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Blinidomen is semi-serious nation forged over several years. We are seeking to develop a community on Discord and are open to all, whom we shall greet with open arms. Our capital is located on the south coast of England and we already have members from many backgrounds. We have interests in vexillology, heraldry, military, and many similar subjects. Please feel free to come and check us out! - Zero tolerance for "prank bots" or any of that sort of stuff.
RealPolitikRP is a worldbuilding server where you choose a spot on the map and then you can roleplay as that nation, develop lore, make decisions, wage war, etc. It begins in 2019 and you can play any nation you want as long as it isn't too big.
There is limited space on the map, so if you want to join in the fun, come in and join!
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a socialist government based server, where you can have fun in the community, talk with others, and even rise up the ranks easily. Come join us today!
Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambyn.
This is a Roleplay Nation Server set in the current years, Modern Age.

Cambyn is where you can fulfill all your political fantasies. You can roleplay as a Prime Minister/Mayor candidate and win the elections or fight against corruption as a fierce journalist or just be a normal citizen! Or what about hosting lavish parties while living the life of the nobility, being an Ambassador to other Server Nations, or being an Army General!

Our welcoming community is now of 100+ members, with an active and helpful staff.

Join us in running this nation, the modern Kingdom of Cambyn!
The Fallden State is a Nation that has recently emerged victorious from a Civil war, The Fallden State is a National Socialist and Fascist server that allows other right wing ideologies as long as they do not cause trouble. The Server also has an army that is used to defend the server. we have many other things such as a Library and Art chat, so come on down.
Do you ever want to...
...become any nation from around the world?
...rage wars and conquer land with other nations?
...come together under an common alliance?
...Own the seas, build a galactic empire, or unify the world?
Politinations has all of that!
We are a country based roleplay server that emphasizes realism, and strategy.
We have a great community, great rp experiences, and best of all, an active chat!

Join now!
Pick a country. Any country. You could take over the world or stay neutral. Try to keep the roleplay realistic and have fun.
The United Nations have collapsed, bringing a sense of anarchy to the world. It is up to you to lead your nation through the era, keeping up on technology, and dominate the globe.
Hello this is a pretty new WIP nation rp server that is set in 1444
We offer many things like
Historically accurate events
Friendly staff and community
Epic memes
And more
So why not join?
The Swiss Confederation 🇨🇭
Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation is a server with many opportunities, you should join. We have:

🗳 Elections, political parties, and an organized government.

🔫 An Armed Forces to defend our server from other servers.

🎖Military and civilian awards

🤖 Fun bots

🏫 A University

💵 An economic system

👐 And many more things

Join the Swiss Confederation, you will have fun.
This RP is built upon the US government and mirrors it's politics.There are states and cities to rp in and a easy to reach ranks for now.
Welcome to the United Kingdom of Sulani, a lush and thriving nation.

Initially a British colony that obtained independence through war, it is now an Eden on Earth. With a thriving nature and economy, it is the place to be in.

It has modern and efficient systems such as universities, hospitals, police forces and armed forces to allow the country to work seamlessly.

It is run democratically by a parliament and a government that is elected by its citizens, and by the Crown, the last remnant of the Governor, the ruler of colonization times that led the country to its freedom from foreign control.

Join the House of Commons and make laws, or the armed forces and keep the law and order intact, or lead your own business! The possibilities are endless!
The year is 1450, and the very fabric of human society is changing. In the coming decades, nations will rise and fall, and distant peoples will come into contact with each another for the first time. Take command of a historical or custom nation and lead it to greatness.
A server about CROWS!!!!
We are all crows that haven’t unlocked their inner crow
World War II ended back in 1945, and Europe has experienced relative peace, and some want to ensure this peace, others do not, will you build up a nation to last through the rising world tensions, or will you collapse like so many others?

Have you ever wanted to join a simulation of the United States Government? Perhaps a roleplay based around it? Well, you’ve found it! Here in our server we have the following:

Character Creation
Plenty of positions within the US government
A military
A government based off of the US constitution
People interested in mock govs
An economy
Political System
And more!

The only thing we need is you, so come on, join us today!
Democratic Kampuchea is a communist government based server, where you can have fun in the community, talk with others, and even rise up the ranks easily. Come join us today!
We are a country that bestrides upon imminent glory, and we are accepting of many peoples.

Want citizenship? Join us and throw us your best shot!

We have ratified our Constitution!
GLOCON (Global Contention) is a role-play server that hosts games among its members featuring different scenarios within a fantasy map where the players may engage in war, diplomacy, or make any other decisions they feel is necessary in the imaginative world politics.
The Union of Discord Nations is the bridge for all discord nations, here discord nations big and small can prosper. All members of the Union of Discord Nations get their very own channel where they can post
whatever they want about their server.