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{| Welcome to the Gucci Region |}

This server is mainly focused on pokecord.

We have:
• Friendly community || 🤗

• Friendly mods || 😊

• Pokecord || 😶

• owo bot || (owo)

• Giveaways || 🎉

• Gyms || ⚔
We're just a server filled with gamers and memers. We have bots like Pokecord, Mudae, Myuu and much more. Feel free to join our server to post memes or interact with our members.
We are a new server. we are open to all kinds of games. We are all also huge weebs. We would love for you to join.

Hope to see you!!

Accepting staff requests.
Servidor de Pokémon, principalmente enfocado en bots para jugar Pokémon en Discord (Myuu, Mewbot, Pokécord, Pokéverse, Monstacord). Aun así, si quieres hablar de la serie, películas, mangas o juegas Pokémon en 3DS, Switch u otros, tambien tenemos canales exclusivos para eso. La idea es que elijas en qué categorías o canales participar, a través de roles autoasignables. Es tu decisión cuántos canales quieres ver. Anímate!!!

En este servidor no se permite contenido NSFW.
Nouveau !
We are a server that is dedicated to everything of the Pokémon® franchise! Everyone that has a remote interest is encouraged to join. We the Hub of the Server Family known as the Sapphire Dialga Pokémon servers. Bots here include Pokécord and myuu bot! We are always friendly and ready to help out on your journey through the world of Pokémon.
Um servidor de Pokemon, Bots como Myuu, Pokecord e muito mais!
Um dos melhores para se arrumar novas amizades, se quer ver como é, só entra!
OP Giveaways,
Giveaways for every bot: Myuu, Pokecord, Pokeverse and more

Join now or bad luck for 7 days
A small community based around pokemon bots. We strive to build a friendly community where everyone has a fun time!
This server is nice and friendly to all. We offer pokecord and myuu and several other bots. We have different gym battles and still have several openings for gym leaders.
We are a small new Pokecord based Server!
We have a lot of nice people and many different channels like dual-type gyms or a ranked duel system!
We also have the Myuu bot for those interested
This is a server with Pokécord, Pokéverse and other Pokemon bots. Here, you can trade, fight gyms, hang out and make some friends! We have giveaways, events and we're open to suggestions!
Pokemon server, with many pokemon related bots, this includes Pokecord, Myuu, and Pokeverse. We're just a server looking for members and an active and fun community.
Si t'aimes bien Pokémon vient commencer l'aventure sur deux bots Globaux peu connu et pourtant fort sympathique "PMDdiscord" un bot inspiré de Donjon Mystère et "Myuu" un bot inspiré des jeux originaux et très fidèle.

(Sinon c'est mon serveur perso avec quelques gens que j'apprécie pour utiliser des bots, mais si tu veux passer pour faire cc hésite pas)
Dark Shadow Resistance is finnaly here! We may not have everything in the server just yet but right now we have alot to offer!
We got teams, daily/weekly challenges, arena (still in development), pokemon daycare, pokemon league, pokemon auctions, and amazing bots! We will be adding in more things for you guys to enjoy.
Again we made this server not too long ago so we might not have alot in the beginning but we will be adding more things in the future.


Welcome to PokéDimensions! My name is Prynce and I am the owner of this server, a collective space where you can travel to the various worlds of Pokémon. We currently have 6 dimensions to fulfill your poké-needs... And why 6, you ask? Wynaut? Right?

Here are the Dimensions you can take part of:



▫️24/7 Pokécord Spawn
▫️Non-Interactive & Interactive Giveaways
▫️Friendly Management
▫️Daycare (Lookiny for Daycare Staff)
▫️Gyms (Looking for Gym Leaders)
▫️Ranking System
▫️Colour Roles
▫️Custom Roles
▫️Interactive Events

Note: More features will be implemented as we go on! The admin/mod staff are open for suggestions.