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We’re a fun roleplay community, welcoming anyone and everyone with open arms. We hope you enjoy, and enroll in the school of Temporous.
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𝘢 𝘤𝘢𝘴𝘶𝘢𝘭, 𝘴𝘭𝘪𝘤𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘭𝘪𝘧𝘦 / 𝘢𝘥𝘷𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦 𝘮𝘦𝘥𝘪𝘦𝘷𝘢𝘭 𝘳𝘰𝘭𝘦𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺. (freeform)
[𝐒𝐞𝐦𝐢-𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞/𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞] — paragraph / multi paragraphs.

In Libertas, there is one main kingdom, surrounded by many lower cities. There, royals, knights, mages, scholars, all civilians lived in peace, everyone has a motive of their own. . .
And, what passively drove their motives were the need for a wish to be made. Somewhere in Ademar— within Libertas, there is a library containing all the knowledge they need to pass to get to the temple of one of the three Celestials. Each Celestial is inhabited in its own territory, each having its own temple in a hidden space within its territory. Any humans brave or senseless enough to try and pass through these territories— and survived, will be granted one wish upon them. Thus, many valiant heroes, desperate fools, or simply adventurous challengers go through the risk, in hopes of coming back with a granted wish.

Read the full lore? Join Libertas!

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❝ Flexible, directional-based lore. ❞

❝ High-impacted events on a weekly-monthly basis. ❞

❝ In depth, literate/semi-literate writers. ❞

❝ Open character ranks, open room for races & free choice. ❞

❝ This server includes many interactive places, such as shops, technology, and if you need, you could ping @Game Master if you need someone to NPC. ❞

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• Owner • @raltor#6969
The year is 2025. Fifty years ago, the world was changed forever. Magic had been around since the old times, but never before had it been imbued into a human. This process created a deformity in the reproductive organs of humans, giving the children of those who were imbued special powers, now known as quirks.

Hello! We are a relatively small server focused on future-fantasy roleplay. We took inspiration from My Hero Acadamia for the quirk system, but we are not strictly an MHA server. Characters can harness magic they’ve learnt or use quirks they were born with to fight the dangerous gang known as the Leviathan Group in our quarterly battles. We hold other special events in the months in between, like cultural festivals, dorm parties and even beach days.

We hope you join our server and have a great time, thanks!
- Maple High is a high school roleplay server! -
- We are a Canadian high school based in the modern era, the students having magical powers of different kinds. -
- Join for: -
- Friendly members! -
- Unique roleplay. -
- An LGBTQ+ friendly, safe environment. -
- Easy to navigate channels. -
- Lots of fun! -
- We hope to see you there! -
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Paldazaoth is a fantasy world filled with magic, with the timeline being set in the medieval ages. Perhaps you want to become a demon that will bring terror to the people? Maybe a knight in shining armor who is coming to the rescue? Or maybe even rule over your own nation? Well, come on down to Paldazaoth! This is a new server, and we are trying to bring it to life by using the community to throw in their own stories! In this world, we don't build the lore. YOU build it.
Demons have invaded Earth and turned it into a hostile environment! For 290 years after the invasion, humans have been hiding, trying to avoid their new enemy as much as possible.

Of course, desperate times call for desperate heroes. One such managed to buy humans some time, in the form of a decade, just by fighting the Daemons back so fiercely to the point they had to go into a full defense. Thus, the humans managed to estabilish a city and a large guild on one of the floating islands, firmly planting the fact that their tenacity and survivability still holds true.

This is a literate (1-3 paragraphs) RP server, with T1 (no dice, just text) combat. Character development is the main focus on this server, with story being somewhat on the side. The story that's set at the start is just a base, and it requires people to build up ultimately to the finale.

Speaking of the story, the lay of the land is that the Daemons had joined most landmasses into a big continent with no name along with creating two islands, one in the north called Nrathosia and the other in the south called Seypli, and surrounded it with a mysterious mist that nobody seems to be able to get by. The planet is named 'Diveria' which is Daemona for 'invaded.'

- A welcoming environment, with initial approval to prevent spam bots or advertisers, or even those that are ill-suited for the server's kind of roleplay. (i.e can't even understand the basic character sheet)
- An easy to understand character sheet, and any questions can be answered quickly.
- A compelling story, waiting for characters to involve themselves in it and reveal the secrets of the old world.
- Most importantly, no dice. No fuss, no muss, straight to the text.
Come on in. Join us!
Imagine if you will, not a single universe but a multitude of universes. Unlimited in number, each the Same but slightly different. Welcome to one such universe, where the events and adventures within the Fairy Tail guild are just beginning to unfold...

Welcome to Fairy Tail: The Unending Adventure.
Elo Academy is a roleplay server that consists of an Academy roleplay, there are two main roles which are teacher, and student. Although you may choose to have another role. Elo Academy is a roleplay server with fantasy themes in a modern setting. There is a city nearby, you may or may not choose to roleplay in the city or the school, you decide!! Elon is a city where love is love, no one is discriminated. This server is a modern roleplay, although the city was built in the 1980’s so everything may be a bit old, you may customize your dorms the way you choose to… although watch for your roommate.
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|-|-|-Five Hundred Years Ago-|-|-|
Something divine came to our planet. It was empty, a blank slate to start it's own creations. The only thing that was there were humans with their sticks and stones. The gods mated with the humans, creating hybrids of humans and gods. They gave more plant life to the world, causing life to evolve and grow smarter faster. One day however, the gods vanished, leaving behind sacred artifacts that granted power to the user.
|-|-|-Five hundred years later-|-|-|
Nations have been built, and the land is in it's middle ages. The dragonic king, Xercis, was born with the blood of a sacred dragon that happens every 100 years. During his rule, he found an artifact, the ring of Elmeria. This gave him more power than he already had, and recently, he has overtaken the harpie homeland, causing them to scatter if they weren't already captured and enslaved. Now, he is looming over the other Kingdoms, what will you do? Fate is left up to you to save the world of Osiris

There's the lore, if you do end up joining, then thank you! We have funny mods and nice mods, so come on over!
In 2000 AGD (after god’s death) there was a war between the Galmorian system dwarves and the Palica system dwarves for control of a Mythril mine. While the war between the races raged on a group of mercenaries sneaked into the mine, uncovering ancient Dwarven ruins. Inside these ruins was an Omnibeast and it was accidentally awakened, causing a chain reaction of Omnibeasts awakenings and decimating the Galmoria and Palica systems to the point not even dust was left. This was when the universe accepted it’s fate, until hope came. That hope was Deus Ex Machina, a machine made by blurring the lines between magic and science came to be. The creators of this great machine, who lived in the center of the universe, Valerians were hailed as saviors of humanity. This machine was able to do anything from destroying entire to planets to making life itself. With this power the ruler of Valeria made a halo of light that made the Omnibeasts fall into sleep once more. In 5000 AGD a mysterious organization known as ARK appeared, claiming that the lines between magic and science should never be blurred. The king of Valeria, Luel Starwell, disappeared after a large battle with them. With it’s only pilot gone Deus’ protective Halo shrank to cover only Valeria’s royal capital, but this time the universe was ready. The ‘children’ of Deus, Machina, were created along with mass produced and inferior versions called Universal Human Immune System or U.H.I.S. But with ARK having Machina and U.H.I.S. of their own, along with the threat of Omnibeasts, who knows how long they’ll last.```
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
- Caring and Invested staff
- We Welcome RPers of All Skill and From Around the Globe
- Inclusive of all
- Family like atmosphere
- Many chats to explore
- Fun bits to play with outside of rp
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Model Hogwarts
Are you looking for a group of passionate, dedicated Harry Potter fans? Have you always wanted to attend Hogwarts, cast spells, meet new friends and go on adventures? Want to write out your Hogwarts story exactly as you've thought of? Tired of waiting hours to get a reply on your roleplaying posts? Want to attend classes, play quidditch, and meet cool people, all in the same place? Then consider joining Model Hogwarts!

Why is Model Hogwarts Unique?
We're unique because we implement various tabletop gaming aspects into our roleplay to deepen the experience. We also have a host of custom bots, including a brand new spell casting bot, stat bot, chocolate frog bot and divination bot. Everyone receives Tokens that allow for the purchase of exciting items, powers, pets, story prompts, and much more! We are excited to welcome you to our community! So if you want to join, feel free to do so here:
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Welcome to Ulalume Academy, we are a roleplaying server focused around an educational system with your original characters as the attendees.

In a world where all kinds of races, abilities, powers and schools of magic exist. You are all personally invited to join us. Help us build both a better future and a better community for tomorrow, today!

Server Features;
-Self Assignable Roles
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-Age Verification for our NSFW section
-Both RP and ERP channels
-Student/Prefect/Teacher customizable dorms
-Creative freedom of characters

So what are you waiting for? Please hop on in and help our newly founded server grow together!
Come one, come all to the Colosseum! A place full of Role-Play, Magic, and Heroism there's a place for everyone here to enjoy. Here we have specific role play categories: for rebels, neutral territory, The enemy Celt's and The Roman Empire led by The Empress Sienna. Join us as we explore and create our own unique world with your help while giving you the ability to choose your own path. The server is set in fifteenth century Rome but welcomes any and all aspects from that time frame so long as you're creative enough to weave it into our current setting! Will you fight alongside The Empire or against it? Only time will tell. The World of Colosseum looks forward to your arrival. Only adults are allowed, 18 and over.
Welcome to the world of Cesalia a role play server with more than 200 channels where u can find friends and live a unique adventure with fantasy theme!
We have active members and staff also we have a variety of races and profesions for customising ur characters You can Also Create ur own Character and live as him or her. Join us now!

Soon we will make updates ;)
Sakura Secondary School for Girls is an Academic Institute based in the heart of London, prolific for the high standard students are kept to in both academic and supernatural fields, be it raw talent, ability or the learned study of magic. Typically, in its many decades standing proud, the school had only accepted girls but recently is made exceptions for anyone particularly extraordinary regardless of gender.

Do you wish to partake in this school life, to make friends, train, and become a better you than ever before? If so, hop on in! We're new and ready to grow!

🌸 Experienced writers keeping things detailed, descriptive and interesting.
🌸 Interactive bots to enrich your OOC and IC experience.
🌸 LGBTQ+ friendly!
🌸 Freeform character creation!
🌸 A stat system to encourage character progression and provide guidelines for the roleplay.
🌸 An opt-in fight system, you don't have to fight if you don't want to but there will be rewards for those who do. We guarantee all combat is judged fairly by our mod team.
🌸 Magic~
🌸 Friendly mods (especially Alicen).
🌸 Custom commands to assist the roleplay.
It started with a town simple right? Juno a haven for all types of creatures from all walks of life. It blossomed into an ideology a way of thinking much different from the rest of Gemora. It spread like fire across the land igniting a change in the world that would cast its inhabitants into a new era.

It wasn't the technology that changed but the people, wars that raged for decades seemingly ended in a blink of an eye. A God was born that day one that would bring forth change his name spoken threw out the land as a hero among men. Te'deo lord of destruction king of the shadows. A name that struck fear in the hearts that thought to destroy them.

Now is clam before the storm, if he wakes again... No when he wakes he will seek to destroy whats left... Or maybe he shall glimpse at the world he birthed and see what has occurred in his wake? A new Gemora... A better world? That is for you to decide...

🤗 Friendly staff
✨Unlike any other fantasy server
🎒 Explore the world
▶ Play in you own time or join events
🤖 Different bots even economy ones
🔆 Victorian Steampunk not medieval
This is a continuation on the Juno server but with a few things settled and easier to understand.
WyvernScale, a magical school taking responsibility for teaching magical children to control and use their magic for good. Even if magic is illegal, mages and magical creatures alike need to be properly educated in magical culture, and keep hope that someday magic will bring light and happiness to the world once more
Greetings! Welcome to my new and first server! that means there will probably be a lot of problems, so don't be afraid to leave critiques on what I could do to improve my server! Plus, I haven't had anyone test out my server yet, and i want you all to point out any mistake I've made. I want this server to be a happy place where all are welcome and accepted. Anyways, WyvernScale Academy takes place centuries after the war between mages and humans, the year sits somewhere in the late 1960's, but you can treat it like any year, after all, the school is magic. Here magical children are sent or taken away to the school to be educated and taught how to control their powers in the secrecy of a castle hidden deep within a mountain range. I hope you all have fun and feel comfortable within my server!
Loosely based on the Harry Potter book and movie series, our server focuses on text-based roleplay for those who enjoy the fantasy genre!

In the meantime, the wizarding underworld is bubbling with rumours of a new, powerful contender. Perhaps someone is soon to infiltrate Hogwarts... But who and for what reason? That is yet unclear...

● Detailed lore & helpful admins.

● Any ages welcome!

● Active Admins/Staff.

● Great story and character-driven plots.

● A safe, welcoming community of like-minded writers from all walks of life.

● Literate paragraph, novella style or one-lining is welcome.

● Lots of channels for RP.

● Spell, points, house and skill system.

The train to Hogwarts awaits!
An AU RP that takes place within the Fairy Tail universe but without canon characters or guild. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, here you have the ability to not only create your own characters but also work on custom magic as well. You can create and direct missions with friends or other RP partners! See your character grown, develop, fight and experience hardships so they can become stronger and maybe even reach S-class! Come and have fun in our main story or join a mini arc!

What we offer:
-The ability to create as many characters as you want. No character limit!
-You can create custom magic
-Don't want to play as human or any canon race? Create your own!
-Join or a create a mission and do it with people so your characters can grow and develop.
-Many friendly members
-Detailed and literate RP and RPers
-A dedicated, caring and competent staff
Welcome to Riddikulus Roleplay, a casual server focusing on Hogwarts and Harry Potter roleplay. The storylines are original, as are all the characters (no Dumbledore cameos, sorry!).

+International mods available in multiple time zones (American, Dutch, and South Korean, respectively)
+Low commitment-- post at least once every two weeks to remain active
+Multiple character creation: play as up to three Hogwarts students, plus a Ministry worker or two
+Accommodating and experienced management
+Multiple plots, with varying intensity and degree of character risk
+Small server = low stress
+Completely SFW, anyone over 13 welcome

Find out more on our tumblr!
(Please, no joke characters.)
<!>Welcome to Welborn Academy! Here at Welborn you will learn how to control your magical power! The staff here at Welborn is kind and loves the students and teaching! We hope to see you at Welborn Academy this year!<!> Join Permalink Official Subreddit

Spiritual Empowerment & Mentorship Frontlines. A Transcendental Platform For Ascension, Lucid Dreaming Hybrid Mindset Voyagers 24/7, INtellectual Light Warrior Empowerment, Transcendence, Starseeds, Otherkin, Mind Voyagers, Mediums & Psychics, Merkaba-Ascension-5D, Dimension-Jumpers, Shifters, Future Earth, Soular Empowerment

At the shift of ages, and the arrival of the age of Aquarius, golden age as we battle the last inner and outer demons of the Kali Yuga/age of Pisces. A powerful incentive, a leap of faith: Take the first step: make the Quantum Leap, The Interdimensional Shift and Enter The Lightning Grid

-Psychic tools, trainings, intent, purpose documentations, pantheon and mentorship/guidance for otherkin and humans alike: All-in-One.
→Free Speech, Absolute Tolerance for Mutual Respect and Natural Equality ( circles of responsibility but nonhierarchy).
→Diverse Environment, rapidly expanding, work in progress pantheon for the golden age with widest assortments of deities helping out. Friendly and Helpful staff whose best interest is to serve your growth and cooperate on creative works/your development.
→ Knowledge on esoteric/transcendental topics generally not discussed/shunned/overlooked/disregarded/labeled as forbidden or far-fetched knowledge by others (metaphysics-spirit science, free energy, universal law, light body process, central nervous system rewiring, DNA-upgrade, cosmic origin, obscure(d) truths, connected dots and converging rivers).
-"Convert"-friendly- encouraging ex-religious ones for the One-Source path of the truth-seeker lightwarriors/workers/starseeds/otherkin/enlightened human old or mature souls(motto: strength in unity, collaboration VS illusion of separation)
-Various high-quality reddit/youtube/no-nonsense channeling websites/ news/video post feeds ( of spiritual/esoteric/cosmic theme)
-Weavesilk avantgarde spirit-art. (Interactive generative art- subliminal, angelic/demonic/divine, spiritual source channeling
-Soul ScienceTechnology & Source Transmissions. Logos God, Elohim, Doctor, Scientist, & Architect Of The Age Of Aquarius
-Soul technology/higher-self descent to physical vessel: Production of DMT internally without the use of physical substance and unlock spirit molecule
-Sections encouraging to showcase your work (media/documents/arts, personal photos)
-A place of unconditional love and growth for Starseeds, Indigos, Human Angels and Walk Ins' to reunite with their long lost Star Family and Soul Mates.
-Server voice chat option for those interested
-Server map for ease of access with descriptions and guidelines for each topic (accessibility)
Our own e-literature (growing library of PDF e-books and Links), videos, (multi)media and psychic tools, image-works not available anywhere else and written/crafted/made/authored exclusively by us.
-Logos God, Elohim, Doctor, Scientist, & Architect Of The Age Of Aquarius.
-Futuristic & Future-Oriented Community Dedicated To The Universal Law, Spirit Science, Soul Technologies and Extraterrestrial Soul Origins
-A joint planetwide effort for reconstructing the new pantheon for the golden age of Aquarius, fusing the ancient with the new influx past with the future to create the new present in the Now with the help of deities and entities of various origins.

We are highly focused and streamlined, yet loose and flexible (effortless effort being the motto). Our basic aim-quintessence is to harness all available energies to create an interdimensional rift/gate to haven that can propel us to 5th dimension and beyond while still connected to Earth but ultimately undergoing physical transfiguration, also fueled by the bowels of the earth likewise (as above so below)- which constructs a beastly cyclotron that irons out certain unwanted specific frequency-sets, diminishes their influence on the collective.
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Hey there welcome to Nossity a academy an academy dedicated to magic Nossity was founded to protect any magical beings from society here in Nossity you can learn to harness your magical abilities and protect yourself from any harm.

~LGBT+ friendly 🏳️‍🌈~
~open spots on the staff team~