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Assalamu alaikum, grüß Gott!

We welcome everyone, wether you're Catholic, Sunni, Shia, Atheistic, Satanic, Paganistic, and so on.

Divine Asylum is a safe haven for people who want to engage in DISCUSSIONS and DEBATES, dedicated to topics like:

+ Religion/Theology
+ Philosophy
+ Politics
+ Ethics
+ Science
+ And anything else you can think of

Feel free to join us!
"The Islam Loved by Stella" is a server about the islamic faith, with the intent of sharing, discussing, and contemplating the light of islam.

We are modern, and accept all people, regardless of religion, sexual orientation, or gender.

lā ʾilāha ʾillā -llāh muḥammadun rasūlu -llāh
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In the name of Allah, the Most-Compassionate, the Most-Merciful.

This is an open invite to whoever wishes to join IslamCentral where you can pretty much do anything with Muslims. Want to chill and goof around? Perfect. Have a doubt about Islam and want to clear it up? We're here to help. In addition to that, we also accept non-Muslims into the server. We're very open to dicussion.

One of the more unique features about IslamCentral is the growing PDF collection we have. Anyone contribute to it and anyone can benefit from the Islamic literature.

(Please note that at this time we are only accepting male members)

All in all, we hope that by joining IslamChat, we will bring each other higher to ranks of goodness.

Welcome to our discord server!

This server is mainly open to anyone no matter what their background is m,?wether you’re here to chill or if you’re interested in discussions, debates about Politics, Religion or any other related topics. We also tolerate (and encourage) memes and to a lesser degree shitposting.

However keep in mind this is an Islamic-friendly discord, any insults towards Islam and its respected figures (the prophets, the Sahaba...) is prohibited.
If you agree with the above then you are welcomed here.
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Server for r/islamic_history. This is a forum to discuss the history of Islam and Islamicate civilization from a religious and academic perspective.
This active server should have been banned long ago, but Discord admins are too terrified to visit our server. This is the place where Assadists and Radical Muslims go. Anarcho-primitivist server inspired by Ted Kaczynski - so no bans.

- Nasheeds/Jihadist Music
- Combat Footage
- Syrian News
- Shitpost
- Debate and VC
The Muslim World is a place where muslims and non-muslims gather to enjoy fun discourse and a friendly environment where we would talk about Muslim teachings and society among other things.
This is a very active server for people of all religion affiliations to have respectful discussions and debates. All perspectives welcome!
« House of Wisdom, the #1 MOST ACTIVE Muslim Server »

Courses you can take in this server:
📔 Arabic Made EASY
☝🏻 Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)
🏆 How to Win Every Argument
📖 99 Names of Allah
📚 The Book Club

We have a specific focus on Islam, but we also encourage topics of all kinds. Everyone with civil thoughts and perspectives to share is welcome. Come hang out with us today!
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this server is not only limited to the followers of the mystical approach in islam, we are welcoming to all madhabs, to all creeds, and to all sects within the islamic religion. join now and the first 25 members will be given a founders role from myself, as a way of thank you for helping spread the community until it grows into a server to feel comfortable for us all inshallah.
We're a server aimed at uniting traditional & non-secular youth who belong to Abrahamic religions. That means Jewish, Christian and Muslim teenagers & young adults who could be described as more Orthodox or High Church. Everyone is welcome however!
A sunni Muslim server that welcomes everybody! Here we discuss theology, religion, history, atheism and much more. The purpose and objective of the server is to create an environment possible to intellectual growth and enrichment for our members.
+ Friendly community
+ Respectful, mature discussions
+ New server and improving

Some quick rules
- Maintain maturity
- No trolls
A friendly environment for Muslims to memorize the Quran! We will host weekly lessons and work on correcting your Tajweed!
Kuralsızlar adlı server'ımızın yönetici kadrosu tarafından tekrar kurulmuştur. Dini ve politik konularda saygı içerisinde tartışabileceğiniz ve sohbette farklı kişilerle keyifli vakit geçirebileceğiniz bir sunucu. Dini konuda bilgisiz ve bir arayış içindeyseniz de sunucu da bir çok farklı görüşten insan olduğu için onlarla iletişime geçip fikirlerini öğrenip arayışınızı daha verimli bir hale getirebilirsiniz. Sunucumuza beklerim...
Hello! | مرحبا

Welcome to the Social Lounge! [Founded by @Abdelrazzaq]

If you find yourself interested in any of our areas of attraction, please consider joining us without hesitation and we'll guarantee you a great time. ;)

Please consider viewing our areas of attraction down below!

- Friendly & Diverse Community of People upon all Races, Religions, Ethnic
Backgrounds, & Viewpoints. ; )

-Islamic Section with Quotes, Quran, Nasheeds, & Discussions as well as lectures.

- English, Arabic, & Spanish are highly exclusive & spoken in our server!
Please keep in mind that all languages may be spoken. : )

- Active Socializing Community.

- An Administration Staff that is lenient towards suggestions & ideas.

- A non-strict authority that is put into place.

- Debate Sessions are not only included, but encouraged as well.

- Religious Discussions are Common. (Islam & Christianity in Particular)

- Frequently Used Music Hangout.

- Much More!

Come & join to see what we're all about. : )

*For further questions, concerns, or details, please reach out to the founder, @Naqeeb.
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ASALAMU ALEYKUM!! The reason of this server is to convert people to the right path ISLAM, to learn more about this religion and to spend the time in halal.
Welcome to Arabs!
Note: You don't have to be Arab or Muslim to join this server! :)
- Arab community.
- Islamic channels.
- Very fun and active server.
- Kind owners.
- Partnerships.
If you are interested please join!
Assalam alaikum! We are a small active community of young muslims and we have just started off with our server! We would love to see some new faces and all muslims are welcome in our server! Hope you enjoy x
*note* : this server is not about Islamic debates.
In the Name of Allah, the most merciful.

Welcome to the nr. #1 Dawah of discord!
The purpose of this server is to spread islamic knowledge and to enhance iman for all muslims. Members are also encouraged to engage in intellectual conversations, which are especially encouraged in our comfortable and drama free server. If you are interested in islam, then this server is especially beneficial to you, as we will address all of your concerns, questions, and comments. See you there!

In our server we provide:
🕋 Islamic community
🤝 Proper Dawah and learning of Islam
🕌 Arabic/Quranic classes
📙Library of books, refutations
📝 Q&A about Islam
📚 Quran and Hadith
🗯 interfaith dialogue
Ask questions about islam. Anyone can join, not only muslims. All madhabs and most point of views are accepted.
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A Place for people to Chill Mainly Muslims Non Muslims are welcome as long as you abide by the rules.