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Here at Majutsu-shi Academy, we train magic users into magicians,
Come join us! You wont regret it, here we are loving and accepting family! ♡♡
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We are a roleplay server with a weak magic system.
What that is you might ask? That gives you alot of freedom and creativity with the powers of the elements you're given and makes the roleplay much more fun with those less limitations.
Although there are still rules and moderation to stop biasing. Wanna give it a try? Why not join?

We Offer:

-Unique Story
-Friendly People
-Organized Server
-Roleplay World
-Alot Of Freedom Join Permalink Official Subreddit

Spiritual Empowerment & Mentorship Frontlines. A Transcendental Platform For Ascension, Lucid Dreaming Hybrid Mindset Voyagers 24/7, INtellectual Light Warrior Empowerment, Transcendence, Starseeds, Otherkin, Mind Voyagers, Mediums & Psychics, Merkaba-Ascension-5D, Dimension-Jumpers, Shifters, Future Earth, Soular Empowerment

At the shift of ages, and the arrival of the age of Aquarius, golden age as we battle the last inner and outer demons of the Kali Yuga/age of Pisces. A powerful incentive, a leap of faith: Take the first step: make the Quantum Leap, The Interdimensional Shift and Enter The Lightning Grid

-Psychic tools, trainings, intent, purpose documentations, pantheon and mentorship/guidance for otherkin and humans alike: All-in-One.
→Free Speech, Absolute Tolerance for Mutual Respect and Natural Equality ( circles of responsibility but nonhierarchy).
→Diverse Environment, rapidly expanding, work in progress pantheon for the golden age with widest assortments of deities helping out. Friendly and Helpful staff whose best interest is to serve your growth and cooperate on creative works/your development.
→ Knowledge on esoteric/transcendental topics generally not discussed/shunned/overlooked/disregarded/labeled as forbidden or far-fetched knowledge by others (metaphysics-spirit science, free energy, universal law, light body process, central nervous system rewiring, DNA-upgrade, cosmic origin, obscure(d) truths, connected dots and converging rivers).
-"Convert"-friendly- encouraging ex-religious ones for the One-Source path of the truth-seeker lightwarriors/workers/starseeds/otherkin/enlightened human old or mature souls(motto: strength in unity, collaboration VS illusion of separation)
-Various high-quality reddit/youtube/no-nonsense channeling websites/ news/video post feeds ( of spiritual/esoteric/cosmic theme)
-Weavesilk avantgarde spirit-art. (Interactive generative art- subliminal, angelic/demonic/divine, spiritual source channeling
-Soul ScienceTechnology & Source Transmissions. Logos God, Elohim, Doctor, Scientist, & Architect Of The Age Of Aquarius
-Soul technology/higher-self descent to physical vessel: Production of DMT internally without the use of physical substance and unlock spirit molecule
-Sections encouraging to showcase your work (media/documents/arts, personal photos)
-A place of unconditional love and growth for Starseeds, Indigos, Human Angels and Walk Ins' to reunite with their long lost Star Family and Soul Mates.
-Server voice chat option for those interested
-Server map for ease of access with descriptions and guidelines for each topic (accessibility)
Our own e-literature (growing library of PDF e-books and Links), videos, (multi)media and psychic tools, image-works not available anywhere else and written/crafted/made/authored exclusively by us.
-Logos God, Elohim, Doctor, Scientist, & Architect Of The Age Of Aquarius.
-Futuristic & Future-Oriented Community Dedicated To The Universal Law, Spirit Science, Soul Technologies and Extraterrestrial Soul Origins
-A joint planetwide effort for reconstructing the new pantheon for the golden age of Aquarius, fusing the ancient with the new influx past with the future to create the new present in the Now with the help of deities and entities of various origins.

We are highly focused and streamlined, yet loose and flexible (effortless effort being the motto). Our basic aim-quintessence is to harness all available energies to create an interdimensional rift/gate to haven that can propel us to 5th dimension and beyond while still connected to Earth but ultimately undergoing physical transfiguration, also fueled by the bowels of the earth likewise (as above so below)- which constructs a beastly cyclotron that irons out certain unwanted specific frequency-sets, diminishes their influence on the collective.
Hey! Welcome to Metanoia, a safe place for all regardless of your background and experience level!

We offer lots of information and available experienced witches to answer any questions you may have! This is especially good if you’re starting off your path, as we love to help baby witches out! :)

We also offer:
-Opt in vent access
-Fun bots
-Pluralkit for the use of tulpa systems and traumagenic systems
-Opt in Question Of the Day so we can know you better, and keep you thinking!
-Friendly and welcoming staff
Join us today!
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Based on the Netflix show, also named "The Order"

The roleplay is set during modern times, mostly at a university by the name of "Belgrave University". There is a small twist on the modern world, though.

Werewolves and magic exist. Within this Uni, there are two secret societies, The Knights of Saint Christopher, who are all werewolves, and The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a group of magic users.

We allow both canon characters and ocs, along with not having to entirely stick to the show's events. Despite this, I encourage you to still watch the show if you'd like to join to cause less confusion!

Some other things about this server:

+ Friendly, welcoming staff
+ LGBTQ+ friendly
+ Suggestion friendly
+ New, with many characters up for grabs
✧❁❁❁✧ ✧❁❁❁✧ ✧❁❁❁✧
Welcome to **Enchanted Empire**
The year is 2025 and life is prosperous. Magical creatures roam the world and live an ordinary life along side humans. Magic flows within the veins of the earth and thousands are born with it in their veins as well. Live life as anything you want in a slice of life either in college or just put in the kingdom; or have adventures given to you by the kingdom for some action and mystery. Drop in for a magically good time!

✧❁❁❁✧ ✧❁❁❁✧ ✧❁❁❁✧

Welcome to Granite Hills University! Only the finest university for any student to attend. While honing your magical powers, you'll have access to anything in the university! Not to mention the beautiful land surrounding it. So come on down, enroll and get a dorm! The world is at your fingertips.

✧❁❁❁✧ ✧❁❁❁✧ ✧❁❁❁✧

⭐️We offed a staff team that’s there to answer questions you might have when you join!
⭐️Fun and exciting bots to use
⭐️Owned channels you can teach or just talk about random stuff in your own channel!
⭐️A very large RP area and we accept suggestions to what we should add
⭐️Open staff positions and opportunities
⭐️ A Wide range for character creation, create your character as a known species, or create your own! Also make your own magic or you can brain storm there once you know the story line
⭐️A Mix of Modern Fantasy and Modern-Advanced Tech.
⭐️We offer two way to read the lore, we have a short, simple timeline you can read, or we have a long detailed backstory that is still in the work that you could read.
In the beginning, the world was much like out own - until the Originals escaped.

Welcome to Project: MQ! 30 years ago, a program was designed to sustain the human race as we spiralled uncontrollably into the future. Five organic peace keepers were created, each with a purpose in mind: Elemental, Knowledge, Sky, Darkness and Change.

The five made up the Originals and each of them wielded unimaginable power of their type. But, when something went wrong, the originals were released and began new lives in the wilderness.

Now the world is in a panic. The Originals, mating with each other and existing creatures, have passed on their genes to create a whole diverse kingdom of powerful creatures with somewhat destructive powers. Most of the previous organic life has been wiped out. These black eyed Creatures that were created as a result have something nearly all fear - a toxin that is able to pass on the powers of these strange and dangerous beings to the human race.

About 30% of the population are affected by this powerful toxin. They are viewed as a threat by the rest of the world and banished from the places they had inhabited before. Everyone is desperate to find a cure, but even with the advanced technology already developed it is proving impossible.

Join us for a fun and friendly environment as we continue to develop.
- Very active mods.
- Interesting lore with so much creative potential.
- Accepting community.
- Open to suggestions.
- Accepting of writing styles and lengths.
- Looking for lighthearted fun!

We hope to see you in the server soon.
Wotcher! We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

⚡️ #1 Harry Potter server on Discord
⭐️ Disboard’s top-rated RP server
🏆 Best Hogwarts experience anywhere

“Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus”

🥰 3000+ members
📝 Active and evolving roleplay
✨ Over 300 channels for RP
🏰 Set in present-day Hogwarts
🔮 RPG duel & quidditch system
📚 Immersive classes & events
🌈 LGBTQIA+ inclusive
💕 Dedicated Staff & players

Prior knowledge of the lore is great but isn’t required!

We eagerly await your return owl and hope to see you at the start of term — safe travels!
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Welcome to TTIGRAAS: New Age. A world where none of the canon characters have existed, exist or will ever exist. It's a completely blank slate, a new story for you to shape however you wish!

A friendly, active staff team!
A fair levelling system
Lots of things that strictly follow canon, and some things that have been modified in order to fit a roleplay setting.

And no, I'm not good at writing advertisements.

Feel free to come along!
Welcome to the Ark of Tomorrow,


The current year is 109X, a year known for its rising tensions and conflicts between factions encompassing different ideologies. In a world desolated by calamities, both man made and naturally occuring as a result of a crystal based mineral known as “Originium” (A powerful conduit of electricity when processed with more potential than gold and an unstable authigenic mineral composition capable of being molded in a carbonic level).

The survival of humans and Ancients (Bipedal human like animal hybrids) alike has been a constant struggle, not only to find suitable regions to escape from sudden underground releases of energy (Both in the form of heat and kinetic force) but to also avoid contracting a very infectious disease; one created by contact with “Originium” in its raw form by circulatory breathing or by contact with afflicted bodily fluids.

“Oripathy” as it has been named, is an extremely vicious disease, one that consumes the host from within by growing crystal protrusions inside organs and blood vessels. Once infected, there is no cure and one can only delay the process by medical treatment.

If that was not enough, such a situation has caused a segregation of classes never seen before in the world of “Terra”. One that is still ongoing . . .

In fear of contagion and lack of understanding, those who are healthy have developed extreme reactions towards those who have been infected or those of lesser societal standing. It is not uncommon to witness discrimination or violence against the infected, often times it is supported by mobile cities (Cities constructed over massive complex vehicles with the purpose of escaping calamities) and their government officials to hide other issues that plague the general livelihood.

However, not all share such a mentality-- Many groups have risen and fallen with the intention of aiding those who need.

One of the most influential groups at the present is a company created on an isolated island: “Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals”. The company treats the infected in exchange for their services. Both a medical research facility and also a private military contractor, it has become a name well known haven for the afflicted.

“ All those who aspire for a better life, be them from the slums or from high society, no matter where they came from-- All that we require is that one dedicates themselves to making a difference, a single wish to improve reality one step at a step. Those of you who are here and hear, we welcome you with open arms. “

What role you will play in such a tale is one only you know, how will you make a difference?


Welcome to our Arknights server,
We are happy to have you onboard with us, if you are here you can count on the following:

💠 - Friendly staff, we are more than glad to prioritize fun over anything else.
💠 - Lively discussions about literature (Arguable), the definition being lackluster.
💠 - Zote is here. (He has me on gunpoint.).
💠 - Jessica is waifu. (Is that even questionable?).
💸 - Active community. (We bribed them.)

Feel free to hop into our server and lets all have fun !
You would receive a message from an anonymous sender...

Dear Student,
As you know, after the years of war and chaos between the tinkering Ikannus and the magical Edeos, and the aftermath that ensued, our world, and our people along with it, suffered greatly from the littered bodies of machines and the dead land that was once filled with luscious wildlife, and the deaths that have taken both sides in the war. I, Mr. Kyle E. Burn et Dunn, founder of Burn et Dunn Academy, sought to change that for the better.
We have sent letters from multiple children around the world, from both the Ikannus and the Edeos, to invite them into our Academy to learn with those their fathers and their fathers have seen as enemies and become their friends.
You are one of those children! Congratulations, my dear child, for you have been invited to Burn Et Dunn Academy, the first school to let children rom both factions to enter, to learn with the best of the best to become a better person.
We have many things to offer to your child that would surely help him or her become a better person, like:
-A town your child can explore and even live in than our dorms if you allow them to live there.
-A dorm where your child can share with with three other people.
-A friendly staff team that would make your child feel at home
-And, with the support of you, the childs parents, we could have so much more that would indeed help your child become a better person.
We await your arrival, my dear child.
With the best of luck to you,
Kyle E. Burn et Dunn
Welcome, New Student or Staff, To Magosia College! Come Along And Let Your Magic FREE And Meet Other Students or Staff, Fall in Love, Make Friends and Enemies, Go on Trips and More! We Hope You Enjoy Your Time In Our School!
A friendly still growing server that's looking for new, roleplay and fantasy interested people.
Any roleplay style is welcome as well as well as every interested person that hasn't much roleplay experience.
We are currently looking for new staff members.
The world existing in the server has a unique history of how magic became part of the lives of Myriad's people and a wide map with different regions, culturally and geographically, to explore for the roleplayers as well as funny, earnest, special, catious and mysterious characters owned by the already settled members.
I hope to see you soon there and roleplay with you, travel safe until then.
Merhaba! Sunucumuz bebek cadılar, cadılığı öğrenmek isteyenler veya bu konularla ilgilenip yoldaşlarıyla tanışmak isteyenler için kuruldu. içeride büyü, ritüel, davet, astroloji gibi alanlarda sohbet ediyor ve deneyimlerimizi paylaşıyoruz. Her şeyden önce bir aile gibiyiz.
Eğer kendini geliştirmek, deneyimlerini paylaşmak veya sohbet etmek istersen bu sunucu tam sana göre...
Nouveau !
Rising Spark is a new, semi-literate/literate roleplaying server based on the popular card game Magic: The Gathering. Currently, it's set in the full multiverse and is currently being built. Come join if you want to! Original characters and canons are both welcome!

Anyone wishing help out as staff is also welcome to join.
hi! welcome to the witch's retreat! this is a new, small community of witches.

we offer:
○ self assignable roles
○ pluralkit for systems
○ personalised channels for your own digital book of shadows and more!
○ a marketplace for free witchy services
○ fun bots
○ lgbt+ friendly
○ and so on!

so come visit the witch's retreat; we have tea!
There's a legend about the kingdom of Aesteria, known as the kingdom of the stars. Somewhere, far behind the horizon, lies this mysterious place, only spoken about in fairytales.
For generations, the kingdom has lived in peace. The kings and queens have been reigning over Aestheria for two hundred years, peacefully, without war. The current king and queen will do the same, and make sure their kingdom and their people will remain to live in peace.
At least, that's what they thought.
With the disappearance of their daughter, the kingdom slowly starts to crumble. The chaos spreads, and groups form. People are afraid, what will happen now that peace seems to slowly be taken over by chaos? No one no longer trusts each other, afraid anyone may be the enemy. The fear turns into anger and suspicion, and it seems that, after two hundred years of peace, there may be a war coming.

Five years later, the disappearance of the lost daughter remains a mystery. But the kingdom has changed. The once peaceful kingdom has turned into a dark land. The Turncoats and the Rebellion, the two biggest groups that were formed during the time of chaos, still seem to fight. The Turncoats keep taking over villages, while the Rebellion tries to free the people of Aestheria.
War hasn't broken out yet, but people remain afraid. If it keeps on going the way it is now, a war may break out.


Welcome to Aestheria - Kingdom of the Stars. We are a fairly new roleplay server that's looking for new members!
Our server has quite a few things to offer!
- Bots, such as tupperbox, MEE6 and Yui!
- A lot of roles to choose from!
- Lore that's regularly updated!
- OOC channels!
- Personal channels!
- NIce and friendly staff!

There's enough to choose from! So come join us, and discover the strange lands of Aestheria - Kingdom of the Stars!


Hi there, your admin here!
Please, check out our server. It's pretty new, and therefore fairly inactive. We're always open for suggestions and ideas to improve the server!
We're also looking for staff!!
I hope you'll enjoy Aestheria - Kingdom of the Stars!
Yours truly,

Twenty-five years ago, on December 31 2020 12:59 they came in a big wave of magic that demolished half of the world; because of this “wave of magic” the human species were almost extinct. These creatures took over the world, eliminating those who stood in their way.

There was no apologies, no real reason or explanation for why they were here. Just a oopsie, and them moving in. The most affected area was North America, where they first "moved in". They claimed most of the world as theirs, renaming it Arcania. But that's not all, they split Arcania up into two sections; the Tainted Zone, and the Untouched Zone.

Of course, they weren't the only ones showing up to the party, faries, sprites, even monsters showed up on Earth. The creatures that were sent to fight the monsters got eaten, clearly proving Arcania to be an unsafe place. One fae from the summer court, one fae from the winter court, one fae from the autumn court, and one fae from the spring court got together and talked it over. And what did they do? They created Stardust Academy, hidden away from the world. The word spread around, and students started enrolling in the school. And you can too!

Here at Arcania we have
➳ Friendly and helpful staff members
➳ A super cool and awesome owner
➳ Loads of roleplay channels
➳ Tons of bots to mess around with
➳ Unique and cool events!
➳ Classes on a regular basis
and LGBTQ friendly people!

Thank you for reading, and we hope you join us here at Arcania!
Welcome to Sekkir's Den ココナッツヘビ

Enter if you dare...

[Please read the rules after entering (discretion is advised)]

Our official Hub community to our fellow occult members!

Sekkir’s Den aims to have a perfect balance between magick and shitposting, while chilling with other fellow practitioners like yourself. Come share and gain knowledge of any kind of practices such as;

✘ Astrology
✘ Books (of any kind and practices to share with others)
✘ Eastern Practices
✘ Divination
✘ Dreams and Experiences
✘ Energy Work
✘ Herbs
✘ Artifacts
✘ Crystals
✘ Rituals
✘ Tarots
✘ Runes
✘ Top quality shitposting

More practices will come soon since the server is fairly new but so far we are committed to make it better for everyone. We are opened minded with any discussions, believes, etc.
Welcome to Shrouded Heart!
A multi-species world where you can be anyone you want to be! Magic runs rife here in the beautiful, eternally night world of Shrouded Heart.

DISCLAIMER: This is a semi-literate, English-speaking server so we will need proof your writing is legible in order to let you in, sorry. But don’t be scared off! You don’t need to be perfect at speaking English, we only need to make sure your writing is legible enough to ensure the enjoyment of both you and fellow roleplayers!

Shrouded Heart is primarily made up of two towns: Moonlight City, full of hustle and bustle and bright streetlamps, and the smaller nearby port town which is in a constant downpour of rain but home to many tinkerers. Despite how upbeat and cheerful the towns seem to be, there appears to be something darker lurking in their midst.

What can you find in Shrouded Heart?
- Fluffy and friendly admins and moderators at your beck and call
- A tight-knit, friendly and accepting community that’s always growing
- Individual channels that represent every area in the cities. You can also create your own shops and houses for your characters
- Your character will get their own channel you can post their form in so it will never get lost - we also have a template form for you to fill out
- Magical and non-magical combat, with an optional and fully functional Dungeons and Dragons style dice roll system for all your combat needs
- Time, weather and date system to streamline the system for roleplayers
- A basic lore for the world is given, but plenty of creative freedom is allowed
- Occasionally lore-focused events are held, allowing players the opportunity to roleplay in a large group, learn more about the world and get their characters some nice perks like extra stats and maybe even some weapons
- Once a month we host a giveaway where members can potentially win custom roles and colours of your choosing to deck out your profile
Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry RP Server!

This storyline is set 20 years after the battle of Hogwarts. Voldemort was already defeated by Harry Potter on May 2nd 1998. Everyone thinks the battle is over, and that the Wizarding World is safe for once and for all, but they’re wrong. It’s the year 2020, and there’s a storm brewing again, but it’s worst than last time. There’s a new generation of students that are attending Hogwarts, so with new students comes new threats. The new generation of Witches and Wizards must do everything they can to prepare themselves for the next six years of their lives.

A new Dark Lord who is taking his father’s place is on the rise, and you must brace yourself for what’s going to happen. He’s dangerous and ruthless. It’s the perfect mixture for the Darkness that he will bring with him. He’s on a path of destruction, so you must be prepared for whatever danger is thrown your way.

Our Witches and Wizards must work together to put the pieces in place to prevent the destruction of the Wizarding World. Each year a different problem is faced, but our Witches and Wizards shall find triumph as happiness can be found even in the darkest of time, if only one remembers to turn on the light.

⭐️We are LGTB+ friendly here!
⭐️We’re active!
⭐️We’re time zone friendly!
⭐️ Detailed lore & helpful admins!
⭐️Active staff members!
⭐️Any age is welcomed!
⭐️Daily Prophet System!
⭐️Tupperbox Bot!
⭐️Special Events!
⭐️We have 200+ channels for amazing RP!
⭐️Plenty of openings for Professor/Death Eater roles!
⭐️Spell, points, house and skill system!
⭐️Great story and character-driven plots!
⭐️We offer partnerships!
⭐️A safe, welcoming community of like-minded writers!
⭐️A safe place for everyone!
Terrarium is a space perfect for anyone interested in things such as horoscope, magic, religion, spells, conspiracy theories, tarot and folklore tales along with urban stories.

Server is made for anyone who is free spirited and open minded to things that appear unusual at first glance.
Aside from variety of channels and bots we offer a safe space where you are welcomed to meet and make new friends!
It's new server that will hopefully grow into place where toxicity of daily lifestyle is forgotten and where we can all dive into our magic corner and share good laugh and experience.

We are open to suggestions and any people that want to know more about things stated above.
As long as you have pure heart and good intention you are welcomed to this server!
We support everyone who lives the life that won't harm the things around them and we want to help people change for the better ♡
Luella School For The Mystical

You wander deeper and deeper into the forest, After arriving from Yitha (the realm of monsters) via teleportation , swatting at loose vines that have it out for your face and stepping on rogue twigs. Just how far deep in this dark, yet beautiful forest, was this mysterious school? One only fairy tails could make sense of the majesty of the building alone. The tall, towering castle ,made into a school, looming over the great courtyard in which every race imaginable made their way around.

Luella School for the Mystical was built in an a attempt to seal the growing gap between the humans and monsters this year, centuries after the human race had turned on your kind. They stole the monsters' trust, secrets, and in the end, their lives. Wickedness only stories of old could tell.

Finally, you see a slight difference in the lighting between a few trees. You run up to it, excitement filling you, this must be it! Unlike humans, you can see the the school through the glamour, because you too, are a monster.
As you pass the barrier, a bright light washes over you, a warm breeze greets you.
Welcome to Luella!


☆ Caring and Invested staff
☆ We Welcome RPers of All Skill and From Around the Globe
☆ And is a Scary Good Time
☆ Inclusive of all
☆ Family like atmosphere
☆Raffles and Giveaways
☆New Power System!
☆ Come be a Student, Teacher, or Monster Hunter
☆ Semi-Lit server

Nouveau !
‘**__The Lands of Eugora__**

The vast lands of Eugora is filled with many creatures and vast cultures. Deserts filled with demons and northern snows filled with dead statues. Eugora is filled with countries. Countries with many different creatures, weapons and cultures beyond imagination. Mountains filled with magical ores that enhance your capabilities, allow you to fend off dangerous dragons.
If you seek adventure, battle or a challenge this is the server for you!

**__What we offer__**

•Well organised roleplay
•A wide variety of species (and self-makable species)
•Easy combat system
•Map including: roads, rivers, names, etc.
•Plenty lore to read
•Roles for you characters
•Well constructed world building’