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Join to talk about politics pertaining to Israel. Members of all faiths are welcome. Any ideology is welcome here, including those who may be antagonistic to Jews, Israel, or any other aspect of our server. However, breaking discord ToS is not allowed, so no siegeposting. Dm @Général Charles de Gaulle#6803 if you have any questions.
Welcome to Cascade Colony, a growing israeli community with a lot of active members!
We have approachable and fun staff, people that play a lot of different games and our servers contains many more fun activities such as chatting about certain topics in games, hanging out together in VC and hosting game sessions in games such as Roblox, SCP Secret Labaratory, CS:GO, GMOD, Minecraft and Terraria
We are a growing community and we would like you to take part in it! alongside many other members that take part in this server

ברוכים הבאים לקסקייד קומיוניטי, שרת דיסקורד גודל עם מספר גדול של ממברים
יש לנו צוות נגיש וזורם, אנשים שמשחקים הרבה מאוד משחקים שונים והשרת שלנו מכיל פעילויות מהנות כמו לדבר על משחקים עם אנשים אחרים, לבלות יחד ב וויס צ'אט
ולשחק במשחקים כולנו יחד! משחקים כגון טרריה, רובלוקס, אס סי פי סיקרט לאב, ג'י מוד, מיינקראפט וסי אס גו
אנו קהילה צומחת והיינו רוצים שתשתתף בה! לצד חברים רבים אחרים שלוקחים חלק בשרת זה
Hey, join a growing discord server for Hebrew learners (Modern+Biblical Hebrew). We now have around 300 people and the number augments all the time. We offer help 24/7 and you can discuss about practically everything. *including daily lessons*. גם דוברי עברית מוזמנים להצטרף ולהציע עזרה
✡JOIN NOW! Chill Jewish and Israeli Social Server!✡
【Disclaimer: we are a secular server】
Our Channels:
O U R G O A L:
『✡』We want to bring everyone together from everywhere around the world to one place!

『✡』This server is a great place for gaming or sharing cool interests with friends.
We speak:
✪Many bots on the server!
✪This server has alot of self-assignable roles!
✪This server is active!

I and a few friends made this server for the sole purpose of having a server where I could find memes, good people to talk to and have fun, In our server, you can have a nice place to chill or just to calm down when you are mad or sad!
>Anti-bot (verify) system
>English and Hebrew server.
>Professional Staff members.
>Memes! and fun bots.
Our server is safe! And our staff team will do everything to make sure you stay safe!.
שרת צ'אט ישראלי שדנים בו על הכל מהכל, אנחנו דוגלים בפלוראליזם ודמוקרטיה.
כל דעה מתכבדת. כולם מוזמנים! אנחנו מדברים בשרת רק עברית.
אחלה דרך להכיר אנשים ולהעשיר את הידע העצמי. בואו! :D

Ever wanted to hang out with some people playing the same game/having the same interests in a game as you? look no more, you found the right place, here you can play with people all kinds of games in Roblox while listening to some music as well as chilling out in one of out chill corners
We are a growing roblox israeli community and we want YOU to be part of it!

-Creations chat for your builds
- Active community with entertaining text/voice chats
- Friendly and approachable staff that speak multiple languages
- Language based roles to help foreign people speak to each other
- Music channels and fun bots to mess with
- Game specific giveaways in all kinds of Roblox games

Reborn FromThe Ashes Of War. I Plan To Rebuild My Great Grandfathers Empire And Restore The Yeet Nations Back To Before Those Filthy Commies Destroyed. So Please Help Me By Joining And Inviting Others And Maybe One Day The Grand Nations Of Yeet Will Return.

Other Stuff
-Fun Bots
-Active Staff
-Remake Of an Old Server
-Religion & Political Chats
I noticed that a lot of people from israel are russian, so i made a server so we can meet each other, there isnt much but if you feel like supporting a small server, join! (of course, you dont have to be russian or from israel to join)

Я видела что в израиле много русских так что я сделала вот этот сервер

ראיתי שיש הרבה רוסים בישראל אז החלטתי לפתוח את הסרבר הזה
The server is israelis server but if you don't speak in Hebrew you can also join.
People who don't stan Katy Perry are not welcome here.
Love you all ❤.
play with us minecraft fortnite and roblox . we can play another games too
and having fun! hope you gonna join! love u!
This server was originally made for a Minecraft server, however it has evolved into a community :)
Server for all the Jews and Zionists around the world, everyone is welcome. We recommend you to stop by ^^
שרת אנימה חביב עם הגרלות (יש עכשיו הגרלה עם משתמש נטפליקס) צוות מאוד טוב ומנוסה אשמח עם תכנסו לשרת ותשתפו אותו