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The Dawn of Dragons is a Game of Thrones RP Server set during the peak of the Valyrian Freehold. It is a very new server, and we hope to reach great heights, and to form a very positive and happy community. You can be pretty much anything that would have been real during that time period. Including: Dragonlords/Dragonladies, Archons, Mercenaries, Westerosi Kings/Queens, etc.

Starting Event: A new archon of Valyria is to be named. All the houses of Valyria are invited to Valyria to attend this great event. However, there are rumours that some are conspiring against the archon and the Valyrian Freehold. Who could it be...and what will occur at the naming celebration....

What we offer?
-Original Character
-Original Houses
-Numerous Types of Roles for your character
-Working Economy
-Loads of Dragons
-Creative Choices
-A passionate, friendly, and dedicated set of staff

This server is very new, so it is still being improved. We are also looking for dedicated and friendly staff. I hope to see you in the server!
Welcome to newly found Realm of Saladon!
It is a place where you can meet new dragon lovers like you. We have selection of channels such as gaming, media, art, debates and more! Our administration team will help to settle all disputes so the community stays healthy and non toxic. Enjoy your stay!
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This is an rp/erp server with lore! If you just want fun, or random hookup sex, go elsewhere~

*Welcome to the Drakon Riders, an elite band of warriors each with a bonded drakon. You are a trainee, trying to impress the Officers and Royals and claw your way to the top of the ranks. Present yourself at the choosing and find your inner drakon-rider, but also find love and pleasure within the Drakon’s mountain~
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The Pyrrhia we’ve known isn’t the only one in the multiverse. In fact, there are countless other Pyrrhias in existence, only minutely different from one another. However, sometimes, these minor differences have long-term effects. For example, what would happen in Darkstalker was actually a good king of the Nightwings? So good, in fact, that his tribe tried to bring him back from the dead?

Faced with a mad, undead, and animus-powered enemy, Pyrrhia must band together like never before, and create a weapon strong enough to slay kings, or maybe even gods. Welcome to Wings of Fire: Kingslayer.

Based on the novel series by Tui T. Sutherland.
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This is Clans of WornFrae; we welcome you! Clans of WornFrae is a fantasy-based Warrior Cats roleplay server, where instead of clans fighting each other, we're attempting to slay Dragons! Within our server are three established clans: EruditeClan, FrayClan, and MysticClan. There is also an unofficial clan who have dubbed themself The Dragon Clan, a bunch of stray cats and kittypets who see the dragons we fight against as gods! Finding it interesting so far? Come inside, have a look around! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

A few things our server includes:
- Magic!
- Info tabs to easily find what you may be looking for!
- A room dedicated to finding out the opinions of the members of the server!
- Dice Rolling! (Oh my god, so much dice rolling, ya'll)
- A room to vent in!
- The Pokecord bot!

We hope to see you amongst our clans! Thank you for joining, and we hope you have a wonderful time with us!
Hello! I'm looking for artists, animators, singers, voice actors, and musicians! If you can do any of these, please join this server! Newcomers will be asked if they can do any of these, and if the answer is none, they'll be given the spectator role. This means that spectators will give feedback on artists, musicians, and so on. They're also the first viewers. Please, if you can join, join. This project is my biggest passion and ambition. It's my biggest goal to complete, and I need help.
We mostly need artists who can draw feral dragons, though landscape artists, background artists, and object artists are also very much appreciated.
We need acoustic, electronic, and percussion musicians.
We need character, background, and landscape animators.
• Welcome To Our Official "The Dragons" Server
• Hopefully We All Gonna Have Some Fun Together

- But Before That You Gotta Do Something

✓ No Racist Harassment
✓ Respect All People
✓Do NOT Spam In Normal Channels, Go To #☄║spam-for-xp


And Another Thing [IMPORTANT]

• Please Use Bots On #🤖║bot-command
Or Else I Am Ready To Cry

Thank You All For Reading This, Have Fun.
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Welcome to Dragon Universe!!
A large world, divided between races, humans taking for themselves most of the land through the power of sheer numbers, after a long, almost neverending war. And yet, the ancient race of Dragons did not falter, splitting into factions, gathering around powerhouses to follow their own goal. Some want to help fix the rift between humans and dragons, some want to control all their brethren, others aim for total destruction or conquering of the human race... and then there are those that want to live their lives quietly. Newborns and ancient beings, humans and dragons, here, today, you become a piece of this chaotic world. SAVE IT! BREAK IT! This is the time you chose who you want to be.
|| - Welcome To A Fiery New Dawn - ||

In this server, we strive, not only to create a fun, friendly and LGBTQ+ friendly community but to also form a plot-line that explores what life would be like if humanity had been turned into Dragons to preserve the future of the Earth! The rivalries between the species are tense, battles are constantly going on between them and there seems to be no shortage of hatred!

Each side is ready to go off like a bomb and, per usual, it's up to the newer ones to try and calm each side down!

|| - What You Can Do In A Fiery New Dawn - ||
You can...

>:: Pick between species that will allow you to become either a Human, Dragon, Half-Dragon or another Fantasy-type creature!
>:: Level-up to achieve higher ranks and perks!
>:: Engage and discuss the future of the plot with a friendly and active server!
>:: Role-Play with semi-literate or literate people
>:: Make decisions for your own character and create their own story! Whether you wish to become an infamous bandit leader or a humble Paladin, there's no shortage of what you can do outside of the main story!
>:: Engage in competitions and events that could possibly thrust the overall plot into another direction
>:: Make lasting friendships while engaging in a plot-line that heavily relies on the community! The fate of Acateon rests all in the hands of the community and what their commitment to the role-play entails, from thrusting the plot into a more Fantasy-type element where the Dragons eventually win or a Sci-Fi element where the Humans win! It's all up to the engagement of the server.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come on in and join the server! Whether the Dragons win and take over the skies or the Humans win to bring back life the way it once was, it all depends on you and everyone else! Join and see what we have to offer and more!
Wanna live a life of a dragon? Soar your wings and fly!? Well, If that is the case then this server is for you! Come Roleplay as a dragon that lives in a world split between four packs!
☪ Come and Join Dragons! ☪

What Bots are there? 🤖
-DISBOARD ( !d )
-Discord Fast Food ( ! )
-Yggdrasil ( -- )
-Pokéverse ( = )
-OwO ( owo )
-Mudae ( # ) ( Trivias: $ )
-Points ( p! )
-Pokécord ( . )
-Dank Memer ( pls )
-Twilight Sparkle ( , )
-ZeroTwo ( zt!, ~ )
-Miki ( > )
-Mantaro ( ~> )
-Groovy ( - )


What can you do in that server? 🎉
You can make friends in this server or invite your friends to this server. You can tell about yourself, userphone someone, applications, music, live streams, pokemons, minigames and much more!


Who is the owner and higher ranks? 🧾
The Owners of Dragons are Łünå Ëcłïpsë ☪ and Akira Kurusu, Co-owners are MoonLight Eva, princejake and Kanye, Head Admins are 「 Valerie ✿ Frostyferns 」 and ☆ Riku_Kino ☆, Head Guards are 𝕄𝕚𝕫𝕠 𝕊𝕠𝕦𝕡𝕠 ⊙︿⊙ and 🎍~Kanki_Kun~🎍, Head Constructors are Ashley Dawn and Shu Kurenai and Admins, Guards and Constructors needs members.


What stores are there? 🛒
Sadly, there's only 2 stores ( Sweet Heart Bakery and Cat Café of Loving ) but if you want to have your own store, we will be happy to accept the store you applied for!

This was written by:
🐲🐉 The Dragons’ owner 🐉🐲
A newer Dragon and Kobold server I'm trying to get off the ground, come take a look, for every kind is accepted here!

Also note, we have a waiting room. If you enter the server, be sure to take a look at the pinned comments once you enter.
Get ready for school at Jade Mountain Academy !

Classes are starting, and you can rp as a teacher or student to interact with various other dragons at the academy !

All tribes of dragons, and types of role-players are welcome 🐉
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Looking for a good server to trade your Dragon Adventures dragons with less crowd? This is your place to do so. Here, we're always an active and fun community. Fans of Dragon Adventures come to this server to trade and hangout! You won't want to miss it.

Original game (credit to Erythia and Sonar Studios):
Flight Rising is a browser game where you care for and collect virtual dragons. This server mainly focuses on this game, and provides a space for people to buy, sell, trade, and share their dragons as well as other in game items. If you have an fr account, or are interested, feel free to jump right in, and join the community.
- Mod Fox ♥
The might of the Dragons is known throughout the land 🐉 .

The Dragon Empire 🐲 offers:
- A1 Dragon Pokémon Trainers
- Dragon Empire 🐲 Pokémon League
- Pokémon Battle area
- Clash Royale recruiting area
- Interactive surveys
- Respectful community

JOIN the Dragon Empire 🐲 !
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Welcome to the Slime Flight, gamers!
We are a community of new and old Flight Rising players looking to have fun in a small, warm environment!
Come join us; we welcome all with open arms!
🐉🐲Dragon Kingdom 🐲🐉
Dragon kingdom is a rp server only, so please don't join if you don't intend on rping. THIS IS A DRAGON ROLEPLAY SERVER ONLY! We do not accept humans, humanoids, or anything else that is not a dragon. We offer

- 90 self assignable roles!

- 6 kingdoms and 15+ ranks in each!

- 70+ roleplay channels!
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The world is again at war, the king of the kingdom has been killed by a shadow...he gets named the dark lord. And now rules the kingdom with his shadow soldiers. The rumors says he is even a dragon rider. A dragon black named Balgor.

But however a group of rebels lead by a dragon rider decided to do the war against the dark lord. Their army is small but they are allies with many magicians. This could change the world, again.
We are a UK based server that is all about the TRPG Dungeons and Dragons. Whether you're simple looking for a game or want to have a chat we have it all here. Come and join!
It's become 2305, every tribe had come to peace. Everything was great, nothing seemed to be wrong, right? Not the slightest.

The NightWings decided to attack the Pantalan tribes, the queen feeling they were going to double-cross them. The IceWings protected the Pantalan tribes, fighting back. Eventually, Pyrrhia crumbled into chaos, Pantala following behind. Every royal dragon has abandoned their spot, leaving each role open for any to control.

We have every royal spot open, in Pantala and Pyrrhia, including heirs as well. There're even prophecy dragonets open, a prophecy being written by the owner of the server once each spot is filled.

Every species has participated in the war, trying to prove who's the strongest. Will you help fix the broken puzzle of the tribes? Or will you bow down beside the other dragons of the tribes and fight the war?
Skyrim Lore Applies
Brand new server, we have things being set up, feel free to come help out!
Bienvenue au monde merveilleux des dragons !
Vous aimez les Royaumes de Feu ? Vous aimez inventer des histoires ? Alors ce serveur rp est pour vous !


Nous sommes 100 ans après tous les évènements passés.
Les Reines connues dans les deux premières saisons sont mortes et ont laissées place à leur descendance et désormais leurs arrières petites filles gouvernent leur royaume respectif.
Beaucoup d'évènements majeurs se sont installés, notamment un nouveau système mis en place pour que les Reines ayant plus de 40 doivent laisser place à leur progéniture pour régner sur le royaume, au lieu que la fille doit tuer sa mère pour remporter le trône (bien que ce cas peut encore arriver).
Après, les tensions entre les clans se sont beaucoup atténuées, pour laisser place à un contrat de paix entre eux, ce qui a favorisé un nouveau départ et a augmenté considérablement la naissance de dragons hybrides. Les Royaumes se sont quant à eux bien développés et les dragons blessés par la guerre ou malades ont été pris en soin. Par ailleurs, plusieurs dragons, apprenant l'existance d'un nouveau continent, partirent à sa recherche et découvrèrent trois nouvelles tribus. Celles-ci, après multe réflexion, décidèrent de les accueillir et de les laisser s'installer là-bas. A l'inverse, la Tribu de Soie, la Tribu de la Ruche et la Tribu de Feuille pouvaient s'installer dans le Continent de Pyrrhia. Désormais, certains vivent dans Pyrhhia et d'autres dans Pantala. Malheureusement, les Ailes de Soie sont toujours les esclaves des Ailes de Ruche, bien que le Royaume de Pluie essaie de son mieux pour arrêter ce système affreux. Pour finir, une dragonne de nuit s'est présentée pour devenir la reine des Ailes de Nuit pour alléger le travail de la Reine des Ailes de Pluit, qui a accepté volontairement.
En conclusion, la vie sur Pyrrhia et sur Pantala s'est améliorée et les dragons vivent presque en parfaite harmonie.
Malheureusement, cela ne dura qu'un certains temps.
Tout commença un jour où, deux princesses Aile de Mer, se promenant dans les profondeurs de l'océan, découvrirent l'Exausouhait, un objet convoité depuis toujours, capable de rendre les souhaits d'un dragon réels. Elles s'amusèrent avec et décidèrent de le cacher dans le palais dans leur chambre pour que personne ne découvre l'objet mystique, mais, à la mort de la reine, l'une deux brisa sa promesse de s'en servir contre sa soeur et prit l'objet. L'autre, ayant anticipé sa réaction, le prit, s'introduisit dans le Royaume de Sable par effraction et cacha l'objet dans le sable du désert pour que sa soeur ne le retrouve jamais. Désormais, les deux soeurs se cherchent querelle et ont chacune des alliés : la première, la plus jeune, est alliée avec le Royaume de Mer et le Royaume de Boue, quant à l'autre, elle est alliée avec le Royaume de Sable et le Royaume du Ciel. A cause d'elles, le traité de paix entre les différents clans est détruit. De plus, tous les clans, apprenant l'existance de l'Exausouhait, partirent à sa recherche dans le sable du désert, et sont toujours à le rechercher.
Comment cela va-t-il se passer ? Un dragon va-t-il retrouvé l'objet tant convoité par les deux soeurs ? Y aura-t-il une guerre entre les différents clans ? La suite ne dépend que de vous !
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¨°o.¨°o.※. 》ËTAYSA《 .※.o°¨.o°¨

Dans un monde où les dragons règnent sur les autres espèces, un monde où chaque peuple a sa particularité, un danger menace. Osix, un grand dragon fait d'os et de haine envers les vivants, est sur le point de revenir d'entre les morts afin de se venger... De quel côté serez-vous ? Quels mystères vous-attendent ? Ils sont nombreux, c'est certain...

●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸● ●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸● ●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸● ●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸●

- 📑 Un staff à l'écoute ! 💎

- 📑 Un RP unique avec de nombreux dragons ! 🦋

- 📑Un bestiaire bien rempli de fantastiques créatures. 🦄

- 📑 Des bots & salons pour le plaisir de chacun ! 🤖

- 📑 Un méchant de l'histoire RÉELLEMENT méchant... 👹

Et encore pleins d'autres choses ! Venez créer votre propre histoire !

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