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Hello world! This is Pope Benedict XV speaking to the fellow smart people interested in my server! This is my nation built with hard work and faith, I believe when you join the server you will enjoy it as it has tons of opportunities in many fields you might as well be chosen to become Pope! So enjoy the stay!

Our Add ↓↓↓↓

🇻🇦☩ ▬▬▬♗🇵 🇦 🇵 🇦 🇱 🇸 🇹 🇦 🇹 🇪 🇸♗▬▬▬ ☩🇻🇦


🗝️This server is based on the Papal States!
⛪We are ruled by the Pope
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Come build your family in the Papal States
✝️Take part in the upcoming crusades
✊Rise to power in the Papal states
🌟Get the opportunity to become pope
⚔️Join the military we have the Swiss Guard, the Cavalry and the navy
🤝Dm the pope for partnership!
🏭We have many job opportunities other than the military
🌐People of all races, caste and religion are allowed here in the papal states
🏛️Join the Senatorial Princes of the Church and rise to power!


✠—————————✠ 👑Glory to the Pope! 👑✠————————✠
✠—————————✠🇻🇦Glory to the States!🇻🇦✠————————✠

Have you ever wanted to build the country of your dreams, without the restriction of real life history? Want to interact with other nations, make allies, and create rivalries? Well, this is for you, my friend!

International Custom Nations is a simple RP server where you can play as any kind of country you choose! It can be a fictional country, a real country, or even a country straight out of the history books!

It's a simplistic country RP server with simple & easy to learn systems for annexing land, and inventing new technology. Here on ICN, you don't have to worry about unwanted extra complexities. There's no economy/work bot system, and there will not be any armies.

That means that nations like Liberland could take on nations like Yugoslavia and win, but this doesn't have to be focused on real life things and such, just enough to spice up the server.

You can invent new technologies that affect the dice whether it's for war or for annexing unclaimed provinces, and speaking of which, you can annex unclaimed provinces in the earth to be a country that the rest of the world relies on its hands, or you can be an empire and start your conquest of the entire earth! It's all up to you!

Use our template to create your nation! (Please make sure your nation follows our creation guidelines.) We have a healthy community, an active & helpful team of staff, a simple war (With a few additions to mix things up) and annexation system, and so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and experience the world for yourself!
Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambyn.
This is a Roleplay Nation Server set in the current years, Modern Age.

Cambyn is where you can fulfill all your political fantasies. You can roleplay as a Prime Minister/Mayor candidate and win the elections or fight against corruption as a fierce journalist or just be a normal citizen! Or what about hosting lavish parties while living the life of the nobility, being an Ambassador to other Server Nations, or being an Army General!

Our welcoming community is now of 100+ members, with an active and helpful staff.

Join us in running this nation, the modern Kingdom of Cambyn!
Nouveau !
A new geopolitical server made by Rp-ers Legacy, Ramen, and Joe, we strive to make a good roleplay environment, although that environment isnt very PC. We will strive for semi realism and no rolling in our war system. Join today and finally you will see quality roleplay
Nouveau !
Hello and welcome to my new Nation RP server! Here we provide the upmost realistic world / nation RP. We are currently small and are looking for members. We can provide:

- Music Bots
- Upmost professional and active staff
- Realistic Roleplay
We hope you join us, and we really thank you for your interest in our community, we want to make the experience fun for everyone no matter what. We hope you have a great day

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a socialist government based server, where you can have fun in the community, talk with others, and even rise up the ranks easily. Come join us today!
The Mauristian Republic

The Mauristian Republic is a political simulation of a new country in the real world. Represent your party in the different branches of the government or a member of a council, a Diplomat, News Reporter, CEO. And loads more!
Relève de France est un projet politique et patriote. Créé le 5 janvier 2017, ce rassemblement indépendant et populaire veut rassembler les Français patriotes et nationalistes. Nous avons voulu faire émerger ici un lieu de discussion où se retrouveraient des gens de toutes les tendances politiques, conscients de la nécessité des débats arguments et de la confrontation des opinions éclairées. Venez nombreux !

Hello fellow Omani People and outside world! Welcome to the Oman server where our goal is to give you a home to stay and chat with many of our cool members! In our server, we want to unite Omani people together and talk about our diverse and cool country. Omani or not, you are welcome here to come chat with us. This is an entirely fun and friendly server with a variety of fun bots, channels, and so much more. However, there is going to be some gentle guidelines to follow in this server, so this server can REMAIN friendly and avoid a huge mess! Hopefully you can understand! :heart:
The Drake Islands are a political simulation of a fictional country set in the real world. Represent your party or be independent and make our nation better. We have news channels and other fun things. Our country is a island chain in the north Pacific with a unique mix of British and Japanese culture that allows you to choose a side or make your own path.

We have:
🕶️ Self-assignable reaction roles

🗿 Fun events

🔊 Voice chats

🏃‍♂️ Active community

👮 Unbiased admin staff

Join in and make your own party or join one of the ones that people have already made!
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60 years ago, the old King and Queen had two beautiful children- a girl, and a boy. The girl was the first-born, and seemed eager to rule, while her younger brother was more laid-back, and saw no appeal in ruling this empire. However, fate did not favor this unfortunate family. On a voyage to a forgien kingdom, both rulers were killed in a tragic storm while at sea. That left the two- now teenagers, alone in the castle. The princess stepped forward to claim the throne… but the power-hungry council stopped her, and chose her brother instead, knowing that he would be easier to influence. Soon he found out about their true intent, and became less compliant. He secretly wrote up an early will, clearly stating that his sister would take the throne if anything was to happen to him. Once the council found out, they decided they would poison his drink during a meeting and then burn his will. The poison was made so that he would die exactly one hour after it passed his lips- this way he would die after the meeting, and they could avoid suspicion. Fifteen minutes into the meeting, the king took a sip from his pure-gold goblet and immediately tasted the poison. So he drew his sword, and cut down all five of the council members- and promptly died afterwards from the poisoning. His wife heard the news, and drank from his goblet out of sorrow- thus ending her own life. The very young daughter of the two was left alone in the world. The king’s will was found, and his mourning elder sister was given the crown.

The New Queen has ruled alone for many years now and she has led well, as a fair and just leader- but also strict. She has ruled with an iron fist. She has gained two children- none of which she actually gave birth to. The first was Jasmine, the daughter of the Queens dead brother and his wife. The second was Vivian- a sadistic brat who she decided to adopt from the orphanage as a way to show her generosity to the people. Roselyn has made sure that her age went undocumented, and it is said that she’s ageless. That was until she stepped down from the throne as the Kingdom awaits the new Queen and King of Treaphasta
Hey! Welcome to UPGRADE! It’s a fictional RPG, where you build a nation and UPGRADE it to it’s max capacity! Join in and we hope you stay as active as possible! We hope the best from ya!
🇨🇦Bonjour! Welcome to Canada!🇨🇦

Canada is a North American country stretching from the U.S. to the Arctic Circle. Canada's vast swaths of wilderness include Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains.

Want to join a nation that has a fair, impartial, and equal justice system?

Are you looking for a place with Northern context and find something unique?


In Canada, we offer:
🇨🇦A working government 🏛️
🇨🇦 Ability to create a business 💼
🇨🇦 Fair and honest elections ☑️
🇨🇦 Media outlets 📰
🇨🇦 A fair justice system ⚖️
🇨🇦 Fun events 🥳
🇨🇦 Military 💂

We are always open to partners!

𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗼𝗻 𝗶𝗻 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗲𝗻𝗷𝗼𝘆 𝗖𝗮𝗻𝗮𝗱𝗮!

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the celebrations in the United States had not lasted long. In fact, the United States had not truly won the Cold War, because months later, unrest grew all over the nation. Separatist movements grew everywhere.

In June of 1992, the United States erupted into an event known as the Second Civil War. The capital, Washington DC, was stormed on all sides, and the government was forced to flee to Canada and later the UK. The Unrest spilled over into the nations of Canada and Mexico, and North America shattered into a thousand pieces.

It is now modern day. North America is now disconnected and no longer interacts with anywhere outside of their own continent. All nations produced by the Civil War have now stabilized, and are ready to get back into action.

But what will you do?

The decision is yours.

Apply today!
Nouveau !
Have you ever wished to run a country? A fictional one at that? Well then, this is the server for you, taking place in 2000, almost every country in the world is free, so come in and take one
The Adorian Republic is a political discussion server and simulation of a new country in real world. Represent your party as MP, Governor, Minister, PM, President, Judge and other functions. You can also be member of the different committes, Diplomat, News Reporter, ceo. We refer to our real world events and to events we create.

We have 900+ members and growing.

We have:
🕶️ Self-assignable reaction roles

🗿 Fun events

🎲 Minigames

🔊 Voice chats

🏃‍♂️ Active community
Welcome to the Italian Socialist Republic comrade, we’re a socialist mock government and we have:
-A centrally planned economy
-A huge debating zone
-Great staff
-Working Zones
-Political Parties
-Nice looking server
-Decent sized military
So what are you waiting for comrade join now!
Welcome to the Sixth Republic of Krameria! Krameria is a mock government that has been around for over a year and a half, and as a result, has a deep history (Involving many civil wars/revolts) and ideals associated with it. If you're interested in a nation that has

- A loyal/dedicated staff team that doesn't abuse their powers
- A deep history which is still present in its politics today
- Frequent elections that newcomers can easily get involved in
- Debates on various issues (Both irl and in relation to what will make the server better)
- And more,

Consider joining! It's the only way to know if you'll enjoy it or not. We've survived for longer than most mock govs, and by the hand of the people, we'll outlive many more!
Nouveau !
Ethosia is a micronation. A micronation is a small, self-declared and unrecognized nation that seeks to establish itself as a government. Ethosia seeks to form a nation from the ground up. We are focused on German symbolism however we seek out European based culture.
Welcome to Limberwisk! Limberwisk is a small island country above the Arctic Circle with an abundance in fjords, mountains, and beautiful islands! Things we have here:

- Government similar to the US
- No COVID-19 here(yet)!
- Military
- Police
- Music
And more to come!

Limberwisk is made up of 5 provinces(2 are just islands), it also has great weather in the summertime and harsh snow and cold in the winter!

So come to Limberwisk and get lost in Nordic paradise!
This is a non-turned base mapping strategy game that has really unique and cool mechanics.

we have indepth game mechanics with country:ideologies, policies, in-depth military and much more! We have easily layed out and explained them all for you in the info category. We are open to staff and suggestions:)

🏳️Be ready set away in the history books of this world!🏴
A nation rp set on earth with the starting year being 1928 where you can make any nation you feel like making, the world is open and ready for new faces to join the world stage. The server has recently gone through a bit of an update industry wise making it so you need to build up an industrial base to even think about even building up a military. More updates to come, ideas are welcome

Multiple NPC nations are up to be taken over and played
Hey, you! Yes, you! :wave:
***Broken Promises*** is a multi-option modern roleplay server where you can get a premium roleplay experience! You can do alot of things in this server such as *becoming a dictatorship*, *starting a civil war*, *getting independence for a nation*, *finding jobs*, *forming your own company*, *and much more!*
__Join to find out all the different possibilities of Broken Promises!__

You may roleplay as a:

**o** __Nation__
**o** __Leader of a nation's military__
**o** __Citizen__
**o** __Company__
**o** __Rebellion__
**o** __Terrorist Organization__

*This server is for you to become whatever you want!
Our friendly staff and community will aid you in all and any questions!*

***We are currently looking for partners and staff.***