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In a mystical world, magic crystals and mobile suits are used for many things, but fighting and war are the main and most popular uses. Ever since a mysterious war lost to time almost completely. the human race has been stuck in a solar system wide dystopia, two factions at war and one wishing peace could be achieved.
Mobile suit gundam: Arcane Release.

A gundam rp server for those who wanted to see what could happen when you mix cool magic and gundam, choose your faction, pilot a magic infused mobile suit and if your daring and brave enough, as well as skilled, you can dominate the battlefield in one of the 64 gundams, but be careful of that dark corruption.
What the server offers:

- a community friendly environment.

-helpful staff.

What it offers rp wise:

-multiple mobile suit frames to choose from and earn.

-a branching storyline.

-factions to choose and join.

-magic types of your choice and even special npcs to fight with or against.

-Google doc compatible submissions.
Well met! Ars Academy is a server about magic learning and/or teaching in modern days, developing your character and growing him into a powerful void necromancer! Or heavenly, holy cleric! Archimages? Charmers, enchanters, battlemages? Anything akin to it. The server has a fairly inclusive system so you can build your character bit by bit into perfection, or even more, if you want to develop them in pure and simple roleplay, you can choose a simple sheet, adding traits later, making your character building far more dynamic.

You start with a limited amout of spell points given by your race (human, elf, fairy, etc...) and maybe your mystic atribute (a bonus that you are born with, like being naturally better at studying or even animal traits. Some can make portals to traverse distances or use a last, powerful word to finnish enemies). You also start with a limited amount of status points, used for you to invest in the more physical part of your character. After studying, practicing in supervised duels and/or taking classes, you can earn new spells or gain spell points.

But, what is a spell? The spell is a interesting thing! After chosing what you will use to cast them, you mix an effect, a shape and a modifier, making your magic flow into the world around you

Oh, you are a pacifist roleplayer that don't like combat very much? The server is also filled with numerous channels for meeting another students, teachers and citizens, with several places for you to visit outside the school. If you would not like to be in the academy itself, you could also be a citizen, earning bonus spell points at the start of the roleplay and being an adult.

If you prefer the more adventurous path, we have dungeon masters to build little to large quests, and even more, we have events that make gargantuan, colossal places for you to explore and conquer, along with duelling and offensive classes.
Welcome to Cascadia! A fantasy/medieval roleplay server where all types of people are accepted. You can either roleplay here or just stay and chat with fellow members.

Whether you have an OC that is an orc, elf, ambiguous species that aren't really that dangerous, or a furry, even, we will welcome you with open arms! Any form of toxicity isn't allowed, so expect a generally peaceful server. N o t.

The server staff would be more than happy to help you out if you have any issues. Enjoy your stay here!
Welcome to Adroen!

Centered around exploration, Adroen is a world make up of 6 different and diverse kingdoms! Ranging from snowy mountain ranges of Gremor, to the swamps of Lamore's orc lands, to the endless elven forests of Ataera to the hot oasis of Siriba. The roads are inhospitable, and always require able bodied adventurers to keep them safe!

Here you can be almost anything. Be an undead thief, a noble merchant, a summoning witch or an armored dragon! Here you can be whatever you desire as long as it fits the theme! Our fantasy medieval setting offers an array of races. From humans, dwarves, orcs and elves. To werewolves, vampires, liches, lizardfolk, and even playable dragons! Custom races are possible.

We put imagination first and don't use bots for RP purposes with the exception of Tupperbox.

Our region is set to America, but half our staff and active members are from Europe. So there is always someone to offer help and or roleplay with.

So come visit us and have fun!
Welcome to Carabruzzi! The city that takes up an entire continent! Because the city is so huge it’s been cut up into small sections called a “zone” their are 18 zones in this huge city, 18 being the zone with the most poverty and crime to zone 1 which is the zone that thrives the best! And that’s not all, here people are diverse in race, their are no discrimination as you can be a human, a goblin, a demon or anything your mind can think of! ~~as long as it’s not op~~ The back story of this city begins 2,000 years ago in 134 B.C when the discovery of the continent was found by a man called Cruze de la Santa, him and his crew of sailors docked here thinking they could find some spices, little did they know they found new territory for the map. What makes this continent unique is that theirs an invisible magical barrier around the continent, which allows people who are inside the barrier to wield magical powers. Years later after realizing this isn’t an already explored area and something entirely different, they decided to make it into a big city, one that would expand to the city that it is today, now it’s 1866 A.C (btw B.C is “before Carabruzzi” and A.C is after Carabruzzi, which is like after the creation of Carabruzzi) and the citizens don’t see much action depending the zone that they are in. The main issue the city country continent thingy has is that theirs an underworld that’s full of notorious warlords and gang bosses, the underworld is below the city and has trouble getting access too for how discrete it is. The technology is similar to what we have today! Welp! That pretty much sums it all up! Have fun!
Ah-sah, traveler! This line is off to Elsett, a thriving industrial city swept up in the dramatic changes of the Roaring Twenties. With social revolution hot on the heels of mankind after The Great War rocked the world, people embrace the bright lights the future brings in all its jazzy glory, eager to start life anew.

But, who am I kidding? You’re here to see what’s all the kerfuffle about with Elsett recently, eh?

They say Elsett’s brought a strange… oddity to the Americas, dug straight up from their illustrious mountain range: a monster society that had operated in isolation for centuries. With the introduction of this hidden race came the potential for magic, the elusive art of the fanatical and fantastical. As everyone vies for the possibility of wielding magic themselves, the precarious balance between the various gangs of criminal underworld teeter violently, and the social politics of the decade have only gotten inflamed over the rights of these odd creatures.

If you ask me, something’s coming… something absolutely terrifying if we don’t contain this revelation properly.

… Anyway, traveler, before you board the train for The City, there are a few things you need to know!

✎ We are a literate, multi-paragraph/novella roleplaying group dealing with mature themes (16+).

✎ We offer a specialized magic system, urging players to think about their character through themes and ideals at every step of the creation process.

✎ Besides having an ongoing storyline, we have location-based writing channels for public interaction, and thread-based roleplay for private interaction.

✎ Play as a human or a monster, with each side offering unique organizations and new perspectives to the entire story.

✎ We do T-1 combat-based roleplay, so expect to engage in battle!

Take care, traveler, as we welcome you to… The Entropy of Elsett.
If you practice any kind of witchcraft and want to improve, don’t know anything about it, or just haven’t practiced in a while you are welcome to join our coven.
-family environment
-very active
-lot of bots
-lgbt accepting
-lots of roles
-occasional game nights
Must remain active. There is a 3 day inactivity kick. Inactivity refers to text, not voice. If you are kicked for inactivity you are still welcome to join back if you can remain active.
Howdy creepers, crawlers, and everything on between! Welcome to Witches Mire, a server dedicated to bringing witches together and helping each other progress in their path while also appreciating the coziness of swamps and toads :D

We are overflowing with love, support, and care here in this witchy bog of friends! If you're looking for a supportive, helpful, and non-judgemental family, we're perfect for you!

All religions and practitioners ages 13+ are welcome here! We have tons of channels dedicated to many different topics including types of divination, black magic, familiars, and more! We even have a category just for relaxing and chatting with fellow witches over things like memes and selfies!

We know host study sessions each week with cool lo-fi beats to vibe to, group guided meditations, and weekly server tasks to help you along your witchy research!
Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry RP Server!

This storyline is set 20 years after the battle of Hogwarts. Voldemort was already defeated by Harry Potter on May 2nd 1998. Everyone thinks the battle is over, and that the Wizarding World is safe for once and for all, but they’re wrong. It’s the year 2020, and there’s a storm brewing again, but it’s worst than last time. There’s a new generation of students that are attending Hogwarts, so with new students comes new threats. The new generation of Witches and Wizards must do everything they can to prepare themselves for the next six years of their lives.

A new Dark Lord who is taking his father’s place is on the rise, and you must brace yourself for what’s going to happen. He’s dangerous and ruthless. It’s the perfect mixture for the Darkness that he will bring with him. He’s on a path of destruction, so you must be prepared for whatever danger is thrown your way.

Our Witches and Wizards must work together to put the pieces in place to prevent the destruction of the Wizarding World. Each year a different problem is faced, but our Witches and Wizards shall find triumph as happiness can be found even in the darkest of time, if only one remembers to turn on the light.

⭐️We are LGTB+ friendly here!
⭐️We’re active!
⭐️We’re time zone friendly!
⭐️ Detailed lore & helpful admins!
⭐️Active staff members!
⭐️Any age is welcomed!
⭐️Daily Prophet System!
⭐️Tupperbox Bot!
⭐️Special Events!
⭐️We have 200+ channels for amazing RP!
⭐️Plenty of openings for Professor/Death Eater roles!
⭐️Spell, points, house and skill system!
⭐️Great story and character-driven plots!
⭐️We offer partnerships!
⭐️A safe, welcoming community of like-minded writers!
⭐️A safe place for everyone!

Hello, and welcome to the official Rats Nest discord server !

We are a community for witches of all practice types, experience levels, background, etc. to come together and share experiences, learn more, and overall just hang out!

Here at the Rats Nest, we have a variety of channels so that conversations can be personalized to your needs! With lots of roles, some fun bots, and 300+ members, we offer a comfortable sanctuary space for the witch community.

Remember to read all rules, get roles, and make an intro if you join!
blessed be!
Wotcher! We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 🏰

⭐️ Disboard’s top-rated RP server
⚡️ #1 Harry Potter server on Discord
🏆 Best Hogwarts experience anywhere

“Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus”

🥰 3500+ members and counting!
📝 Constantly active & evolving roleplay
✨ Over 300 dedicated RP locations
🔮 Set in a modern, present-day Hogwarts
⚔️ RPG Duelling competitions
🏅 Dynamic Quidditch games
📚 Fully immersive classes & events
📯 Custom House points system
🌈 Zero tolerance for bigotry of any kind
💕 Amazing Staff & awesome players

"Hogwarts will ALWAYS be our home”

🥉 Prior knowledge isn’t required
🥈 We eagerly await your return owl
🥇 Safe travels!
The moon that forever shines above a desolate city.
The council are uneasy.

The city is sinking
The lights are fading
Where is the sun?

What will happen to us?

The flickers of magic that casted upon the world...
It's your fault.
The rebellion is in amidst. The city is never safe. Befriend only whole you can trust. But who can you trust?

They are hiding something....

Welcome to Nocturnus City.

What we offer!
Friendly welcoming staff!
Fun engaging members' based plot!
Events hosted by the staff to spice things up!
An economy bot for fun!
Simple magic system!
A safe LGTBQ+ community
Vent and discourse channels!
Cute original species as character pets!
And much much more to come!
Hello, this is a medieval fantasy rp server, we try and keep it as simple as we can, you can be pretty much anything you want besides a object or god, but mostly everything else is up for grabs. Powers you kinda have free reign, you’re allowed them pretty strong as long as you can’t use them to instant kill like a lightning strike that ignores all forms of armor and can’t be dodged that kills on one hit won’t be allowed. But you can still let your imagination roam free! There is a dungeon as well which will have a ton of floors and will give all kinds of rewards for your characters! We don’t have none of that only one character allowed, or dice, or this person can be this strong and you can’t bullshit like most servers have. This is a relaxed and as fair as possible server. If someone has the strength to crush someone’s head, you can too, I don’t keep favorites (except my hubby but if he does something bad tell me, he already knows I’m not hesitant to ban him *-*)
˗ 𝑇𝘩𝑒 𝑉𝑎𝑚𝑝𝑖𝑟𝑒 𝐷𝑖𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠 ˗
Chat with an amazing fandom of the vampire diaries.
Choose your own character and join the roleplay.

𝑊𝘩𝑦 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑠𝘩𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑑 𝑗𝑜𝑖𝑛 𝑡𝘩𝑒 𝑠𝑒𝑟𝑣𝑒𝑟:
- Chat with other people that are crazy from TVD.
- Having fun with eachother
- Making new friends

IMPORTANT: this is an english speaking server
-ˏˋ⋆ ᴡ ᴇ ʟ ᴄ ᴏ ᴍ ᴇ ⋆ˊˎ-
┊✧。 ✯┊☪︎⋆✧。 ┊
Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Here you can start your own adventure inside the walls of our favourite 'Home'. This is a brand new server is ready for you to make this place as lively and magical as the story we so love.

◤ ──Magic bonus。⋆─── ⋆✩⋆
┊❥ Partnerships.
┊❥ Active general chats.
┊❥ Voice chats and a friendly community.
┊❥ Many rooms to role-play in.
┊❥ Helpful staff.
The Realm of Kraitia is an active, LGBTQ+ friendly roleplay server. This is a semi-literate to literate server, so please only join if you can meet this requirement.


Kraitia is an isolated monarchy located in the northern reaches of the continent Ocura. The monarchy was founded more than 200 years ago. Due to Kraitia’s cold temperatures it isn’t home to all species found further south on the continent. They are rarely bothered by the other rulers living away from the forested mountains. The king of Kraitia died under mysterious circumstances 12 years ago, leaving the realm to his wife, Varla. Since the death of the king, opposition in the area has shrunk as the queen has crushed most of the rebel groups. The capital of Kraitia is called Lovonia and is one of the largest cities in the realm. The borderlands of the realm are inhabited by more outlaws and criminals than the rest of the area, making it popular for people to hide in. Ploura is the largest town in this area, leading to it having a heavier presence of people loyal to the crown.
Modern lab rp meets family rp in this slice-of-lifey alternate Earth roleplay setting!

Magic is slowly becoming noticeable in this alternate Earth world. A certain scientific corporation has recently been funded to host a new and unique program to help the youth cursed, or blessed, with magic-- By housing these children in handpicked family units to keep their mental health safe and loved while the lab researches their magic.

Your choices shape the future of not only your character, but your newfound family and even the research company. Will you accept your magic, and your family, and live happy? Will you take up the task of a parent to care for these unique children? Be the carefree sibling, or the scientist? Will you follow the program or turn your back— maybe even shut down or reform the whole company? The direction of the plot is up to you, and your fellow roleplayers. Experiment and have fun in this unique theme-spliced rp!

We've been active since early August, and still growing strong!

Some things we offer:
- a small but growing staff team!
- bots such as Mimu, Groovy, Tupperbox, UNO, and more.
- a variety of available magics, character roles, and self-assignable roles.
- and LGBTQ+ friendly, of course.
Semi-lit roleplaying styles are preferred, but both lit and non-lit are accepted!
First, there was nothing but the aether that made three gods, Archaíos, God of War and Death, Voennabus, God of Honor, Life, and Justice, and Alkhanic, God of Undeath. The three immediately went to work and crafted a world, one of beauty but also ugliness. As the days went on, the gods began to form life forms to worship them. Every god then chose their own avatar. The gods then gave them knowledge of their world and the treasures it held for their people. Everyone started to go 'crazy', wanting to be the wealthiest and most powerful among their respective species. Beside steel swords and armor, magic also exists through the Aether, very few people are born naturally with magic, usually they are blessed by their gods or they make a deal with a higher power and not all magic users are created equal.

The year is 5,000 ADoC (After Date of Creation) and the avatars haven’t been seen since the last war..the gods have been silent as well, only acting behind the scenes rather than speaking to their followers or other mortals. But rumors have it that an avatar has returned and is preparing for something big.


We offer:
Many active and friendly staff covering almost all 24 hours of the day
Original Lore
Gods and Factions
Custom species/monsters


This server is new and some of us are new to this. We’d appreciate your patience and support. Looking forward to seeing you all.
Welcome to GlobaL Emotes Library 〜 We hope you have a good time I have high expectations of you. on this new server we have a large list of global emotes that will be updated frequently as we find new servers with global emotes.
《 Medeis Academy Lore 》

Long ago, the world was filled to the brim with magic and mythical creatures. Humans lived amongst this spiritual world, utilizing the magic that was granted to them from their factions. Each faction contained different kinds of people, with different kinds of magic.
Unfortunately, a mysterious event had occurred that caused humans to eventually form a deep hatred of the spiritual world and magic itself. By combining all of their powers together, they split the realm in half, creating a brand new realm without any magic or magical beasts. And so, they left the spiritual world behind, entering the new realm that they would soon call their home.
As society began to evolve and expand, so did people’s affinity towards the spiritual world. People in every generation were discovered to have magical abilities that related to that of the spiritual realm. Those who had abandoned their magic became disgusted with the new generation of people that had suddenly awakened their magical abilities. And so, they were forced to re-open the portal to the spiritual world, and banish those that could use magic.

You are a banished one.


A friendly roleplay server open to whoever wants to join! We're centered around mythical witches and wizards.
We will kindly accept new roleplayers c:

Our server features:

✩ Tupperbox, Sheep, and other neat bots
✩ Friendly, experienced, and helpful staff
✩ Original lore
✩ LGBTQ+ friendly community
✩ A variety of rp channels for the best roleplay experience
✩ A server safe for kiddos 13+ (haha,, cause discord TOS,, get it?)
✩ +More fun stuff!

Why don't you stop by? I promise it'll be worth while

The Empyrean Library is the go to place for information (Books, articles, videos, etc.) about paganism, witchcraft, divination, tarot and much, much more. We are welcoming to all ages, all religions and all practices and are ready to give you your own library card :) (not an rp server)
╔══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╗

"What will our future become?"
"I don't know."

Cikei Academy was established nearly a century ago, after the discovery of magic.

The concept was simple- an academy created by knowledgeable and skilled magic bearers to teach the new generation of magic bearers to properly control and use their ability, for the good of all humanity.

That's the cover story, at least.

In reality, while the Academy upholds its promise of teaching magic bearers how to properly control and use their abilities, the purpose of doing so was far from good. Quite the opposite, actually..


What we offer:
❈ Immersive and open-ended lore ❈
❈ Active and friendly staff team ❈
❈ Several types of magic to choose from, and more on the way ❈
❈ Three line minimum, to keep roleplay quality high ❈
❈ Over a hundred channels, both for roleplay and casual conversation ❈
❈ Open to partnerships! ❈

╚══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╝
Welcome to the Legend of Seltzaria! This is a brand new fantasy server built to cater to many kinds of people! Whether you want slice of life, combat, or story roleplays, we've got you covered! Featuring many nice features, such as:
A manageable amount of RP channels, to avoid long times of thinking where to go.
An active owner, eager to help you get started!
Interesting character designs with many stipulations, but minimal limits.
Rewards for the ones that put their all into making a character.
A factional system to spice up interactions!
PTK for those that fear death, and RTK for those that crave it.
Grounded rules with no nonsense.

Will you sow chaos, or will you seek harmony? Join today, and spin your own story! This is a SFW server.
Within an age of magic that meets the revolutionary inventions of firearms comes the world known as Afina. Explore the ever expanding world and its many continents that have sprouted out from the depths of the sea. Experience the mystical wonders of the divine and the damned as they try and pull you to their side. The choice is yours to explore this fantasy realm alone with comrades in arms. Which path shall you take? What destiny shall be written for you in the ever changing times.

The world of Afina is a ever expanding rp server. The server has a grounded and fair magic system a massive and ever expanding map as well as a great staff team!