Custom occult emojis
⛧Amazing library
Welcome to the Tower Of Babel!

This is an active 18+ occult and research server, with a parapsychology influence. We have resources on almost any mystic topic; and have members ranging in specialty from Chaos Magick, Wicca, Kemeticism, Thelema, Divination, and even areas of thought such as Jungian psychology, philosophy, aliens, and much more!

-Active friendly userbase
-Daily discussion topics
-Large free resource library channel
- Involved and educated staff
-Book club
-Practice channels for a wide variety of magickal fields, so everyone feels at home!
-Mentorship program for newbies!

We welcome members of all levels of experience, from those simply curious or just starting out to seasoned believers. So what are you waiting for? Stop in!
The Veil- is a server and a coven. We pride ourselves in the amount of research our staff does about getting the most factual evidence based information out to our members. This is more than just a server it is a coven a family. It is for anyone who is interested to seasoned practitioners. We are a 16+ server and cannot wait to have you join us.
꧁༒۞—(••÷ℂ𝕒𝕗𝕖 𝕕𝕖 𝔹𝕣𝕦𝕛𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕒÷••)—۞༒꧂

~☕A 16+ server meant to be a chill place to discuss the occult, regardless of your path.☕~

Santeria, Hoodoo, and Voodoo all come from the same roots of Native American and European witchcraft being syncretized with African Vodun. All of these and more are welcome here, LHP, RHP, and MHP included!

❈~Self assignable roles according to religion and practices
❈~channels to discuss various topics from religion to practices as well as occasional discussion prompts
❈~A Mentor/Student System if you wish to teach or be taught
❈~Channels to post your art and discuss artistic practices
❈~random coffee brewing advice and recipes from an amateur barista
❈~random articles on various topics said barista finds interesting
❈~Helios Bot
❈~A leveling system to promote participation
This server is 18+ only.

The Esoteric Network is a networking server for customers and sellers alike to meet, do business, and exchange tips about running an occult business, blog, or service.

Sellers are welcome to advertise their wares, services, creations, and artwork in their own channels, which they can modify and arrange however they please. Semi-professionals and new businesses are welcome to join and get tips and insights on how to run their occult business.

Customers are welcome to join to take advantage of sales, get exclusive insights into their favourite shops, and have direct contact with their favourite sellers.

Community leaders such as occult server owners, convention runners, bloggers, influencers, and other types of social projects are welcome to join and make connections.

While this is not a social server, members are able to participate in conversations in self-moderated rooms, exchange business information and tips, or converse with customers in their shop rooms as needed.